Top 10 Reasons Why the iPhone is STILL NO BlackBerry!

Top 10 Reasons the iPhone is STILL NO BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Jun 2008 02:46 pm EDT

Back in April our correspondent Al Sacco wrote an article entitled Top 10 Reasons Why the iPhone is NO BlackBerry. If you haven't read that masterpiece yet, be sure to check it out. It caused quite a stir and received a ton of feedback from the smartphone community. In that article, Al made note that the release of the iPhone 2.0 would likely address a few of the original Top 10 Reasons stated, and yesterday that was proven to be true.

Stuff They Fixed: The new iPhone is more affordable, has GPS, will have greater availability from carriers and there should be a big selection of 3rd party apps available soon. And though it was left off the original list of the iPhone's shortcomings, with the announcement of the 3G iPhone Apple has also ramped up it's Enterprise play, clearly making RIM their target and setting their sights on them. I'll be fair and give Apple a nod for job well done.

THAT BEING SAID, a BlackBerry is a BlackBerry and an Apple is an Apple and there are STILL 10 Reasons why the iPhone is NO BlackBerry (we left a few in reserve the first time around) and why I'm still excited as all hell for the BlackBerry Bold to hit the market.

Top 10 Reasons Why the iPhone is STILL NO BlackBerry 

10. No Removable Battery
Steve Jobs is big into looks and wants the iPhone to be an 'object' instead of an electronic gadget, but there is a time and a place for everything and when it comes to smartphone batteries they neeeed to be replaceable. Sure, iPhone users can pick themselves up an extended case battery like the Mophie Juice Pack Battery Pack / Case for the iPhone, but this is a bandaid solution for an issue that shouldn't exist. 

9. Still No Native Video Recording / No Camera Flash
Maybe a 3rd party application will bring out the video recording capabilities of the iPhone, but until it happens this is one for the list. All new camera equipped smartphones from RIM can record video, and with the release of OS4.5 even older models (Pearl 8100 excluded) will get the goods to. While were at it, let's remember that the iPhone still has no camera flash.

8. Still No Voice Dialing
Voice dialing on a touchscreen phone seems like an absolute no brainer. It was shocking when the original iPhone did not have it, and it's even more shocking to see this missing from the next-generation iPhone. Come on Apple, even Microsoft can do this with their Windows Mobile phones. One thing is for sure, it's a safe bet Voice Dialing will not be missing from the BlackBerry "Thunder" when it is launched.

7. No Memory Expansion
8GB and 16GB versions are decent, but what you buy is what you get. Having the option to swap out microSDHC cards provides unlimited storage. 

6. Still No MMS
Pretty much every phone on the market does this. What up Apple? 

5. No CDMA Version Available
Looks like Apple still doesn't like any of you Verizon/Alltel, Sprint, Telus, Bell, MTS, Cellular South, etc. users. 

4. No UMA 
3rd party apps may hit the market that will allow for calling via WiFi (a la Skype for iPhone), but you won't be seeing unlimited calling via UMA a la T-Mobile or Rogers coe to the iPhone anytime soon. 

3. Still No A2DP Stereo Bluetooth
WTF?! It's a wireless world, yet Apple still wants you to plug in headphones. Earth to Apple - Stereo Bluetooth is where it's at. 

2. Still No Copy & Paste
No comments required on this one. Just start laughing. :-)

1. Still Lacks the Crack!!!
While the nine reasons above are factual "What's Lacking on the iPhone" statements, this final and most important reason is a combination of factors. The BlackBerry earned the name CrackBerry for a reason... it's Addictive. It's not that BlackBerry users pick up their device and use it for thirty minutes and put it back down and pick it up a few hours later when they are bored and use it again. The BlackBerry compells its owner to use it.

BlackBerry owners reach for their BlackBerry frequently throughout the day (count it one day - don't be surprised if you exceed 100) and there are reasons for that: the one-handed ease of use allows you to BlackBerry it up anywhere; the LED notifier lets you know something is up and draws you back; the "always on" nature of the device makes turning it on pain-free - you can be in and out in couple of seconds; the easy-to-type-on physical keyboard allows you fire off messages in a jiffy. These factors combined contribute to a winning user experience, especially for those who USE their smartphones...not just PLAY with them.

iPhone in Enterprise: Speaking of PLAYing with smartphones, Steve Jobs mentioned during yesterday's announcement that Apple beta tested the new iPhone with a number of Fortune 500 companies. It'll be interesting to see if any of these companies fully adopt the iPhone into their workforce. If so, I want to know who they are so I can short their stock... Enterprise productivity is about to take a down turn!! Seriously, the iPhone does not even have a key to take you directly into the phone app!


So those are the updated Top 10 Reasons why I won't be trading in my BlackBerry for a 3G iPhone when it hits stores on July 11th. What do you all think? Agree? Disagree? Did I miss a reason why your BlackBerry is better than the iPhone? Voice your opinions in the comments!

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Top 10 Reasons Why the iPhone is STILL NO BlackBerry!


If I had known that I'd be having this much fun I would have gotten a Blackberry years ago. I've had my Curve 8520 for six days, and barely put it down in order to get some sleep. T-Mobile made a mistake by putting unlimited Internet access with my Blackberry account. I am setting new records for being able to hold my phone for 16 to 20 hours a day, no matter what! Blackberry with T-Mobile rocks! Good luck, i(wish)Phone...

QWERTY all the way! I can't stand touch keyboards and I know a lot of other people who dislike them as well. Even though BlackBerry will be adopting this type of keyboard in the future, they will have the best of both worlds, well 3 worlds, can't forget about Sure Type. :)

"I can't stand touch keyboards and I know a lot of other people who dislike them as well."

I'm so glad you know others. Now you can sleep at night knowing you are "normal" and just like the other kids.

I hate the touch keyboard too! I can't stand it on my iPod Touch! There is a delay when you press the keys. I hope they get this figured out soon or I will forever be addicted to Blackberry.

The Iphone does exactly what it is supposed to. Look good and be the trendiest new toy around for young kids or middle aged guys with Miatas. They look cool, have neat toys and features, but they are nothing more than a gimmicky phone. The blackberry can and always will be the tool for business. Can you really see a company handing out iphone to their employees? It's like saying "please don't do any work, just listen to music and browse itunes all day."

Hey now, I am a middle aged gal with a Miata and I love my Blackberry, wouldn't trade it for a Iphone for love nor money. Oh and I Love my Miata too, great fun to drive and yes, it does look good ;-)

thats so funny! i just wish all corporations could see your comment. funny yet very true. lets not let the iphone make our economy even worse!

I have been using both a Blackberry and an iPhone for the last 2 months with the same number of contacts/music files/pictures, Syncing with the same exchange server....

In my opinion the iPhone is still lacking:

1. No flash for a quick photo under low light. I have used my blackberry to take a photo when I have no camera on me
2. No per email notification settings. Have over 5 email addresses setup on the BB and need notifications for only my pager account..iPhone/Windows mobile its all or nothing
3. No Hotmail/Windows Live email integration
4. Cannot view contacts only from a certain group. Sync over 3000 contacts to both my devices and its easier to search through a smaller subset
5. Same goes for Bluetooth sync to the car..its all contacts or nothing. (use the Blackberry to xfer contacts to the car BT and then I can use the iPhone to dial out with)
6. Memory expansion...have not run out of the 16GB memory yet though...

What I love on the iPhone
1. Touch screen
2. Tilt Sensor
3. Big Screen
4. HTML rendering

Waiting for the BB Thunder...

#3 is wrong. I setup Hotmail on a client's iPhone and it works just fine as POP3. You just need to have the right POP3 and SMTP DNS server names. (Find them!) And you'll need to pay for the Hotmail service in order to make this work, just like you do with all the other phones out there or any other POP3 client you want to use to poll Hotmail addresses. This is a limitation of Hotmail by MS, not the iPhone.

Now, with BIS2.5's upgrade RIM has added the Hotmail sync, but that's based on a partnership of sorts between MS and RIM, just like they have with Yahoo.

Can an iPhone Get you a job? NO IT CANT (I know bb admins, but no iphone admins in ANY IT)

Can an iPhone ACTUALLY operate an enterprise server? NO IT CAN'T

Can an iPhone light up a room? NO IT CAN'T!!! (I love the flashlight app)

Can the iPhone ever edge out BlackBerry's outstanding customer support and sales records? NO IT CANT!!

I hate the iPhone, and I'm not much of an Obama man either, but that is another topic for another day..

FFFFFF the iphone

The new iphone is going to be put into busniesses as a tool, so there WILL be Iphone admins.

New iphones will suppport a enterprise server.

There is a App for a iphone to become a "flashlight" but it requires "jailbreaking" your iphone.

Apple is one of the BEST in customer support, and its sales are going higher and higher, especially with the newest software to support SDK...

Bottom line, the iphone is a great invention with this being the first generation.....

Blackberry has had YEARS to perfect its design and software and it is still not up to par with a iphone, the blackberry is great for a business man who needs a very simple, and reliable work phone.... I would personally take a blackberry for other reasons such as support for mobile apps like google maps and opera but... iphone is still sexy.

You don't have a clue.....There will never be more i phone users out there as blackberry users....Blackberry Bold 9700 blows the iphone out of the water...All I have to say no removeable mms messages and no flash for the I think the makers were too busy playing with their blackberrys to know that all those features should be on that phone..

Still no Task/ToDo application on the iPhone and they are calling it a business phone. Amazing. How could they leave this out? It is a deal breaker for me.

wow.. at that point i would almost wonder if it even had a calendar.. this thing feels more and more like a feature phone to me every day, less and less like a smart phone

If I read correctly the new iphone can READ microsoft office documents but you still cannot create or modify them... In fact the only word processing you can do is with the notepad or via e-mail.... *I can't wait for the BOLD to come out and kick some ass*

the iPhone is definitely a great device and has made owning a smartphone more mainstream. Even I didn't really understand/know you could have a cell phone do more than make calls, that is until the iPhone came out. That's when I found BlackBerry.

The competition has also drived BlackBerry. You certainly wouldn't be seeing the Bold so soon and the Thunder is right around in the horizon. BlackBerry is gonna compete to be one step ahead of the iPhone and that means good news for us.

I agree with you!!! this makes bb's better for us.... The iphone is a fun toy, but the bottom line is the best of both worlds is a BERRY... what other phone can you pull out your pocket and start a convo with a complete stranger, I'm not even a bisman but have made contacts and saved pin's!!!!


I have a 1G iphone and my wife has a Curve 8300...Here's my thoughts:

10. No Removable Battery
I can see this being an issue...However my wife doesn't have an extra battery...and having a car charger in the car and the wall charger at work combined with the USB cable at home she's never had an issue of needing one... Add to that...she rarely actually NEEDS to use the other 2 chargers... Also, I have 2 brother-in-laws that use 8800s for work, and they don't use an extra battery. I know a lot of folks DO carry an extra...but it is an extremely low percentage of users (possibly a higher percentage among CB readers though)

9. Still No Native Video Recording / No Camera Flash
This is a very good point. Then again...only Consumer BBs have camera and flash. And the Curve doesn't have native video either. Do I wish I had those things on my iphone? Yes I do.

8. Still No Voice Dialing
I've had 4 phones with this option before my iphone and never used it. While it is a feature I'm sure many people use, I call it a non-issue. This is very similar to people saying the Creative MP3 Players are better than ipods because the ipod doesn't have an FM radio. ipods don't have an FM radio because 90%+ users don't want one. This is my opinion, but I don't think voice-dialing is really all that important to most users. And if you have the phone BT'd to a car....the car's interface handles the voice dialing.

7. No Memory Expansion
Good Point...I have had to limit what I put on my 8gig iphone due to storage. If I had a 16gig I wouldn't have this issue. However, I do believe that MOST users of BBs don't have 300mb video files on their phones.

6. Still No MMS
I agree...this makes no sense.

5. No CDMA Version Available
This makes perfect sense. Apple approached Verizon about the 1G iphone and Verizon turned them down. CDMA is ONLY used in the US, and represents at most half of the Cell-Phone Users in the country. GSM is world-wide. Apple doesn't want multiple chips out there and they like 1 carrier they can bully. Like it or not, CDMA is the losing tech.

4. No UMA
Well....not supported by Apple, but I've heard a LOT of rumblings of SKYPE apps coming...
Also...there are good reviews of this service and bad reviews. I honestly can't find them right now tho (good or bad)...gave up.

3. Still No A2DP Stereo Bluetooth
I agree...this is Effing Stupid

2. Still No Copy & Paste
Again...this SHOULD have been in Version 1.0...and I'm really surprised it's missing from 2.0

1. Still Lacks the Crack!!!
Eh...I dunno...non-"POWER" users are salivating at being able to get the iphone now...ESPECIALLY people that have had to use Treos for business. But I will definitely agree...even with all that Apple added, BB handles email expertly.

not natively.

Curve's had to download software to do it...

if you want to use that logic...there are 3rd party apps that do video on the iphone too

Just FYI, the curve 8330 you get from verizon has video recording right out of the box, no software download needed (although their running 4.3).

I think the point they're trying to make on the removable battery is once the phone gets older and battery life is not as great as when its new, you could replace it with a brand new battery to restore that new phone battery life.

I have one FYI about this post, CDMA is NOT ONLY IN THE US, up here in canda, there are a few companies that use CDMA

I can't believe the lack of a flash, no copy and paste, and my favorite "you cant use it as a flashlight" are arguments against an iphone. While I'm no Apple fan..hell, I don't even own an ipod...but have you people taken a look at your BB browser lateley? Thank God for the free Opera app, or it would really suck. After watching the Keynote Address from the WWDC, I was absolutely amazed at the software already being developed for the iphone. Compare that to the software in the CB Store, and it's like comparing "Gone with the Wind" to an eppisode of Spongebob. And, as if that wasn't enough, they do it for $199! The only reason to own a BB now is for Messenger, and the way it handles e-mail...

The big wide screen is the only thing is has an edge over BB, but on the same token, BB are smaller in size.

10. No Removable Battery
I've had nearly every converged device since the Samsung i500, most, if not all, with spare batteries, and have never used them. Why? Because it is just much easier to charge nightly.

9. Still No Native Video Recording / No Camera Flash
Video recording - yes they're missing the boat there. Flash - please; the flash on my Curve 8310 is next to worthless and just drains battery.

8. Still No Voice Dialing
Built in on Curve; paid for it on my WinMobile devices (both Tytn and smartphone) and it never worked reliably. Now, give me search on contacts (a HUGE GAFF on iPhone I) and that makes it much more useable. All of the talk of one-handed use while flying down the Interstate at 70mph is just talk.

7. No Memory Expansion
Please show me another smartphone that reliably works with more than long have we been waiting for OS 4.5 now? Complaining about no user replaceable memory is a straw man argument at best.

6. Still No MMS
Here you got one right...but, how many cell phone pictures are worth sharing to begin with?

5. No CDMA Version Available
Partially true, but consider that it only covers one-half of US population, it seems like a lot of work for little return. Besides, before BB Thunder, how many CDMA versions were late to market AFTERTHOUGHTS to a prior AT&T release? How much whining do you see here all the time about "when will we get a CDMA Pearl" adn "when will we get a CDMA Curve." I know that AT&T is not universally great, but neither are Verizon or Sprint...

4. No UMA
Been real successful for T-Mobile huh. Enough said.

3. Still No A2DP Stereo Bluetooth
Here you are absolutely correct! Absurd to ignore this in 2008.

2. Still No Copy & Paste
You're right, no comment necessary...

1. Still Lacks the Crack!!!
Watch the WWDC video beginning at 21 minutes, and then come back here and give me an example of a SINGLE BB piece of software as capable and good looking as ANY of the demoes. BB, Palm, and WinMobile software look like command line interface drones compared to a real GUI interface. What they can do alone in the medical area puts them all to shame. It doesn't "lack the Crack" but has in fact "CRACKED" the industry.

I will grant you that a physical keyboard is easier to type on than the glass...BUT it is that same physical keyboard that hampers software development. For example, just look at the BB built in calculator and the onscreen translation necessary to use it with the physical keyboard - no where the equal of a customized onscreen keyboard.

Having watched that SDK demo, I just have to wonder what users will be saying by the end of this year about the state of their text based BB/Palm/WinMobile software...they look like green screen monitors compared to 16bit color.

Top Ten...Tell it to Letterman...
By: dstrauss | Date: Tue, 06/10/2008 - 14:55
10. No Removable Battery
"I've had nearly every converged device since the Samsung i500, most, if not all, with spare batteries, and have never used them. Why? Because it is just much easier to charge nightly."

It's not about swapping. It's about replacing if it goes bad. Or getting a bigger better one as technology improves.

9. Still No Native Video Recording / No Camera Flash
"Video recording - yes they're missing the boat there. Flash - please; the flash on my Curve 8310 is next to worthless and just drains battery."

I imagine then you have never used the flash. I have to take pictures in server racks all the time and until I got a blackberry they were not readable. A huge improvement since I got the Curve

8. Still No Voice Dialing
"Built in on Curve; paid for it on my WinMobile devices (both Tytn and smartphone) and it never worked reliably. Now, give me search on contacts (a HUGE GAFF on iPhone I) and that makes it much more useable. All of the talk of one-handed use while flying down the Interstate at 70mph is just talk."

you are kidding right. I use a bluetooth headset and almost never take my blackberry out of the case. I am often amazed how well it does. you may not be able to use yours while driving at 70MPH but I do it daily

7. No Memory Expansion
"Please show me another smartphone that reliably works with more than long have we been waiting for OS 4.5 now? Complaining about no user replaceable memory is a straw man argument at best."

The 16G card will work just try it.

6. Still No MMS
Here you got one right...but, how many cell phone pictures are worth sharing to begin with?

Allot of people use it daily. If not they wouldn't offer it just because you don't doesn't make it useless thankfully you don't run a Cell phone company

5. No CDMA Version Available
Partially true, but consider that it only covers one-half of US population, it seems like a lot of work for little return. Besides, before BB Thunder, how many CDMA versions were late to market AFTERTHOUGHTS to a prior AT&T release? How much whining do you see here all the time about "when will we get a CDMA Pearl" adn "when will we get a CDMA Curve." I know that AT&T is not universally great, but neither are Verizon or Sprint...

True.. But still why cut out half of the population. Still points to the major Iphone problem of one size fits all. The major reason it will not be adopted by many companies and It departments. No way a company is going to change carriers to switch to a device because it has a pretty screen Still lacks anywhere near the security of a Blackberry. Oh, try to get an Iphone with out a camera.

4. No UMA
Been real successful for T-Mobile huh. Enough said.

3. Still No A2DP Stereo Bluetooth
Here you are absolutely correct! Absurd to ignore this in 2008.
this is just the craziest thing. I have been using a bluetooth stereo headset for over a year now and will never go back to the plug ins this makes no sense.

2. Still No Copy & Paste
You're right, no comment necessary...

1. Still Lacks the Crack!!!
"Watch the WWDC video beginning at 21 minutes, and then come back here and give me an example of a SINGLE BB piece of software as capable and good looking as ANY of the demoes. BB, Palm, and WinMobile software look like command line interface drones compared to a real GUI interface. What they can do alone in the medical area puts them all to shame. It doesn't "lack the Crack" but has in fact "CRACKED" the industry.

"I will grant you that a physical keyboard is easier to type on than the glass...BUT it is that same physical keyboard that hampers software development. For example, just look at the BB built in calculator and the onscreen translation necessary to use it with the physical keyboard - no where the equal of a customized onscreen keyboard."

Funny, I have had a scientific calculator on mine since I got it and have no trouble using it. The Iphone just now got one. Face it the one thing you cannot argue is the keyboard trumps the screen. No comparison, but hey if you don't want a keyboard don't worry Rim will have both options for you. I doubt you will ever see an option for a keyboard on an Iphone since they are into one size fits all. I mean really even the Newton didn't have a keyboard. If you want to see something funny watch someone with an Iphone trying to use it one handed. Now that is funny!

Having watched that SDK demo, I just have to wonder what users will be saying by the end of this year about the state of their text based BB/Palm/WinMobile software...they look like green screen monitors compared to 16bit color."

The iphone has had the same looks as the last model and yet the blackberry keeps going higher while the iphone sales dropped. Looks don't matter as much as usability and side by side I can do things with my curve you can not do with an iphone . Weather or not you yourself like the features does not exempt the iphone from having them. They should try to make it usable by a larger group of people. It is this close mindedness that will keep the Blackberry out selling the iphone.

Actually UMA has been a BIG HIT for T-Mobile! I use it everyday and have had NO problems at all! As for iPhone it is nice looking but BB is way better overall. I know people with them and while nice it DEFINITELY is NOT a business mans phone!

RIGHT....I got a BB with UMA through T-Mobile and it drops calls every time i wonder off range of the router..

You're doing something wrong if your uma is dropping calls Mine never does. It rolls right onto the mobile network like it should.

sounds like you need to re-setup profile on phone or check for new software. newest OS is My curve never drops a call and only occasionally looses UMA and only have to turn wireless off and then back on

...Curve'Bo?? You know...the RAMBO version of the phone?

I mean seriously; correct me if i'm wrong; but is that a bandana around the Curve; and the Curve holding a machine gun?

if so...awesome.

I don't even have a blackberry (waiting on the bold) but I can't wait to get my hands on one. A couple of times I almost cracked and purchased a curve, but I am patiently waiting for the bold's arrival later this summer. I am not upset that I will have to change carriers, that is not my beef with the iphone. Originally I really wanted an iphone but I waited and let my friends try it out. I am glad I waited. One friend left hers on the bar at a local restaurant - gone! No insurance so she bought another. Another friend of mine lost his in a night club and pooped on the rest of our night (unintentionally) he also bought another with his Christmas shopping money (no one got a gift.) I am way too flighty and clumsy to enter into anything with out protection. I'd hate it if I lost my phone. Plus, there's nothing like a blackberry...Its cool, AND you can do everything. Sorry for the novel....

Just a heads up. I'm not sure have things have changed since I purchased my curve last December, but AT&T- the only carrier of Bold- does not offer insurance on BB's either. It was the first thing I asked b/c I'm clumsy too (college student- enough said, but they said it's not offered. The only advice I can give you is when you get your BB is to get a case- the leather pocket one that comes w/ the curve saves me from disaster constantly.

I was recently told that BB's are now covered by insurance through AT&T, but the $50 you'd pay for a replacement for a regular phone is $100 for a BB. You might want to call AT&T and double-check those facts; I heard it from a coworker who works in the kiosk at my job.

ive enjoyed my curve for a year now..

BUT as much as i love my blackberry, with iphone now available with MobileMe, push contacts/email/calendar, it makes for quite a jazzy device.

now the bold will be quite similar to the iphone in being a realist:
-bold has qwerty
-iphone will probably be half the price
-bold will be more stable and reliable
-iphone will has the beautiful large screen, touch, and better media apps.

so its a tough choice, which will ultimately come down to PRICE and PLANS being the deciding factor

Still have no interest in an iPhone, the changes are not that great they are bandaids to cover up the fact it still can't compete on the same level, the iPhone will always be seperate from a BlackBerry, 2 different devices, 2 different levels, the only thing Apple has here that RIM should really fear is that $199.99 price point, an official announcement of thunder is needed at this point and an offcial LOW price point announcement of the Bold is needed other wise the "general" consumer market will head to an iPhone while die hard BlackBerry users will be holding out either way.

You are so right about the amount of attention I give to my BB. I was an Iphone hater from the beginning, because I know what's practical and what's for lack of a better term; a "Fad." The only change I made in BB was Pearl to Curve.

True story: A friend of mine got his Iphone the day they came out against my advice (wait a calendar year for all the kinks and bugs to be worked out), but two replacement units later, he can't wait until his contract is up so he can only use the BB Curve that he proudly sports. The only function he like better then a BB is the browsing capabilities. The up keep on an Iphone can be like owning a Ferrari. They look good, but if you can't afford the maintenance then don't invest!

Blackberry is Excalibur in my book.

I am a blackberry user and love my Curve, but this list sounds stupid!

for a second gen product from apple, the iphone blows most phones out the water!!

I pearsonly work for AT&t mobility and i see the sales from apple and the curve together! IPHONE FTW!

I remember a time when Blackberry was the only phone that was SMART enough to do what people wanted...with the lack of a MP3 player, no camera, no flash and so on ...through out the years blackberry added more features!

10 reason the iphone is not a blackberry = desperate

I work for AT&T Mobility as well, and i'd love to count in the run of a day how many times I hear the words "I tried the iPhone for a while but man, it has nothing on my BlackBerry, it just sits in a drawer stupid POS cant even MMS"..the difference here is that people return or give away their iPhones, BlackBerrys just get WEX'd (warrenty exchanged) for newer ones lol!

[ No Removable Battery : but this is a bandaid solution for an issue that shouldn't exist. ]

Exactly. What happens when the iPhone network dies like it does on my BB8800 once every other week? Try and take the battery out of your iPhone to fix that!

I've needed to reboot my iphone 5 times over the past year (bought an 8gig on July 2nd)

iphones don't have the issue that BBs have where you need to pull the battery. If you need to do a hard reboot on the iphone, you just hold down the 2 buttons...20 seconds later and your back in business

(disclaimer...3 of the reboots were necessary when I was jailbreaking it)

I'm still dumping my 8310 and getting a 3G iPhone. Yes, all the above points are very valid and many inexcusable on Apple's part (especially A2DP, MMS, vidcapture, cut/paste and VOICE DIALING - come on, WTF??!!??). The Infineon chip lists 5MP and video capture yet Apple didn't utilize & left the same crappy lens w/o flash on the 3G model. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

Speaking of cheap, my company has capped BES use and I'm on the low end of the totem pole. BIS and synching via a USB cable just doesn't happen. I never do it because it's such a pain once you've been on ActiveStink. WinBlowz Mobile is a "never again" item for me - been there, done that, hated the POS OS even though ActiveSync worked great (when the phone worked that is).

So, that leaves me the iPhone w/ AS. And even though everyone loves bashing them, it is still so friggin' cool. Was just at the local watering hole (happy hour :o) ) and I wanted to see latest NL standings. I pulled up ESPN's WAP site on my BB (or OperaMini4 - I have both) then asked Scott to use his first gen iPhone. MLB came up immediately (wi-fi) and I realize that it's a lost cause for me currently. That screen versus BB's 'browser' is just night & day.

No BB bashing - my Curve truly has proven its mettle as a worthy road warrior companion. God I love that keyboard - those who have worn the letters off too and don't need to look as they type will understand. And if my company offered BES support for peons like me, I'd be there in a heartbeat with the Bold/Thunder. But, right now I'm going to make the change. Just my $0.02 and what I think will work best for me right now. The joys of being a geek!

Funny, I was just driving with a few of my friends 2 of them had Iphones and I had my blackberry. We wanted to know who one the game for the team here and so one got out there I phone and I got out my blackberry and before he got his browser loaded I used gave him the score because I had a native MLB app for my local team. It may not be pretty but it is a lot faster. I have a laptop and a home PC I can do all the fancy browsing I need. When I am out I just need the Info and I would like it ASAP. The pretties browser in the world doesn't matter if it's slow. esp if you are paying Data charges. If you don't live in the states you will appreciate the $$ you save from having a Blackberry.

One of the things many non blackberry users will not even understand is the Pin on a blackberry. I challenge any Iphone user 3G or Edge or WIFI to send an email and have it get there faster than a pin message or a pin IM. The fact that I can send voice messages pictures through a private secure network to my Blackberry toting friends. All with no additional fee's. WEll it just rocks. I mean Look at the WWDC and how the whole group raved about the new GPS and the new apps that allow you to track your friends like it was some new world shocking technology. Uhh How long have we already been doing that on our Blackberries?

Don't get me wrong the Iphone is here to stay as anyone who follows Apple knows but is it going to take over the world and rim with it. Well many said the iphone 1 would and it didn't I don't see the Iphone 2 doing it either. Most companies will stick with Rim and the consumer market for Rim is on fire. With the Bold coming I would say Rim is in a good place. It is good to be King.

But Rim. Come on OS 4.5 already!!

Mine does just fine. Got the free App Pocketmac from Rim(free download) and it worked the first time. I sue it daily. If you want Itunes sync and moves look at The missing sync it does a really cool job of syncing all kinds of stuff.

I can't lie, I am an avid bb geek and will promote the bb (any model) until I die, however I would like a chance to play with the iPhone when it does hit the rogers stores.

My curiosity is killing me.

To have it and hold it for 20-30 mins will make you want it, it's a nice looking device, but in the long run after much usage you will want your BlackBerry back.

I have the Blackberry 8310 a awesome phone! Waiting now for the "New" Blackberry Bold 9000 !!! Blackberry is where it is at!! My 8310 will be handed down too Spidey my she is a new Crackberry addict!! She has my Curve 8300, which might in turn be handed down too her daughter or son? I wouldnt trade my Blackberry for any other phone!! Blackberry you are the Best!!!

This list is dumb and sounds like an attempt to convince yourself why you should continue using a Blackberry. Use whatever you like, but the software applications being developed for the iPhone alone may be enough of a reason to switch. I have been a longtime Blackberry user; however, I must admit that browsing the web at high speeds and on a larger screen dramatically increases the functionality of a smartphone..something BB doesn't seem to get. Yes the BOLD is beautiful BUT it is half a screen.

This list of "why BB is better" sounds very much like the Treo forum a few years back, when people were defending the Treo over BB and the iPhone. We all know how that one turned out--so please spare us the drama.

As for me, I am sticking with BB for now, but once my contract is finished, I wil consider all options, including the iPhone2.

thank god someone with sense... this list sounds like my buddy "the ex bb fan boy" who I leant an iPhone to for a day, then he bought one and loves it for the same exact reasons above, and is dying to get his hands on the 3G model with exchange support..

third party apps from the AppStore will own this list, Apple didn't develop them for a reason, they concentrate on hardware and the OS, let developers create these wonderful apps with the SDK, its ridiculously easy. (too bad they will cost 9.99 and apple gets 3.33 of that) but hey it's the cycle of commerce and we are all part of it :) developers need money too :)

I have to agree that this list sounds dumb...

Kevin, when your sister site will come up with a similar article "top 10 reasons why the Blackberry is still NO iPhone?" Let us know.

Another reason why the Blackberry is better: I read that the Blackberry is used by the CIA and FBI because the way it transmits data (its encryption system) is the most complex and secure of any phone/smartphone/PDA.

Ummm Actually lets put it this way the BB is the ONLY device that you can use in the goverment to transmit Goverment data. It is also the only smartphone that can be used to transmit patient info to a Doctors Hand, HIPAA is a wonderful thing and no other device can touch it for security.

And still in a enterprise enviroment if you lose your iPhone all the data on it is the finders too. Lose your BB call your IT dept and they wipe the email from your phone.

God I love the BB I just wish we used BES more in my company.

Uhuh, right, and that's why the ARMY will be using the iPhone in the future.. (see and watch the video)

Remote Wipe, Cisco VPN, ipSec, all that jazz will be there, without even needing the central BB server (which may crash and resulting in all your data still on the street), all coming on july 11th..

Enterprises can serve their own software to employees' iPhones, so a pharmaceutical or hospital or other business can make just a simple application with the SDK to do certain stuff and secure it and deliver it to customers easily via a singular location (the Appstore, which can be accessed anywhere or a local server, only available to employees)..

iPhone gets stolen? One click wipe, done..

The killerapp of the iPhone? Third Party Software..

I'm a Blackberry owner and I like my phone, but the same can be said in reverse: The Blackberry is no iPhone. It can't hold as much music/movies/photos and the video quality on a Blackberry isn't as good as the iPhone. I can't watch my movies and TV shows from iTunes like I can on the iPhone. Though the Bold will have 3G, the iPhone will, too, and the browser on the iPhone is worlds better than Opera Mini or the Blackberry browser. There is a learning curve on using the Blackberry to its potential and the UI takes some getting used to - whereas the iPhone is still sophisticated and can be used by a child. The iPhone's coming 3rd party apps hold tremendous potential, much more than the Blackberry might ever be able to do. On the 3G iPhone, your calendar, contacts, and e-mail can be synced wirelessly to your Mac or PC while you're on the go.
Am I going to buy an iPhone? No, definitely not. I'm buying the Bold for sure. I just wanted to show that it goes both ways and it's a matter of preference and necessity. Do you need MMS? Is it a dealbreaker? What about copy and paste? Do you find yourself copying and pasting often enough that it would be a dealbreaker, too? And so on and so forth...

From what I have heard, the Bold will crush the Iphone for overall use. However, if The Bold is going to be exclusive to AT&T, I may go with the I phone. I use my BB 8320 for personal use. I enjoy BB to send over 2,000 texts a month.But I also use it to surf the web, a lot! I can't deal with EDGE anymore, especially when I'm aware that 3G is out there.It is true that BB is very secure, and the physical keyboard is a must(2000 texts a month) and great for long e-mail for business folks. But the business person needs fast DL speeds for doing work on internet, it's not just about corporate e-mail. I wrote an opinion the other day saying that AT&T are jerks for making their users resign a 2 year hitch in order to own a 3G iphone, and that BB would never put there customers in a situation where a carrier can screw their customers by allowing their product to be distributed by a sole carrier. Well, I guess I could be wrong, if Att gets the Bold, and no one else will, I may have to move on. I hate doing so. I have owned a 7290,an 8100, and now a Curve. Please tell me that aTt is not going to be the only Bold Carrier. I refuse to swithc to a company that would screw me to make a buck!!!

Apple really wants more people to upgrade and join the new iPhone craze, so thats why a brand new 3G iPhone cost $200. Thats $50 less than I paid for my Sprint BB Pearl...and $250 less than the Sprint Curve. BlackBerry better make a turn-around on price with their devices or they will lose customers. Isn't the new BB Bold coming out on AT&T first??? It better be comparable to the $200 price of the new iPhone or people might just start to reconsider :(

Now that Jobs is somewhat of a big deal on the Disney Board of Directors, I would only speculate that Disney "beta" tested it...
Currently Disney is a RIM company.
Time will tell.

I didnt think I could get used to the trackball, but after an hour on my 8830, theres no turning back. I had the htc 6800 touch screen and it sucked BAD!! With the BB, you can thumb your way to and from so easy that it truely becomes the 'Crackberry' we all know. I dont think I can go back to a touchscreen, I love the trackball and the REAL qwerty kboard! I just wish the 8830 had a camera.

I'm one of the "Fortune 500" companies in the Beta and it's really irrating that Apple doesn't mention what our feedback has been .. Each build I send in my concerns and they keep trying to have basic functionality work .. someday they will realize ActiveSync blows and they'll license a BB Connect client. Iphone using Active is basically BES 3.6 if it was fully wireless like 4.0 was. It does the basics but leaves me having to admin 3,000+ devices glad we are a Blackberry shop. Why?

We need the security and control BES / BB provides. ActiveSync gives you two policies (password and remote kill) password doesn't even fully work like it's supposed to. Things like this don't matter to Joe Blow who just wants a slick device that can do everything. What corporate wants and Joe Blow are totally different. I don't care about video / music, camera. Those are all personal usage type things. Users are all excited about the App store and yes it's a very neat idea. However *I* want to control that, I want over the air activation and NOT have to deploy (and support) Itunes. RIM flat out kills Apple if you look at the Total Cost of Ownership and IT Policy.

For the users that don't seem to understand there are some very good applications for the Blackberry please check out these BUSINESS applications (not super monkey ball)

WorldMate live
InfoSpace Findit
Bloomberg for Blackberry

Sure Iphone will at some point get all these but for now it just smells like a toy trying to do it all.

Policy has already been updated earlier this year (not by our group but Compliance and Security that we will not support connectivity for any personal mobile device - aka unless we provide it leave it at home.

I've been using (portable) cell phone for the last 22 years. Remember the Motorola 8000 (the "brick")? For the last 13 years, I've been changing units (phone) every 4 to 6 months because I like having the latest tech. For the 1st time, I've had the same phone (BB 8830) for practically A FULL YEAR. Still not bored and THE best I've EVER had(phone, that is).

I was tempted a few weeks ago by the iPhone, BUT not for business purposes. I do beleive that the BB is a workhorse and not a fashion statement. After all, I don't want to attend meetings with BLINGS on my phone. I'm really looking forward to the Thunder (might be an potion for me).

A few issues I have with the top 10 list:

1- Nobody mentionned that CDMA is in Canada (not a HUGE market, but we are there, thank you very much!!!)

2- The battery issue in my case is that after a year, the life of the battery (or cycles) is not quite as good as when new. I don't need a spare battery, but every time you charge it, another cycle is gone. Replacing the battery on the iPhone WILL be costly. Hydrogen battery will most probably be the future ( ) but not in the near future.

3- Expansion is a must in this day and age. I use my BB to listen to music, GPS and many other 3rd party applications. It DOES suck that for NOW, you can't have more than 4 useable Gb in the BB. But at least, there is some flexibility and expansion possibilities.

4- In Quebec, we have a new (very recent) law that you can't drive while holding a phone to your ear (good thing 'cause people drive like retards here). You need to use any type of hands free device. The fact that I would be STUCK with a wired headset is MORE than enough for me NOT to have an iPhone. Does the iPhone requires a roof antenna too ;-) ?

I would compare the BB to a BMW M5. Classy, speedy, elegant very good all around performer with all the bells and whistles. The iPhone would be more like a Boxster. Neat, flashy, good performer BUT not just something you want to drive day in day out.

but the iphone tethers just fine to BT headsets AND in-car BT systems...

it just doesn't to A2DP stereo BT (which is dumb) and you honestly shouldn't have headphones on in the car anyway.

The one problem I see is that both phones, however nice they sound, (correct me if I am wrong) are on the same Carrier, AT&T.

So... what, one carrier is now having a battle within itself?

I think if you mix apples and berries, you get fruit salad.

I have both, a curve and a iPhone.

They both do (2) two different things (my opinion).

I ALWAYS carry my Blackberry though... Sorry Apple!


The BB memory is limited! Sure you can throw in a 8GB card, but you ain't going to load any apps on that isht. What's worse is even the Bold's 1GB of internal memory cannot be used for app loads either. You're still limited to the 128MB on the device itself. They should have just bundled a 1GB MicroSD with the phone instead of building it onboard and called it a day... it's the same isht. Calling it "secure memory for corporate doc use w/encryption" because it's not removeable is total BS from RIM. You can turn encryption on a MicroSD card and have it behave the same way. Sure it's removeable, but if it's encrypted to the phone you can't read it outside of that same phone. RIM's a bunch of loosers with the limited memory isht on all current and pre-release BB's we know of. I'm certainly not claiming the iPhone is all that, but I can't remember the last time I was worried that I might not be able to load more then a couple of themes on 8GB of memory. Try and do that on a 64MB or even a 96MB Blackberry and I know you'll be checking your free memory from time to time. WTF RIM, step up already!!!

Alright, i've recently been devirginized by the Blackberry Curve. It's been about 7 months with my FIRST BB and i love this device more and more as the days go along. There is no reason for me to break down WHY i love it, i am sure many of you have and will speak on that throughout these comments. However, i cannot tell a lie and say i have no been intrigued by the iphone. I actually planned on getting one right before i discovered the curve. There are things "consumer/media" wise that the BB doesn't do to the full extent that most of us would like. i.e. full screen movies/videos, youtube, etc. However, the more i think about it, is the more i want this consumer before the first stone is cast hear me out....i soon thought to myself "why walk around with two phones for two seperate reasons, the BB is what i crave and want more than the apple device for EVERY THINKABLE REASONS except for the media (the BOLD promises to take care of this in the future). So what was my solution? Did i choose the Berry or the Apple? Well...both..but not in the way you way you would think.

I've decided what i needed to do to satisfy my media crazy under apple is get an IPOD TOUCH!!! It gives me all i could ever desire of an apple toy without giving up the love of my tech life. It ultimately comes down to the iphone doesn't do for me phone wise what the BB has in the short time i have had it, things are only looking brighter for RIM in that regard. So what am i going to do once the Bold is released? Why i am glad you both the Curve and Touch on EBAY!!!! Would you have me do it any other way? :-D

top reasons why blackberry is still no iPhone.

1.) terrible UI

2.) terrible integration of features

3.) terrible media player

4.) terrible web browser

5.) crappy screen resolution

6.) to quote Steve from MacWorld 2007, "tiny fixed buttons that are there whether you need them or not"

7.) buttons are pushed with less power on an iPhone - I don't want to have to do finger pushups to type an email

8.) blackberries are ugly as sin

9.) same-sized devices with 1/3 the screen size

10.) lack of features that people will actually use

11.) takes 17 millenia to sync with a computer

12.) no accelerometer

13.) thinness of iPhone

14.) better email on iPhone

15.) intuitive design

16.) bbs have fans that are obviously mad that they are stuck with their device - just look at 90% of the things people have said on this thread

I could keep going but I'm tired... been on my iPhone doing fun things with ease all day. really tires ya out.

people think typing is hard on an iPhone??? I just typed this whole thing out on mine using one hand one thumb a he'l of a lot quicker than I could on any frigging crapberry

you think your crapberry is so great until you actually use an iPhone. it's actually not like it's cracked up to be. it's so much better.

I think you're all jealous because you bought a blackberry and you are now finding out how crappy it actually it is.

feel free to send me some really scathing emails - I'd love to hear em.

Your points are valid (somewhat) up to a point and we are both going to have biases to our respected devices.

But you have to be on something to say that an iPhone is better at E-mail than a blackberry. Your precious little toy does beat my trusted little curve in many avenues (like having cute album art you can flip through) but one thing that can't be touched is bb's E-mail prowess.

Wow I would have given you some credit until No.7:

"buttons are pushed with less power on an iPhone - I don't want to have to do finger pushups to type an email"

If you have to complain about pushing a button, you truly are one lazy mofo. I'm guessing computers, TV remotes, and light switches all require too much effort for you. You have my sympathy.

I had the iPhone, and it kept me interested for all of 4 months before I moved on. My BB Curve is by far the best phone I've EVER had and I've had many.

As a blackberry user I have always thought those "i-whatever" bb themes were uber-lame. If you want your phone to look like an iPhone- then buy an iPhone. Don't be a biter. There are myriad other themes that not only look better, but deny the ability to provide fodder to the members of the "Steve Jobs is God" club.

With respect to any device that has a nice theme, which happens to be the iPhone, it does not mean the device is all knowing. It just means it has a nice theme. Buy a clue. If windows mobile has nice and easy to read icons, then you would see Winmo themes.

As it stands for me, I did (keyword: did) get the iberry theme, but I changed the wallpaper to something that fit me. For now, I am running with the "Precision" Theme from and a "Geek" wallpapper from By the way CB admins/mods, you have got to check some of those HD wallpapers out if you don't already know and put some on the CB site or at least some links. They wreck havoc on the BBs and in a good way...simply amazing.

Ironically, the only aspect BB users can choose from is Ipod/Mylo at 320/240 but can still be used on the 81xx. Please do a short article.

everytime u go to type on a iphone u have a typo u have to go back and erase. then type again. annoying! this makes u hesitate to type messages freely.
with the blackberry, this is def not a problem. i have had the past four models and all are the worlds great gift given by the great land of canada. they should release the bold today along with the not-i-phone.

I really enjoyed reading the comments and the article as I am the only person so far that has one on the first floor at the hospital I work at. I didn't think I needed it as I am not in the business world I just picked it up since it had wi-fi and I had to have something to go against the slew of Iphones the others were showing off. Needless to say, with the exception of no youtube (pearl 8120), I seriously have a better phone.

Two of my co workers are reviewing BBs because the are interested in picking one up. Funny enough, one of them had a BB before she picked up another phone stating she did not like the calender and something about the sure-type. After I showed her everything I have already done to my BB after a few days and now that I can out type her with sure type than she can with a qwert Dash phone, she is rethinking her options.

All-in-all, I never would have suspected that I would be using the BB for more than a call and text messaging phone. Boy was I wrong! I really can not put this thing down. From new themes and wallpapers to fit my personality to apps and music. My wife is sick of this phone. That's okay, I can always upgrade both my wife and my 8120. Here's hoping Verizon flops on the Thunder/9000 or whatever it will be called...Mine!

Oops, gotta go, my led is flashing...

By the way heres hoping that Jobs and his minions don't read forums so they don't get any assistance in upgrading the next Ipod, er, I mean Iphone.

I read your entire article and had to laugh out loud. The photo and the title alone made me laugh, even before I read the article.

Here is what I thought was funny: Clearly, you are afraid of the iPhone because your article was written in defense, and the remarks of those who left a comment were also fear based. I found that very funny.

I own a blackberry myself. I use it constantly. If I didn't, I would not have found this website. However, I would drop my Blackberry for an iPhone in a heartbeat. It's about functionality and appeal. In my humble opinion, the iPhone wins hands down, but that is just me with my opinion as everyone else has there own opionion, so don't shoot me. Funny article though :-)

I'm not a big fan of the iPhone, but someone sent me this link in attempt to make me "not lean" toward it. This list sucks and is more tongue-in-cheek humor for Crackberry addicts. There's nothing on this list thats convincing enough, except for #6 and #2.

10. No Removable Battery
I've owned 6 phones in my life, none of which had a bad battery I needed to swap.
But hey! Let's say I DID want to swap a battery in my iphone... it's not a re-occuring event in which having to take the iPhone to someone to swap the battery is going to be such a pain. Considering there are TWO Apple stores in my city, whatever. FAIL.

9. Still No Native Video Recording / No Camera Flash
Yes, an nice function to have for sure. Everyone is different, some may live their lives recording crappy quality videos on the their phones every hour of the day. I have used the video function on my last 2 phones, but how often? Often enough for me to miss it? Nope.

I can't speak to Blackberry flashes, but the flash on the HTC Wizard was pretty pointless. It was useful for finding keys in the dark though.

8. Still No Voice Dialing
Again... this is not something that is widely being used by the masses and thus is not a very convincing reason. I know some of you may swear and live by this... but how many people do you see on the streets walking around yelling "Call Dad", "Call Brandy" "Call Mikhail". I don't use voice dial and don't know a single person who does. (as a matter of fact, my current phone has voice-everything, I can say "Open Excel" and it will open Excel... well, 65% of the time when it can actually understand me). No exaggeration about not knowing anyone who does, I'm being honest here.

7. No Memory Expansion
My last 2 PDA/Smartphones I had a 512MB card and 1GB, respectively. I never filled either of those cards. I have an iPod for music and video, my phone is my phone and doesn't need to have 8GB of music on top of whatever else. All I need is storage for my files and pictures and sometimes use as a portable hard disk. I don't see 8GB as a small music player, I see it as ample amounts of storage for my phone. Seriously, other than music, what are you people putting on your phones that would use more than 8GB? Even a converted DVD to a portable format, at the most, is going to be 1GB or 2GB. What are you trying to do, carry your entire DVD collection on your phone? FAIL again.

6. Still No MMS
(And I won't mention how often I DON'T use MMS... and I also won't mention that Push email + 3G = I can email that crap to you anyway. I also won't mention how all my co-workers can't even open JPEGs on their outdated Blackberry's making MMS for them entirely pointless).

5. No CDMA Version Available
This is the WORST point on the list. The lamest. The most epic of epic fails. The damn phone is an AT&T EXCLUSIVE.
Why don't you list not having an UMTS 1700 band as a reason not to get it either?
EXCLUSIVE!! "Well, I really like everything about the iPhone, but I can only get it on At&t" Um, THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF 'EXCLUSIVE' DUMMY. Why even bother w/ a CDMA version if it's exclusive to At&t? And yes, I know you can eventually hack and unlock to use on other networks... but Sprint users are just going to have to suck it. Which they've been doing since day one anyway. Screw CDMA.

4. No UMA
Dumb reason. Dumb dumb reason. Take a poll you fanboys... "How many Blackberry power-users also subscribe to Wi-fi phone service". Do it. I want to know the results. You're stretching with this one.

3. Still No A2DP Stereo Bluetooth
Eh. I can go either way on this. Personally, I could not care less. Bluetooth just means wasting my battery, I tried using a (mono) earpiece with my current phone for talking and don't even like that. I'd rather tether myself to a music player and save battery. ALthough, the thought of setting down a music player and being able to walk away from it is nice though.

2. Still No Copy & Paste

1. Yes, I know. I have friends who swear by Blackberrys. I got nothing against Blackberry, just not into the form-factor. I like sliders, bars and touchscreens.

Again, I understand this is more for you Blackberry fans to have a good laugh. Somewhere out there is another top 10 list on why no one should get a Blackberry, so it's all good.

While we're at it... let's also remember that 80% of this list could have been applied to Blackberry's before the Curve or Pearl even... which is not that long ago!

Here's another for you: The 3G iPhone will be out before the first 3G Blackberry.

"I mean Look at the WWDC and how the whole group raved about the new GPS and the new apps... Uhh How long have we already been doing that on our Blackberries?"

Hm, my guess would be about a year? If you're a T-mobile Blackberry user, then practically never.

More failure. Do you all know what the greatest selling point is about the Blackberry? Your addiction. The ravings of how much you love the device and ease of use is the most powerful argument. All that other tech garbage is lame and smells desperate, like you have to pull reasons out of your ass.

Yeah, my world is going to crumble when I can't record video and MMS-it to someone.

And you all are still missing the grandest piece of the Apple bomb: $200!!!!!!!! Sony Xperia and BB Bold are going to cost TWICE that WITH contract. There are absolute SHIT phones out there that cost around $200 WITH contract. T-mo still wants $250 for a freaking HTC Wing!!!

I am pulling this from another source but I think your blind butt should get informed

"Let’s look at exactly what Apple is doing here: Lower the price of the phone by $100, but increase monthly data charges by $10 for 2 years. Did ya’ll overlook that one? :("

This would mean that though upfront you save $100+ you are also spending an extra $120.00 a year on the plan. Sounds retarded to me.

If what this source says is incorrect then disregard and I will admit quoting an unreliable post. If it is right, then you Iphone fans are about to get hosed.

Anyways, like someone said in an earlier comment, these post are very similar to the PS3 vs. 360 flames. To each his own. One has something the other doesn't. It's going to be a good battle in the future that should spur got prices and data plans for everyone. However, Apple is not known for it's cost.


$20 for old, non 3G data service
$30 for 3G/unlimited data
$45 for corporate/business, 3G

On top of whatever your voice plan is.

30 days from today, what could be one of the best selling phones of the year, is set to launch. What's RIM's response?.....nothing. Very disappointing.

I agree with everything. Perfectly said. Honestly who wants a phone that requires use of both hands?! I asked my friend with an iPhone how he taps out his text messages and he told me he holds it in one hand and pokes the screen with his index finger on the opposite hand. I like that you included that fact because to me, it doesn't get any worse than that. And no copy and paste...spare me.

I'm in the middle of this as I pretty much get to use and evaluate every smartphone that comes out. I think each has some advantages and weakness.

I think the Iphone is a nice device - for consumers. It does pretty much everything I would want and while I like a keypad for text entry, I'm pretty quick on the MUI once you adjust to it. To me the biggest disadvatge is still the iphone price the $199/299 is a smokescreen to the true cost of the device still. You can get a pearl or curve for less then $100 and with TMO a data plan for $20!

Wouldn't it be amusing if RIM undercuts on the pricing front? Fan boys just love to beat their chest that what they use / support is "better" .. it's like Nintendo vs. Sega. The mobile space is just beginning to explode and there will be room (and needs) for multiple devices.

I don't know about you but the Iphone looks HUGE held up your head. The one handed operation is a often overlooked advantage.

For now RIM has the advatange with different model selection, carrier preference and yes price as they have LOW end BB and high end devices.

I was one of the dumb people who switched carriers jsut for the iphone, and then later one I learned I could unlock and jailbreak my device. So I did, I went from T-Mobile to AT&T (very happy that I did switch might I add), and some things you didn't mention in the article are that the 3rd party apps, don't work all the time, and MOST of the time, require money in order to get the full version.

For an example, the AIM on it was free, but it would log you out every 2 mins or so, where on my BB I can stay logged in AS LONG AS I WANT.

I know some apps cost money on the BB, but thats SOME. Mainly ALL of the apps for the iphone require some sort of donation in order to use the app.

I'm happy I made the switch!

I watched the video for the new Iphone and integration with the dotMac (now mobileme) service I thought it was really slick.

Without the Blackberry Enterprise server and only Blackberry Internet service doing this is very clumsy and impossible to do with the calendar, tasks and address book.

As a Mac user as well as a dotMac user I hope that someone comes out with an app that will be able to synchronize the way the new

If it was not for the crappy service the re branded Cingular has as well as inability for the IPhne to have UMA I would dump by Tmo Blackberry and purchase an IPhone.

Are not our arguments about which device is better kind of, for lack of a better word, pointless? I'll admit that I did want an Iphone when it first came out. But, at the time, I really only used the phone I had for calls and the occasional text to my family. Everything else was like a car with a hidden umbrella compartment. I do not use youtube but less than 2 hours total a month on the PC and I am just now getting interested in GPS though I will only use it once a year on Thanksgiving.

Fast forward to 3 weeks ago and I picked up my first BB. I am with T-Mo and the only reasons I picked it up were for the qwerty keyboard and the wi-fi. I chose the BB over the other wifi Winmo devices after lots of review and have not once regretted it. I use the Wifi on an everyday basis. At work and at home.

I have 3 coworkers with Iphones and understand I have stubby fingers, thanks to my dad, and whenever I have tried to use the screen keyboard, though a cool feature, I could not get through one sentence without having to use the backspace. Textile is better for others like me. I also prefer the UI of the BB over the Iphone. Sorry, I just do. Maybe if I spend more time playing with the Iphone, I could come to like it the same. I am not against having an Iphone. I just don't see it for me.

I have 5 email accounts and having all my emails sent to my BB is great. My lovely wife steals the notebook for checking her email and craigslist, so I would not have any other way of getting and responding to all my mail if it were not for my BB. I also use the browser on a daily basis. That, i must say, needs a much needed improvement.

Look, all I am saying is that Iphone users chose the Iphone and can rattle of why it is better than a BB all day and conversely so can BB users of Iphone. What it boils down to, in my opinion, is which device has more of what you need and less of what you dont. Choose that device and go with it.

I also like the different BB to choose from.

Apple needs to offer the user the ability to swap out the battery on iPods, iPhone/iPod Touch and most importantly the MacBook Air. It's not a matter of if you need a second battery but a question of why you can't.

Simple Apple wants to control the life cycle of their portable devices and wants you to 1) buy apple care, 2) send the device in for battery replacement, 3) Push you to replace the device long before you need to and 4) Jobs doesn't like that design since he is a design guy.

I charge nightly too, but if you have an iPod touch or iPhone and you watch lots of video or whatever and drain the battery a lot faster that you expected your in trouble. Don't forget these batters begin to loose charge capacity over time after a certain number of charges.

I own a lot of Apple gear and its great quality (at times) but the force your consumer to pay for something that could be part of the design upfront is FREAKING IDIOTIC.

I have a BB curve (which I love) and my wife has an iphone (which we both love) but I think its funny how so many are so quick to dismiss the iphone as a "feature" phone... or a "gimmicky" phone.

If the iphone was so gimmicky, it wouldnt be worth debating about! Only the fact that the BB has some real competetion... thats what makes the rivalry grow.

It wouldnt be a discussion if the BB was sooo much better than the iphone, it would be just like all the crap phones from all the other makers that no one cares about.

I own both phones and could argue either side. The iPhone is far superior for personal use, the BB excels in business.

No phone is a great camera so don't waste our time with your silly arguments. My 8820 has no camera and I rarely use the iPhone's camera. My wife makes miserable videos with her phone.

My "go to" phone is the Apple. All the data I can handle for $60 per month on cellular and unlimited wifi!

Like religious and political discussions, you are gauranteed to offend at least 50% of your audience.

They're both great. Do your readers a favor and compare their applications and real world usage.


No damn bluetooth capibilty screw that. I m do damn attached 2 usin ma bluetooth ... i hate wire head sets or holdin the phone up 2 ma ear. Got 2 have bluetooth.

it is really strange, while using an iPhone-esq theme on blackberry, criticizing iPhone on the other hand, saying it still lacks 10 important(!) features.

c'mon, don't be soo addictive to your toy.

i used to have an iPhone, too. Since it lacks some functionality i decided to go for a Samsung i780, and now I think I'm gonna get a HTC Touch Diamond.

Be more objective, please!

I LOVE my BlackBerry Curve. I can text faster than anyone I know, the set up was super easy and the Curve is very user-friendly. My sister has an iPhone she got to use for work and she HATES it. The touch screen has significantly reduced her accuracy when texting or sending email, she's had it a couple months and still makes typo after typo. No Bluetooth?'s 2008. Bluetooth is mandatory!
Like someone mentioned earlier, the iPhone is simply an iPod on steroids.
My sister asked if I'd like to switch phones with her and I asked if she'd like to be fitted with a straight jacket now or later. I mean, is she KIDDING ME?
They'll pry my BlackBerry from my cold, dead fingers.

what a bunch of dickheads... " my phone has more features, so it's better then aaaaallllll the rest"

(me laughing)

LOL!!!! that phone should've never came out without copy/paste!!! I was ready to buy one when it came out, UNTIL!! i found out it didnt have copy n paste! LOL, and now that i found my true love... BB I WILL NEVER BUY ONE! I mean blackberrys are just simply amazing!! xD

Take it from a previous Iphone user (who lateraled the phone to my wife to get rid of it) the Iphone sux because you cannot search for an address or email on it. When I can't find something from someone or an email I am out of business. On the Blackberry I can type in a portion of what I know about the contact or what was in their email address and it brings up everything with that info in it. The Iphone doesn't. How about being stranded without being able to contact an important business contact away from outlook? That stunk.

No offense (OK, maybe a little, LOL!!!), but who in their right mind would want an iPhone over the effectiveness - and COOL factor - of a BB?

On top of that it's called the iPHONE and yet I've heard and read that the phone capabilities of the device are marginal at best.

Go with an iPhone? NEVER!!!

Apple should really stick to what they are good at: Macs and iPods...and they can keep the iPod too! LOL ;)

I LOVE my BB Pearl, but really like the iphone's visual websites. I really planned to get the iphone 3G the second it came out...but now want more info about the Bold before I switch.
My biggest questions:
When will T-Mobile carry the Bold?? I have been with them for 15+ years and hate thinking or changing to AT&T...but I will if necessary.
Will the Bold show email websites automatically or will I have to download like I do now? (ie: If I receive an email from Nordstroms, I have to download...wait...scroll...wait...scroll...
you know. On my itouch, I get an email and voila - the website is there!!!
ANY info you can give me will help immensley! I would love to stay with BB.

When people make negative comments about others its clear that they are 1. jealous, 2. threatened, 3. have no class.

Also regarding the first top 10 reason article on reason #10, I hope you don't text or mess around with your phone while driving.

That is all.

the iPhone is without a doubt one of the most exciting & revolutionary devises created in my lifetime. it's easy to be haters, but when you consider the marriage of design & function that the iPhone employs, you have to embrace it. you people probably also said the same thing about the introduction of the iPod. the point is, unlike blackberry, dell, etc., apple does not confine their vision to mimic existing devices... they challenge. being that the iPhone is only a year old, expect it to mature. in the meantime, all you blackberry owners can enjoy the mundane!

I'm a long-time Blackberry user who fell for the whole iPhone thing. I've been an AT&T customer for 8 years.

I stood in line last week to buy my iPhone - imagine my surprise when I finally got to the front of the line and, after looking-up my AT&T account they told me that I'd be paying $499 for mine, while the guy in front of me (because he wasn't an AT&T customer) would pay $299 for his. Huh?

OK, so I get that the wireless business is competitive and they are willing to subsidize the hardware cost in order to get new subscriptions, etc, but let's do a little quick math here: my AT&T bill averages $200/month, so over the course of 8 years that's $19,200. In that time I've had two refurbished Bberries, so it's not like the hardware subsidy has been substantial on my account. And yet my loyalty for being a great customer who has paid them $19,200 is that I'm forced to pay $200 more for my iPhone than the guy in front of me? On what planet is that fair?

I bought it, but came home with a really, really bad taste in my mouth that Apple would have entered into a deal that penalizes loyal customers. On top of that, I miss my Blackberry. I just don't like the typing on the iPhone at all. I'm sure if I stuck with it I'd get used to it but I'm too mad. So, I called AT&T, am canceling my service and returning my iPhone. I'll get the new Blackberry Bold with a carrier who actually WANTS my business. The last time I checked, that's the way capitalism is supposed to work.

Seriously, when the article pointed out all these CDMA carries, it's like 6 carriers over 1, and to me that's a slap in the face. Apple could have made $$$$$$$'s with 7 carriers under their belt instead of sticking with just one. Of course AT&T is subsidizing the phone to make it cheaper and target new customers, but it wont stop loyal people.

One gripe I have with the iPhone is the fact that you ahve to sync only with itunes... No support for outlook, at all. One of the most highly used personal data applications for a computer, you still have to sync with iTunes. To me that's very flimbsy, because iTunes does not have as many backup techniques nor does your email route into iTunes. They should've made it where the iTunes organizes music, videos and photos (as it was pretty much designed to do) and leave the communication and events to Outlook.

Oh well, maybe one year later and another $2-3 hundred dollars down on the new iPhone 4G will add this feature when it's been available on Blackberries and WinMo phones.

just curious, does the iphone have a 3rd party app like eqo?
you know, basically trillian on a blackberry (icq, msn, aim, yahoo, etc), and FREE????
oh yea, eqo also allows the ability to have no roaming charge by using a prepaid system that calls a local number from the blackberry

I think I have around 40 programs and apps for my blackberry, about 30 were free.

These have to be the Weakest arguments ever...

-You repeated about 4 reasons from the last blog

-No copy/paste?? Honestly, HOW many people actually copy and paste stuff.. how lazy are you? I don't know a SINGLE Blackberry user who actually uses copy/paste...

-No voice dialing??? Wow look out!! I cant press two buttons to call someone!! It's too hard!!

-Isn't your Storm exclusive to only one carrier in the U.S.?..........

-Who seriously takes actual published photographs from their phones, and are you taking pictures in a cave? What do you need flash for?

You also have to keep in mind that the iPhone 3G outsold any RIM product in the Q1 of this year.. your shot at the 'Storm' (iPhone killer?) was a weak attempt.
Sure you guys have 'cool' push email and oh wow a flash camera!!

Come up with 10 legit reasons that would make me want to throw my iPhone 3G underneath a bus and run to the nearest AT&T to buy a Bold (that are about the size of a bus as well (AND $550 without a contract, or $350 with a two year contract)) or a Curve.

Taken from

#1 No upgrade to the camera

The camera in the first-gen iPhone was only two megapixels with no flash. "Fair enough," I thought… "it's a first-gen product. They have to leave themselves room to move for the upgrade they'll surely put into the next-generation iPhone." No such luck. The camera in the iPhone 3G is exactly the same as the first-gen one. Still stuck at two megapixels. Still unable to cope in low-light and still no flash. Oh, and there's no video recording capability either, even though this has been found on phones for the last five years or so.

iPhone 3G: 2 megapixel camera, no flash, no video, no optical zoom
Other phones: up to 5 megapixel cameras, optical zoom, lens-based autofocus, flash.
Verdict: Smackdown by other phones.

#2 No Adobe Flash support

Undeniably, the iPhone has the best web browser of any phone on the market. But when you hit a web page with Adobe Flash in it, you'll just get an empty space with a 'missing plugin' icon. Apple says Flash would run too slowly on the iPhone, but in reality, it's probably more to do with Apple wanting to promote its competing web app development technology, Sproutcore.

Apple realises the 'mobile web' is at a tipping point… if it can get enough momentum behind developers coding sites specifically for the iPhone, it will help sales of the iPhone along in the long term. (That said, unlike Flash, Sproutcore is an open standard that theoretically works in any web browser that supports Javascript, so it could be widely supported by all handset makers if their phone web browsers got better.)

For a laugh, check out Steve Jobs demonstrating the web browser on the iPhone. When he views The New York Times, up pops the 'missing flash' icon.

iPhone: no Adobe Flash support
Other smartphones: Flash Lite support, or full Flash support on Windows Mobile.(Admittedly Flash support on other phones isn't great either, but then, they're not running a full computer operating system like the iPhone is, where it would be trivially easy to port Flash across to run on it.)
Verdict: Other phones win by a narrow margin.

#3 No instant messaging

Despite the fact that the iPhone comes with unlimited data plans (in the US at least; Australian plans haven't yet been revealed) Apple has hobbled the iPhone's ability to do instant messaging.

Rather than sending instant messages over the internet to friends, the iPhone sends them by SMS. Since Apple has great instant messaging software for Mac called iChat, this is undoubtedly a concession to phone companies. SMS is widely considered to be the most expensive data service in the world, with each message only 165 characters long but charged by phone companies at around 20c per message. Multiplied out, that equates to 1.3 million dollars per gigabyte of SMSes. (By comparison, Aussie mobile network Three offers 1GB of high speed internet usage for $15.)

Oh yeah, and forget about chatting to someone who's sitting at a computer using the iPhone. Heaven forbid you might want to chat to someone using MSN/Windows Live Chat, Google Talk, AIM, ICQ, Facebook or any of the other popular chat protocols.

Hopefully, this ludicrous situation will be plugged by third-party application developers who will develop internet-based chat clients for iPhone. However, Apple has said that it will not allow applications to run in the background on the iPhone; instead, the developers must run an internet-based service, send a message to Apple servers, which will then send a message to the iPhone to alert the user to open the app. Yes, it may save battery life on the iPhone, but no, it's not exactly convenient.

On a Blackberry, the Blackberry Messenger just sits quietly in the background. If your phone is on, so is Blackberry Messenger. It's 100% reliable. It doesn't send messages using a stupid method like SMS. It uses the Blackberry's unlimited internet access. And yes, Blackberries do have good battery life.

iPhone 3G: SMS is the only way to instant message people.
Other smartphones: A large variety of instant messaging software that can send messages using the internet capability of the phone.
Verdict: iPhone is shamed by other phones.

#4 Totally impractical for international travel

The iPhone downloads full emails, attachments and all, when you view them on the iPhone. If someone sends you an email with several megabytes of photos attached, that's how much data has to be downloaded by the iPhone. That's fine if you're in your home country and have an unlimited data plan. But go to another country and see how much it costs you — you can expect to pay up to $20 per megabyte. Your roaming charges will soon be running into hundreds of dollars.

Not to harp on about the Blackberry, but when you roam with one of them, it's quite cheap, because the Blackberry servers downscale images to perfectly fit the size of the Blackberry screen before sending them — a huge saving in data transfer charges, and messages are heavily compressed before transmission, etc. In fact, even heavy Blackberry users may be surprised to learn that they use less than 5MB of data per month.

iPhone 3G: It's the data equivalent of the gas guzzling SUVs that GM suspended production of this week.
Other smartphones: Well, there are certainly other data guzzling phones. But Blackberry is a perfect example of a smartphone that's made for roaming.
Verdict: Blackberry wins

#5 Not compatible with Bluetooth car kits or headphones

Apple has Bluetooth wireless in the iPhone, but it only works with a handful of wireless headsets. Forget talking handsfree on Bluetooth car kits or using the iPhone with stereo Bluetooth headphones. You could expect those sorts of features from the world's leading music player, but not the iP… oh, wait.

Considering Apple wants the world to take the iPhone seriously for its phone capabilities, it's truly incredible that it has hobbled the Bluetooth audio capability so much. Could it be because it wants to make money from car equipment manufacturers who build an iPod dock connector into their car stereos?

Caveat: this comment is based on what we know about pre-release versions of the iPhone 2.0 software. It's possible Apple will have fixed this in the release version of the iPhone 3G.

iPhone 3G: only works with Apple's mono Bluetooth headset and a handful of other companies' similar units. No support for Bluetooth stereo or in-car Bluetooth handsfree.
Other smartphones: many support stereo Bluetooth for streaming to headphones or a stereo, and most models work with Bluetooth car handsfree units (though there are still compatibility glitches between brands, admittedly.)
Verdict: Other phones win

#6 Non user-replaceable battery

It's a sad fact about rechargeable batteries: the first time you recharge them, their maximum capacity degrades. After a few hundred recharges, their capacity is down to something like half their original capacity. Normally, this is annoying, but manageable — you just swap the battery out for a new one, or get a second battery and swap between the two of them until the first battery is toast.

Not so with the iPhone. Its battery is sealed up tightly inside the nearly-impossible-to-pry-open casing (believe me, I've taken the back off an iPhone and that sucker is not meant to come apart… Apple must be replacing the casing of iPhones it services). Apple will then install the battery for you (in the US it costs $US85.95) and post it back to you. Oh, and you can pay them extra $US30 for the privilege of renting another phone from them to use in the meantime.

Not only is this massively inconvenient, it's a cunning attempt by Apple to get people to simply buy a new iPhone when the battery finally dies. People will be asking themselves… "do I pay $105.95 to get my old iPhone battery fixed, or do I pay $199.00 to buy the latest and greatest model of iPhone?" I know which one I'd pick, and I bet that's central to Apple's business plan.

iPhone 3G: Battery sealed inside the case. Costs a hundred bucks and considerable inconvenience to get it replaced.
Other smartphones: Well, yeah, duh. You just unplug the battery and put a new one in.
Verdict: Crushing loss to Apple.

#7 No MMS

So you've snapped a nice photo on your iPhone and you want to send it to a friend? You'd better hope they have email on their phone, because that's the only way you're going to be able to send it to them with the iPhone. For some reason, despite its ridiculous decision to force all instant messaging through SMS, Apple has totally left out MMS (picture/video SMSes) from the iPhone.

iPhone 3G: No MMS support. You will send your photos using the Apple-authorised method, by email.
Other smartphones: Well, yeah, duh. They have MMS.
Verdict: Own-goal by Apple.

#8 No turn-by-turn navigation

Despite building a GPS satellite navigation receiver into the iPhone, Apple has stopped short of offering voiced, turn-by-turn navigation into the device. Yes, you can plot directions from your current position to somewhere else, and you can watch yourself as a little dot on the map, but have you ever tried doing that in a car? I have … on my Blackberry. I nearly crashed.

If you're thinking I'm being a bit overly critical (isn't it a "nice to have" feature than a necessity?) compare Apple to Nokia, which has been offering voiced, 3D, turn-by-turn navigation on its phones for a couple of years now. Having a Nokia N78 saved my bacon recently when I realised I was totally lost and didn't have a street directory with me. I also had a Blackberry with me that has 2D map routing similar to what's on the Blackberry, and it sucked, because it was like reading a map constantly while driving.

iPhone 3G: No voiced, 3D turn-by-turn navigation.
Other smartphones: OK, so it's not a standard feature on all phones. But Nokia, which has over 50% market share in Australia, has been shipping it with its phones for the last couple of years.
Verdict: Nokia wins.

#9 Stunning hypocrisy

At Apple's last presentation on the iPhone (March 6th 2008), Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller ridiculed market leader Blackberry for the complexity of its push email service, pointing out that your messages have to pass through a RIM messaging server and a network operations centre before they're sent out to your phone. Plus you have to pay extra for the service.

With the iPhone 3G, Apple introduces MobileMe, a service that … passes your email through an Apple messaging server before it is sent through to your phone. And it costs $AUD119 per year extra. Spot any similarity with the Blackberry business model?

It seems stunningly hypocritical for Apple's to criticise the technology of the market leader in the US smartphone space, then adopt the same technologies in its own product. On the other hand, I'm glad it has… but I'm flabbergasted at Apple's audacity in working on a service while at the very same moment criticising others for doing it.

iPhone 3G: made by a company dominated by self-serving hypocrites.
Other smartphones: let's be honest... made by companies dominated by self-serving hypocrites.
Verdict: Apple is on even footing with other handset makers. Welcome to the industry!

I do realize that some of these have been previously posted. I just want to show some that may have been overlooked and how the 'top ten' stacks up again to other phones...NOT JUST BLACKBERRY since you seem to be stuck on RIM hating.

And it's not that I hate the iPhone at all. There are many other devices out there but since everyone is so focused on iPhone vs. Blackberry, I thought I would put the comparison up.

Mac vs. PC
HD vs. Blu-Ray
Playstation vs. XBox

It's all a matter of preference so, as I always say - "To each, his own!"

I have messed around with an iphone for a long time, yes I agree, it was gimmicky and soon got boring. I have a bold with an unlimited data plan with at&t (g3), forget hotmail, gmail is so much better, hotmail sucks. I could type an email about 2 and half to three times faster on the bold, plus i can do it with one hand (a plus sometimes, trust me)
I tried the video at a motley crue concert, and video quality was incredible (for a smartphone). I just find the blackberry doesnt hide behind glitz, it actually persuades you to WANT to make the most out of it. I dont even use my blackberry as a phone, purely used for data (and you know how many idiots pay tmobile for unlimited messaging when they have a data plan??? - HELLLO INTERNET, EMAIL HELLLO!!! DEDICATED GMAIL ICON ETC, HELLO????!) sorry had to get that one out
I use wifi on my bold all the time and find the connection to be extremely stable (I use opera a lot, I dont mind the fact that the cursor cannot move diagonally)
ok with that said, I can see the attraction to the iphone, it looks sexy......but touch screen ITSELF is nothing new....I also have a palm tungsten.
The browser is what the iphone sells on, and perhaps games.
but in EVERY other department....I prefer the blackberry bold, hands down.

btw, I havent tried a storm, but I reckon I would still prefer the bold.

If touchscreen is so wonderful.........can any apple iphone fans tell use a desktop/laptop or a pc touchscreen tablet?

just curious

you can get a lot from a blackberry with just wifi.
I never use the data plan at home it just finds my wireless router. eqo, gmail, facebook etc etc etc blah blah, all work seemlessly

erm ok playstation v xbox?? you mean in not playstation 2?

ok, if its ps2, if you want to use that argument, the xbox wins hands down in EVERY department, and for the reasons crackberry exists

mod an xbox, you have any idea how many 3rd party applications and homebrew can be run on a modded xbox? Ive actually made a mame cabinet with an xbox inside it as the "computer". It runs with a 400gb hard drive in it, 14 emulators, and 30,000 games. plus has a region free dvd application, browser, the list is endless. Its not a case of favouritsm, its a case of "how much youre able to get out of it", ok in most cases a mac is more powerful and more stable than a pc, and yes I hate vista......BUT 3rd party applications and compatibility comes into play, therefore more PC's are sold than macs.

thats the whole argument, what you can get from it, and with that said, again.....the nod goes to blackberry over iphone

£20 quid for unlimited data for 6 months on t-mobile uk pay as you go. Iphone £2.50 for 5 days unlimted web equivelent to 45 quid for 6 months.

One thing that hasn't been mentioned in this post is the ruggedness/durability of the iphone vs the blackberry. I can be a klutz on occasion and have dropped my phone. I have set it down in the house and had it played with by an overexcited pet as well.

I know many people who have destroyed an iphone by dropping it or have had the screens drop out. I know blackberry phones aren't indestructible, and you shouldn't throw them across the room to prove a point, but for regular mishaps they seem to last. Add that to the functionality of being able to work in word, view pdf files, great emailing, the camera with flash... it's a no brainer to me. I don't need a level iphone app or to smack some sheep on a screen. You can have your iphone back.

I borrowed an iPhone for a while to evaluate it for myself.

The first thing that got to me is if the battery goes defective, it has to be sent away for service. It is not possible to swap the memory card or to expand its memory.

The phone I tried did not have a flash. I found the photo quality to not be as good as the Torch or the Bold that I compared it to.

The overall performance for phone reception, and for ease of use was not as defined as the Blackberry. The Blackberry is superiour for managing and doing emails. The Blackberry excels in performance for scheduling, and task management.

The only good thing I found with the iPhone is it is very fancy for using it. Also, it is exclellent for games and for media. The iPhone sounds best in stereo with a wired headset rather than with Bluetooth. The iPone I tried could not work with both tethering on to the net with a laptop, and at the same time talking on the phone with a Bluetooth earphone. The Blackberry can be wireless tethered to a laptop over a Bluetooth link. This would not work with the iPhone that I tried.

For business and serious use, there is not much that will beat a Blackberry. For games and entertainment, the iPhone is very good. But, I have to make a living and my phone is a serious tool for me. I also need the Blackberry security with my phone.

Jerry G.

I owned a touch screen phone, a non apple device. When it died I bought a BB Q5. I love the qwerty keyboard for typing text, emails, notes etc. Connects to wifi easily. Phone is not cumbersome to hold. I love BB over touch screen phones. I've never owned a iPhone. Hopefully my Q5 will last me a long time. I will continue to buy BB devices.