The top 10 news apps for BlackBerry 10

We've assembled the very best ways to stay on top of current events on your BlackBerry 10. These apps will make sure you're always in touch with the news, be it through Google Reader or other sources. 

The best news apps for BlackBerry 10
By Simon Sage on 14 Mar 2013 11:43 am EDT

So, I spent a healthy chunk of yesterday rounding up the best news apps for BlackBerry 10, only for Google to announce they'd be shutting down Reader shortly after my post was done. As you can imagine, a lot of my picks were Google Reader apps, which only compounded the frustration of having such an awesome service closed down.

Developers have hung their hat on Google Reader for years now, and for a lot of these devs the rug is being pulled out from under them. The bigger ones, like Feedly, are ready to transition to a stand-alone service. Even with Google Reader shutting down on July 1st, the devs that went through the trouble to make BlackBerry 10 clients still deserve some recognition, even if their apps will only last another three months in their current incarnations. 

It's not only Google Reader apps we have below, though - there are already some great news apps on BlackBerry 10 that don't hinge on Google Reader at all. Plus, once Reader fully sunsets, we'll be sure to update this list with whatever stand-alone feed readers step up to the plate. So go on, flip the page, and see what’s new.

gNewsReader - $0.99

gNewsReader for BlackBerry 10

gNewsReader is so far my favorite Google Reader app for BlackBerry 10. You can swipe from one story to the next, view individual feeds as well as whole tag groups, star items, and have all of the read and unread statuses sync up. There’s full integration with Pocket, Readability, and Instapaper, so you’ve got alternatives for catching up on stories later. Sharing stories is easy through the system menu, plus there’s a dedicated option for sharing to Google+. Overall, I’m really happy with gNewsReader’s snappy responsiveness and easy use. Definitely pick this one up if you spend a lot of time on Google Reader. 

PressReader - Free

PressReader for BlackBerry 10

PressReader is a storefront for over 2,100 newspapers around the world. Users can subscribe to publications or buy individual editions. Downloads run for about $0.99 a pop. There’s also a $29.99/month subscription service which gives readers unlimited access to the full collection. Newspapers are organized by geography, then users can flip through the list of available options alphabetically, or search for something specific with the bar at the top. New issues can be delivered automatically if you’re a regular reader, and if you missed an issue, you can always download older editions.

Fiume - $0.99

Fiume for BlackBerry 10

Fiume is a super-simple, pared-down Google Reader client. You can drill down into individual feeds, mark stories to read through Instapaper, or mark them as unread to check out later. Stories can be filtered between all items and all new items, flipped through with swipes or the previous/next buttons at the bottom, and viewed in brief, mobile, or full web formats. The biggest downside here is that you can’t star stories for future reference. Ultimately, Fiume is a simple experience with minimal noise and high responsiveness - a great option for those that want to keep things to the point.

News360 - Free

News360 for BlackBerry 10

News360 is an aggregator that allows users to define interests to follow, and provides multiple sources for the same story. This means users get a full-spectrum perspective (a 360-degree view, one might say) of the news. Excerpts of stories are provided in plain text, and viewed in their entirety thanks to the seamlessly embedded web browser. The only real downside here is that the app was originally made for PlayBook, so you’ve got to use it in landscape orientation.

The Reader - $1.99

The Reader for BlackBerry 10

The Reader is a slightly more stylized Google Reader client for BlackBerry 10. For example, a datestamp follows you as you scroll through a story feed, and a toggle for light and dark themes is always at the ready when inside a story. Stories can be read on a per-tag or per-feed basis, which isn’t the case for all Google Reader apps on BB10. Along with options to star stories and share via NFC or other channels, users can mark stories for reading later through Instapaper and Pocket integration. The Reader also uses some rather fetching icons. Hopefully they’re pretty enough to distract you from the odd spelling irregularity.

Taptu - Free

Taptu for BlackBerry 10

Taptu is an Android port of a popular feed reader that earns big points for its user interface. If you’ve ever used Pulse News, you’ll know the drill; Content channels appear as strips which can be scrolled through horizontally while the other feeds stay static. Every feed also has a search option handy so you can quickly find specific stories. Pocket and Instapaper are both supported, as well as Taptu’s own bookmarking service. Users can add new content channels from the curated catalog or manually punch in RSS feeds. By plugging into your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, Taptu can also haul in links that are making the rounds in your social networks.

Al Jazeera - Free

Al Jazeera for BlackBerry 10

Many publications have their own dedicated BlackBerry app, but so far my favorite has been Al Jazeera. It has a great finger-friendly interface with large images for each story, links to live video and audio feeds, plus an easily accessible navigation menu to a wide range of subject matter. Stories themselves have share menus readily accessible, support in-line video, and a favoriting system for future reference. If you’re looking for professional world news, this is a great place to start.

ReadItNow! - $1.99

ReadItNow! for BlackBerry 10

Though most of the Google Reader clients here allow you to save your stories to Pocket, none of them let you see all of your pocketed articles. Luckily, a third-party solution has stepped in, offering full offline reading and filtered viewing by tags or read/unread status. Sharing from ReadItNow is extensive, with easily-accessible options for Evernote, Springpad, Buffer, and the usual networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. The user interface has a fully native look and feel, plus nothing else on BlackBerry 10 is bringing this kind of utility to avid web readers.

Daily - $0.99

Daily for BlackBerry 10

Daily makes a name for itself in BlackBerry World with its tasteful layout and sharp fonts. Users can quickly swap between large and small serif and sans serif fonts, and flip between stories with large, finger-friendly previous and next buttons. Though you can’t view feeds by tag, you can edit the tags associated with individual feeds. The usual filters are there for viewing by all items and all new items, as well as the ability to add stars. Daily is a fine app to pick up if you’ve only got a handful of feeds to keep tabs on and want them to look particularly good.

CB10 - Free

CB10 for BlackBerry 10

Obvious pick is obvious. Get all of the best CrackBerry has to offer in the palm of your hand. Forums, Passport integration, post commenting, and easy navigation for our multitudinous sections makes CB10 a no-brainer for any BlackBerry owner. 

So, how do you guys get your news fix on BlackBerry 10? 

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The top 10 news apps for BlackBerry 10


Twitter and site specific apps (CBC, Globe, etc) are my News Reader right now. Perhaps when Flipboard, Pulse, or Zite catch on to BlackBerry 10 I will check them out.

Ya my friend was actually showing me that last night - seemed like great performance. Haven't gotten into the sideloading craze yet so I'm making due without for now.

Yes agreed .I side loaded the app and it works great. The only problem is it doesn't run active frame properly. But to be honest i don't need Flipboard, GnewsReader is all I need. However others might need or want it so hopefully it will come to bb10.

Posted via CB10

I'm likely going with Taptu after Google Reader goes down. I still want to do most of my reading online so I need a nice web interface/desktop client to go along with the mobile (Z10 and PlayBook) apps and so far that's the only one I've found that satisfies that need.

Seriously. I'm on Google Reader 10 times a day. Hundreds of apps across multiple platforms will basically become useless. Such a daft move Google.

Agreed, 100%. A real d**k move! I've tweeted @google asking them to reconsider. Recommend everyone does so. Maybe enough voices can help?

This tells me you don't understand taptu. Basically everyservice google offers is second rate. Gmail? Not if you have Microsoft exchange. If you have Exchange Gmail is shite. Google is a crap company that sucks data off you and sells it to others. It's probably the worst company to have ever existed.

The only good product thay have is google scholar but they will screw that up at some point by trying to suck data and sell it.

Excuse me, but where is the guardian, the independent, The Times, NY times, and evening standard? And what is Al Jazeera doing here?

Posted via CB10

NYT is paywalled, as is The Times (in addition to being an Android port), The Independent and Evening Standard are really bare-bones. The Guardian comes close to what Al Jazeera's offering, but the section navigation isn't particularly intuitive.  To be fair, I had originally framed the round-up to focus on feed readers, since I'd rather pull in news from multiple sources than single ones any day.

Agreed, NYT paywall is sucky, but I like the app so much that it was worth it to me to subscribe. The Guardian's app is a thing of beauty, though, and not so pricey.

Pulling data from multiple sources is OK but you miss a lot from bypassing good news sites like the new york times. All you get from pulling is duplicative crap.

It is funny that people think they are getting more news by pulling from multiple sites. You really aren't. Find one good paper like the financial times and read it, you'll get a lot more out of it than relying only on news readers.

With sooo many people upset about Google shutting down Reader, I don't understand why they are doing it. It obviously has a huge user base. I guess because of all these apps that circumvent the Google Reader website, they can't display any ads and make money.

FWIW, I understand WebReader RSS has a BB10 compatible update awaiting approval in the app store (on the PB, its pretty decent).

Nice roundup Simon, though I would have liked to see a little more systematic comparison of core functionality (notably for my interests, offline support/caching).

Seriously missing the Blackberry News app from my 9900. I'm also surprised the National Post hasn't released an app for BlackBerry 10 like the playbook app, hopefully soon!

Posted via CB10

Whatever happened to Blackberry News that is available on BB7 and PlayBook? I found this brilliant as it is tied to your BB ID

Posted via CB10

I think the USA Today application is well laid out. I hadn't been reading it before, but it's pretty slick.

Posted via CB10

I sideloaded Flioboard (android app)...m works great though you have to do some juggling to share via BBM.

I'd love to see a BlackBerry 10 official port or better a cascades one.

CB10 is very good too...


Posted via CB10

Darn Google Reader for shutting down. I settled into it and have no complaints about it and use it every day. Thanks for the list. I'll have to check out these alternatives. *sigh*

I'm still looking for an alternative to Google Reader. Somewhere that can store mu rss deeds and that has native apps for all mobile and desktop platforms so I can read my news feed from where ever I am.

Web reader rss seems like a viable option.

Posted via CB10

Might be great......but I'll never know. It's not available everywhere and even if it was, I don't speak German.

Posted via CB10

Lame Apps, I'm still waiting to hear of a great one. Maybe WhatsApp is the first "good" App, but with WhatsApp going the subscription payment route I've lost interest in it too. I'm still getting a Z10 don't get me wrong because I love the overall performance and functions and I believe worthy Apps will be coming the more people buy the BlackBerry devices.

I've been addicted to AP Mobile on my bb devices for years. They rarely have it available in Canada so it's been a pain to keep it updated. Thankfully, i was able to sideload a version on my Z10.

Is slow and glitchy but still the best news reader out there.

I am constantly harassing AP to get this awesome app in Canada. Maybe more voices will help.

Posted via CB10

waiting for Handelsblatt, Süddeutsche, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Wallstreet Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters, ... APPS.... Hope dies last.

I had taptu on my playbook and it was good.
On my Z10 ever since launch day this app never worked. Still does not work.