Our Top 10 Favorite BlackBerry Device Leaks Of All Time!

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Mar 2014 02:42 pm EDT

Following up on today's post from BlackBerry CEO John Chen on how he plans to crack down on leaks, we thought it would be fun to take a little trip down memory lane and check out some of our favorite leaks from the years gone by. There are actually many more than I remembered, so we kept this one to device-related leaks and exclusives as well, that tends to be where most of us get the MOST excited.

We've arranged them all here in chronological order for your viewing pleasure, starting with the oldest (in 2007) and working forward to the modern era of BlackBerry 10 phones. Enjoy the trip down memory lane!

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Our Top 10 Favorite BlackBerry Device Leaks Of All Time!


Nice :)....i love blackberry I don't think no other mobile community is as passionate and informative and helpful more than the blackberry /crackberry community :).

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Passionate is almost a too subtle term for it.
But the good thing is that's it's not a douchy kind of aura, it's more of a fight for your team no matter what aura.

This was just another kevin biography PR article, I'm amazing - "I walked through the conference and everyone knew me by 1st name". This isn't real reporting. After sucking up and brown nosing to Chen, I can't wait for when Chen isn't flavour of the month and CB have to bitch about him.

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Pearl Flip is in there. Pearl Candy Bar actually came out I think right in the earliest days of CB (or slightly before even). I don't think I ever reviewed that one. Pretty sure the new Pearl 91xx we had some early photos of too. So many years of content to dive through.

I never owned a Pearl but I bought my brother one, my god I coveted that phone :) I liked that style (candy bar) best to use as a phone - it just felt right. Hmm I wonder if there any still around for sale (besides used on ebay)

I love them all, yup without crackberry I will not know anything about my BlackBerry phones.

" Initiated from my Q10 "

As soon as I found out about the video update for the 8310, I told everybody and their mother about the update.... Good times!

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That's awesome! That really was a HUGE deal at the time. So many people with the Curve... so many people to get a working video recorder.

I've ditched my contract with Vodafone at the time , for not providing me with the possibility to update my OS on my BlackBerry 8310( my very first BlackBerry!). I've sold that phone just last year for about 60 $. Glorious device !

Love these retrospectives, some really happy BlackBerry and CrackBerry memories there, thanks Kevin :)

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Read the post. My pre-release "Onyx" 9700 absolutely did have a trackball. Then it got switched for the final build to a trackpad. I was like 5 months early with that review before the official unit was announced. 

Number 8 of 10 isn't a bold 9700. It's a tour 9630

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I know :) I just replied on kevin's comment above 'my bad'

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I like how there was no defensiveness or rudeness, that's what I like about the BlackBerry community :D

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Not on CrackBerry. If I remember correctly, MSNBC posted an article just a couple days before that BlackBerry made the PlayBook announcement that they were going to release a tablet.

The PlayBook was honestly BlackBerry's best kept secret. No hardware photo and even the name was a surprise.

There were a few rumors around tablet names (remember the domain surfbook or something like that was registered), but it was all really speculation.

I remember when they unveiled it, I had goosebumps. Me and Adam in total shock. This video still gives me goosebumps... one of the few times I've been truly surprised.


LOL. The PB was and is one of BB's best kept secrets as evidenced by it's underwhelming sales. Regret, what could-have-been; when it finally came out there was little competition.

I still have two fully functional PlayBook that are in daily use in my home!! I still love it and would buy another if BlackBerry comes out with PB2.0!

Posted via CB10 from my Z30.

I'm also a huge fan of the PlayBook, and would buy a new version in heartbeat. Well, not at the $599 they were asking at launch though!

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I love trips down Memory Lane with CrackBerry!

I've been coming here for years, and it's still so exciting to read breaking news here.

My favorite of all time was the leak of OS 5.0 it was leaked literally minutes after my 9000 arrived at home.

The good old days...

Fun article, Kevin. Brings back a lot of that excitement. I wasn't there for it all, but lurked way too long before joining and remember a lot of it.

For me, one of the things that decides how exciting a leak is has to do with how happy I am with my BB at the moment. So, for example, I was practically hysterical waiting for BB10 to launch, and for the current 1-.2.1. I am loving my Z10 and the current OS so much, I feel a satisfaction that makes waiting for the next iteration easier. Always want the latest, tho.

And like others have said .... I would only know a fraction of what I know about my Berries if it wasn't for CB. In fact, I really think I would have left BB out of frustration long ago. I hope BB knows CB makes for happier customers. That includes the generous work of those sharing knowledge and safer leaks. The CrackBerry culture as a whole.

That said, I think of leaks on a continuum. As a business person I totally get what Mr. Chen is trying to do by preventing inappropriate leaks. The way I read it I think he is mostly talking about hardware, but could be wrong. Still, I think that some leaks heighten consumer excitement. While the average consumer doesn't follow news of that sort, people who love tech do. They, in turn, talk it up, write and blog about it, which puts it out there in an unofficial way that a business cannot possibly buy. Cheap marketing and fun for all.

It's a bit of a bummer that we won't get leaks, it's one of the many reasons I love visiting crackberry.com. Hopefully Kevin can wring a few tidbits out of BlackBerry anyway to feed my addiction.

You had me at Storm. It solidified my desire to want the "next" BB, and my hate of the way RIM management went about its' business in those days. But in my mind Storm will always be synonymous with "Leak". The hardware, the weekly software loads. Oh G-d. I get shivers thinking about how many leaked OSes it took before the camera would take a picture without re-setting the OS.

I have lurked/read/followed Crackberry since it's launch in 2007. I've never needed it more than now. With the literal abandonment of Blackberry from US carriers, "Leaks" has a brand-new meaning for me. Thank you Crackberry for enabling me with the resources and information to maintain my Blackberry habit.

From my awesome Q10 running Posted via CB10

I was thinking this would be list of favorite leaked (or include some) OS's.

Nice look back though.

Come on 10.3!

Storm 1 was a bit embrassing with it's bugs, but yes, I loved my Storm 2! I wouldn't give it up at work until the Bold 9900 came along. I was always downloading leaks onto that thing, lol.

Has to be bb10. Followed crackberry like a hawk back then.

Posted via CB10 running on Z10STL100-1/

Thanks for the walk down memory lane Kevin. I worked at BB for all of those events except the Q10. I remember watching Crackberry closely in those days to see how much was getting outside the walls. And I also had the honour of finding the PIN for your 9900 and blacklisting it (sorry about that).

HAHAHA. That was you?!?!  I think that was the Bold 9000 (not 9900). That's the one that got blacklisted. I was sooooo mad when that happened. Lol. Craziness.

Glad you found your way here!

Whoops, yeah, it was the 9000. :) Orders came directly from the top brass. Didn't figure you would be happy about that one.

Been here since the beginning... and not leaving any time soon.

It's funny, the years I spent tapping away on my Nokia 3310 or was it a 3210 and then th N95. I had absolutely no idea of this other world of OS updates and leaks. I bought my phone and what came within was what was on it and nothing else, a few years ago now I got my BOLD 9780. And a whole new world opened up. I have to admit I was worried about the size of the buttons at first but it took no time at all to rip off text messages and then my learning curve (sorry no pun intended) took a sudden swoop into the heavens. Now my wife and son have gone through a curve and an old Bold 9000 that served my son faithfully. Now they rock a Q10 and a Z10 and my brilliant Z30. I can honestly say I've never owned a better phone. Living the BlackBerry experience and loving crackberry.com.

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I know people are enthusiastic about BlackBerry devices.

I just think BlackBerry wants to control it's images.

It would be more powerful an image of its devices.

They are well within their rights as a company .

All leaks do are make BlackBerry rush things out before they are ready. E.g PlayBook

Imagine your face being used without your permission? Would you like it?

I didn't think so.

BlackBerry needs to get a firm grip of its images and software. NDA all around for everyone even the cleaners.

BlackBerry will have to turn into Fort Knox to survive .

Mr Chen doesn't want to give the critics any ammunition. Sorry Crackberry...

Rightly so.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!

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All I have to say to the people that said "why don't you get a leak or sacheis" when I asked when my carrier would release 10.2.1 hahahahaha!

Take that leakers, y'all are in the same boat as wall huggers...

I don't need the latest or greatest...I just need my BlackBerry !

 BlackBerry Q10  KEEP THE FAITH

It doesn't matter bro, leaks hurts business

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I don't know. As a consumer, I LOVE leaks! I get bored with phones easily and frequently installing leaks keeps me feeling like I have a new device with new functionality! Over the years, leaks have saved me from moving forward other platforms.

Posted via CB10 from my Z30.

That's the second time this day you mentioned about what we now know is about how you got the BlackBerry Storm photo. You've got to tell us Kevin :D

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Oh yeah, that good old 9000. She was my first. What a sturdy beauty she was. And it took up until my Z30 until I was ever as happy about external speakers on a BB again.

I don't get the hype about the storm. I remember seeing it and wasn't too impressed. Then I first held it and touched the screen. Oh gawd it was awful. I'm not even an iPhone fan, I've only had BlackBerry (through work, but symban phones for personal), but I knew that the storm was a bad phone.

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Lots more of these multi-page posts lately ... I guess that helps with the page view stats and ad impressions? Sorry to be so negative, but I hate when sites start going that route. At least have a "View in one page" option.

Agree completely. And how about not having a next button that leads to a new article a few inches up from the next page button.

My first BlackBerry was the 8300. This article brings back some memories, wow!

Ah, and my old Pearl. If only it didn't die so quickly.

Boy now I want to see if I remember all of my BBs... 8300, Pearl, 8900, Storm 2, Curve 3G, PlayBook, Z10, Z30... some good phones, some not so good phones, some great phones.

Saw that photo of the Q10. The pic made it appear massive though it's only slightly larger than the 9900 . In reality It's better than I could have hoped for.

Posted via CB10

That was a fun upbeat article thanks kevin.

I went from a 7130, 8330, 9800, PlayBook, Z10, Z30, always in doubles one for me one for the wife except for the Z30, she broke tradition and got a Q10.

I joined crackberry while I was dying of anticipation waiting for the Z10 to come.

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A trip down memory lane. Kevin remember the leaks that never were- or the ones that came out after the fact. The classic MAGNUM leak a long time after the actual 9900 came out.

I love these trips down memory lane. You sometimes forget just how far the company has come until post like this one :)

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Not gonna lie, this memory lane trip produced a tear. Especially the Curve 8900. It was by far my best BlackBerry Device for the longest time, and for it to be a Curve was just mind blowing...it definitely could have graced the Bold name. Oh how the past was good.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

#9 was my favorite since that's around the time I was reading a lot about BlackBerry, and ready to switch platforms. Never looked back since. I actually liked the angular concept better, more of a wow factor.

TORONTO - BlackBerry (TSX:BB) chief executive John Chen says he's fighting against future product leaks by taking "legal action" that he hopes will set an example.

The head of the Waterloo, Ont.,-based smartphone company alleges that a person he did not name stole confidential details about a future BlackBerry product and leaked them to the public.

He said the individual posed as an employee of a wireless carrier to gain access to BlackBerry's secured networks. From there, the information was taken.

The allegations, which have not been proven, were outlined briefly in a post by Chen on the company's website.

A BlackBerry spokeswoman did not provide any additional details on what the "legal action" would be, and later stopped short of calling it a lawsuit against the unnamed individual.

Chen did not say if the product was a new device or software.

Earlier this week, screenshots from an update to the BlackBerry operating system revealed some new features that are in the works, while numerous other BlackBerry devices have appeared on blogs in recent months.

Product leaks are common in the technology industry, particularly when it comes to smartphones, because of rabid consumer interest in the latest features.

But competitors often reap the rewards of leaked images and product specifics because it gives them a head start on creating their answer to the development.

"Leaks are, at their best, distracting, and at their worst downright misleading to our stakeholders," Chen wrote.

"The business implications of a leak are seldom advantageous."

Note to readers: This is a corrected story: A previous version saw a 'lawsuit' had been filed

.This was from msn home page

Good story. I started with a pearl then went to the 8900 and the torch 9810 and 9860. Now rockin this awesome Z10!

Brought to you by on my STL100-3 Z10®

Man I love watching these old reviews. I was so excited for some of these devices. Thanks for the walk back crackberry.

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my first BB was the 9000 then 9700 then 9780 then i skipped 9790, went straight to 9900 which was my longest serving legacy OS phone, i held it on for almost 2 years before jumping to the BB10, with the Z10 being my 1st phone and now my daily driver the Z30. i skipped the Q10 even though back to my BB history i've always been a loyal qwerty user BUT my dad will be the Q10 user in my family, LOL.

waiting for the Q20 or the Z50 to arrive, BB10 FTW!!!

My first and favorite phone was the bold 9000 and I used up until last year when I got the Z10

Posted from the coolest phone ever BLACKBERRY Z10

My first blackberry was blackberry storm2 on year2012...and at the same year i'm upgrade to torch and bold4...on year 2013 i'm start using blackberry q10..i'm believe on blackberry :) #

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You know what's sad. I sport a curve 8320 still. Since my BlackBerry 10 device can't connect to my wireless provider. Reasons why to not buy on eBay. =(

Posted via CB10

Long Live #Blackberry! Sigh...2008 was the year... let's hope that comes again! I am looking forward to the beautiful software and hardware from Blackberry in the future! Love my #Q10!

Posted via CB10

Waiting for the BlackBerry Z3 here on philippines. . .and OS 10.3.. in Stl 100-1 plsssss. . . . . . . . . . . .Z3 waitng for you.


I remember the 9000. I was so pumped for this phone that I bought it on ebay unlocked for $600. That was a lot back then :P. That post was also my first time visiting Crackberry. I was hooked after that.