Tons of hot new games coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook from Halfbrick, SEGA, and more!

Anders Jeppsson tweets about games
By Michelle Haag on 30 Apr 2012 06:54 pm EDT
The excitement coming out of BlackBerry World 2012 is building. We know there are bound to be a lot of announcements, and already on the game front we've seen Laura Croft (FINALLY!) released today. Anders Jeppsson, Head of Gaming at Research in Motion, has revealed today on Twitter that we can expect a lot more in the near future. Some pretty big names in mobile gaming are getting set to launch popular titles such as Halfbrick with (one of my favorite games) Jetpack Joyride along with 4 others, SEGA with Sonic 4, Unity with Smashcops, GlitchSoft with Star Marine, and Fishlabs with Galaxy on Fire 2.

While there is no word on exactly when these games will all be released, it's great to know that some big names are in the works. Which do you plan on picking up when they are ready? Let us know in the comments below. Make sure you follow @CrackBerry and the team for all the exciting announcements from BlackBerry World 2012 as more is sure to come over the next few days.
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Tons of hot new games coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook from Halfbrick, SEGA, and more!


Yeah yeah yeah that's nice and all but I don't have a PlayBook. Any games or apps coming for my 1.2 ghz, 3.7 inch media and "gaming" powerhouse??? Not complaining about this news, I'm just bummed that I the only reason I bought the Torch 9850 was for games and applications cause I was tired of the tiny screen on my Tour. Now, almost a year later and there is still NOTHING!!! What a waste... such good specs too! ...I better get a HUGEEEE discount when I trade this phone in for BB10... IFFF I still want BB10...

you play games on your phone? this aint the 90's, you can buy next gen games consoles now?

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Yes. I am in college and have many 1, 2, or 3-hour breaks between my classes with nothing to do. I hate having to bust out my itouch to watch movies and play games and such. No one else in my area has a BlackBerry anymore so I don't use BBM. All that's left is the "calling feature" ;) and a browser that sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. I'm also not a big fan of "next gen games consoles" because they no longer make truly fun and entertaining games. It's all about sniping and COD now...

Anders and his department really pushing out man. #BBWC is off to an awesome start. Im simply on my toes for tomorrow. Good stuff.

Don't put you're expectations extremely high, and by the end of BB Word/BB10 Jam you will be extremely happy! ;)

Appreciate all of the games, but what about the true big names like words/hanging with friends and draw something. Also, the games section is filling up what about regular apps?

they are started with with EA and Gameloft 10 months ago, see where we are now...mad mad rush, playbook owners are inundated with A grade games. One observation is that even devs are competing say for example Rovio had 50 million users who installed Angry birds space and they issued a news statement today to counter PopCaps "Draw Something" claim that they are the most popular game now

one thing QNX shines at is making the porting of games damn easy, this is what is going to happen on the app front as well with HTML5..good job RIM

I hope games that are available for free on iOS and andriod are free for the PlayBook aswell because that would be a bummer having to pay for Jetpack Joyride on my PlayBook when I have been playing for free on my iPod Touch.

And let the preemptive complaining begin!!

Did you know that there are many games on PB that we get for FREE that iOS and Android users pay for? Run in Crowd is free on PB yet is 99cents on iOS, we get NFS, Asphalt Urban, MC2 Free, they are all 6.99 or something on ios and android. Tomb Raider is a dollar less on PB than on android. etc. The grass is not always greener

Well if it takes toys to get the userbase to grow, then the tools will come. They can't name the thing PLAYbook and not have games. Perception and all that. :)

Guess if I was a gamer I would be excited. Since I bought this tablet instead of a portable gaming system....

Agreed. That would be awesome. I don't care for Angry Birds as much. Now Tomb Raider, GTA and Sega games? I'm down.

Agreed. That would be awesome. I don't care for Angry Birds as much. Now Tomb Raider, GTA and Sega games? I'm down.

He was right to say that this is HUGE!
Where are all the doubters and complainers now?

They are firing on all cylinders and it will be a matter of time before we see some big name Apps.... Although I`m not expectig we will get skype because they are now owned by Microsoft..

Well we do have bing maps.. MS and RIM have worked together and they may just be waiting for bb10 to hit before releasing skype.

You might have a point, but don't forget that with Bing Microsoft is in a desperate situation and they will take any opportunity to increase this market share by putting Bing on as many platforms as possible.

Skype on the other hand is the leader in its market, people refer to Video Calling as Skyping. Given their position they can leverage Skype and make this app a differentiator between choosing WP or BB10, just as RIM did with BBM when it was gaining popularity.

They're right here. scroll up and down, and wear a raincoat for the tears. RIM gives some good progress and they whine like 3 yr olds. Personally I hope they get everything they whine about... and then lose power to their neighborhood for a year.

'Doubters and complainers'?

The excess optimism here is amusing. These are ports of games that have been out on iOS and Android for quite some time...and a few apps at that.

No, this is not HUGE. We should wait to see what RIM has to show for BB10...that will be what will save or doom RIM this year, not these few ports.

Skype please!!!!! I used to video chat with my ex and now I don't have a friend with a playbook cause most of them don't use tablets but they all use skype so having skype on the playbook will be awesome, that is what i am waiting for :)

Till then you can use ReelPortal, its free on both iOS and Android and also free on Playbook. I am using it to chat from my Playbook with my brother on iPad.

We will have to wait. Developers are looking to make money and people who play games are aways looking for more and more games. An app such as Netflix on the PB would not result in any incremental revenue as PB owners who would use the app are likely already subscribers. The same can be said about Skype - people looking for a PB app are likely already using the service.

I hope that the release of these games will bring the needed excitement for the playBook. Love my PlayBook, but not a big gammer... Hopefully this will help with lighting a fire under some more developers and changes the negative reaction towards RIM.

I'm ecstatic about the announcements that have come out from RIM regarding the gaming side of things. Not to put too fine a point on it, but gamers are the ones that actually buy apps and, in general, support the latest and newest technology by adopting it first. Granted, this is an overgeneralization, but I would think that a robust games ecosystem will be one of the main ways RIM can market itself as "new" and in touch with what consumers wantt. In short, games will serve as a way of attracting new and younger people to the next generation of RIM phones.

Right now, people think that RIM phones are the bland, no-fun, boring, archaic, phone for uptight, stuffy, business class of people who wouldnt know how to have fun if it hit them on the head. By showing people that if you buy a RIM BB10 phone, or Playbook, you can actually do more on it than just texting and making phone calls, i.e., it does play games, RIM will be able to capture a newer audience.

So yes, I'm still disappointed about there not being a real/true pdf viewer on the Playbook (that's the only so called regular app I now need), but I certainly am not disappointed with this new emphasis and focus on entertainment that RIM is showing. I think it's a good move.

qPDF Viewer is free in App World and quite effective one. It covers many shortcomings for Adobe PDF Reader currently available. There is paid version of it which you can use for filling out forms, etc also.

As a gamer I'm glad Square and SEGA are joining the party. Sonic is by far one of my favorite franchises. Hurry with Sonic 4 SEGA!

If SEGA can make Sonic 4 for the PlayBook, then I will gladly shell out the money for it. Sonic is one of my favorite series.