TomTom reups their agreement with BlackBerry to power maps in BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 25 Jul 2013 04:01 am EDT

Although there is plenty of argument to be had for and against BlackBerry Maps on BlackBerry 10, TomTom and BlackBerry have now let it be known that their working relationship will continue for the foreseeable future. As highlighted in a short press release, the two companies have updated the terms of their agreements which includes information sharing to enhance the overall services offered.

“Having accurate and up-to-date traffic information integrated in BlackBerry Maps is an important feature for customers, and TomTom is a recognized leader that provides traffic data to many companies in the market,” said Adrian Gould, VP of Handheld Software Product Management at BlackBerry. “We are pleased to expand our relationship with TomTom in support of BlackBerry 10 customers.”

With that in mind how has your experience with BlackBerry Maps been thus far? Personally, I don't drive but in the times I have used BlackBerry Maps to assist, it's always been pretty spot on. Especially when coupled with, as weird as it may sound, Foursquare to help find specific addresses.

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TomTom reups their agreement with BlackBerry to power maps in BlackBerry 10



I use my car GPS too, but not because it is much better, just because it is a dedicated device.

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BlackBerry Maps is the worse of all the other default mapping apps. I love BB10, but this is one are they REALLY need to work on.

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What it does it does well. I would wager that there are only a small percentage of BB owners that would actually want, public transit or walking directions.

I think it works well for GPS in the car. The other day I had it connected via bluetooth to the car, and it would turn down my musicto provide me with the audio directions like a built in GPS would. I thought that was really cool.
But Google maps would be great for walking around town, etc...

But you have to stay in the map to work which is Rathem difficult as There is no map East of Germany lol

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I agree with koolrosh, BlackBerry Maps are Horrible (with a capital H). The navigation app in BB10, on the other hand, is good.

I use Wave, BlackBerry Maps should make the direction of travel headed facing the top of the phone and not have north at the top of the screen.

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I'm also with Verizon, how did you get that software update. I still have the original software version that came with the phone when i bought it. Don't have a laptop, but was hoping i could update over -the-air...still waiting though.

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I'm pretty sure he installed leak was released last night as I was installing on my AT&T Z10. but you do need a computer for leaks. No OTA as far as I know.

But to the question never had a problem with it at all. I use it to navigate from job to job all day at work so around 5-8 times a day 4 days out of week.

Same as well as Google Maps. I've said before that BlackBerry should have partnered with Waze instead of TomTom.

Waze does not supply mapping data. BlackBerry should have bought Waze instead of letting Google or Locationary instead of letting Apple get them to improve their maps.

But BlackBerry seems content in delivering only the bare minimum to it's customers with no real plans to be better then the competition.

I'm just happy I know to stay away from Tom Tom now since their business information is so out of date.

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I have only needed to use it four times so far and every time was flawless. I was very impressed.

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Yes. Yes.

Blackberry Maps is pretty much garbage, as is Apple maps.

If they would fix a few things then I would (as I imagine many others would too) be back to Blackberry. This is one of the major things needing fixed. Google Maps should be offered.

If I was Garmin, I would also be looking to release an app to milk whatever little life that company has left before it is blown to irrelevance by Google.

Eh, I use road maps still. BlackBerry Maps is good for giving me an approximation to the next turn and ETA. I usually don't like to take my eyes off the road when I'm driving... or walking... otherwise I'll miss all that heavenly glory.

lol. I still have two cups and a string. Long distance calls are a bitch. Gotta go to Calgary now. Forgive me. Need to fetch a horse.

Tom Tom offers BlackBerry and Apple the tools and information the implementation of it is up to BlackBerry and Apple. So just because one sucks doesn't mean the other will. The experience will vary. I'm not 100 well versed in this department but I've read up on it. Maybe someone with more knowledge can chime in.

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I think so too. They provide data. BlackBerry writes BlackBerry Maps to use these data. Google Maps app is definitely welcome but I won't hold my breath waiting for it. I'm using BlackBerry Maps weekly for driving directions. I've used it in Southern California and Boston and it's performed well in both cases. I used Google Maps on the browser for walking directions, finding buses and subway routes for the first time when I was in Boston and I was

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I use Mireo when I drive on local roads but on highways I use the BlackBerry map because of the traffic updates. 80% of the time I went with Mireo. BlackBerry map isn't bad, but it isn't good neither. Good to see they are trying to make improvements, that's the one thing BlackBerry map has that Google map doesn't : room to improve.

Of course if Mireo is $25 for North America and $40 for Europe whereas BB Maps and Navigation are for free.

I have tried nearly all the paid Nav apps in BlackBerry World in search of something good but have not found one yet. I always seem to go back to the BlackBerry version eventually.

BBMaps uses map data from TomTom but the app is written by a third party. If you see the feature update roadmap that BlackBerry has for their maps app, you will see it is quite good, but for some reason it is taking too long to materialize.
BlackBerry needs to speed things up a bit and release all the planned updates. In the end it may be our best option.

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+1. BlackBerry Maps really isn't that bad. I use Waze and Google Maps as well just as a fail safe. In so far as paying for a map app, not in this or any other life time.

I think BB10 maps could be better, kind of like Google Maps. On BB10 I tried to get directions to a bar and grill near my house and it gave me directions to a place in St Louis. I live in California, lol.

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You have to hit the button for search on the keyboard even though it attempts to give you search results as you type. I have seen that happen before too, and I live in another state. However, once I hit search, it gave me more accurate results.

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BlackBerry maps are missing:
1. Global coverage
2. Ability to upload maps for offline use (ala Nokia)

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Supports offline maps is definitely welcomed and will be a good selling point for BlackBerry.

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I live in an area with spotty cell coverage so offline maps were a must. After trying every alternative I could find on my PlayBook and Z10, Mireo is the winner for me.

LOVE BlackBerry Maps!! Social Traffic Integration has been fine thus far, but TomTom integration will increase value!

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I'm sure anyone with experience of Nokia Maps with on device map storage and wide ranging functionality will find it difficult to consider Blackberry maps to be anything other than utterly abysmal and hardly worth bothering with. If this announcement means more of the same for Blackberry maps then it is very bad news for Blackberry users, some of whom seem to be unaware of what they are missing

I've found Nokia maps pretty horrible for navigation. The voice randomly omits voice directions (not all, but maybe skips every 2 or 3rd).

Offline capability is great though, and so is ability to manipulate Map in 3D and have it monitor your speed (gives you a warning if you break speed limit by too much).

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I have used BlackBerry maps a lot and I enjoy using it. Gps is accurate and almost flawless. There are a few road layouts that are off where the road is decided and it doesn't see it but that is to be expected. I love the traffic updates. I also love the ability to avoid traffic. I love the turn by turn navigation! I used BlackBerry maps all the way to Sarycuse New York and back from Mansfield Ohio. I will say that maps lost connection and could not be restored for the last few minutes on our way to Sarycuse, wouldn't connect on my fiance's Z10 either but Waze luckily finished for us. My fiance used to use her Garmin and sometimes her built in navigation in her Explorer but only because she didn't know to hit, essentially, the go button on BlackBerry maps. Now she will only use her Z10 and is completely satisfied! Yes there is room for improvement, but the current maps is way, way better than Legacy maps!

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I use Mireo don't panic and I'm very happy with it. When Tom Tom is ready let's give a try

the future is easy because it doesn't exist about setting the bar at knee level with very low expectations!! Even Apple Maps is better than this BlackBerry Maps junk!...Please do yourself a favor an side-load a working copy of Google Maps

Why is a bar needed to be set when something works? I have no issues with it at all? Built in search option even works nicely! I don't think any thing more is a necessity? Is it welcomed? Of course! If I wanted the full functionality of a stand alone Gps unit I would buy one! I didn't buy my Z10 for navigation... So anything it does to that effect is a bonus! In my experience it works really good!

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Agree with you. BlackBerry Maps to me is awesome. A little improvement would be nice but not necessary. The app works and does what it's suppose to do well.

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"Why should BB Maps improve when it works fine for me."
Do you read what you type, because that is essentially what you are saying.
Good luck keeping BlackBerry in business all by yourself.

You have made it clear that you cant read. Another hypocrite picking on people expressing an opinion about a feature that they are content about, assuming that it means "don't make it better "
I am using BlackBerry maps more frequently, and it works fine for me. But I guess that means I am really saying I hope they never improve it. Mediocre all the way. Yes! Make it F*****g better, but until then, it does what I want it to do. I love the contact integration. Touch a contacts address and it sets up maps to get your a** there.

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"Why is a bar needed to be set when something works? I have no issues with it at all?"
My interpretation of this is that the bar doesn't need to be set higher because it works perfectly fine for him. I don't see how you can interpret anything else from that, it seems you have the same feelings. It's fine that it works adequately for the both of you but it's not adequate for a lot of other people.
So now you are picking on my comment expressing my opinion yet you are calling me a hypocrite for doing the same? Do you even know the meaning of the word hypocrite, do you even know that you have just proven yourself to be one? How about irony?

The Maps app is ok... It does what it basically needs to do... It gets you from A to B, provided that you have gps and location on... a few additions would be welcome though...

- offline map storage
- more coverage (like African countries)
- some other minor features that have been mentioned

There's always the option to fire up Google Maps in the html5 browser... works like a charm...

From the Z...

Not only African countries! Even major European countries are missing: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Greece, pretty much all the of the Balkan countries, all missing. And not just businesses, traffic and public transport: even basic road maps and addresses.

Regarding missing countries: A BB contact told me that Denmark should be included in a roll-out in september. I have no idea why to delay any country so long. I assume it has to do with costs/licensing.

But hopefully we will have 100% coverage by that time.

Its pretty spotty for me when I use BB maps. Also is very limited feature wise compare to others. Waze or Google maps/in car Garmin gps is much better

There isn't a map for my country..! We want the map for Greece please!!! I use Mireo don't panic for now and it's pretty good! ;-)

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On a recent trip to Copenhagen I was astonished that BB maps does not cover Denmark. It's just one big empty grey blob. Being used to Google Maps on Android I more or less assumed that BB would have decent coverage. At least for major, civilized countries. BB maps coverage needs to improve urgently, and missing regions need to be documented so travellers can plan. BB Travel knew exactly where I was going, so it could have warned me to use an alternative. If I had known in advance, I would have take my droid.

I'm not trusting BB maps in the foreseeable future. Get your act together, BlackBerry!

I live here (Denmark) :-(

But September should be the lucky month with regards to coverage.

That's good, but I wasn't referring to Denmark specifically. Luckily I know my way around CPH quite well, can read the alphabet, understand a bit of Danish and had enough time. So I managed, but it was a big disappointment.

If I was less familiar with the location/language/alphabet, or if I was in more of a hurry, or if I had many locations to visit, it could have been a much bigger problem.

Travellers need to be able to trust a mapping solution. BB Maps let me down. With a smartphone in 2013 in a civilized country, I simply don't expect to need a paper map.

100% agree with your point of view of a naviation solution: I just has to work (sounded almost like Apple :-o)

Prefer Google Maps. I can zoom in and see stores, restaurants etc on a street. Also has transport information when clicking on stations and can get public transport directions. Handy when abroad.

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Seems there are quite a few countries missing from the database. That really is unacceptable. I sincerely hope 10.2 fixes a lot of these bugs.

I live in the UK and last time I used BlackBerry Maps to find a street it advised me it was 480 yards away but then preceded to route my journey to a NY address. The TomTom supported app on BBOS was so much better...........

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I'm in the UK and bbry maps a number of times and the map works fine for me with no problems getting from a to b... this news is an added bonus...

Sent by Bbry Z10

Add walking and public transport options like BlackBerry Navigation had and I would actually find it useful

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Don't like it at all!! Thankfully I can sync my BBOS 6 phone via bluetooth and use BlackBerry traffic. BlackBerry Map's just doesn't do it. I'll give us back our BlackBerry Traffic app.

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I am used to Nokia Maps on Symbian/MeeGo so BlackBerry Maps is quite a downgrade for me. No offline maps, sometimes a part of the map fails to download, no walking navigation, no public transport mode, the POI database is quite limited and some countries are missing.

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That and the camera is the reason why I still carry my 808 PureView as a second phone with me.

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Worst of its kind. But then again I can't use it here in Scandinavia. Imo it's ridiculous they don't add international support in a stock app. Not very professional. BlackBerry needs to step up.

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Just had a thought... What if it's TomTom that hasn't provided the necessary information? Either way it's stupid.

BlackBerry maps took me through a farmers field, hay shed and, what I can only describe as, a bombed out dirt track, on a day out, 2 weeks ago. Scratching the underside of my cars bumper. Well impressed... NOT!! Nokia should bring their maps over to all platforms. I would gladly pay top $$££ for that.

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And you actually drove your care through these places? I would say that the maps app isn't the dumbest thing on the car

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What are you talking about? When using navigation in your car you have to follow it's directions blindly. Everybody knows that...

I use BB maps, Google maps/navigation and Waze on my daily travels around the UK. I have trouble with all three of them losing gps signal even in large cities like Birmingham and London. Will stick to a stand alone gps unit and suffer a cluttered windscreen from now on.

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I use it all the time. Works great in getting me around traffic and construction. Don't use my gps anymore. BlackBerry Maps is great!

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I don't like it. It's very slow, and lacks a lot of features in comparison to a real GPS.
Even when I have to do a simple address lookup, I rather use the Google Maps webapp than BlackBerry Maps.
I do like TomTom maps though. I bought the Mireo app, which also uses TomTom maps, and it works great!

I've used BlackBerry Maps a lot and it has always been spot on!

Picks up all slip roads and everything on a motorway. Even tells you about traffic jams.

I was in a traffic jam not long ago and as soon as it cleared up, BlackBerry maps updated along with it! :)

Posted on my Z10!

It's good when I drive, which is less than once a month... It can't find businesses in my area (Paris, France), can't give me public transportation, biking or walking directions, which is what I need most on a daily basis.
I have sideloaded Google Maps and it does the job, but it would be so much better if BlackBerry maps did the job I expect it to do (or if Google Maps came native).
My suggestion would be to partner with foursquare to implement the business search capability inside BlackBerry maps, and with public transportation agencies worldwide.
And yes, I mean worldwide, not like BlackBerry Traffic which was only available to North Americans, making the rest of the world second class citizens.

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No issues with it in Quebec. One nice feature is a separate voice to pronounce the place names correctly in French. My Anglo accented Garmin used to alternately confuse me and make me laugh.

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Never finds GPS signal, when needed, was looking for a Starbucks on 5th Ave in NYC and this "Smartphone " had no clue where I was.

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I use my Z10 in the City all the time finds me every time. No problems in NYC at all. Maybe somethings wrong with your device. Not trying to sound funny but you have to be outside for your device to work properly. When I'm home I can fire it up inside the house and it will approximate my location which won't be exact. NYC is a big place so go outside and give it a try.

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I'm in NJ and BlackBerry Maps has been awesome. I see other mapping apps in BlackBerry World but so far this app is great. Good job and I hope others will follow suite and give it a try. The UI can use a bit of work but the navigation itself has been spot on.

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It needs global coverage, walking and public transport support and off-line capabilities. Then it would be extremely useful to me.

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Tried it in Chicago and it was horrible. It had no clue where we were. My passenger used his Iphone and it worked flawlessly. Needless to say he did not want a Z10 after the trip.

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I use BlackBerry Maps in Chicago. Works great. I've used it all over North America and it has been fine. Perhaps a restart for you was in order.

The BlackBerry maps and tom tom is completely useless for me BlackBerry maps doesn't even show anything im in the UAE where a huge customer base is yet the BlackBerry maps is blank with the message: unavailable for your country.

The second blow is that the old bbs show a map, roads. Etc everything... the new one shows nothing.

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It seems that you don't understand what "unavailable for your country" means - maybe BlackBerry should make it more clear: Unavailable means tha not map data exists (yet) for your country and that is why you don't see anything. And it sucks!

I'm from Denmark and a lot of other countries are still missing data. Seems that it will improve during the next months, but I would really appreciate if BlackBerry would announce when it arrives. Just like the development team does for SDK features.

BlackBerry Maps is good because:
• GPS is quick and accurate
• Navigation is super sleek and sexy
....but..... it *sucks* because:
• the "traffic" layer (in comparison to Google's) is garbage

Haven't had any major problems yet. Was about 100 m off on where a rural campsite was but that's the worst problem I've. Had with it yet.

Works as good as my actual Gps does. Just needs a windshield mount.

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For navigation it's great but it does lack some nice feature like satellite view. I also miss (send location) like the old blackberry maps had.

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I am in Ontario Canada, the Google maps , GPS Maps for Google and Maps all work great, no issues here

BlackBerry maps is ok.

Needs better search integration ( Google and Bing. Let the user choose.

Needs a better UX. Google maps let's you move the map around as you are driving and then you can snap back to your position again.

Needs 3d maps.

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If you live in Eueope li most of us on Crackberry with the exception of some countries this news is bad news as all i have of Malta is a blank island not even major roads nothing. :(

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Absolutely love BlackBerry maps. Use it all the time when I travel. Haven't had any problems other than the name search being slightly lacking. Otherwise specific addresses are always dead on, and the app runs seamless without a hitch.

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It's not bad but it needs the ability to provide detours around traffic or roads that you can select. Got stuck yesterday in bad traffic which Blackberry maps showed but no option to get around it. I used to pay for VZ Navigator on my old blackberry and it had detour options
. I like not having to pay for BlackBerry maps but adding detours would be a nice option.

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Its ok, has let me down a few times, but I think I figured out why. It always spot on with traffic alerts, but does not offer a solution. The VZ Navigator app from verizon was much better on the old BBOS. I was expecting to be blown away by the BB10 maps but just kind of seems OK. No 3d, truck options, etc. but they seem to be working on bring back other "perks" from BBOS so just have to wait I guess.

It sometimes goes into lag mode from hell. I side loaded Google maps. That's my go to unfortunately at this moment

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I think BlackBerry Maps is awesome, I have used it several times in the city, pairing it with the BlackBerry Blue tooth speaker. Always made it on time, my friends have always been impressed too!

Swiped On My Zed10

No map for Dominican Republic... I believe they should first focus on getting the app usable in all their markets and then worry about other stuff.

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I haven't had any problem with BBMaps. Have used it for both interstate and local directions, and it's been spot on, including traffic updates. It's a battery hog, though. I have an older model car without GPS and this is a great solution for me. I also have the navigation beta of Google Maps sideloaded and I didn't find it as accurate. Only thing I would request from BBMaps us that the route recalculation kick in quicker. It's a little frustrating go be asked to make a u-turn so many times when you go off route.

Has never let me down. Use it as in car GPS. Improvements always welcome (app not perfect) and I'm sure it will only get better, but the criticism this app gets is kind of silly.

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I use BlackBerry Maps often. It is so helpful and almost always right. A few errors now and then...not that bad. I am happy to hear that BlackBerry and TomTom are extending it's partnership.

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It's kinda sad but the BB Maps app didn't work in Waterloo/Cambridge area a couple days ago...

Driving from the BB buildings towards our hotel and it took us to the wrong location! Not wrong but on the other side of the street... hotel on side, a HUGE patch of dense trees and then the next street over.

That's good new! I use it a lot over Gmaps which I also haven't installed on z10. I find BlackBerry Maps very reliable and fast, traffic information are more accurate than Gmaps too. It has a lot to be improved still anyway.

We need tool, not toys.

I thought it wouldn't be that great here in South Africa but I've used it 5 times now with some pretty far out places and it's worked great so very impressed, it also looks great and functions smoothly

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I like it but Waze is fun so I use that more. Maybe they could incorporate BBM into blackberry maps and have features like Waze

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Not good. They need more poi's. Everywhere I type there's no hit until I out the physical address. Also when arriving at a destination. Instead of just say arriving on the right. They should put the address back on the top bar. So J know what address om looking for. Instead of just. You've arrived. Can't tell you how maby times it's told me I have arrived then i miss the place because I don't remember the address number

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I've had no issues with BlackBerry Maps. I find Waze is pretty good but being an android port doesn't always work as expected. BlackBerry Maps hasn't failed me yet and directions and Navigation have so far been spot on.

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I'm from Canada, and even I think it's terribly done. Now that I am more aware that TomTom is behind it, I know who to hate!

1. The maps constantly input U-turns into big-city routes (like Toronto and Ottawa). You want me to U-turn? At RUSH HOUR!? Ya, right...

2. The traffic info is AWFULLY inaccurate. I regularly run into heavy traffic for long periods when the traffic data says it's "green"/good flow

3. BlackBerry Maps does not allow you to choose anything other than your current location as the starting point.

4. If there's bad traffic, it doesn't let you look at other routes like BlackBerry Traffic used to...

Just awful.

Runs great in Ontario Canada. APP Corrupted with last update in June. Spent hours with BlackBerry support wiping and reloading OS that I will never get back. It appears that the update corrupted the data from the old version. Now it runs Ok but it is a battery killer and the phone runs really hot when I use it for any length of time.

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Besides the plain looks of it, BlackBerry Maps has worked flawlessly for me. Finding places, turn by turn voice navigation... Eveything works. I just wish it looked better.

“Having accurate and up-to-date traffic information is is an important feature for customers, which is why we are dumping the piece of #&*% that Tom Tom made for us and are bringing Blackberry Traffic to BB10,” said Thorsten Heins in an alternate universe where Blackberry actually listened to what their customers wanted.

Worked great for me every time I used it. Other than missing some features it does exactly what is suppose to do, all the other stuff is just nice extras.

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It's been flawless every time. I stopped using my Magellen because the pronunciation of French words on it was driving me nuts. Living in Montreal there is a lot of English and French roads and locations. "The BlackBerry Lady" switches flawlessly between them and doesnt miss a beat for pronunciation. Real time traffic updates are a huge plus too.

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I use blackberry maps roughly four times a week and it has become my default gps app. I've stopped using Google maps and magellan compass (which I use to love).

I've used the stock app for trips totaling over 500 kms and found that it was spot on the entire time.

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I also like BB Maps. The audible turn by turn is excellent, the search is sufficient, and it's well integrated. I think the people that are slamming it, not counting those who don't have it available in their country, are slamming it because they primarily use such apps for other bells and whistles, rather than primarily for getting from point A to B. I have had BB Maps get me to an address 100% accurately where Google Maps has failed a couple of people on recent Android devices - Galaxy S4 for example. So, I agree with the masses that want Google Maps, as I would love it myself because of the bells and whistles. However, all BB needs is to add bells and whistles. I was personally looking forward to BB Navigation that's on legacy devices coming to BB10 as I prefer something more along those lines. Anyway, I look forward to seeing what else they put into it.

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I think it's very good. But in order to match Google, we need transit, and we need it to integrate with more apps (like GasBuddy).

It's been good, it just can't always find things I'm looking for, and before the most recent update it used to crash my Z10 every time, but that's stopped.

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BB10 Maps needs some work. Major European countries are missing. Directions are hit and miss. The UI is fine. Just need better/more map data powering it.

I wish BlackBerry would make an agreement with Garmin, just because that's what I'm used to...But every time I've used BlackBerry Maps, it's been pretty accurate. The GUI is just not where BlackBerry's competitors are especially the S3/4 and.

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I use BlackBerry Maps quite often. It works great in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding suburbs. It is much better then having Maps and Traffic separately, as in BlackBerry OS 6. Keep it up, BlackBerry.

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BlackBerry Maps works better than my standalone Garmin. I drive everywhere since public transit in Winnipeg is terrible. As for Google maps there are several repackaged versions that work fine on bb10.

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I love the BlackBerry maps app. I'm in sales and it has yet to let me down in Canada or the US I invested in the ibolt expert dock works awesome charges while you drive. Looking forward to see how much better the app can get but I'm happy with it as it is.

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I tried BlackBerry Maps out twice then ditched my Garmin Nuvi gps. The Nuvi was 2/3 years old and kept bugging me to update the map (at the same price as buying a new gps!).

The BB Maps has fewer features but all the core functionality is there and it will easily get you from point A to point B without difficulty.

How does it work with the map? Is it downloaded to my device? Will I need to download newer maps?


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Since the recent update, it's very accurate and the voice Nav is quicker. I don't know what is so special about Google Maps over BlackBerry 10, but it is an excellent GPS tool that my family relies on and saves us from having a separate device. Since my GF and I both have a Z10, on a road trip, one is used for nav when needed, and the other is for everything else. Here's one that will blow your mind: after finding out what a fantastic music player my Z10 was and that it could hold a 64 GB card, I gave my iPod Touch 4G 64 GB to my son. I'm telling you, mixed with the reliable nav and beautiful music player and all of the other kick ass features, it really is a device of convergence.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

"Here's one that will blow your mind: after finding out what a fantastic music player my Z10 was and that it could hold a 64 GB card, I gave my iPod Touch 4G 64 GB to my son. " KABOOM!!! MIND BLOWN!! Imagine that, a father giving his unneeded device to his son!

I think the GPS will get you from point A to point B well, but the actual maps are majorly lacking in detail and street names. We are looking at moving and the subdivision on BB maps was mostly void of street names. Not very helpful. Google maps has them all.

It decent enough... I've used it a few times especially when I'm walking to find an address in London... very accurate and fluid.

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Search results aren't as accurate as Google maps. A native google maps app would be awesome

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I have the latest Google Maps sideloaded on my Q10. BlackBerry Maps works good but doesn't hold a candle to Google Maps.

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Opened BlackBerry maps. Typed in Amsterdam in search bar. Still shows me my addy in Canada. Gay. I have shortcut to Google maps. More reliable when all I want to do is find an area. BlackBerry maps needs a decent overhaul

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I have had great results. Easy to find destination. Fast.
Tap an address in contacts and goes straight to map and directions. Slick.

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Have been using Maps daily, works fantastic in NY/CT area. Haven't used my GPS unit in weeks. Glad I have this feature on my phones!

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Altho i haven't had many issues with Maps (but there definitely have been a few)... i am not fond of the Blackberry 10 Maps app.
It doesn't compare to Google Maps !! I would love a native Google Maps app.... but definitely not holding my breath.

BlackBerry Maps is pretty good; however the maps need to be updated. I am finding that new construction from the last 3-4 years is not in the Tom Tom map database here in the US. While that may not be an issue for some it is becoming an issue for me as I try to locate adresses involved with my job.

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Works well for me but always room for improvement with traffic conditions and other refinements such as landscape mode, etc

Fired those in Waterloo who are responsible for QA.

The super man CEO is executing. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I have been calling for this for a long time - Cut in Canada; expand elsewhere because there is labor shortage in Canada, Waterloo in particular.

This is not an easy task at all for Mr. Heins. After all he is hired by the people who are affiliated with Waterloo. This proofs Mr. Heins is a great CEO who will for sure turn the company around.

Mr. Heins is fighting against the two root causes of BB's fall:

1. Corporate governance and accountability.

2. Labor shortage in Canada. In Canada, Waterloo, we have many brilliant minds, we have world best scientists and engineers, but we are short of quality labors for mass software and hardware productions.

Now I call Ottawa to wake up !!!

BBM, A10, Spec, or earnings of the next few quarters, I don't care these for now. As long as Mr. Heins addresses the two fundamental problems of BB, re-build the organization, BB will soon rise again and rule the world of mobile computing.

It's ok. Google maps is leaps and bounds better. I have it side loaded on my z10, but don't use it because like many side loaded apps, there are issues with the volume.

I hope they do more than just continue to provide up to date traffic....and make a the app better.

Love the phone, but the amount of workaround to get a reasonably functional smartphone is ridiculous, especially for a $600 phone. 10.2 hurry please.

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BlackBerry Maps has worked really well for me. No complaints here; it works much smoother and faster since the last update.

Having said that, there is always room for improvement, like giving me route options and let me choose which I prefer.

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It's simple: if you're expecting a full featured maps app it doesn't have that but for basic navigation and traffic it's pretty bang on.

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The navigation works good for me, however the real time traffic alerts are not nearly as accurate as those on Google maps, and an entire section of highway (Red Hill Expressway) in Hamilton Ontario has no traffic data at all. That's why I was forced to install Google maps. Plus the street view in Google maps is useful as well.

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The real time traffic data is better than Waze. I am never sent out of my way into the heart of traffic like I am with Waze.

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Hope you don't have to pay for the map updates like you have to with the tomtom sat nav's, it's cheaper to buy a new device than pay for an update

The times I have used it, it has worked well. I have my Garmin in the car with all of my regular saved locations so it's hard to just switch. Living in Montreal, I love the bilingual aspect of it. It names the French street names in French so no weird English translation I have to figure out. So far, so good.

I've used blackberry maps since I got the Z10. I have used my GPS next to the Z10 just to see if the routes work. Honestly, the BlackBerry maps do work better. I have found that the traffic feature is bang on.

The biggest problem is battery drain. Use it on the charger.

Many people I've talked to first look at the graphics. They are basic and that's what they judge it on with the first impression, but the thing works and that's what counts.

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I have found BlackBerry maps to be spot on, even when driving to rural places off the beaten path. Sure there are improvements that could be made but for what it is supposed to do, it does it quite well. Sometimes I don't get the audible directions. Sometimes the lady speaks, sometimes not.

Tom Tom sucks. After 1.5 years they had to give up on the BB7 /7.1./7.2 app. Even though more than a dozen others were able to produce top notch mapping navigation apps - including all service providers VZW, ATT, T-mobile, Rogers, etc...

Isn't TomTom broadcast from that satellite in a decaying orbit? I know they all are in a decaying orbit (before you other nerds try to be snarky), but this one is going to enter Earth's atmosphere and burn up way before the others do...if my memory serves me correctly. Does anyone know if we can install Darth Vader's voice (or any other voice plugin) on our BB10 navigation?

I was even in Prince George, B.C. Looking for where the Future Shop is, and it said the nearest one was in Vernon 6 hours away! Even though there is one right downtown. It may be accurate if it knows where your going, but I shouldn't have to Google a specific address and then type it into my GPS. I should just be able to type Future Shop and it should take me there

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You might be doing it wrong. No, seriously. If you type it, and don't hit search, you might only get whatever it comes up with. When you actually hit search, it will display the nearest locations on a map for you to select, and even offers a list view instead of the map.
Now, to be fair, I did just test it near Cambridge, ON and it's not showing the Future Shop Waterloo or Cambridge stores.... only Kitchener. So, I don't know why, but I don't think that it's a problem with the map application per say - maybe more like the data they're receiving from Tom Tom isn't accurate?
But that's when Poynt comes in handy as well since it's using data from a 411 directory.

It's ok and I will continue to use but I have to say BlackBerry Traffic for my old 9900 was way, way better. Was TomTom in on that too?

Still a lot of bugs. Still a long way to go. BlackBerry really needs to focus on improving the maps and associated features.

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good job BBRY & TOM2!!

no GMaps app on BB10?? no problems, why do you need GMaps if TomTom provides you with the whole lot? in fact TomTom has been in the navigation area for a long, long time rather than Google though..

BlackBerry maps us subpar it has outdated maps many places aren't listed and worst of all its laggy even Google maps side loaded is more responsive

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Maps are spot on..

I can search via location name rather than address and it integrates well with meeting requests in the calendar

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To be Honest? Im surprised BB is hookred up w/TomTom. As a previous owner of 4 of their GO710, 720, 630n 920 products, I found them to be completely useless when it came to customer service. Add the fact the owners of their legacy devices were left out when they begrudginly went to lifetime maps on new devices. We on the other hand were forced to pay near $100 annually. Nah, will not usr their product again.

I have since switched to using a Garmin Nuvi 3580.. an awesome device with a good 5" screen and simply excellent animation.

As for Maps on BB..I never use it..maybe sometime if I was a passenger in a non GPS equipped vehicle. For daily use? A joke.

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

BlackBerry Maps has always worked great for me. The only thing that needs to be fixed in my opinion is the search option as some addresses are hard to find.

It's awful and doesn't work in many countries even in Europe... so basically useless app to me!

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I use BB maps exclusively. I have a dash mount/charger for my Q10 and don't even bring the standalone GPS anymore.
One less device to worry about!

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You can never seem to please (many) people on Crackberry. I have and use the Blackberry Map on my Z10 since day one and I have never had any issues (Canada & US travel). Traffic, directions, route choice, speed of render has all been very good with no complaints. It seems however that some folks want everything to be 100% to everyone all the time and sorry to say to these people - it ain't going ta happen..... Get over it. Compared to the mess Apple found themselves in with their map (if you can call it that) any minor issues in Blackberry Maps (with Tom Tom) is NOTHING.... Thank you for this moment of free expression and angst.

I use it all the time and it has been great at providing precise directions. I really enjoy the traffic notifications so I can avoid any serious slowdowns due to accidents or construction. Solid

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I have never had an issue with the app itself. I live in Canada and have pretty simple maps around, but the app has worked great every time. I was going to download Google maps for 99 cents, but after 3 weeks with BlackBerry Maps, I think I have decided to stay with it until it doesn't work or meet my needs

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My own personal experience has varied. The traffic condition update is very nice and accurate however the lack of POIs leaves me wanting a little more. I used Blackberry Maps heavily on a recent trip and found that when the app was able to locate my location and destination quickly, it worked very well. When it had issues finding either, it worked poorly and was often spotty and a step behind with its guidance. I am not sure whether that was due to the built in GPS signal strength (moderately cloudy skies, huge windshield and sunroof shade open), the data coverage (as the phone is obviously pulling real time data for traffic and route status and trying to incorporate it into the guidance) or local physical resources on the phone itself (perhaps the resources were taxed). I also found that if the app had been running for a while during a trip, it had troubles recalculating current position or new route if we had veered off the original path or changed destinations. Closing the app and restarting had varying results as well. Both my wife and I had similar experiences with each of our Z10's and I don't recall if either of us were ever able to reboot the phone completely and what the outcome from that was. At one point I received an incoming call once during guidance (I did not answer it) as I neared my destination and it pretty much caused the app to have a heart attack and stop completely. Overall, I think that Blackberry Maps on BB10 is a nice built-in feature (free!!), but it could use a little refining.

and also crashes regularly for me. I've tried a few different versions. Native Google Maps would be nice! :)

Oh really great hope to see very soon updates in it :)

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Yesterday I went on a long trip BlackBerry maps may not be the best out there but it gets shit done.

I love BlackBerry maps. Way better than my 2011 Land Rover GPS which may be saying something.

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The original review of BlackBerry Maps was so one sided, it was absurd. The app sucks. It finds things 1000+ miles away versus something around the corner, when I'm moving around the map on the touch screen using my fingers to see traffic ahead, it's laggy and keeps dropping stupid "pins", and the search feature is anysmal; stop suggesting crap as I type if you're going to suggest illogical things ten states away, only to simply do nothing when I hit return. Hint: I'M MOST LIKELY LOOKING FOR SOMETHING NEARBY NOT IN ST. LOUIS. Get it together BlackBerry.

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BlackBerry Map is cool and never let me down. It is simple yet it does what it designed for.

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