Tomorrow is iPhone 5 day. Do you give a rat's behind?

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Sep 2012 02:04 pm EDT

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Tomorrow is iPhone 5 day. Do you give a rat's behind?


iPhone 5 day? All iPhone's need to get drenched in gasoline, set on fire and fed to its supporters as KFC. That's what I think of iPhone 5 day. I like the way they have the rat's ass hanging on the wall LOL.
Tablets are incredible

I am interested... because I want to see shitty specs. Then I want BlackBerry 10 to blow Apple out the water. I have to stay with BlackBerry I got too much invested with them.

Blackberry music getaway x3, Blackberry Playbook, Blackberry 9900 + 3 cases, Blackberry Playbook Journal, Blackberry Playbook rapid charger, Blackberry 9900 charging stand, BlackBerry in-Vehicle car charger.... Need I go one :-/

lol what other stolen stuff do they need to add i know they finally are taking BlackBerry travel.... which has been used for over 3 years really software they got is nothing more than how much more can they steal and add in to call their own inventions and innovation to the product lol

32 years old. Off by 20 years. 

Lighten up. Have fun. Life is too short to be serious ALL the time. If you read the site, you know we also keep it honest and call out BB's shortcomings when they're there to call out. We're not always fan boys here 100% of the time. But on a day like today, we definitely are! :)


I bet you already have yours preordered, waiting anxiously to have THE best phone on your hand. Enjoy!

LMAO! I'm ECSTATIC with my iPhone 4S. I came back to this site today for some comedic value. I remember a year ago as I searched for a reason to stay with BlackBerry. I went to Verizon to try the 9850 and was I disappointed. The phone took 4 minutes to reboot, while my boy's iPhone took no more than 35 seconds to re-start.

The same screen names waving BB pom poms. I was waiting for the QNX and it STILL isn't out after promising it would be out by 2012 Q1 lol. What a joke. THANK GOD I didn't waste my upgrade on a BB. I complained so loudly to Verizon for putting me through 7 swaps of the POS of POS smartphones (Storm 2), the iPhone 4S cost me $50 out of pocket after they adjusted my purchase price.

As a business tool, my iPhone can scan documents, send print commands to my HP printer, watch Optimum Cable on it, finish my banking on my Chase app, keep 15 apps open at one time as I maintain connectivity via social network apps and stream music without the thing freezing up on me. No more battery pulls, no more stalling apps, and no more overheating batteries. The speakers are louder and more clear.

The ONLY thing BB does better than iPhone is send mass text messages. Other than that, there isn't a DAMNED thing BB does better than iPhone. BBM? Pffffft....Instagram > BBM LOL.

Enjoy your BB, fellas. The rest of us aren't breaking sweats, because BB users are mocking us for "falling" for the marketing. Bottom line is the BB is a POS next to the iPhone. I don't understand why people fall in love with a device and ignorantly can't admit when there is something better on the market.

And this message isn't for the arrogant "TeamBB" members of this board. It's for the guys who are in the same position I was in last year. Scared to learn a touchscreen and worrying if I could ever adjust to it. It takes a few weeks and maybe less if you're more flexible. That's it! It's smooth sailing afterward. Trust me when I tell you, going to the iPhone from a BB is like going from eating cheap steak to having PorterHouse or Filet Mignon. You will see the difference IMMEDIATELY. Make the switch if your contract is up or about to be up this month or the next couple of months.

As a businessman, I made the switch and I'm WAY more productive with this phone. On a social level, you reach more people and a lot quicker, because the technology is simply superior on the iPhone. There's no ifs, ands or buts about it.

"I don't understand why people fall in love with a device and ignorantly can't admit when there is something better on the market."

How do you stay in business? Have you always been the last on the bandwagon your entire life?

You sing apple's praises like the iPhone is a gift from on high, and yet you actually wrote the sentence above. You wrote that story like your iPhone was the first girl who ever stuck your penis in her mouth.

Yet, There is NOTHING on the iPhone that hasn't been surpassed by Android in the past year and iPhone market penetration has pretty much peaked.

In other words, it's the new BlackBerry. Resting on it's laurels and not innovating a damn thing, except things that Apple is inspired to steal from BlackBerry OS and Android.

Your FIRST BlackBerry was probably the Storm 2 wasn't it? You are the last guy to catch on to a trend and you're friends probably think that's your worst quality. Well, at least I know if we ever see you back that BlackBerry is about to become passe again and since I'd say that's a good decade away, well don't let the door hit ya on the way out.

Ummmm this isn't about Android. I didn't choose Android, because their battery life was significantly WORSE than iPhone. But that's besides the point. Would you like some more DOWNY with your spin cycle? Isn't this always the BB fan's way of deflecting BB's deficiencies when the iPhone's superior piece of equipment is marketed through satisfied former BlackBerry customers?

I wrote a TRUTHFUL article (something BlackBerry users cringe at) regarding things iPhone does BETTER than BlackBerry (you may cringe again). Try living on the side of the street where the truth is spoken for once in your life. You're like the FAT kid surrounded by fellow FAT kids refusing to acknowledge the 5 slices of pizza with large cokes is the reason you're shaped like a hippo. Give me a break already.

Who cares if Android is superior? BlackBerry could only DREAM of being as inferior to iPhone as iPhone is inferior to certain Android phones. For business, Android's battery life doesn't cut it. As for iPhone resting on it's laurels, you've got to be kidding Facts, please. The iPhone can afford to rest if BlackBerry is their main concern. iPhone already destroyed BlackBerry's book of business on this side of the globe. There's a better chance of you sleeping with multiple super models this week before BlackBerry catches up and converts users back to their platform.

BlackBerry fooled me once with the "iPhone killer" but didn't get that chance with any of it's other inferior phones.

And iPhone IMPROVING technology isn't stealing. It's called advancement. Something BlackBerry users know little about over the last 5 years. That loud sound which just rattled your eardrums was me slamming the door in your face.

That wasn't an article. That was a rant by a jaded fool who feels he has to keep a membership on a fan site so he can boast about how happy he is with another device. "Fan site". Does your ignorant ass not understand that term or is your head stuck up it too far? rbtl: You and the rest of the crybaby trolls are not welcome here. Take your iPhone and don't look back.

Here's the perception of you and the other losers trolling on CB:
"Poor me. Blackberry said they were going to promise the moon and they only got me into space. I'm crying in my milk now. Before I go I'm going to be vindictive and spoil someone else's party because I'm a miserable, sorry, pathetic lowlife who doesn't know when and how to move on".


Well. I guess you have what you want. Who cares? My 9810 does exactly what you said your phone does. Including Chase mobile. Including scanning documents etc. But do you have to come across like a troll? I want a bb10. Am I getting my britches in a bunch because it wasn't out last year? No. If you like your phone, fine. But don't be surprised if you find the people here to bash you for acting so immature. I doubt your a businessman. If you were, you wouldn't be wasting your time with bashing RIM. You would be busy doing more important things.

I took 10 minutes out of my day to visit this site. It's called entertainment, my friend. As for the 9810, the phone has limited flexibility if you're constantly using different apps simultaneously. And if you're going to say your apps work fine, that's great for you. Personally, there's no trust factor with BlackBerry. The complaints I heard from Bold users and other BB devices didn't offer much encouragement in October of 2011.

The most horrific part of BB's platform is rebooting and battery pulls. Just a totally inferior product which has been brutally surpassed by other phones.

The arrogance portrayed by BB users is rich. I have to submit my 1040 to prove something to a defender of a backwards cellphone

You're the entertainment here. You personify the embodiment of inbreeding at its finest. lmao. Don't you have animal porn to download? "this little piggy went to market"...

Why is that most of the people complaining about BB just about always compare an outdated BB they owned vs new technology.. I have a 9860 and the only one real compliant is the reboot time. My work around is I reboot daily, usually right after I check it in the mornings between making coffee and jumping into the shower. Other than that it's served me well as a bridge to BB10.

Makes it totally fair to say that you are a total piece of iShit. Not the iPhone you're using, YOU. Learn to have respect for a company and quit being such a bashing idipishit.

Respect is earned, not given. It's sort of hysterical that a BlackBerry user is talking respect on this thread.

And telling the TRUTH about the two phones isn't bashing. Learn the difference.

There is no competition......RIM is fighting to keep its own customers as of now.Trying to get the iOS/ANDRIOD into RIM is very distant as of now.
Let us all have a large heart and acknowledge the fact that the whole phone world is running after the TOUCH Screen ....goes to show what a runaway success & impact the apple has had on people world wide.
Give credit where it is due.Peace!

Apple didn't invest dual touch. They were the first to integrate it into a product.

I saw dual touch demos years before Apple used it.

If you care, as the article said, go over to iMore... look at it as advertisment for iMore if you have forgotten your sense of humour.

If the iPhone5 has ANYTHING which is not already on another platform, I'd be surprised.


Hhahaha wow this site is walking a thin line on becoming pathetic....if not already there. Apple is the largest most innovatie, richest, tech company on the planet. If people act like they don't care or are curious to see what they release and create for Bold Face lying haha ....mind u people they released there last phone nearly a yr ago ....and its still the most popular phone in the world. Crackberry I pray BB10 has something to offer cuz RIM is in an ocean in a life jacket ...while apple owns the entire airport and everything in it.

you need a wake up call lol its not the most popular anymore if it was apple would not have sued samsung they ripped them a new one in sales. regardless if you can tell my any of their tech on that phone is theres i might say you have some actual validity to your comment. Their entire OS is stolen from bb android and other companies.

Cisco had iPhone long before Apple, that's why there was a legal dispute about it. Apple just went on and used the name anyway - as they do...

always wondered why apple was allowed to use ios considering it was a cisco platform well before apple STOLE it as they steal everything else too

Wow, suck Apple b@lls a little more. It's meant as a joke. Maybe, just maybe some of us couldn't care less about an Apple anouncement tomorrow. We damn sure don't need you to tell us how "Glorious" they are, lol. It's a BlackBerry fan site, Android Central has a similar post, how bout you hope over there and post. We can do without you here...

If Apple is the airport and everything in it, then Samsung is the city the airport resides in, and Google is the Galaxy! Lol

Most innovative company around? Wow!! who's your dealer because you're smoking some awesome stuff. Apple hasn't innovative anything since the ipod touch.. They took the touch and added a phone and called it an iPhone (which originally sucked as a phone). Then they took the touch and made it bigger and called it ipad. That's some awesome innovation. Siri, a purchased company, cloud storage, google.. BlackBerry isn't perfect and they were caught sleeping at the wheel, but they have been working hard at building a new OS from the ground up. And to date they've probably innovated more on a smart phone then apple ever have. Apple = Marketing geniuses.

For one who signed up to troll, with lack of grammar skills and too lazy to use spellcheck, I guess you haven't ever been to school much either.

The door is open, but the hinge is slightly too tight. It will hit you when you're leaving, the door knob will be right up your iHole.

* BlackBerry by choice *
Although I choose don't care as 3 of the 3 options ( see what I did there hehe, and awesome poll by the way), I'm still looking forward to see how they continue to release the same old yet again.
Even Apple should realize at this point if the iPhone looks the same for another yr or so that they will be in trouble. Make it an inch bigger and you will float through another yr. But is that innovation? Yeah don't think so.

here's what will happen Tommorow Apple will announce that they have revolutionizied the phone. When they really haven't they just copied features from others like Google or RIM and the eager lemmings will go and buy one when the smart people wont.

Blackberry is a tool
iPhone is a toy
Android is for tinkerers

But they have the "retina display" !!!! Thats innovative. Oh wait ... Its just not really. Oh well. Maybe they'll surprise us with a phone that is controlled by the mind ?

hilarious. this entire post says something completely different than not "giving a rats behind"

nice job, Kevin

It will be interesting to see them release "the same old" again but it will be more interesting to see "the same old" continue to wipe the floor with the competition.

Yeah I really don't get this. There are more choices on every other platform. Why is the iPhone still as popular as it is? I think its because of the "but its an iPhone" stigma still making so many people thinking it has sold so well for so long people still think it's the best. I would take a BB or a high end Android phone before ever settling for and Apple product. And settling is putting it nicely.

The fact that you and others can't understand it is why it continues to be the #1 phone worldwide. Beside all the marketing push that it gets, it has the #1 app store and most importantly, it just simply works. That last phrase is the key simple (something BB gets half the time right) and works (something BB fails may times).

* BlackBerry by choice *
Well then if I understand you correctly then it's the fact that it has the most apps and for its simplicity? Most people I suppose don't like to tinker with devices and I get that. But I suppose that's just not me. I really enjoy getting down to the nuts and bolts and understanding how things work. That's why I love the BB OS and also like Android, and I'm intrigued by what is to come with BB10, but that's not everyone. I mean no disrespect, but am I close?

Read the comments and you can tell which ones are isheep. They are the ones doing all the baaaaa-ing.
Yeah- and I don't give a rat's behind.

lol! I thought for sure there would be a "Yeah, Im a little interested to see what iPhone 5 is all about"

*in my little squeaky voice* Im a little interested.......

Not saying its the best phone or OS in the world .... I'm saying to try and mock the company and act as if no one cares or will be watching is an absolute joke and sad that the cite has nothing else to draw attention to it. If anything BB should take a few notes about apples way. Remeber when there where no touch screens ?? Idiots ... And samsung sold more S3s last quarter out selling the iphone 4s for the first time since the 4s's release. Not making it the most used phone ...maybe u should check facts

Yes, I remember before there were touch screens, it was somewhere around the time Microsoft saved Apple from Bankruptcy. As far as touch screen phones, they were around years before the iPhone was ever a twinkle in Steve's eye.
Remember 3 years ago, before you could even have a WALLPAPER on your iPhone? Yeah, Apple didn't let iPhone customers have a non-black background until the iPhone 4! Real innovative company that Apple Inc.

ROFLMRBO! (Rolling On Floor Laughing My Rat's Behind Off!)

Love the picture, will be printing it and hanging it in my cube... Love the all NO answers on the poll! All in good fun!

I can care less on a stand point of "new phone" but you have to admit that you guys have to be somewhat curious as to what they are releasing. Not because it is the latest and greatest but because knowing RIM is not coming out with anything until next year, you kind of hope Apple half asses it just so we have a chance at snatching some of their customers before they buy a new I-suck.

of course you guys will give a rats behind. you guys have to keep track so you have the latest news to complain about

you do not want to get left behind, again, do you?

I have been a fun of blackberry for many years now but i hate stupid bias polls like this one which is a waste of time and doesn't serve for any logical purpose. I care about what will be shown tomorrow because influence the industry. To say that you don't care is stupid and irresponsible, reason for what RIM in doing so bad lately, and don't lie to yourself, it is doing very poorly.

Make sure you're reading articles from at LEAST the last two months, friend. You sound like April kinda. The month, not the one who talks with a mouthful of ninja turtle phallis!

The irony in this is that "Crackberry Kevin" will be one of the first to buy a new iPhone 5. It's just not kewl to go public with it.

We saw what happened to his HTC phone. I'm guessing the iClone iteration 5, same old same old, "nothing to see here"("Think different"? Now that's just funny) will have a similar "accidental" ending. Maybe Kevin can make a blog post out of its demise including video of the actual event this time! Hammer? Tall building? Acid bath? Any other suggestions for how Kevin could "end of life" the thing?

It does serve a purpose, to amuse those of us who don't care, and drive traffic to iMore for those that actually do, simple really....

Be honest. Did you read the article before posting? If you did you're just rolling right now... And I couldn't give a rat's ass if you've been a BB fan.

oh cmon, get over yourself... It's just all in good fun. Too many people taking things way too seriously. Smile and have fun with it. Yes, in reality we do care, but c'mon, where's your school spirit? Rah, Rah, Rah, etc? You know...

I don't know what's funnier - the indignant lot saying that we should care, or the militant lot falling over each other to bash them and declare their undying love, lol.

Nice lighthearted post Kev, love it dude :)

I'm curious to see technically what will be in the new iPhone. Set aside my BB 9810 and am currently rocking a Galaxy Nexus with CM10. Interesting experience. Personally I am more interested in the Galaxy Note 2 myself as I liked my GF's International N7000 Note's form factor and will in all probability go for the Note 2. Will wait to see what BB10 brings to RIM's phones and especially my 64GB PlayBook. Curious about the Lumina 920 as well. But in the end nobody does Marketing as well as Apple and I'm sure the phone will do well.

I love all the simpleton iPhone-lovers/Apple worshippers in here.

Apple is the worst company of all time. THAT, my friends, is proven by all the self-proclaimed spokesheep who come in here throwing little temper tantrums.

The iPhone isn't as relevant anywhere in the world as it is in America. To think it's the best thing ever, that ever did ever, is an ignorant, foolish thing to think.

See that? I can be a dick and not even make a Steve Jobs/A-to the-I-to-the-D-to-the-S joke - zing!

I'm excited for those who are excited for the new iphone. Lots of loyal Apple enthusiasts out there.

Congrats on those who want & get one.

...god it killed me to write that.

It will be a dont bother with the internet day this apple that...blah blah blah....

I say silence the forums and even put a splash on the main page with an 'Out with my BB, back tomorrow' sign.

Actually, if RIM was smart (which so far they have proven to be anything but), today would have been a great day to take some of Apple's thunder away by strategicaly leaking some BB10 videos.

No wait...better to make fun of them.

How bias! Lol. I'm getting the iPhone 5, I'm fed up of my blackberry at the moment and BB10 isn't going to have as many apps and taking months to come out...

The poster's feelings are echoed by a great many people in the public including some of the most staunchest of Blackberry own supporters on this forum.

People are simply tired, rightfully, of waiting for RIM to deliver ANYTHING modern let alone being tired of waiting for them to deliver anything even remotely ON TIME, i.e., the Playbook and its email or native development applications that were released after it launched (yah that was a brilliant move that really helped to solidify the Playbook's place in history); or the 9900 being launched without Wifi Hotspot capabilities - after all it wouldn't be a RIM product if it wasn't accompanied by the requisite "coming soon" b.s. which is part and parcel of RIM's corporate identity.

As to the Iphone5 specifically; there will be people camped out in front of stores eagerly salivating as they wait impatiently to purchase the new product. Will the same thing occur for BB10? Of course not.

You may not like Apple and their products, but you can't deny that, unlike Blackberry, Apple has managed to captivate and hold the public's attention while Blackberry, in as far as North America is concerned, has all but been written off as being obsolete.

Can BB10 be their salvation? It could be...provided that Blackberry does not repeat the same mistakes of the past. And that dear friend remains to be seen.

Exactly what does your loooooong rant have to do with anything. A lot of people like Apple and will buy the new iphone. A lot of us here don't and won't be buying one.

Some of what you say may be true, but irrelevant to a lot of BlackBerry users because we're waiting patiently for RIMs new devices to launch next year. I guess you wanted to feel important on the interwebs today. ;-)

lol true laugh out loud moment reason people dont understand RIM is they have to be very specific in how things word to remain FIPS certified things must be done exactly to a T. security in combination with new software such as QNX or even java is hard i dare apple to even try adding security in and see how things go the device would crumble as the software is a joke toy.

Goodbye, farewell and enjoy your 600000 apps.. My night is now complete knowing your buying an iPhone.

I am a devout BlackBerry supporter but in all fairness where is the choice in favor of the new iPhone 5?

Yeah I'm excited for iPhone 5 & the iPad Mini. Clearly most people on CrackBerry are fanboys, I'm not one to take sides, I love technology, and I get excited whenever a tech company is set to release a new product..

I look forward to Windows Phone 8, iPhone 5, & BlackBerry 10 devices... Even very excited for Windows 8 RTM, I've used it before and it's very polished..

Before I get hateful comments, I do own a Playbook 16GB and It's in my opinion of the better tablets out there..

I knew this post was by kevin. Only he has the sense of humor and balls to take the flame from the ultra serious CB readers. Well played mr 12+20 year old. :p

forth option...yes I give a rats behind :)

I need a phone now, can't wait for BB10, sorry, if in fact BB10 is a huge success (big if) then I will consider it.

apple is so lame. People are starting to wake up from their isleep to the cold reality that apple is yesterdays news. My kids don't like or want their iphone4s saying it's for "old" losers. Now they want the SG3 since it's cool and apple is not. This to me is an insight to the masses who are IMO fickle and will switch OS in a heart beat. Supid kids beg for an iphone and now they say no one uses iphones but old people. bye bye apple.

That's the problem w Crackberry and most or all there users. There so defensive about becoming completly irrelevant that they shoot down all other companies and the 100x better job they r doing @ innovating, creating, and marketing. As apposed to wah wah wah ...isheep this, Andrork that. The sad part is its about the big picture which clearly B B has and is countining to fall wayyyy behind. BB is great device is iphone and most android devices. Users destroy this cite and make it look meek and sad ...pathetic really

Explain why you come to CB and continually troll when it has been made crystal clear you're not welcome here. Please explain.

Oh ya and god forbib u shine anything other than bb in a positive light makes u a moran or a fan boy ....cheese diks

Come back and defend yourself, coward. Spineless wretch. Go grab a spine from a cadaver.... Preferably a human one, but any animal will be an improvement for you. The same goes for the rest of you cowardly, spineless trolls who post and run. lol. Hilarious. Y'all make this too much fun for me.

9900 / PlayBook user here.

The pent-up demand for this new gadget is huge. Meanwhile, the BlackBerry store will be empty when they go on sale. That haunting picture Kevin posted a few weeks ago is frightfully telling.

RIM needs to get BB10 out sooner than later!

Can I buy an iPhone5? No, just barely got into a new contract 6 months ago.
Would I buy an iPhone5 outright? Not likely. Not saying NO, but not likely.
Am I curious to see/hear what they roll out? Yeah I am. I Think I'd go back to Blackberry before going to iPhone though (I'm currently on Android).

Can I ask why there's only options narrowed towards blackberry? I mean you DID ask if anyone cared about iPhone 5. Where's the option for iphone people?

Why the rush? Unless you broke your phone.. many phone options are coming out right now and BB10 is quickly approaching.. what's the rush...

Here is how Mr. Kevin posts about BB short comings and talk crap about other products:

Day 1: New BB delayed for the xth time. Kevin goes, "dang why the delay? This is no good. Competition will eat BB."

Day 2: Interview with some RIM boss. Oh you delayed it because you want the new system to work perfectly fine, that's cool. (what were they doing before that xth delay? having a party every day?)

Kevin has been promised an exclusive look at new BB stuff secretly. Maybe some other goodies no one ever finds out about.

Day 3: Kevin goes "Guys, we are in good hands. New BB is awesome." and other non-stop praises.
(you know, because nobody already knew what's coming in the new BB. Forgets all about the xth delay and RIM not able to keep up with any of their promises for any of their device other than an exclusive look at new BB for Mr.Kevin)

~Goes home happy

Nope. I probably won't be able to distinguish the iPhone 5 from its predecessors anyway.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

I will get one, just like you Kevin. But I will also be getting the BB10 London when it drops too.


After skimming through these 100+ comments, I find it silly that people took this poll to heart. This is typical Kevin, doing his thing, having some fun. Trust me when I say this, BB users are fully aware of what iPhone 5 is offering. We aren't wearing blinders.

Here's the thing - BB users are scrutinized daily for sticking with RIM. Media dont give a rats about us and RIM. Heck even some of our peers and family are looking at us laughing. But soon as we turn the tide with a joke, we are typical fanboys, delusional, classless and just plain idiots. ITS A JOKE!! Get a grip and relax!!

If you dont like the way Crackberry has fun, why are you here? Go join the media bashing and the rest of your iPhoners and have a great day.

We are just BB by choice and not because society and social status told us to.

Is Apple really expected to bring something new to the table? Maybe it's just me but Samsung seems to be far more innovative than Apple has been and from what I've been reading other than phone size nothing really jaw dropping is there?

My brain hurts after reading this. Samsung and innovative in the same sentence!? Really?! Ouch. If shamelessly copying every single product Apple has released in the last 5-6 years and releasing more mobile devices is innovative then I have a bridge to sell you. I can understand people hating on Apple, but seriously? I will make no excuses Im pro-Apple in this argument and the only innovation I'm seeing in the future tech sector is from Apple, Nokia/Microsoft and RIM. Samsung Innovative?!?! Really?!?! Ouch, I need an Excedrin.

And Apple hasn't? very little that they have come out with is truly there own. I don't own a Samsung or Apple phone but many of my friends do and love their Samsung way more than the iPhone far as the bridge goes you might want to talk to an iSheep they seem to buy anything just put an S after it

I forsee a "me too" day for Apple trying to play catch up, right down to the new iPhone and iPad mini having their own version of BB Bridge and call it revolutionary. Why else would you make a 7" tablet when you already have the market cornered.

Apple can blow it out their alimentary canal.

How sad and pathetic BB users have become. Their only recourse to a death spiral is resorting to trolling Apple hate on their own site.

You should will do wonders for the cell phone community as a whole...and when RIM has its fire sale and fades away (RIP RIM) you will have something to look forward to.

Crackberry Kevin wrote:

Every time I pick up the iPhone 4S, I find myself wishing the display was bigger. It feels so small these days, especially after spending time on a device like the Galaxy Nexus (who’s screen is arguably a little too big). I really hope we see a bigger display on iPhone 5. I’m also finding Siri just doesn’t yet fit into my mobile lifestyle. I never find myself instinctively using it, and even when I put it to use it’s more of a hassle. In retrospect, I probably could have stuck with my iPhone 4 another year and waited for the iPhone 5, vs. going to the 4S.


Longest hashtag I ever used. My BlackBerry does what I need it to do... And I am Satisfied.

the thing with bb they take too long to indroduce new stuff everytime they have a release date it always get delayed the only thing about bb is the bbm thats it there apps are wayyy expensive compare to android and IOS

CNBC Video: scroll to the 1:50 minute mark !

CNBC has adopted BYOD ( bring your own device ) for cell phones and the success is revealed in the video !!

CNBC tech reporter Mr Fortt hypes the iPhone launch on CNBC this morning.
Then Mr Fortts " Face Plant " happens at the end ( at the 1:50 minute mark ) when CNBC host Becky Quick
who has confirmed just loves her Blackberry asks Mr Fortt " How are you going to update us on the iPhone launch ? " !!!!

The very fact that you post this Q on Crackberry....shows everyone keeps a track of the iPhone pls stop being hypocrites! Including Kevin......Lets give credit where it is due.
RIM cant compete with apple at is in a different league altogether...let us all BB lovers accept this fact.

I've gotten to know my wife's iPhone4 over the past 2 months and there is no way I'd choose that over a BlackBerry. Or even an Android for that matter.

LOL @ the options. I voted "Not at all. It's just another iPhone"...but I did watch a live blogging of the event. I wanted to see what they did to the iPods. Nothing impressive. I'm going to buy the classic and just buy a new BB phone next year.