Run through the temple on your BlackBerry with Tomb Escape

Tomb Escape for BlackBerry
By Michelle Haag on 23 Apr 2012 06:11 pm EDT
As BlackBerry users, sometimes we have to sit on the sidelines while our friends on other mobile platforms get apps and games that we don't. For whatever reason, some developers just don't want to bring their apps to our devices, even though we would gladly pay for them if that's what it took. (I'm looking at you Instagram, Draw Something, Words With Friends, Skype, Netflix, etc, etc, the list goes on.) Luckily, we have some developers that are seeing the gaps in our App World and trying to help fill some of them. No Draw Something? That's ok, we have Sketch w Friends. No Instagram? That's ok, we have other options. Of course, not all apps have an alternative, but most of us are making do with what we have.

The newest addition to this list of independently developed games is called Tomb Escape by SolverLabs. You may have heard of a game on some other platforms called Temple Run that has gained popularity recently. Tomb Escape is a version of Temple Run for BlackBerry Torch 9810, Bold 9900/9930, and the Porsche Designed P'9981. Gameplay is very similar to the other app, with your goal being to escape from pursuers while avoiding obstacles by turning, jumping, and sliding. There are coins to collect along the way which you can use to buy power-ups to help you on your mad run. While the game doesn't play as smoothly on BlackBerry as it does on iOS,  I have to say it's on par with other BlackBerry games in terms of responsiveness to controls. I had actually downloaded the game over the weekend and played it a bit, then today noticed it had an update which added the ability to tilt your device to move your player as well as support for the trackpad, as opposed to just using the touchscreen to turn your runner. The graphics also improved with this update, and overall I think the game feels smoother. Hopefully future updates will continue to make this game all it can be.

Tomb Escape is free, and definitely worth downloading if you enjoy gaming on your BlackBerry and are looking for something fun to try out. There are in-app purchases available if you're interested in getting more coins, and even though the game itself is free, there are no ads to be seen. I played it on my Bold 9900, and while it's a game I will be playing more in the future, it might be more fun on the larger Torch screen, and I bet it would be awesome on the PlayBook (hint, hint, SolverLabs). Again, this game is available for the BlackBerry Torch 9810, Bold 9900/9930, and the Porsche Designed P'9981 on OS 7.

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Reader comments

Run through the temple on your BlackBerry with Tomb Escape


I loathe in app purchases and hope it's not the way of the future. Post a price, if we want it we'll buy it. Quit trying to get us hooked like crack addicts so you can suck every buck from us.

Before you get your panties in a wad... you don't "have" to purchase anything in game. The game is perfectly playable without in-game purchases. Purchasing in-game simply allows you to get the better power-ups etc more quickly without having to play through it.

Lol sorry son.
All games r making a progressive shift toward in app purchases. Developers earn 40% more in revenue, and they don't have to worry about piracy.

It'll be the way forward over the next 10 years. U can thank Apple for that.

Woudn't it be nice for, one day, if Blackberry products would actually receive the "name-brand" apps instead of immitation knock-offs. This is by no means a criticism of the developer team behind Tomb Escape - I certainly do appreciate their efforts to support the Blackberry Platform - but I really wish that a day will come whereby all developers take off their blinders and recognize that there is another platform outside of iOS and Android; a platform that is just as profitable as the others.

Why? Do you think every piece of software is proprietary? This web site is a knock off, the browser you used to type your comment is a knock off, your OS is a knock off. Get it? If there were no "knock-offs", there would be a handful of apps and that's it.

I think you should be the one who is embarrassed making such an ignorant comment.

I usually dont comment but when I read this I just had to.

This game is indeed a knock off of temple run. Everything is the same except for the smooth animations that are present on other platforms. This game obviously tried to mimic temple run. Not the game mechanics, but the entire game (setting, look, objective etc.)

There is a difference between a copy/knock off and inspiration. This tomb escape game is a direct attempt at a copy. No other new features were added.

Not a knock on the developer because its awesome that they do this, but this game is terrible! It is choppy and not nearly as fun as Temple Run. This is not the dev's fault, but the fault of bbos. This is why BB10 is needed and why dev's never wasted their time on the current BBs but will come when BB10 comes out.

So true, I tried to play this app and in less than 3 minutes I deleted it, this is just wrong, No one wants to develop for the bold because the screen is so small, there's no way to take advantage and make a pleasant game. nice effort from the developers,but after playing temple run on my ipad, and compare it with this knock off bold version, anyone will laugh at me when they see me playing this cheap app on a OS that can deliver a smooth gaming experience

It isn't about getting screen size. I actually like the size on my bold and being able to use the trackpad. It just runs terribly!

This is rediculous ! It runs so smooth on the iPhone and iPad, and on the Bold it is a joke. The screen is too small and the swiping does not work properly.

The "F" word: Fragmentation. It's one of the problems when developing for the BB. Android isn't the only one with multiple OS versions running on different devices with a bunch of different screen sizes. That's why developers go for iOS first.

I purchased this App the first day it came out. Yes I paid for it.
Really good graphics for a Blackberry game. Keep them coming
well at least till BB10 gets here.

I had never played Temple Run before playing Tomb Escape, and as such I think it's a good alternative. Like I said, it may not compare to what's available on the other platforms, but it's comparable to other games on BlackBerry. Plus, it's free. I challenge any of you to make a better game for BlackBerry and give it away. :)

cuz you have a "Business tool" and most of blackberry user think that is a waste of time if you can have fun with your device.

Played it but ya no way near as responsive as temple run. I also wondered when these original app developers are going to come back and say wtf, this is my idea.

Most apps are modeled after another app in one way or another. Just like an OS, or a web site, or a word processing program, etc. Unlike the patent wars going on now with smartphones, it doesn't seem to be happening with apps (yet).

Since the begining of time (2008) Blackberry users have spit on gaming.

"Gaming is for kids"
"I need a professional device, if I wanted games I would get an Iphone"
"Apps are for sheep"

Yet, everyone is suprised on a daily basis with the lack of games on Blackberry.

It's available for the P'9981 before the 9850/60?

How many people have the P'9981? about 15?

BlackBerry, you make me so very very sad to be a customer of yours.

So it just runs on 3 devices? Temple run runs on almost all android and iOS devices.
BB will always be a ' wanna be' platform with no innovation at all.