Share tasks and to-dos with friends and family on BBM with ToDoMate

By Alicia Erlich on 7 Apr 2014 03:26 pm EDT

When it comes to keeping track of everything, I've run the gambit. Whether it be handwritten journals, post-it notes, Evernote, Remember, Microsoft Outlook at work, or other third-party applications on my BlackBerry I have tried quite a few to juggle all of my tasks and to-dos whether they be personal or with a group. The whole reason for me purchasing a BlackBerry all those years ago was to keep me organized and be more efficient. That is where TodoMate comes into play.

Recently, TodoMate rolled out a new version in BlackBerry World and it was only fitting that I give it my full attention. Now I know there are many of you out there willing to say that other task management applications already possess these capabilities, but TodoMate goes where others have faired poorly. When it comes to being able to sync and collaborate tasks with a group or a team, this application was designed to make sure that all items in the list are shared and updated in real-time across all devices (BBM users) that are included in the list.

In terms of functionality, TodoMate performs as a task and to-do list. Users can create, edit, delete, add items, and mark items complete as well as create sub-tasks to be performed within a list. For example, I could quickly create a Grocery shopping list and then proceed to input everything I need. As I shop, a simple tap ticks off each item on the list. Items can be deleted with a press and hold and selecting delete from the action menu.

If we were to apply this to a workplace environment or even if we decided to share this list with the entire family in the supermarket, this is where the collaborative features come in to play. For anyone who has TodoMate installed on their BlackBerry 10 device all you have to do is tap and hold on a list and share with your friends, co-workers, or family. It will detect who in your BBM contact list has the application installed and they will populate the box accordingly for you to choose from. Each person you collaborate with is assigned their own color, which is displayed with a tiny indicator to the right of the item. This makes it easier to see who created or is responsible for which task.

When it comes to security, the application does ask for BBM and Device PIN permissions. This is used to establish who has the application installed and to maintain the correct users to send the list information to. As there is some server back end involved the developer includes a privacy policy describing what information is collected for the application to function properly, what data they do not collect, and that it is not shared or sold to third parties. The application does carry the BlackBerry Guardian and Trend Micro logos in BlackBerry World. While no user account is required, you do need a BBM and Data connection.

The Good
  • Share items via the application / Real-Time Collaboration
  • Easy to use UI
The Bad
  • Would like to see option to add a due date or Calendar integration
The Bottom Line

This is the first BlackBerry 10 application to allow for real-time collaboration and in that respect it runs smoothly. Team members can quickly see who is assigned a task and will learn in real-time whether or not it has been completed. Whether used for small tasks or for larger projects, it may be simple but it gets the job done. ToDoMate is available for $2.99.

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Share tasks and to-dos with friends and family on BBM with ToDoMate


Hopefully it'll be available in a future version BB10. Meanwhile, this is a nice solution for those who need it NOW.

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I use swift notes. Works well and I like it a lot!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

Ya that's nice. But why is it not built into the native blackberry reminder app.
Worth looking into tho

Downloading. We currently have an Android port Listonic that is free and works well but requires a separate account. Plus it is an Android port, which I don't hate but if there's a native equivalent I'm generally happy to pay for it.

I use my BBM Group to do most of this already.

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Just create a group in BBM, and create lists in there.

It's Free and already included.

Makes life easy when updated grocery list, and any to do list.

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The wife and use a BBM group but it would be nice to have a dedicated app that is quicker to get to - launch app instead of launching bbm, selecting groups, selecting relevant group, finally selecting lists before seeing my lists.

Well said.

Shortcuts everywhere would be great.

For any file as well, ie; a saved excel sheet or document.

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Just wondering how much those who use BlackBerry's use them as organisers...

I should use mine more but I'd like a. I get screen and then a sort of better daily task list/ indicator literally at a glance and in any to read day I can see my week or day...

And as said before, native or built in to the OS...

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My wife and I use bbm groups. I like it a lot.

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Sounds a lot like Google Hera. Let's see which party brings it across multiple platforms first.

"Snap" is the best stop-gap solution for Android apps while we wait for BlackBerry to get its act together...

Cross platform BBM already does this with BBM Groups. My cross platform family group shares, photos, calendar entries, and multiple lists all the time. It is VERY effective and works perfectly with Android and iOS.

BlackBerry has its act together but the misinformation to the contrary is unreasonably loud.

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Alicia, this doesn't make any sense: "...keeping track of everything, I’ve run the gambit. " The word you're looking for is 'gamut'

Gamut means the complete range of things, while Gambit is an opening move, or series of moves in a chess game!

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Does this app work cross platform? My wife gave up the Blackberry goat and got a note 3. We currently use Honeydew. It simply makes lists. Not very editable, but rock stable syncing.

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good one.. but better still.. BBM groups. just need BBM team to enable quick picture sharing inside the group chat (similar to WA group chats) and.. BBM groups will never be even better!!!