Todays Alarm Clock - a free and must have alarm clock app for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Todays Alarm Clock
By Alicia Erlich on 8 Jan 2012 01:48 pm EST

I admit I'm not a morning person. Normally, it requires more than one alarm going off to get me out of bed on a daily basis. That being said, I'm usually scouring the forums and App World for a decent alarm app for either of my devices. That's when I happened to come across Todays Alarm Clock by Turner TeKnologies. It's a an app chock of full of features that I was pleasantly surprised to see was absolutely free. Click on the jump for more information and screenshots.

Todays Alarm Clock is filled with all sorts of customizations and features to help you wake up in the morning. You can save and set multiple alarms, view other time zones, stream their default or your own internet radio stations, view local headlines, and even display the temperature for the current day and the next five days.  You do need to keep the app running to work but it also provides traffic conditions, allows you to set your own wallpaper as a background image, and even set your own mp3s as alarms. It also reads the time, date, and current weather aloud when the alarm goes off.


  • Even More Custom settings Options
  • Screen Design Changes


  • INTERNET RADIO!!! Wake up to your favorite music!
  • Timezones - Track time around the world!!!
  • GPS Location - Update to local settings automatically!!!
  • Brightness/Always On Control 
  • Choice of 8 Elegant Alarm Clock Display Themes
  • Choice of Soothing Rain, Jungle and Spa Default Sounds!!!
  • Volume Control - Wake up at your own pace!!
  • Local Weather, News, Traffic, Radio and Multiple Alarms!! 
  • Set custom MP3 alarm music!!!! 
  • Customize your Background Picture!!!!
  • QUICK TIMER!!!! Set up alarms in two clicks!!!

This is definitely an app to check out to help you wake up each and every day. I would like to see in future updates the snooze buttons to be a little bigger (when you're groggy you can't always see the tiny print) and a little more variety when it comes to default options. Other than that it's a really cool app. I was able to enter in the URL to my local radio station and it streams perfectly and sounds great. Plus you get all of these features for FREE. Head on over to BlackBerry App World and try it out. I do recommend resetting your PlayBook after installing in case you experience any bugs. 

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Todays Alarm Clock  

Todays Alarm Clock - Full Screen 

Reader comments

Todays Alarm Clock - a free and must have alarm clock app for the BlackBerry PlayBook


I agree, this is a must-have alarm clock on the PlayBook, I paid for other alarm clocks before I knew this was the best and free for download on AppWorld. Nice

This app is great and yet still has a lot of potential! I love the various functions: the streaming radio in which you can ADD YOUR OWN STATIONS (make sure you have the url for listening to the broadcast), local news, traffic info and advanced weather forecasts. SN: It's funny to see that the local traffic outlook is provided by Google and not Bing!

It allows to hear the current time, weather and streaming radio station by tapping each area of the screen. The fact that you can listen to the streaming radio in the background while accessing the time and headlines and traffic is outstanding! You can control playback of the radio by hitting the "stop" or "play" buttons located inside that feature.

The default selections for the time display themes are not the greatest but I hope future updates allow for modification/selection of better looking themes. You can change the background to whatever picture you have in your media on your playbook which is a nice bonus. Only thing that needs to change is the date format from DD/MM/YY to MM/DD/YY or allow the user to adjust to own needs. It can be confusing when reads "08/01/2012" meaning 8th January, 2012 but it looks like August 1, 2012. This seems like it can be a great app to display while the PB sitting in the charging dock.

Even though it requires the app to currently remain open and running to get full appreciation of it's functions, I would recommend getting this app and maybe even making a donation (via the PayPal link in the settings page) to keep the updates coming. It can only get better!

I like it I use it with my dock charger, but once in a while I get a network error message and get a white screen. Whats up with that

Possibly intermittent network issues. I suspect that if the signal is interrupted, you will probably have such an error. Just IMO.


This does everything you could hope for in an alarm clock (LOVE the quick timer... perfect for power naps!).

Aesthetics and UI are a little rough, and I hope they work on that (Cassandra, for instance, is gorgeous but has nowhere NEAR the functionality). Function way outweighs visual polish though. Great job!

I agree, this is a great app, especially for free. I was using it since the PlayBook came out.

Like you said though, the Aesthetics and UI are a little rough. I finally caved and bought Antair and then Clock XR.

Clock XR is easily my favorite (and probably my most used app). It doesn't have news and traffic, but the alarm and theme options are fantastic. The UI is quick and clean and easy to use.

My two favorite things about it is: swiping the screen to dim the brightness and setting the alarm fade up time--I can't live without that!

wow if apps like this would be standard on pb or bb + for free or a small/below 1$, rim would have any problems.

this app is really cool! if i still using it next week i will donate.

does the google ad is working on your decides? on my pb it does not show me ads.

Sounds good...I'll try it.

My pet peeve with clock apps is that they are too bright. The bedside mode on my 9900, even when dimmed is bright as a nightlight and bothers both me and my wife while trying to drop off...

well i must say the option to customize the DIM level is a spectacular feature on this. they thought of almost everything in this app!

I agree with every one I was totally surprised on how great this app is on a everyday use, just don't turn off the app when you set it up to wake you. It wont turn it self on and activate like I was expecting one early morning. Other than that a must download!

Best free alarm clock app for PB currently ...period
Added functions, customisation of background screens , alarms and integrated weather forecast such a bonus!

This is the best app on PB I have seen so far. This is a #1 App, Blaq is a close #2.

This app is the type of apps I am looking for with my PB. I cannot simply believe its free??

Whoever made this needs to put out more apps and make their money. This is high quality stuff.

I've been using this for a little while now, pretty nice app but I can never get it to change the background image, it just says loading image... & nothing happens. It'll stay like that for a while until I exit the whole app & go back into it, oh well, if anyone has gotten that to work let me know because I would like to change the default image. I've also tried changing the default alarm sound to a sound that's on my PB but when I do nothing happens, no sound at all, if anyone has any suggestions again let me know. I sent the company an email but didn't hear back. Like I said I DO like this app, but I wouldn't mind adding my own personal touches to it if I could.

I have been using this one for a while and it does all that it advertises, which is all I ask for in a product. Highly reccomend this.