Today Plus Themes For Your Storm!!

By Bla1ze on 8 Mar 2009 11:28 am EDT

In my hunt for a nice speedy Today Plus theme for my Storm I was checking out the CrackBerry App Store to see if there were any that would be fitting and to my liking. To my surprise, I found exactly what I was looking for. A nice, sharp looking, speedy business-like theme that was functional, yet different at that same time.

Today Plus Hidden and Standard from JC Designs-GadgetBean are great themes that are now available for the Storm which incorporate an awesome look from the Bold being the highlighted icons when chosen, which are surprisingly missing from the Storm. The theme overall is speedy and the "hidden" dock options built in are great for that business look I was hoping to find, it hides all my messages and calandar dates when not in use but has them readily available when I need at just a touch of the screen, which leaves my screen looking nice and organized when not in use.

If a clean yet functional theme is what you are needing for your Storm, check out Today Plus Standard (shows today options all the time) and Today Plus Hidden (hides the dock and today functions until called upon) you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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Today Plus Themes For Your Storm!!


It looks very nice, but I'd rather not spend $7 when there are similar themes for free. And some of the Today themes I've tested have been a little buggy. I'll revisit the Today themes when Plazmic isn't in BETA anymore.

I'm not sure why anyone would pay for themes that have been created by beta software. I also don't understand how anyone could sell something beta and have a clear conscience.

Don't get me wrong, I am sure they have spent a lot of their time to create these, but they are beta.

I would, and will, pay for themes when Plazmic is no longer beta, but while it is beta there are too many risks involved.

This is just my opinion of course.

All of these developers selling themes right now with the beta Plazmic will allow customers to upgrade to the non Beta version when RIM releases it. So instead of waiting forever you can get it now and upgrade when the full one gets released. Nothing wrong with that IMO. doesn't control what developers upload for sale to Mobihand (who powers the ShopCrackBerry app store) and themes for the 8900 and Storm have been allowed to date.

The big thing is that developers will allow anybody who purchases these themes to upgrade down the road for free, so if you purchase any beta Plazmic-built themes and a bug or anything like that is present, you will be able to upgrade for free when the developers release updates to them. So if you want to purchase now vs. waiting, that option is present.

I think ideally we just all want RIM to get this officially released!

love the way this theme looks. the only thing stopping me from buying are:

-no free demo... whats that about?
-i dont know if the messages marker on the screen can be removed, because i would want to remove it.
-i dont like the battery life percentage

I see this all the time and I have to wonder..

How exactly would one like to have a "demo" of a theme, maybe make one screen with a black background and black font so ya can't see anything, cause ya know...that would be really useful?

Demo of a theme..let's be realistic here. You just want something for free or cheap, I can relate to that because of all the free trials given away for BB applications, but the logic is fail cause no one has ever given a "demo" of a theme for a reason, the logic behind it just does not work, it's not as if a timer can be set to make the theme stop working.

7 bucks is ridiculous and where's the guarantee that it will be updated when the offical Plazmic comes out?

$7 for a theme that has the same default icons with some minor changes?
The today screen looks great very creative but its like only doing 50% of the theme

Great job on this theme. I just purchased it and am very happy with it. It's snappy and customizable.

People: most of the money that you pay for these things goes to helping with incentive for the author and to create updates and or new themes. It would almost be impossible and not cost effective to allow a theme to be "tried" first. That is why none of them are I'm pretty sure.

- Chris

I paid for it because $7 for something that I will use for a long time isn't bad, the only problem is that I paid this morning and I didn't receive any email with a download link until now, maybe because it is sunday but I wanted it.

It is beta but when they have a final version they will let me upgrade without a fee so I don't see problems with it...

Me too, I also paid for it early yesterday evening, have yet to receive anything from the seller. I am giving them 24 hours from the time of the sale. If nothing I will be filing a complaint with Pay pal and crackberry store.

Awesome Theme! I just downloaded it and it's very clean. I love how it leaves more of the Storm's HUGE screen visible at the home screen!


For the Standard Version:

Upper right hand corner Icon = Slot 1
Bottom Dock Icons = Slot 2 to 5

For the Hidden Version:

Upper right hand corner Icon = Slot 1
Left 3 Icons = Slot 2 to 4
Bottom Dock Icons = Slot 5 to 8


JC Designs -

If I paid for the theme, and when come to upgrade official OS, will I still able to use the theme I paid for?

I bought this theme and it will not download, and now it states that I have already downloaded, I have not down loaded. No one from support had emailed me yet. help please!

I like it for what it does - expose my screen art and give me pop-up icons for my most common tools.
Calendar and email previews are pretty good.

* Why repeat the slot 1 icon in both the upper right corner and the top of the left panel group?
* Calendar is a bit slow. If I add a calendar item it is immediately reflected in the preview on the theme. BUT if I delete an item it hangs around for a while on the preview.
* Other icons don't update properly
- Sound profile shows the "off" icon (red x) when it is set to phone calls only.
- Weather bug - at least in the bottom tray - doesn't reflect the actual "real time" weather bug icon. It is 9:20am EST and it is still showing moon and clouds while the real icon is showing sun.

* Why repeat the slot 1 icon in both the upper right corner and the top of the left panel group?

the message shortcut on the left panel group is set there and cannot be changed. slot 1 only goes to the upper right corner, so if you have your messages in slot 1 you will have 2 shortcuts.

I purchased this on Friday. Love it! Over the weekend I recieve an update on the theme. V1 > V1.01.

Well, after I've paid for the theme (hidden version), I still haven't received a link to download and it has been 12 hrs. already. What's going on? Is the server down or something? Need some help here.

love the design and how it is layed out but i just have a couple problems that hopefully can get fixed i have the espn quick launch icon and it wont show the E it just shows a blue folder and weather bug is not supported either it gets cut off and doesnt show the temperature. Also lets say i get a text message and i click on the message from the today screen and after i click it and turn my phone into landscape mode it goes to home with all my icons anyone else having these problems?....

I too am having problems with weather bug cutting off the temp. On the home screen it says that I have 2 text messages but when I click there is nothing in the inbox. I believe we have 30 days on products, is this correct?

I also like the theme because it displays your entire wallpaper picture which is cool... The only problem I have seen so far is that my home screen icons don't update. For instance, I wanted WeatherBug in the upper corner so I can always have a visual on what the weather looks like, but the only problem is the icon on the home screen never update. On the app screen it will display a cloud or sun or whatever, but once its placed in slot #1, then it always stays the default bug or whatever. Another instance is the red star never goes away once I read an SMS message or something like that. On the app screen it is gone, but on my home screen it is not

Just thought I would let you know... Otherwise looks nice. I like the light up icons as opposed to the blue box to show selections and I like being able to see my entire wallpaper art.

I downloaded this theme yesterday, and I must say that I'm a really big fan! I had a tough choice deciding between the Bold and the Storm a few months ago, and one of the things that I loved so much about the Bold was the slight glow of the icons. It's nice to have that on this device, and it looks really good on the Storm's beautiful screen.

*Im having the same WeatherBug issue as everyone else, it seems to not update the icon when the time of day changes. For those of you curious as to how you see the temperature...all you have to do is hover your finger over the icon and the temperature will show at the bottom of the screen.

For those of you who want the glowing icons WITH the normal blackberry storm theme (Precision Zen), all you have to do is download this theme (I have the standard version) and activate it. Then go to your full menu (by hitting your blackberry button), click options, and change your home screen rows to 3. If you do this you'll go back to Precision Zen (although it says that you're in this theme, and if you change your rows back to 2 you will be) and you'll also have icons that glow. I found this by mistake, and I thought it was pretty cool.

Anyways, looking forward to some updates, especially for weatherbug. Would be cool to be able to fit 1 or 2 more apps at the bottom of the homescreen too! Hopefully something like that could get worked out. LOVE THE THEME THOUGH. GREAT WORK!

NOTE: I installed the Standard edition

I was really happy to see this theme become available and used it for 24 hours before removing it due to the following issues:

-Sound profile shows the "off" icon (red x) when it is set to phone calls only and you have touched hear the top of the screen.

-Fairly serious memory leak issues however this may be due to plazmic and not the theme itself as it is still in beta

-SMS messages that have been sent don't get removed from the home screen unless you delete them. (Emails seem to work fine)

The only issue that may be hard to fix is the memory leak one but as I said above we might just have to wait for a non-beta build for this specific issue to get solved.

I'm really looking forward to seeing these issues resolved so that I can start using it again.

I don't know if this problem is only happening to me but the icons in the home screen does not update the information like battery, weatherbug, messages icon, sms icons...

If my battery when i turn the phone is at 60% it will stay at 60% no metter how long I'll have the phone runing until the battery dies.

How should I fix that? This is really annoying...

I downloaded the hidden theme and I noticed that the little red asterisk doesn't show up on the home screen icons whenever I get a new message. That kinda sucks. Its like however the icon is when you move it to the home screen is how it shows up indefinitely unless you move it again. Can this be fixed?

I downloaded the hidden theme and I noticed that the little red asterisk doesn't show up on the home screen icons whenever I get a new message. That kinda sucks. Its like however the icon is when you move it to the home screen is how it shows up indefinitely unless you move it again. Can this be fixed?

I had the same problem...

The red asterisk doesn't show, the battery will always be in one especific level, it won't change....

Another thing I noticed that wasn't mentioned is how the black squares or spaces (whatever you call them) behind the icons are different when you change from portrait to landscape. I like the slightly different design that shows up behind the icons on the app screen in portrait mode. The thin blue line under the highlighted icon shows up in portrait and landscape, and I like this little touch. It makes it easier to know when third party apps are highlighted. I know this is very minor, but I am a perfectionist and I did PAY $7.00...

I paid for this the other day and got it the next (it says in the instructions to allow for up to 24hrs). I downloaded it this morning and quickly got used to it.

What I like:

*It is quick.
*Allows your wallpaper to be fully viewed (the home screen is not constantly cluttered)
*Icons light up (only BB standard icons, not 3rd party apps)
*3 icons are always displayed on home screen and out of the way (1 that's customizable and the messages & sound profile icon)
*total of 10 different icons can be on the home screen (8 customizable)

What could be changed/ fixed:

*more hidden app icons on home screen (such as 8 or more on the bottom)
*the icons could be bigger (especially on the left side - why not especially if you can hide them)
*Pressing the home screen does not bring up the application screen
*$7 is a bit much, but as long as updates are free, $7 is no problem.

All and all I am happy with this theme.

Thanks JZ Designs-GadgetBean!

..thats text messages/messages don't show up on the home screen like pictured. The calender does, but not messages.

I have the exact same problem. Anyone know how to fix this. Calender is the only thing that will list on my home screen. Messages and SMS/MMS will not list like in the video..
Thanks in advance

anybody knows where i can get a trial copy before buy it?

seems a lot of buggy on this theme

Does it work in theOS I found out that there are some error on the message alert/notification sound. When there was incoming message, there was no alert/notification

I absolutely love this theme. The information that's most critical to me (messaging, sms & upcomming calendar events) are displayed clearly and concisely on my home screen.

The only issues I've experienced after 6 months of use are with os v 5.328 - white bands on left and right margins of home screen in landscape view. A search @ Crackberry revealed many themes experienced this prob w/ o.s. upgrade.

J.C. cust. support very quick to get back with a temp fix on this o.s. issue

I want to download this new theme for my Storm but i want to know if anyone knows why the top screen says AT&T. Can that be changed or is that something that is stuck on there because I'm sure that everyone with the Storm has it on Verizon. Don't get me wrong I don't mind the AT&T log on there. I would just like to know if it can be taken off of there. Thank You