Today Only: LaterDude Pro on Sale for 99 Cents

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Sep 2009 11:53 am EDT
LaterDude Pro on Sale for 99 cents

One of the key differences between RIM's BlackBerry App World and our own CrackBerry App Store is that in our app store developers can set pricing as low as 99 cents (if they want to) and can also run their own promotions (pricing and promos set/initiated by the developers themselves). In addition to our CrackBerry Deal of the Day, there is also the Special Offers page in the app store which shows all of the items currently on sale.

A great app currently on sale till the end of today is LaterDude Pro. If you haven't checked out this 5-star rated app yet, you can read  our CrackBerry review here or jump over to the product page at the link below for more info and customer reviews.

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Today Only: LaterDude Pro on Sale for 99 Cents


Oh boy... does this mean we've been running too many contests around here? When we start getting contests on non-contest posts? :)

Ahh well. Don't plan on slowing down on freebies anytime soon. It's our way of giving back.

I ordered, paid, confirmed, and downloaded, but it says that "You are using the Demoversion. You can only use the application 10 more times." and sure enough, the countdown is going down as I use it? WTH?

Same thing happened to me, it is the full version, just some additional steps to finish registration.

Here's what you need to do:
Go back to your email confirmation from Crackberry and find the activation code next to your PIN.
Copy this code and go back to later dude and hit the menu button, select Register.
Paste it in the appropriate field and click the back key to register.

Hope that helps!

Got it! Thanks! and for the record, I emailed support and Fabian emailed right back with these instructions, too. So Kudos. This is going to be a GREAT app that will save me!

I havent DL'ed yet but I have heard many good things. If you arent already follow Fabian on twitter, you should do so! He is always tweeting about new updates and asking for suggestions for his latest apps along with application support


What's up with this not being compatible with the Tour? And when it is, will it ever be 99 cents again????

When I bought this program I didn't think it was going to become such an essential program; however, I now find myself relying on it ALL the time. If you've wanted a reliable way of reminding yourself of anything, this is the program for you! I'm glad I dl'd the app. and you will be too.

You can't make it 24 hours?

I check here every day and this wasn't up yesterday morning. Now I miss it?