T-Mobile backtracks on removal of corporate discount for existing customers

By Rich Edmonds on 2 Apr 2014 03:05 am EDT

We may have had to deal with the usual April articles yesterday, but one that stood out from all the jokes was T-Mobile’s plans to scrap corporate discount from Simple Choice plans. The mobile network has today confirmed a partial reversal, allowing only existing customers to retain their discount. Sorry, new subscribers.

Those who take out new rate plans will be met with a T-Mobile gift card worth $25 when purchasing a new device, while those who are already with the network will be able to continue with their general bill savings. It’s a positive move, especially since discounts from T-Mobile have been up to 15 percent, depending on where you work.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere previously wrote the following in a blog post:

"The old programs were designed to help big carriers close big corporate contracts, with employees as bargaining chips. We aren’t playing that game anymore. This change is about simplifying wireless for everyone… including employees of small and large companies alike."

As well as the T-Mobile alterations to plans for existing customers, BlackBerry has opted to halt dealings with the network. This move comes after a rather strained relationship between both parties.

Does this partial reversal help you out at all?

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T-Mobile backtracks on removal of corporate discount for existing customers


Yeah I have no words for this clown. I'm sure enough people complained about this stupid and horrible decision. 1 less thing for me to Bitch about when I call them this Saturday.

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They need to back track leaving BlackBerry. Both are struggling companies. They could come to a mutual agreement.

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'cept it would be up to BlackBerry to backtrack. BlackBerry is the one not renewing the licensing contract.

Tmob don't know what the hell they want to do. BB and T-Mobile will join again in the future but as if now they need to be apart.

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See here, this is how it's done. Hattrick and room to wiggle. ;-)


Next time, maybe.

Regarding T-Mobile, I just have no words for this kind of behavior. Big announcement, "We don't play that game", and then back-pedalling when the outcry is there.

Was this also a reaction to BlackBerry's move? No corporate accounts with discounts anymore? No good for biz. What kind of message does T-Mobile want to convey?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Just another screw up by John Legere as he tries to pump and dump T-Mobile. I guess John isn't happy with the bottom basement prices vulture capital wants to pay for this dying business model.

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Seems to me like they just want to save money has nothing to do with the customer. They made a profit from the last plan, just not enough. They seem to be back peddling a lot.

You have to go to your local T-Mobile and ask them to change your plan to add in the extra data they advertised. Otherwise they won't up your data plan

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Thanks for the reminder... I forgot all about that increase, probably because I thought it would be automatically adjusted.

I don't think that's a bad move at all! TMO has one of the cheapest plan in the US market! If you have 5 lines, ur paying $110 and you get unlimited talk, unltd domestic and international texting, 1GB of 4G LTE data then speeds throttles to 2G speed, as well as free unltd roaming data with free texting while roaming. Calling $0.20 while roaming. What else you want for $110 for 5 lines? 10% or 15% more discount? Seriously? I'm a great Fan of John Legere! He is a true competitor for other service providers! He is unstoppable! Whatever changes other service providers are bringing that is just to compete TMO, and still they are close to nowhere!

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You get what you pay for with T-Mobile, and what you get is a substandard network. 2G throttling? Most of their network is barely better than 2G service. Hopefully this will be the beginning of Deutsche Telekom bringing their US cousin back in line.

As a business owner covering an area from Harrisburg, PA to outside of Washington DC I looked at T-Mobile as a potential provider and their prices were good, but for the coverage I'd get it made no sense to go with them. Why should I have to rely on public wifi just because they can't upgrade their network service?

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That's actually really complicated and I thought Canadian providers were bad.

I'm on northern tel (bell) NY wife an i pay 65 a month each for a Z30 and Q10 on 2 yet contact. Free voice mail, caller ID etc. Free unlimited long distance in Canada, unlimited text, and 2 GB of data each that is sharable.

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T mobile needs to stop playing games. Tricks are for kids and I think t mobile is a network for kids. Therefore, good for BlackBerry on their move.

When you go black.....you the rest


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I'm with ya. Thankfully I switched to Verizon when I got my Z10, and they tend the be very fair to BlackBerry. Also their network is hard to top. I went from T-Mobile to Sprint when they broke a promise to me. Then Sprint wouldn't get service at my work at all, so it was to Verizon I went. The increase in price was well worth it for the increase in coverage and bandwidth.


Can they backtrack on the cut of relationship too? Not cool on April's Fool

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I pay 110 monthly for unlimited everything for me, and my girlfriend has unlimited talk and text, but 5 gb of data. A coworker on Verizon pays about 123 for unlimited talk and text, with 5gb of data, with our 35 percent discount.

Honestly, I usually get service everywhere. My LTE is faster than Verizon and AT&T. My plan is cheaper right now. I have the incentives to stay a t-mobile customer, but Legere is a tool, so I might leave anyway.

John Legere is a douchebag.

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So you would go spend more money somewhere else because you're not a fan of the CEO?

Talk about major butthurt.

This does help me since I'm with T-Mobile on a BlackBerry Z10. I just starting yesterday looking around for a new carrier after I heard that I would be loosing my 15% savings. If they had taken that away from me, I would have switched to Sprint who would have given me a 21% off corporate discount for who I work for. It still would have cost me about $5 more than what I'm paying now with T-Mobile, but would be less than what my rate would be with a 15% increase to my T-Mobile bill.

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This reversal helps me. I am getting a nice 15% discount and I was none-too-happy when Legere announced plans to end it.

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It's not about the crash, it's about the CASH

(...they'd miss out on, when peeps jump ship)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

T-Mobile...there's the door...don't let it hit you in the a$$ on your way out...mudda muddas...

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

It helps me know that T-Mobile doesn't really think about their customers before they do anything. This is example 2 in less than a month now of do first then react to customers instead of research the topic, see how customers might react then decided on a decision...I am glad I never have and never will make them my carrier of choice.

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Legere is a clown. I was excited about TMo when he started all this uncarrier business. Gave a lot of good stuff but then he started taking back - "tweaking" the Jump Program (make it worse), boasting about choice but refusing to stock Blackberry (watering down my Jump membership) and now this embarrassment. It would be something else if the network is good but it really wasn't. So I went back to AT&T which has an excellent network, and I actually pay less a month, albeit with 2GB of data instead of 2.5GB (which I only use 1GB of anyway). Once he stops making money he'll be thrown out.

"DISCOUNTS" it's so funny how we all line up and pretend like we are getting a deal....it's about time someone with a little more leverage than the average customer fires back....get'em Mr. Chen, we will support you!

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It's all good. Once people have had enough, they'll move on and possibly take their friends and family with them. I would imagine that

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They are showing their (magenta) stripes. They truly are the UN-CARE-ier (don't-care-ier?)

I echo the comments of many above, who want to remain productive using their tool of choice. So, I will likely start research on a new carrier so I know where to go, once BlackBerry has a phone I want to upgrade beyond my Z10.

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If you all think T Mobile CEO should Fired...? post Your Fired!!!!!! Let's see how many people agree...? LOL

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They should also end with att. Because att won't allow me to upgrade to 10.2 and enjoy all the android apps, I'm bring back my z10. Also once my att contract is up, I'm switching to Verizon.

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Wow, they have turned T-Mobile from the best BlackBerry carrier in the US to the worst in one year.

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If that's the case, when the new blackberry's come out I'm leaving tmobile. That's rediculous.

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Affects me. Get discount through wifes employer. (Education) she has iPhone 5 in have Z10. Been with TMO since they bought Voicestream. Have wifi calling and have downloaded leaks in the past. I can't leave until next April anyway we'll see what's out there then. I had my Bold 9700 forever and have no reason to upgrade until they come out with a better screen -1080. Wish we had google play services and BBM Video chat cross platform two missing links for me.

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T-MOBILE 's Legere seems to be heavily ego driven. Misstep such as this will continue from them.

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I can see now that BlackBerry is done with t mobile, and att is behind without 10.2, the only us carrier is Verizon.

Bringing back my z10. Really upset but this is the last straw with BB. BlackBerry is officially done in the US.

I hope they come back but I don't see it happening.

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Great! I just bought my Z10. Not only do I get the $100 discount that BlackBerry is offering this month, I've been with T mobile for 10 years...

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Biggest collection of Whiners that I have ever seen on one thread. I have been with T-Mobile since the Voicestream days (except for a brief, failed experiment with Sprint). T-Mobile is hands down the better of the two in the Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA area. I would have been bummed to lose (not "loose", illiterates!) yet none of the diaper loaders posting here can make a compelling case for one class of customers paying a lower rate for the same service by virtue of having the "right" employer.

I can't speak to Legere's performance as CEO but screeching for someone's ouster from behind the veil of anonymity on the Internet is not exactly a profile in courage.

Via CB10, Z10 rocking official 10.2.1

T MOBILE network here in DFW is stellar. LTE zooms. On a good rate plan. I'll be on T-MOBILE for a bit. However.....I will BYOD.

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