TiVo Application Launches for BlackBerry Smartphones

By Bla1ze on 29 Sep 2009 11:54 pm EDT
TiVo Application Launches for BlackBerry Smartphones

Well, it's been a long time coming but RIM and TiVo have finally released their BlackBerry application and I have to say, it seems to have been well worth the wait. This should make a lot of TiVo owning Blackberry owners out there happy. A dedicated application to handle things on the go is great, much better than the TiVo mobile site, and with a lot more functionality. Some key features for you:


    TiVo for BlackBerry smartphones is designed to allow BlackBerry smartphone users to perform the following tasks:

    • Browse television shows available on TiVo® service
    • Configure TiVo for BlackBerry smartphones to select from a list of available TiVo Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) wirelessly using the BlackBerry smartphone
    • Record television shows to be viewed at a later time
    • Set 1-Click recording options
    • Get a Seasons Pass™ to a television show
    • Search the programming guide based on show title, actor, director, keywords, and category
    • View recommended television shows based on current searches

    Note: TiVo for BlackBerry smartphones is currently only available in Canada and the United States.

    Aside from just releasing the application, RIM also posted a bevy of knowledge based articles to help get everyone started on using it. Be sure to check em all out. You can grab the TiVo application from BlackBerry App World. Be sure to let us know what ya think of it in the comments.

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    TiVo Application Launches for BlackBerry Smartphones


    Doesn't matter, it won't work with DirecTV Tivo's anyway. No worries, we've already had this capability with DirecTV's DVR, just go to m.directv.com. You can even schedule your DirecTV Tivo from there, if you still had it. :)

    DirecTV's DVR Scheduler is not very nice and the couple of times I have tried to schedule something it doesn't record. I like the new Tivo Scheduler but I can't use it with DirecTV. I hope DirecTV takes notice.

    Hubby told me he was going to buy me a new Tivo HD for my birthday....I was going to order it today but never got around to it....I will for sure get around to it tomorrow!!!!

    sweet little app. This is alongside wonderful remote (wifi tivo remote control app) gives us full control over TiVo from the 'berry.

    wont download on my tour either, but i got a notification to update appworld to but it wont do it. I think blackberry.com is down because it wont load on my comp or bb

    i bet ive sent tivo half a dozen emails over the last year or so asking when this is going to be ready. FINALLY!!

    your link to app world doesn't work...i get there and ask it to send it to my email address then it gives me an error

    Be nice if Time Warner can figure this out. I'm sure there are plenty boxtops that do some great things if they move like tivo did on this one.I would love to controll my cable, on my b

    Aloha nui Loa, no Tsunumi today in Hawaii

    I was able to download this from Appworld on my Tour just fine. Even running OS 5. I don't think it offers much more funcationality than the mobile site, but its much prettier.

    Perhaps the password it is asking for is your account password from TiVo.com.

    BTW, in the knowledge base articles, it says to go to mobile.blackberry.com/tivo to download. That link doesn't work. Trying to find via appworld now....

    The app is great.

    A couple of points I noticed, some good, some not as good:

    1) When you do a search (via title, keyword, whatever) it restricts the results to the data specific to your lineup. For instance, if you search for Entourage, and you don't have HBO (or not flagged on your TiVo as a "channel I receive"), you will not get search results.

    That's great!

    2) "Daily Picks" and "Most Popular Shows" is not resticted to your data/lineup. But if you then select it and choose "upcoming episodes", it will correctly say "there are no upcoming episodes on your TiVo DVR".

    That's ok.

    What I would like to see added to the app at some point would be a guide, a la the live guide you see when you press the guide button on your TiVo Remote. This would be a nice way to see what is coming up on TV "tonight".

    I would also like to see them build in some of the functionality that they have been working on adding to the TiVo website where you can see your actual To Do List and Now Playing List. Though there have been reports that that has not been a perfect implementation. Either way, would be nice to see that added at some point.

    Great work TiVo for getting this pushed out!

    I'm guessing this does not work with tivo software provided by comcast or another provider, since there is no account user name or password to go with the service. That's what I have and I can't log in because I have nothing to log in with. If someone in my situation gets this working please let the rest of us know how to get it going.

    anyone got an alternate dl link for those of us running OS 5.0 on our Curve 8330s since we can't use BB app world?

    would work if i could load the appworld. gives me an error saying it cannot connect to the bb servers :(

    The link I posted was just from browsing the web address, no need to load the appworld app.

    But the OTA linky above should work

    I downloaded and installed via BB app world. Now it say run, but it will not run. Cannot find the icon anyway to start the app. Have done a soft and hard reboot to no luck. Any ideas? Next going into the desktop manger to uninstall and reload. Thanks, Mike

    Uninstalled via desktop manger and reloaded via web link above www.blackberry.com/tivo . It downloaded, installed and ran. Used my email login / password and it shows both of my Tivos. Nice app and much better than the mobile tivo website.

    ATT has FiOs...It's called "ATT uverse". Not available everywhere but awesome service. PM your address to me, I can check if you're available. I work for ATT

    This is a good idea. The only thing is I can't think of one person that I know that owns a tivo. All tv providers now have DVR. Maybe next step would be launching a blackberry app for each service provider that has DVR service.

    Even better, this does nor require a Series 3 of HD model!

    With COX onDemand, I can not fast forward through the commercials.

    I'm gonna marry BOTH my Bberry and my TiVo, and we're gonna have little BiVo babies. If society can't handle that, then I'll just have to cancel my season pass to daily life as we know it.

    Downloaded with no problems and works great on my Tour. Yes, many cable/satellite providers now supply DVR's, but they can't hold a candle to Tivo's functionality - and here's another example of that.

    Has anyone been able to download this?? I tried, but I have the Tour on Verizon and it said that it was not compatible with either my phone or my carrier. Has anyone else ran into this problem?? Is this another app Verizon won't let us get?? :(

    It doesn't work after the new update to app world. If you uninstall, then reinstall the .15 version and it worked!

    Download and login went great on my storm. The touch navigation was excellent and very visually appealing. The big issue is that every time I try to do anything substantial - like search for or record a show - it tells me that my session is "timed out" and that I have to log in again. Unfortunately, this makes it useless. Maybe this is because lots of people are downloading / using this right now? Hopefully things will smooth out in a few days . . . this is a great feature and I really hope it eventually works.