Tired of Waiting for Verizon to Make 5.0 Official? We Got It. Leaked: OS (and .327) for the BlackBerry Storm 9530!

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Oct 2009 09:46 pm EDT
OS and OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530

* Update 3: LOL.. that was fun for 24 minutes. LOOKS LIKE THE OFFICIAL IS UP! Check your Desktop Manager Software! *

* Update 2: Looks like megaupload is letting the file download again... keep tabs on the comments in case the link doesn't work for you anymore *

* Update: wow... looks like megaupload has some sort of attack system in place.  The .238 file got 243 downloads in about 30 seconds, and I think we must have tripped some sort of hacker attack alert as they've temporarily suspended the file (it's still in the account). Watch the comments below for download mirrors. *

So it's Sunday night, October 25th, and we know BlackBerry Storm 9530 owners are sitting on CrackBerry by the thousands waiting for Verizon to officially release OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530. Leaked info leading up to the this official release has been kind of weird... sometimes stating the official version would be (which we already leaked the other day) and other times stating .328. Some info put the push at 7pm EST tonight, which has passed, the change log puts it at 10pm EST (any minute now) so in true CrackBerry fashion we've dug up the goods for you so you can get a head start. At the link below we've actually got two newer 5.0 builds... and They're both running the same platform version ( so are likely near identical, so it's probably best to go for .328 but you can try them both out if you like.

The official Verizon release should drop any minute or hour now, so even hardcore Stormies shouldn't feel bad if at this point they want to hold out for the update to come through BDM. But if you want it now, you can grab the latest and greatest below!

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Tired of Waiting for Verizon to Make 5.0 Official? We Got It. Leaked: OS (and .327) for the BlackBerry Storm 9530!


i think i just accounted for 2% of Crackberrys traffic this month with how many times i have been hitting refresh!

so happy, want to touch the hiney!

Now your powerful Ninjas need to dig up the latest stuff for the other devices...I'd like to request 8330! :)

Happy installing Storm users!

Does anyone have a review of this update for the Storm and how it will make text input easier/better? I switched from the curve a month ago, and I hate typing on the storm. I am a business user and made the crucial mistake switching to the storm. Think I will be going to the tour soon if this update doesnt help. Or the DROID. Hopefully this makes typing easier.

Just be patient, there's a lot of people trying to get this file. close the page and try the link again.. Worked for me.. im 15% through the download already.

downloading the 328 now. first half of the download it was steady at 1mb/sec but then slowed down to about 300 kb/sec

Keep getting an error message that "another installation is in progress" and then the install error message loops. Nothing else running ... hmmmm, corrupt download from Megauploaud??

Sure sounds like it ...

Duped again. After 9pm CDT and no upgrade. I figured as much. Goodnight as I have a real job that starts at 4am and I am done waiting on Verizon to fart. Thanks CB for the leaked links.

ITS ON BLACKBERRY DESKTOP MANAGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just plugged my Storm into the computer and Device manager just started to update it to 5.0, so excited!

I cant wait to finish this update I have been waiting all day for this one and I cant wait to get the storm 2 on big red and have my storm 1 as a backup

for those who aren't with verizon, you have to delete the vendor.xml file in the /commonfiles/researchinmotion/apploader directory. It also helps to disconnect your net before turing on Desktop Manager. Im on telus, and it recognized the update right away... But i uninstalled the previous 5.0.323 software first.

Cool!! A default Today theme, Visual Voice Mail icon, flick scrolling, nice.

Had to dl App World and BBM 5.0 again though.

Just got the Verizon OS upgrade and now my text messages wont work. When I try to select the SMS/MMS tab, I get an error message: Uncaught Exception: java.lang.nullpointerexception.

Please help!!!!

just downloaded it and OMG they finally added more than just one count to the ringtones for the messages!!!!!!!!!
Not bad so far faster and badass how the different screens appear.

I downloading/updating the OS 5.0 for my Blackberry Storm 9530 using BBDM and it's just hanging. It says it's downloaded 47 modules of 354 and it's been stuck there for 20 minutes. Is this anything I need to be worried about or does it just take a while to update/install? Should I stop the current download/update and try running it again? Any help would be awesome guys. Thanks!


Any news on 5.0 OS for 9500 or a better leak than .216?

Vodafone testing 5.0 for 9500 or are they busy strategizing for 9520?

I upgraded my storm to the new os and for some reason it deleted some of my apps and some dont work as well as before so iam downgrading back to the one i had before.And I am going to try to upgrade again and see if this time works better.But i do like the new changes of the new os... wish me luck

I've been running this OS now for a few days, and these are my preliminary findings:

* Major speed improvement over the previous official VZW OS
* The fade in/fade out windows are very cool
* threaded SMS is nice
* upgrading the OS luckily didn't break a lot of things. Yeah, Facebook and a bunch of other apps needed to be re-installed, but none of my paid-for apps took a hit. BBM apparently is installed, but I can't find the icon anywhere.
* My 3GStormV1 theme doesn't display correctly in landscape mode (big white bars on both edges), but ...

overall, I'm quite happy with this OS upgrade. Now I feel I can wait a little longer before I upgrade to the Storm2.