Tired of Boring Wallpaper on Your Device? Try a 3D CrackBerry Wallpaper Instead!

By Adam Zeis on 2 Mar 2010 09:51 am EST

If you're like me, you're in a constant battle with your device to find the perfect wallpaper. It seems like at least twice a day I'm running through the pictures on my phone or searching the web to find a new one to keep me happy. Well today I have a wallpaper that I'm sure will stick around on my device for a while. User brianajr88 dropped this awesome 3D design in the forums early this morning, and it even looks like some have had custom designs done up as well. The 3D logo looks great in all the different colors, but I'm still a fan of the standard orange. Head into the forums for all the download links, and thanks to brianajr88 for the awesome deisgn!

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Tired of Boring Wallpaper on Your Device? Try a 3D CrackBerry Wallpaper Instead!


I followed the link to brianajr88's blog, and was paging through. He's got some nice stuff on there, but my eTrust Antivirus didn't like that page AT ALL. Exited right quick. Maybe it was just me, but a word of caution. eTrust doesn't make many mistakes. :) Got the Blue and Silver one before I bailed though. AWESOME!

Here are a couple that you guys can try if you'd like that I made from patterns online. they're dark, so they don't clutter your screen, and they look sweet on my 8330. They're in 320X240, but holler at me and I can make them whatever size you want with PhotoBucket. Enjoy!

This is one of my favorites that I always go back to:


Can't lose with a custom NinjaBerry Wallpaper:


This is a really great one too that I made from a picture I found online:


Do what I do. I have a folder on my 9700 named Backgrounds. I downloaded the app Wallpapershifter (FREE) and selected the background folder as it's source. It randomly changes my wallpaper every ## (you specify time).

Good wallpaper here though.

i'll Definately download it and might keep it up for few hours...

but i promised my self to dedicate my blackberry wallpapers to a singer i like the most ...

Check out digitalblasphemy.com Ryan Bliss has some awesome wallpapers for pcs, hdtvs, and mobile phones. I believe that he has a bunch of mobile phone resolutions that are free for the several hundreds (thousands?) of 3D designs that he has.