Tipsy RIM employees cause chaos on Beijing-bound flight

By Bla1ze on 1 Dec 2011 06:16 pm EST

Well, it's hardly BlackBerry related but it's certainly rather funny. It seems as though two RIM employees on their way to Beijing have caused some chaos during their flight there, enough in fact -- that RIM had to issue a statement on the matter. As noted in The Star:

The incident began Monday night aboard Air Canada Flight 31, a non-stop flight from Toronto to Beijing, where the unruly passengers consumed “too much alcohol” and “disobeyed” the flight crew, according to Richmond RCMP. The Boeing 777 aircraft, carrying 314 passengers and 17 crew members was already north of Alaska, when the pilots decided to turn the plane around to unload the passengers.

After forcibly restraining the two men, the crew notified the RCMP of the decision at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, and the plane landed at about 10:21 p.m. in Vancouver. Richmond RCMP officers were waiting at the airport to arrest the men: “They weren’t necessarily fighting. They were just simply being unruly in their drunken state,’ said Cpl. Sherrdean Turley in an interview. “And in that state, they just simply weren’t listening to any direction that the flight crew was giving them.”

Because the daily direct flight between Toronto and Beijing extends for 13 hours, any unscheduled stop would put the flight crew — four pilots and 13 flight attendants — beyond the number of hours they are allowed to fly for health and safety reasons.

But the airline could not immediately get a flight crew to the Vancouver airport, so passengers were put up in a hotel overnight and then flew on to Beijing on Tuesday, arriving 18 hours late.

RIM has commented on the matter stating: "Based on the limited information available at this time, RIM has suspended the individuals involved pending further investigation.” -- Both employees have been given suspended sentences and one year’s probation, in addition to paying restitution to Air Canada of $35,878 each.

Both have also been barred from having any contact with Air Canada employees or flying that carrier during the probation period. Ouch! There is always the joke about how employees at RIM must be drunk but in this case -- it is entirely accurate.

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Source: The Star

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Tipsy RIM employees cause chaos on Beijing-bound flight


Just, LMAO!
How drunk do you have to be to do that in a flight?

Also, if all the drinks were served by the flight attendants, then the flight attendants are also to blame, I mean, come on, even bartenders stop serving or have a limit to how much to serve an individual during a short period of time.

Alcohol affects you differently at high altitude - you can't always tell that the person is drunk until it is far too late.

Yeah the altitudes will get you.

I wonder if this will affect the booze flowing at their christmas party :P

the fine is well deserved though because if I was any of the other passengers I'd be pissed ;)

We don't know all of the circumstances involved here, but one explanation might be that these two got loaded in a lounge at Pearson before they boarded the flight.


This is just what RIM needed. Hopefully this doesnt cause delays to their current works in progress.

I hope the names weren't Jim and Mike...jajaja

I'm pretty sure I could find a way to put almost $40,000 to good use. I am Canadian, and somehow employees of one high profile Canadian company having to pay restitution to another high profile Canadian company seems rather... ironic

Just send the money to me. I'll make sure I spend it wisely :)

And by wisely you mean you will be buying a playbook for everyone that posted on this thread, right? Right? Right? :)

Wow, yet again, the media attacks RIM even when its something the company cannot control and has nothing to do with the company itself. Can someone tell me why it matters who they work for?!? Its not like these two dopes are government officials or anything. Media is so pathetic.

The BIGGEST +1! people get drunk and kicked off flights daily. What was the company of those other people?? Media is skewed. This is disgusting that it made news as a RIM happening.

+1, 100% agreed. There's no reason to do the extra digging around to find out that they're RIM employees. They're simply individuals.

I did a quick check on CTV News Webiste (A Canadian Network) and in reporting the last 8 incidents like this on their site, not one, until yesterday, had any comment on the guilty party's employer.

This is funny. But it would be better if it read that it was two people kicked off the flight that just so happened to be employed by RIM. If they were in plain dressed clothes they were just two normal, albeit drunk, people on a flight. Although they should know better then that especially since they work for a high profile company like RIM.

Trust me guys, if these worked for Apple, they would have been praised and offered that money to start hosting parties. Of course, these parties would be extremely restricted until jailbroken.

I don't see it as an attack on RIM per se. Any two employees on business trip f'ing up this bad on a flight that long would have made news... it just wouldn't made it on crackberry. ;)

RIM doesn't need publicity of this sort and although the company probably had nothing to do with these two getting drunk and causing all kinds of problems the reality is that the actions of employees do reflect on their employer. Too bad and I'm guessing that when this is all finished a $35,000 may pale beside the cost to their careers.

George Campbell, 45, of Conestogo, Ontario and Paul Alexander Wilson, 38, of Kitchener, Ontario

Not Jim and Mike.

I used to be an aircraft mechanic, and this happens more than one might think. The worst is when there's a delay and they 'comp the bar' (free drinks). The plane interior is often heavily damaged on those flights. When flying remember, 1 on the ground is worth 3 in the air. Of course the crew can always don their O2 masks and raise the cabin altitude till the passengers are asleep...

I can tell you, if I was working in that plane, there would be no hesitation! I would be getting paid for this and the next flight as well as the stay plus the return flight! SO MUCH MORE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!

"Both have also been barred from having any contact with Air Canada employees or flying that carrier during the probation period."

Oh no, they aren't allowed to fly on an absolutely horrible airline!

Sure, in no way are they in the right, but if it wasn't a business trip it still bad rep for RIM and especially at a time like this. Tsk tsk. Though I find it funny still.

Must be IT nerds that never go out of their cave.
One sip of alcohol made them drunk and did silly things

These new airline policies are ridiculous. Whatever happened to getting pissed and fondling a few flight attendants?! The Rat Pack would be appalled with these policies. ;)

Not funny in the least IMHO. Flight is delayed for 18 hours and literally hundreds of people are inconvenienced over the actions of 2 selfish knuckleheads. The airline pours thousands of litres of avgas down the toilet (actually, the atmosphere) so they can be light enough to land to their diverted field, and people miss business meetings, family gatherings, connecting flights, hotel reservations, etc., because of these dorks. :(