Tipsters Confirm BlackBerry 9900 Does Exist

By James Falconer on 22 Apr 2007 04:53 pm EDT

BlackBerry 9900 Exists!?We have received multiple tips from our members recently, hinting that the BlackBerry 9900 does in fact exist. We can't confirm or deny these rumors at this time, however we haven't found any information out there to prove otherwise.

All tipsters have told us that the resolution of this new device will be larger, giving users a bigger, more vibrant screen to work on. Should be good!

We should also expect the release of the new device in late 2007 or early 2008. We will keep you posted!

Do YOU have a tip or rumor about the 9900? Let us know about it!

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Well,though I do not currently have a BlackBerry,I am looking forward to January (when my contract comes to an end) to getting one.At first I looked at the older models,then ventured to something more sleek and slim.The RIM didn't really catch my eye,but the Pearl did.I think what the Pearl has to offer would fit my lifestyle great!Then I was thinking that well although the Pearl is a very attractive model it's going to be old by the time January comes.So that's when I ventured out into cyber space to further explore possible new models coming late 2007;early 2008.That's when I hit the new 9900.Which to me doesn't seem like much till I see it.So when pictures hit the web,that's when I'll believe it.


Well, by now, I think we can conclude that it exists... Lol