Tip Calculator for the BlackBerry Storm - 20 Free Copies!

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Apr 2009 01:53 pm EDT

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Tip Calculator for the BlackBerry Storm

Cleric Software Solutions, developers of funtastic BB apps such as Fart Storm, Bubble Bust, Marble Solitaire Puzzle and Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock, have released a new app for the BlackBerry Storm called Tip Calculator. As you might imagine...it's a tip calculator, but the developer's say this is THE tip calculator you have been waiting for. Features include:

  • Split a tip between 1 and 20 parties.
  • Easily pick a tip amount.
  • Multiple rounding options to make splitting a tip easier.
  • Suggested Gratuity screen will help you determine proper tip amounts for a large number of occupations ranging from tattoo artists to taxi drivers.
  • Automatically stores last settings.
  • and it looks great!
Tip calculator sells for $3.99 but is on sale until May 31st for $2.99 (no coupon required). Unfortunately, no free trial is available. You can grab your copy here, or leave a comment to this post for your chance to win (contest ends this Thursday at MIDNIGHT PST)!

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Wow! If I had that I could keep my shoes on in the restaurant and my wife would still go out with me!


it will be very cool to have it


Nice this looks very sleek compared to the other ones out there. The competitors look like they were made in the 80's.


Me hates math, it be hard. :-) Thanks Crackberry, you rock!


This would be a sweet app to have Crackberry!


I really need this. My wife always makes fun of me because I cannot figure out a tip as fast as her.


woohoo I can so use this app


Would love to win this for my Storm...


I love this...just pick an amount...what's with calculating how cheap to be?!


Seems like a useful and easy to use program.

Greg Hare

Awesome app to have and much needed.


i'm pretty good at math. but free is always good.


I promise to tip 20% for every meal if I get this app for free !


Split a tip between 1 and 20 parties.
Easily pick a tip amount.
Multiple rounding options to make splitting a tip easier.
Suggested Gratuity screen will help you determine proper tip amounts for a large number of occupations ranging from tattoo artists to taxi drivers.
Automatically stores last settings.
and it looks great!


Something free for my blackberry............ oh yea!!!!!!

Jay Junior

This is so needed, I'm tired of showing my "skills" at the table with my guest...can you help my mathematics with a tip Calculator?


i really needed one of these. eating at sushi's bar with the co-workers can really add up!


Nice looking interface can't wait to try it out.


I'm not quick with the math (and a little cheap) and always give the wrong tip.
My wife then has to correct me and tell me the proper amount to give.
If I had this software it would save a lot of arguments.

Help save me from myself.


I'm hungry for this app and I could give you a tip on who should get this. His name starts with slap and ends in once....lol Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....lol


i am on the road all the time so i eat out all of the time. i have a cheezy tip app but want one thats as great looking as this one. I have been a storm user since it came out and have tried so many apps. appearance means alot to me for an app. this one looks great. good job!


This tip calculator is just what I've been looking for. Hopefully I'll win one!


My wife makes fun of me, but a tip calculator helps my math challenged brain.


It is a simple idea that will be used probably more than any app. We all have to eat don't we :) I wouldn't mind testing one out :)


Tip Calculator. Woot!


I like the multi-party split feature. I'm frequently out with friends and splitting the meal cost can be hard on the brain after a big meal or a few drinks.


MAAAAAAAAN, this is the feature that I miss the most from my last phone!!!!! Hook a brotha up!!!!! Since I purchased my Storm I found myself several times going to my phone for the ez tip calculator, wa wa waaaaaaa, not there.


Finally an application I can really use. I always struggle with trying to leave the appropriate amount of tip based on the bill, even worse when having dinner with friends and trying to split the bill and tip. GREAT IDEA, hope I get one of the free copies. THANX


I NEED this! I've wanted this since I got my phone. Hope to win a copy! This site rules!


What a useful app for all those birthday lunches! I'd love a copy please!


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ok i downloaded the new leak for the 9530 storm, its the best period. anyway i bout this app because it looks good to have. However when i downloaded it does not look like the pic above and it lags, the portrait keyboard pops up and does not go away.


yesss can i get it pleaseeee!


Looks like a cool app. I really like the features of this tip calculator app. Great layout on the sreen. Very handy I want one!!


So, I love eating out, and since I'm in the military we always go out to eat a bunch of Marines together. This being said, I hate not leaving a good tip for the servers because, well, all of us aren't that great at math - hence why we are made to take the "math for marines" course. Eating at a chow hall everyday gets boring!!

Thanks! :) S/F


Please enter me in the contest!


Finally a tip calculator!


This would be a good app, especially since it seems like we eat out all the time these days!!!


Geo Tip App does the same exact thing and is 100% free and you don't have to rely on some stupid fixed contest to win it.


Looks great and would love to give it a try, espically for free.


This seems like an app to have. I would love an opportunity to enjoy this as I am always taking clients to lunch and never know what to leave as a tip. Thanks for making this available with a shot to enjoy it for free!!!

Keep up the good work ... you guys are the best!!!


This is a must have app...I hope I win :)


I am always going out with large groups and this app could really, really, really come in handy. Plus, it'll give me yet ANOTHER reason to use my Blackberry Storm.


From the post on the site i like the look of the interface, Looks simple and quick to operate. I would love a free copy of this app.


Love the suggested gratuity . . . .


I need this for sure let me have it! But no pie in the face thou : )


Looks very good, looks easy. Much more pleasing to the eye than the freebie I'm using. Good job.


This is genius! I was recently at a restaurant and everyone around me whipped out some sort of tip calculator and poor me - my BB has no app for it. BUT BEHOLD! An app for my BB! Please pick me!


I really think that the calculator that helps you divided the check between several people at dinner is what I need.


It looks like one of the nicest looking and most well thought out applications for calculating tips. Congrats


I sure miss this on my old phone!