Tip Calculator for the BlackBerry Storm - 20 Free Copies!

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Apr 2009 01:53 pm EDT

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Tip Calculator for the BlackBerry Storm

Cleric Software Solutions, developers of funtastic BB apps such as Fart Storm, Bubble Bust, Marble Solitaire Puzzle and Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock, have released a new app for the BlackBerry Storm called Tip Calculator. As you might imagine...it's a tip calculator, but the developer's say this is THE tip calculator you have been waiting for. Features include:

  • Split a tip between 1 and 20 parties.
  • Easily pick a tip amount.
  • Multiple rounding options to make splitting a tip easier.
  • Suggested Gratuity screen will help you determine proper tip amounts for a large number of occupations ranging from tattoo artists to taxi drivers.
  • Automatically stores last settings.
  • and it looks great!
Tip calculator sells for $3.99 but is on sale until May 31st for $2.99 (no coupon required). Unfortunately, no free trial is available. You can grab your copy here, or leave a comment to this post for your chance to win (contest ends this Thursday at MIDNIGHT PST)!

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Tip Calculator for the BlackBerry Storm - 20 Free Copies!



teacher: who can tell me what 3 x 8 is?
me: 24
teacher: who can tell me what 8 x 3 is?

you see...i cant even "count" the ways how badly i need it.

I would love to partake in a free app so that way when I go out with friends, it wont be free for them to dine on my dime!

I am absolutely the worst person at doing math. This might actually help me leave a decent tip. Hope I can get a copy.

What a coincidence i was searching online, signed on to crackberry and say the add on the main page.
Who would of known . . .
PLEASE draw my name . . .

This would be a very nice app, considering my friends try to give me the slip while we calculate the bill, haha

I NEED a tip calculator for the storm. I teach BlackBerry Classes at Verizon Wireless and I have lots of people asking me for a good tip calculator. Usually I just refer them to the CrackBerry forums, but 1st hand knowledge would be helpful!


My friend has this and swears by it. This product is a lot better then most other calculators out there. The look and feel of it is a lot smoother then the rest. I would definitly buy!

Oh CrackBerry gods, give my DingoBerry the power to fill in for my math-lessness.

Does this thing give stock tips too? ;)

me and my family go out to eat all the time. my wife says i am cheap when i tip. I dont think so i think i beleive you should get what you deserve. This amy help me argue that i am not so cheap.

lots of times when the wife and me go out for some expensive dinners in NYC, we need the tip calculator so our cheap friends can see how much the tip really should be. we were both really let down to see that the storm didnt have a tip calc. when our previous cheap a$$ LG rumors did.

audi doctor

So what's the etiquette on tipping when someone orders a really cheap or single item when everyone else on the table orders multiple / expensive items? Does that first person have to tip the same amount as everyone else?

Pick me!! I could use this at least 1-2 times a week so the hard working waitress gets the tip she/he deserves. What a great idea.

I would love a copy of the Tip Calculator-definitely would help when I take the family out to dinner.


i needed this the other day. nice if i can have it for ffffffffffffrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, now I won't have to ask my friends who have the 'Envy' and phones of that nature to figure out the tip for our bill... Would love to win a copy of this!

Sounds like an great piece of software to have as my friends & I spend far too much time figuring out our share since neither one of us will allow the other to pay more than their share ~ LOL.

i would really love to use this when i go out to dinner. i think it will impress my girl thats not a bb lover lol.

Would love to try this out, but seems kind of expensive for what it actually does. A free copy would go a long way to changing my opinion

I eat out 5 times a week and it is embarrassing that I have to ask my wife who has a LG Dare (completely inferior to my Storm) to calculate the tip. I would love a free copy of this...

I used the tip calculator that came with my LG Env all the time. I upgraded to my new Storm three weeks ago and sadly it does not have one. I miss my tip calculator!

great idea and very use full not only for dinning out but in retail and wholesale buying with margins and commissions to be figured at anytime.

I could have used one of these yesterday! My girl mentioned it..she calls my blackberry the temptress cause I give it all the attention she should be getting apparently. At the end of dinner she goes.."Why don't you ask your little temptress, I'm sure there is some tip calculator app she uses to lure you..."

It was nerdy hot! Anyways, the description sounds good...Id love to try it

They tend to put out fun, helpful apps, but what I like most is that they are usually trouble free. I have missed having a tip calc since my old LG 3 yrs ago. This would be nice.

Wow!!! This looks really cool. Now I can keep my slacker friends honest when check comes around during our 'business lunches'. I like this app.

This looks like a nice little gadget to have for just in case your in a restaurant with some friends and your footing the bill. At least you can figure out how much you can leave for the tip.

Yeah it may not be the best free apps but free is best, at least right now for me...Please it a recession.

My wife's old phone used to have a tip calculator on it and it was quite useful. Been looking for a new one since we both got storms.

I am in the wine business and eat out a lot, and many times with multiple people. This would be an awesome application to have.

man what a great product to have it can really help. make sure you tip well waiters don't make much without it.

Awesome! I used the tip calculator on my LG all the time and was wondering if the storm would ever get something just like it. It makes life so much easier. Lol!

F that! My friends want you to pick me, so that I don't have an excuse to skip out on the tax and tip like I usually do when I go out them..have a nice day.

why are simple apps like this one free for iphone users and not for BB.... this app looks exactly like the iphone version minus the ads... hell ill take a few ads here and there instead of paying to figure out 15% of a number, i mean, there is already a calculator app inst there??


I normally don't go out to eat and it would be rare
for me to leave a tip, just kidding. Nice looking

The crew at CrackBerry did such a good job going over the features of Cleric's tip calculator I feel that I need this application. Having the gratuity screen would be
a big plus to have. My BlackBerry Storm needs this application. I need this application.
I hope to be one of the free winners ....

This would be a great app to finally shut my dead beat friends that never wanna tip a driver when we order out

I always screw up the math and get home, redo the math in my head and realize I got it wrong. Would love a copy. My local wait staff would really appreciate it! Thanks!

This app for the Storm looks great. Now we need them to make a calculator app that has a traditional button layout. The current Storm calculator button layout is awful. Cleric, you are the ones to do it.

This looks like a pretty cool little app. I used to have something like this on my LG ENV2 & would love to have it on my STORM !

This product can really help those that are mathematically challenged. I would be pleased to receive a free copy

I would love to have this on my phone. Used to have LG phone that had this. Very handy when eating out a lot. I hope I get lucky here. How do people find out if they won??

it's about time, i was going crazy that my wife has it on her iphone and i couldn't get it for my CrackBerry Storm.

It seems unnecessary. Everyone has a calculator app. BUT I used to have one of these back in my Palm Pilot days and found the tip calculator really handy. It was easy to get to when I needed it. And having all the values on one page (total cost, tax, tip, etc.) is a big help.

it's about time, my wife was driving me crazy when we go out with friends. Because her iphone has it she would just show off to everybody and say that my CrackBerry doesn't have it yet. i would love to win this app and i would rub it all in her face when the next time we go out to dinner with friends. Can you help a brother out please.