Tip Calculator for the BlackBerry Storm - 20 Free Copies!

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Apr 2009 01:53 pm EDT

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Tip Calculator for the BlackBerry Storm

Cleric Software Solutions, developers of funtastic BB apps such as Fart Storm, Bubble Bust, Marble Solitaire Puzzle and Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock, have released a new app for the BlackBerry Storm called Tip Calculator. As you might imagine...it's a tip calculator, but the developer's say this is THE tip calculator you have been waiting for. Features include:

  • Split a tip between 1 and 20 parties.
  • Easily pick a tip amount.
  • Multiple rounding options to make splitting a tip easier.
  • Suggested Gratuity screen will help you determine proper tip amounts for a large number of occupations ranging from tattoo artists to taxi drivers.
  • Automatically stores last settings.
  • and it looks great!
Tip calculator sells for $3.99 but is on sale until May 31st for $2.99 (no coupon required). Unfortunately, no free trial is available. You can grab your copy here, or leave a comment to this post for your chance to win (contest ends this Thursday at MIDNIGHT PST)!

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Reader comments

Tip Calculator for the BlackBerry Storm - 20 Free Copies!




I love this app...especially when you dine out a lot for business reasons it really helps...forget about tipping too much or too little now it will be just right....awesome app!!!!

Why on Earth would anyone pay for a tip calculator? They're nice to have but you could easily use the regular calculator (bill x 20%=, there's your tip) and NOT pay for it. dumb.

Well I have entered a few of these free giveaway offers and no luck yet, bu the motto is "if you don't comment, you can't win" good luck to me and then everyone else.

I am always going out for business trips and trying to split the bill but dont have a great looking application like this one for my storm. Pass it on my way NOW!!

Would realy like to win a copy of this usfull software to calculate tips for large gorups of people for either spliting the tab, or contributing to the tip for the table.

I had this on my LG phone and loved it soo much. I'm going to get the app either way but if i can get it for free for my storm, well that's just icing on the cake!

i always do this in my head but this would make it a lot easier and make my blackberry even more helpful then it already is. i never win anything*sigh*.

This is exactly what I need. Free Copy Please :)

Old phone had this and would use it constantly because I suck at math.

about time i have been searching all over for one and no one seem to know what i was talking about. i would love to be able to have one with my blackberry storm and am surprised it didn't come with one. this one seems a fine addition to the storm.

I hope im one of the lucky 20. I would definitely put this app in use, as i go out to eat a lot with my friends.

I travel a great deal, and always end up having to try and figure tips for different services. This would really make everything that much easeier.

I've been lucking for an tip app like this for a while. Thanks for giving some copies away!

Im soo enjoying my phone, never knew how much fun a blackberry would be till now. I love my Blackberry Storm!!!!

its about time we get some usefull apps. Come on, Storm Fart? People actually pay for stuff like that? Who hasn't struggled at least on several occations we they are out with a group of friends trying to figure out the tip and divide the bill evenly. That can take longer than dinner itself. Looks like a handy app we all could use.

I use the native BB calculator fairly often to calculate tips, and it's rather cumbersome to use. this looks much nicer.

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

This application looks like it would be wonderful fro thoseof us who go out toe at quite a bit, and also take customners out. Especially when you are going out to different restaurants and having different numbers of people on one ticket. Without having to look silly and ask someone , you just pull it up and there it is. Simple as that.
Always look forward to pulling up Crackbery everyday to see what's news in the Blackberry world that we all live in.
Thank you,
Michael Hayworth

Nice and will download, but and a big one at that.

The Apple tip Calculator is a bit more up to date and easyer to use. Make this one as cool or better.


What better thing to get for free. Then I could use the money I saved to give a bigger tip to the person that is waiting on me. :)

is it too late to win this? i need this!! my friends LG have this built in but I guess BB is too good for this free app..

I always have to ask my wife to pull out the little card she has printed out and laminated to guess the tip, this app will change our lives!!! lol.

Looks like a great app. I can't tell you how many times we have been out somewhere and my fiance had to go searching for her little tip card. With this I can just grab my storm and in a few seconds have it figured out.

i would love this, i find myself wishing the storm had a tip calculator everytime i go out. gimme gimme!

i usually stiff the waiter because I just don't know what to tip them. so by giving me this app, you are also helping all the waiters that will get their tip!!

I'd LOVE a free copy. That would be a very nice end to long, tough day. Thanks for considering.

I don't like the tip calculator...i LOVE the tip calculator! LOL This thing is ALWAYS handy!


This App looks sweet. thanks to crackberry and Cleric Software Solutions, for an opportunity to win one.

... from the looks of it. Finally an app that gives the SHARE of tip and total for each person. I had that functionally on my LG VX4500 flip phone in 2004 and not a single hanset since (including 4 different brands of "smart phones") has been able to deliver this functionality either natively or via a 3rd party app

i have the free app like this, called eztip. i use it a lot, but it definitely doesn't work well. it'd be awesome to have this app.

Please pick me I need this really bad. So I don't have to carry around another calculator devise.

my math is bad...and I believe i am too much of an over tipper. this would help me a lot :)

Thank you

Here's to giving!!

I think that this is a usefull calc. especially when dinning out with alot of friends....because paying individually and with a party someone always seems to put in more than the rest.

It would be really good to win this. After going out to dinner a lot I am tired of taking 15 minutes to figure out the tip between all of my friends.

This is a gret app! As much as I go out to eat with friends and they try to skip out on the tip, this would be nice to have. Ohh OHH oHH PICK ME!!

I'm terrible at Math and could really use something like this. Plus I've never won anything, not through the birthday festivities, or any other give-away. C'mon Crackberry don't let me down!

This would be great. I don't know why blackberry doesn't have a tip calculator as part of the standard software on the phone when purchased. Almost any other regular mobile phone I have ever purchased has had a tip calculator. If I don't win I think I will purchase this one as it looks much more user friendly than others I have tried on the Storm. Thanks for the opportunity.

I'm liking the fact that crackberry has been insane with these contests. None of the other websites I visit have as many contests as you guys. In other words, thanks for keeping your readers engaged!

This is one feature from my Dare that I miss since I switched over to the Storm. I love the phone, but it is missing some basic software, such as tips.

I'm tip-anomically inept! I NEED this! think of the poor waiters and waitresses who are getting under tipped!!! :D