Tip Calculator for the BlackBerry Storm - 20 Free Copies!

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Apr 2009 01:53 pm EDT

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Tip Calculator for the BlackBerry Storm

Cleric Software Solutions, developers of funtastic BB apps such as Fart Storm, Bubble Bust, Marble Solitaire Puzzle and Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock, have released a new app for the BlackBerry Storm called Tip Calculator. As you might imagine...it's a tip calculator, but the developer's say this is THE tip calculator you have been waiting for. Features include:

  • Split a tip between 1 and 20 parties.
  • Easily pick a tip amount.
  • Multiple rounding options to make splitting a tip easier.
  • Suggested Gratuity screen will help you determine proper tip amounts for a large number of occupations ranging from tattoo artists to taxi drivers.
  • Automatically stores last settings.
  • and it looks great!
Tip calculator sells for $3.99 but is on sale until May 31st for $2.99 (no coupon required). Unfortunately, no free trial is available. You can grab your copy here, or leave a comment to this post for your chance to win (contest ends this Thursday at MIDNIGHT PST)!

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Tip Calculator for the BlackBerry Storm - 20 Free Copies!



As a former waiter in college, I know first hand that people are generally bad tippers. This will hopefully come in handy for a lot of them.

this is great! much better than going into the calculator and trying to do everything from there...count me in to win!

Just the other day I was at a restaurant and thought to myself, "How is it that my old LG crap phone had a tip calc but my BLACKBERRY doesn't". lol this would be so useful to have.

Ever since I switched over to the Storm, I have been looking for a "great" tip calculator. The one I had on my old LG was great. It did most of what this copy provides and I used it extensively. I am looking forward to putting this version to use on my Storm. Looks great, and provides so much versatility. Can't wait to get my hands on this gem!
Keep up the great work.

My office is half blackberries and half iphones. We travel a lot and using our devices in different situations is kind of a bragging right.

In regards to calculating tips I can usually get the amount in my head before they can whip out their iphones but it would be great to show the Storm off even more.

Every time I see that commercial for the iphone app about figuring out leaving a tip I always said I wish there was one for the blackberry. And now there is, now to only get it for free will be true bliss.

As much as I eat out, this could be the most used app I have on my Storm! I like that you can split with up to 20 people and the option for rounding or not. Thanks!

Yeah, give it to me. My wife and I both enjoy eating out for the fact that all the kids have moved on to bigger and better things. But not as much as we like our Blackberry Storm's. Very nice devices after an upgrade or two. Tip Calculator would fit the bill.

I would really like the tip calculator. That's an amazing tool to have. I once tipped someone $40.00 (smh) because socializing,alcohol, and math just don't go together. Not to mention his service was average not even great!

This would be great for when I'm out with my cheap ass friends. Although, I suppose I am one also since I'm hoping to win a copy...

i like the fact that this calculates tips for occupations you dont normally tip all the time. i think i could make some room on my bb for this.

suggested gratuity screen sounds good, hopefully its icon looks clean. I don't know why tip calculators aren't free on all cellphones?

Now this is probably one I would even buy.

Been looking for one for my storm but have not liked any of the ones so far.

I like how it also includes proper tip amounts for a myriad of other occupations. Good thinking! I would very much enjoy a copy of this!

Several years ago I had a tip calculator in a phone. I used it all the time. Used to have contest with the wife who was fastest figuring the tip, me and my phone or her and her brain.

This is a must have app for me.

I'm coming from an LG Dare to the Storm and all the LG phones that I've ever had have had a tip calculator. Now that I have the Storm, I always find myself reaching for it after the check comes and press a couple buttons only to realize I no longer have a tip calculator. Bummer. This app looks sweet though. I could definitely fix my problem.

I need this app so bad because every time my friends and I go out to eat we usually put everything on one check. I like paying for the bill in the end because of my rewards CC. Everyone comes out clean on paying their part except when it comes to tipping. This is where it messes me up because I'm the one who is covering most of the tip on the entire bill. So I end up spending more! But if I had this app. I don't have to be accountable for everyones tip any more! Yay!

I have been waitinnnnggggg for a app like this, dude hook it up if you can, would greatly appreciate it.

Hey this WOULD be pretty useful. Why isn't this standard on my BB? I always have to use my wife's LG phone to figure this stuff out...

I'm constantly being ridiculed for my tip-impaired math skills. Help please! I have a family full of wait-persons who won't leave me alone!

With this app my wife can finally figure out the tip plus it gives her another excuse to use my storm

I need this app so my girlfriend can stop telling me my blackberry isn't better then her iphone when we go out to eat

wow this app would be perfect for my bold...my wife is always on me bout not tipping correctly. Guess i have no excuse now. hope i win this...

wow this app would be perfect for my bold...my wife is always on me bout not tipping correctly. Guess i have no excuse now. hope i win this...

Tip calculator = less bill bickering. This should be standard on a BB but it's nice to see developers seize the opportunity with apps of their own!

Man, out of all of the things that come with the BB, you would think that a nice tip calculator would be one of those.... but no. As a business user this would be sweet. The one app that I do not have that other dumb phones usually come with. If I could get a copy, I would be soooooo happy, plus it would save me time :P

Ill take this for free. But who is not capable of using the FREE Caculator that is loaded onto Blackberrys? This app should be no more than $0.99.

I could really use this app...my previous 2 cell phones had tip calculators in them, and I really miss the app! My wife and I eat out alot, and my baseball team goes to the bar at least once a week, and i didn't do well in math, so you gotta hook me up!! lol Thanks Crackberry!

Would be nice to win one. People in the service area work hard for their money.

Thanks for the chance to win a free copy.

of course if it's free it's for me and everyone else but with the economy the way it is who can afford to go out let alone tip

Being the older blackberry user, I feel I need all the help I can get figuring out tips for my wife and I, and would greatly use the tip calculator. I guess mentioning that I am a new crackberry fan won't help much, BUT I AM.

I would love to win the tip calculator. It would come in handy for spliting a bill. Going out on a date. Great for a Business meeting etc.

...the Tip application I have now on my storm (Tip Helper) is pretty clunky. This one looks great. I'd pay $2.99 for it...but FREE is always better :)

Being the oldest user and slow of mind I need the help in figuring tip so I don't short the server. Help an old man

This app is cool. I am getting my Storm tomorrow and would love to have an app to download right away.

Thank you,
Saleemah M.

This is a App that everyone should have.
It would be nice to have one on my Storm.

this would be great for those horrible tip leaving people that come into my restaurant and leave me $4 for a $50 bill WITH KIDS!!!

This looks awesome. I am not good at math at all and can never figure out how much to tip. My last phone ( envy) had a tip calculator and it was great. Anytime i went out for dinner, i was always using it or a friend asked me to use it. Thanks for making it!!!!!.

I <3 <3 <3 Crackberry.com!! Please, I would really enjoy this as my girlfriend and I go out to eat WAY more than we can afford.. but this is so necessary for me to have. =)

This is great! Now friends don't have to feel like they're being cheated on giving more tip than the rest. We can evenly give out the same amount and tip correctly. Am I a lucky winner?? [*_*]

I love going out to eat. But like most people I hate having to figure out tip. Would love an application like this to help out. Plus it looks cool and like the rounding up option.

I have heard great things about this program from a co-worker.

i would love to get a copy of this!! Please let me be one of the lucky ones to get a copy of this?


Nice. Looks a lot better than the last one I tried. Just when I started getting the hang of doing it manually.

Here in California, it wasn't so bad just to "double the tax" to figure out a decent tip. But now that my sales tax rate is 9.5%, that becomes the exception. I'll put this on my wife's BB to help her whenever I'm not around.