TinyController updates to version 1.2.2, slashes price tag to $4.99 - We have 25 copies to give away!

By Jared DiPane on 14 Feb 2012 02:16 pm EST
It would be pretty awesome to be sitting at your desk and be able to respond to your BBM's or text messages right from your computer, wouldn't it? We have previously taken a look at TinyController, a great application that allows you to do just that, and now the developer is pleased to announce a few updates that enhance it even further. TinyController has recently been updated to version 1.2.2, which in addition to all the great features it previously had, such as the ability to take screen shots, the ability to answer SMS and BBM, update image quality based on connection type and plenty of others they have added a few new features.

Included in the update to version 1.2.2 the developer has added the ability to scale the window to the size of the monitor you are using, so you can now view your BlackBerry display in as large a window as you prefer. In addition the clipboard now syncs between your BlackBerry and the desktop computer, the application now starts up faster than before and support has been added for Non-QWERTY devices such as the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 / 9105.

Not only has the developer brought lots of new goodies in addition to the existing ones, but they have also slashed the price tag by 50% on this update, bringing the application down to only $4.99, which is very reasonable for all that it does. If you want to make your BlackBerry experience even better and be able to respond to messages from your Windows or Mac based computer you will definitely want to check out the link below and grab a copy for yourself.

Contest: The developer of TinyController, Yohanes Nugroho, has sent us 25 free copies of the app to pass on to you guys! To enter, leave a comment below. The contest ends Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck!

More information / download of TinyController
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Reader comments

TinyController updates to version 1.2.2, slashes price tag to $4.99 - We have 25 copies to give away!



Sounds like a great app. They should come out with one for the Playbook. i like the fact that you can sms straight from your PC

I use my BlackBerry as a Realtor because its about action not distraction. To be able to BBM when on the pc without having to pull my 9930 out would be a great addition to my mobile sales arsenal.

I played with the trial version and liked it. Just didn't know if I liked it enough for $10. At $5 though, that might change my opinion. Of course, free is my favourite price!

Proud to see works from my home country featured on my BB-info-source. Cheers, and count me in!

TinyController is probably one of the top applications for Blackberry.
It just got a whole lot better and cheaper too.
Kudos to Yohanes.

Would definitely love to give this app a shot. Find myself back @ my computer more often these days than before.

I sure hope I'm not too late to enter the contest. i definitely need this. Been looking around for software like this.
Please count me in.
Hope I win a copy!

This is the app I need! Non-distracting way to use all goodness of your BlackBerry while working on computer. Brilliant!

Can I please have 1, won't enter another competition again, lol, was looking throught apps, checked rdm+, and impatica viadock, and don't seem as good as this

Sweet! i'd love a free copy! BBMing from my laptop...sweet. On a side note - CANT FRIGGIN WAIT FOR OS 2.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, as a student it is very important to have all your concentration in a single place, on my computer, and you guys know you really want to give me a copy as i have always wanted this app. That and the fact that this would be the ultimate survival app during a zombie apocalypse.... PLEASE!!!!

Have been thinking about purchasing this for a while, but to win it would be way better.
Thank for another great contest

I have always wanted this app, and the price drop is great! If I don't get a free copy I will probably just sell out the $5.

Oh, how I long to control the tinycontroller :)

This would be a most useful app for my BB 9850. I've been searching for just such a solution.

Thanks Crackberry & CompactByte!

Very nice App, especially with USB. Really hoping for one of the 25 to convert my trial to licensed. Thx to developer and CB for contest.

I already use my PlayBook to access my windows, so with this I can virtually access my 9900 with my PB! Amazing!! Please please please pick me!!!