TinyController lets you control your BlackBerry from your computer - We have 25 copies to give away!

By Michelle Haag on 30 Nov 2011 11:09 pm EST
Looking for an app to help you control your BlackBerry from your computer? TinyController is a new one that does just that, whether you are a Mac or a Windows user. If you are on BlackBerry OS 5 or higher (including new BlackBerry 7 devices) you can now connect your smartphone to your computer via USB, WIFI, or bluetooth and control BBM, email, SMS, Twitter, and more. This allows you to use the keyboard of your computer instead of your BlackBerry's smaller keyboard or touchscreen, among other things.

You can adjust the image quality the TinyController displays on your computer to match your connection speed, which is handy while using bluetooth and wifi. You can also use the app to capture screenshots from your device from any app you're accessing.

To use TinyController you will need to install the desktop side of the app from the TinyController website, and the BlackBerry app from App World. The developer recommends you try the app before buying, so he has made a 14 day free trial available! If you choose to purchase TinyController after the trial ends, it costs $9.99 which is quite a bit less than similar apps.

More information/screenshots and download TinyController

Contest: The developer of TinyController, Yohanes Nugroho, has sent us 25 free copies of the app to pass on to you guys! To enter, leave a comment below. The contest ends Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck!

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Reader comments

TinyController lets you control your BlackBerry from your computer - We have 25 copies to give away!



I really don't understand why RIM hasn't made their own "bridge" type app that can do this??? In the meantime, I would love to try this. I hate being on my blackberry all the time at work. It looks unprofessional lol

This might be kinda neat to use. I can see possibilities for making my BB a bit easier to use while I'm at work this way...

This is a pretty sick app, with awesome features. Will really like a copy to try on my Storm 9860 aka Torch. Good luck everyone and thank u Crackberry!!

I would love to win this app. I am currently testing the trial out and am pleased. It is much more responsive than the Impatica viaDock software I'm also testing. I dislike having a Mail client on my laptop and would like to read and reply emails from my laptop through my blackberry when I'm using my laptop. I love my PlayBook for this reason. Thanks!

looks like a cool app, thanks to the sponsor and thanks to crackberry for holding these contests! :)

i've been using the trial version for a long time already... kept reinstalling os just to get the trial valid continuously... please let me have the pro full version please...

I have SOTI-Pocket Controller Pro.

But if i get a copy of this app, then i would like to compare these two apps and decide, Which one will be the best app for Blackberry.


I would love to win a copy of TinyController.

I have been using another product similar to this (SOTI), however it has a few problems with unlocking the device, chatting on BBM group, slow response.......

Just wondering if crackberry make someone choose 25 comments or its a system which randomly chooses 25 comments ... :).. Watevs I'm in it 2 win it anyway!!..

I've been waiting for this functionality for a long time. Playbook bridge does some of it but it sounds like this app is the seriour solution. I'm definitely following the purchase/info link and am trying it out. Please pick me!!

This sounds so cool, I would love to be able to use this in college since I'm so busy and always on my laptop!

This would be so cool to have...and it's not because I'm lazy! (Just thought I should mention that o_O).

me please, thank you

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I'm often helping my 67 year old mom remotely with her phone. If I had this it would make my life easier. She would just have to hook up to her computer & I could remote access her computer & would then be able to see her screen :)

Just installed the trial.....this is a great app and something I have been looking for for ages....I would love to upgrade to the full version