TinyController lets you control your BlackBerry from your computer - We have 25 copies to give away!

By Michelle Haag on 30 Nov 2011 11:09 pm EST
Looking for an app to help you control your BlackBerry from your computer? TinyController is a new one that does just that, whether you are a Mac or a Windows user. If you are on BlackBerry OS 5 or higher (including new BlackBerry 7 devices) you can now connect your smartphone to your computer via USB, WIFI, or bluetooth and control BBM, email, SMS, Twitter, and more. This allows you to use the keyboard of your computer instead of your BlackBerry's smaller keyboard or touchscreen, among other things.

You can adjust the image quality the TinyController displays on your computer to match your connection speed, which is handy while using bluetooth and wifi. You can also use the app to capture screenshots from your device from any app you're accessing.

To use TinyController you will need to install the desktop side of the app from the TinyController website, and the BlackBerry app from App World. The developer recommends you try the app before buying, so he has made a 14 day free trial available! If you choose to purchase TinyController after the trial ends, it costs $9.99 which is quite a bit less than similar apps.

More information/screenshots and download TinyController

Contest: The developer of TinyController, Yohanes Nugroho, has sent us 25 free copies of the app to pass on to you guys! To enter, leave a comment below. The contest ends Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck!

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Reader comments

TinyController lets you control your BlackBerry from your computer - We have 25 copies to give away!



Ha I like the user comment.. "Now My Boss won't see the blackberry in my hand at work:: Classic, that alone makes this app worth while.

Can any one do a comparison between this and SOTI Pocket controller Pro for BB?

If this is better than the SOTI one, pick me please!

waoooooooooo, I hope I can get it, I always wanted to get TinyController jejeje, Hi from DR!!

There are still plenty of feature that need to be fixed, Such as:
- In SMS, how can i choose the number of a person that has multiple cellphone number.
- Screen still can't be clicked by mouse
- When i'm on my home screen, pressing back button on the PC program would bring me to the call log. Which is doesn't happen in real device.

- bobby pratama-

Hi, this is the developer here:

Q: In SMS, how can i choose the number of a person that has multiple cellphone number.
A: The person name will be listed multiple times, with different phone numbers

Q: Screen still can't be clicked by mouse
A: You can click your screen if your Blackberry has touch screen

Q: When i'm on my home screen, pressing back button on the PC program would bring me to the call log. Which is doesn't happen in real device.
A: This doesn't happen in my test devices. Please give more info about OS version and device model.

I've been searching for a product like this for as long as I've had a BlackBerry. Usually they're either prohibitively expensive or need hardware to work. Even if I don't win, I might just buy it for myself!

I really need something to help keep my inbox under control... I think I'll be buying this if they don't pick this long-time and loyal Crack-er as a winner!

Hmm.. looks like similiar to JeeoSuite..
But this one have access to 'BBM', SMS, & Apps..
Can't wait to BBMing controlling SMS & Apps from my desktop..
Arrrrghhh.... This is Super COOL..^^

I thinks this one is very nice Christmast Gift..he³..

This would be my favorite app ever. I'm always on my laptop and I hate having to look down at my phone to be able to use my stuff. So, give me a copy! :D

I would love to win a copy of this, thanks!

Also, what would be even more amazing? If this was made into a playbook app as well!

WOW!! If this truly does what they say, I would love to win this. I'm at my PC working 10-12 hours a day 6 days a week and boy would this help keep my fingers on the keyboard as that is how I make money being paid by the line as a medical transcriptionist!!! I WANT THIS!!!!!!!!

this sounds like a awesome app... cant imagine the possibilities. i would love to recieve a copy of this!!!!!! thanx in advance!!!!!!!!!!

Wow it's compatible with Mac OS X !!!? Pleeeeease give me one so I don't need a partitioned Windows anymore :)

Oh this sounds awesome! I never hear my phone when I am on my laptop with my headphones on. This would make it better so it doesn't look like I am ignoring people :D.

Good Luck to all!

Can this be used with a Play Book (with wifi)?

Very slick. Great concept.Thanks for the opportunity to win with this contest.

Sounds like an app that could resolve one of my small business communication issues. I am a sole proprietor, only employee. I have good 3G connectivity in parts of my house, but not in my office area. My BB 9700 is both my personal and business contact number. Both my laptop and phone have static IPs and good connectivity on my WiFi.

Awesome app more need to be released like this. Would be great little tool to have this

I want one! I've been waiting for a remote app like this because I usually tether and I place my device on the window.

FINALLY! ive had a similar program on my Apple Phone for a while and kept wishing someone would do the same for Blackberry!!!!

My blackberry and my pc can now be married! Wow! Made all possible by Tinycontroller. You go boys.

Me!.. Me!!.. Me!! let me have it!!

Desperatedly need TinyController.. but, I can't buy it.. not in my budget... :(

Normally control something big with my phone. If I win will try to control my phone from other direction. Thanks for the opportunity.

Now this is a great app. This will be really handy when texting people who don't have a BB. It would be great if they had a Playbook client.

this is a great app...i would love to have the app running on my pc when not using my playbook or trying to get it back from the family....lol

I've been after something like this for ages. My old Windows Mobile XDA had a free app that was great, but this is something lacking for my Blackberry.

I want to use it when travelling to enable my laptop to use my Blackberry for services - as the new OS7 phones are very feature rich, I can use the file access to my network (via our BES) and Documents to Go to edit files. At the same time, I can browse the web without having to pay for a 3G card or WiFi - I can just use the device's browser which will be fine for occasional use.

If I don't win a copy, then I'll be buying this anyway, thanks.