TinyController lets you control your BlackBerry from your computer - We have 25 copies to give away!

By Michelle Haag on 30 Nov 2011 11:09 pm EST
Looking for an app to help you control your BlackBerry from your computer? TinyController is a new one that does just that, whether you are a Mac or a Windows user. If you are on BlackBerry OS 5 or higher (including new BlackBerry 7 devices) you can now connect your smartphone to your computer via USB, WIFI, or bluetooth and control BBM, email, SMS, Twitter, and more. This allows you to use the keyboard of your computer instead of your BlackBerry's smaller keyboard or touchscreen, among other things.

You can adjust the image quality the TinyController displays on your computer to match your connection speed, which is handy while using bluetooth and wifi. You can also use the app to capture screenshots from your device from any app you're accessing.

To use TinyController you will need to install the desktop side of the app from the TinyController website, and the BlackBerry app from App World. The developer recommends you try the app before buying, so he has made a 14 day free trial available! If you choose to purchase TinyController after the trial ends, it costs $9.99 which is quite a bit less than similar apps.

More information/screenshots and download TinyController

Contest: The developer of TinyController, Yohanes Nugroho, has sent us 25 free copies of the app to pass on to you guys! To enter, leave a comment below. The contest ends Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck!

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Reader comments

TinyController lets you control your BlackBerry from your computer - We have 25 copies to give away!



I want also to win... I like BB (but I think only with the OS up to 7 :)


BB Torch and Storm (and 8870)

Awesome! finally an app that lets you have desktop access to bbm! about time Blurts sucks in comparison.. hope I win!!

I have tried the free trial. Absolutely awesome Apps, easy to use, simple user interface, easy to install, you just need to install blackberry version and desktop version. The connection is blazing fast, especially using USB connection. Hopefully I can get the full version from CrackBerry.
Thank You CrackBerry.

Being able to check emails from my global roaming 9900 on my screen while working on a spreadsheet on a business trip without internet access to my laptop!? Sounds like heaven ! I want !!

John Mc Clane could really use this app since his fingers are not suitable to press his Torch 9810 keypad while holding a hand gun

~ Live Free or Die Hard ~

Ya know its funny w/all these things 2 control ur device soon holding ur crackberry by hand will b a thing of the past so that's y this comment was made old school ya know typing it in by hand lol

sounds like an impressive and valuable addition to my curve, would definitely appreciate winning a copy. Good Luck to all.

This would be perfect for my NEW 9930 with OS 7!!!
I'd rather be hated for WHO I AM, than be beloved for WHO I AM NOT...
-Blackberry 9930 OS 7

Would love to be able to control BBM from my desktop, despite my 9700's keypad already being fantastic as it is. Nonetheless, this app looks awesome!

It seems like an awesome App! If I don't win a copy then I'll just have to buy it, it seems THAT awesome. But I'd rather win of course!

This would make a briliant early christmas gift for me.....hope i get chosen.....fingers crossed...=P

Wow, sure would love to give TinyController a try!

> You can also use the app to capture screenshots from your device from any app you're accessing.

> ...allows you to use the keyboard of your computer instead of your BlackBerry's smaller keyboard or touchscreen.

Interesting features!

I really hope I win because I don't own a PB and I spend most of the day on a computer. It would really help me if you awesome pple please give me a copy!!!!!!!!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeck yes. Thought I was going somewhere else with that, didn't you. I will take one, please and thank you.

Awesome! I use Blurts for txt messeges and alerts and this app does all the other functions. Hope I'm lucky enough to be 1 of the 25 :)

Wow. Kudos.

I was surprised when I bought my new BB phone that I couldn't do this already.

I love email forwarding to my phone, but I want to send most of my emails from a PC with a keyboard big enough fforr my fumble fingers.

Hope I can do this soon. :)

As I'm sitting in front of my Mac all the time this software would perfectly integrate into my daily work.

Just gimme a copy :-)

Count me in please, i'd love to win this one. Thank you CrackBerry for this chance, and Good luck everyone!

this would be perfect while at work. i'm always on a computer and this would help to stay focused on the computer screen and not the bb screen. thanks crackberry and Yohanes Nugroho for an awesome contest and app. hope to win

I would use this all the time. i dont heard take out my blackberry now with my playbook. with tiny control no one will even know i have a blackberry. this would be a great app for me.

I currently use Pocket Controller Pro for Blackberry that I purchased and the time is almost up. Would love to win a copy of this, downloading now to use the trial.

Forgive me if I don't get the point of this app. Most of us are more likely to have our BB close by then a computer. And seriously... USB? So that means instead of reaching accross your desk to grab your BB you click through a few icons and steps on your computer to read your BBM? Reading email from your BB that you can in all likelyhood access through your computer anyway? Chances are good it would be just as fast to physically use your BB rather then to click through the app on your computer and then read whatever that way.

I'm sorry. I just don't get this app. Seems perfect for those who are so lazy they'd rather not grab their BB (too much physical effort). Or for those who just have to have an app for everything, if it makes sense or not.

Again, forgive me if I don't see the point of this. I'm not trying to piss anyone off or be stupid or anything. I really do not understand how this would be faster/better then using the actual BB.... except perhaps for those who don't like reading on a small screen. At which point I ask.... why not use a different device with a larger screen?

Hi, this is the developer here.

There are many reasons why you may want to use this app:

- You want to display your blackberry screen in a projector. Run the tinycontroller desktop app, then project your desktop/laptop screen. Useful for demoing stuff to large audience.

- You don't want to type in your Blackberry directly. May be because it is too small for your finger, may be because you don't want your boss to see you typing all the time in your blackberry, may be because you like your keyboard better. Or may be your blackberry keyboard and screen is slightly broken.

- You want to be able to chat using Yahoo messenger (or MSN/AOL) but your office blocks the connection.

- You want to multitask (alt-tab to tinycontroller to check/type something, then go back to your work). You can click on the applist and choose the app to switch to another app quickly.

- You can copy paste text from your computer to your blackberry, and also copy text from your blackberry

- You want to capture screen from your blackberry to be used in an article or a presentation. Yes, there are many screen capture app, but then you have to move the files manually to your computer.

You can think of many other uses for it.

I am 1000% agree with the developer!!

I am currently using SOTI. This kind of app is very useful to me because I can do chatting on BBM or YM at the office while pretending to be busy working on my laptop........! :-D

using the free trial now, saves me picking up my fone while im on the laptop, very impressed :) hope i win a copy :D

This would be perfect to use when I'm stuck in class with my laptop, but can't check my phone!

Oh yes, will fit on my 9780 ! Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency ....................................................

Satu lagi developer Indonesia, salut! Tapi....saya ngga mau yang gratisan, saya mau beli apps ini aja, maju terus!