Tiny Twitter Gives You More Twang For Your Tweets

By Adam Zeis on 10 Apr 2008 11:52 am EDT

If TwitterBerry doesn't seem to give you enough control of your Twittering, along comes Tiny Twitter. Tiny Twitter adds to the functionality of TwitterBerry, allowing you to change  fonts, update intervals, the overall user interface and giving you a scrolling "Tweet" line along the bottom with your latest updates.  If you are a big twitter fan like myself, its definitely one to check out.  Available for free from Tinytwitter.com for all Java enabled devices.   

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Tiny Twitter Gives You More Twang For Your Tweets


The two aren't a whole lot different. I personally prefer TwitterBerry. I like the icon better (which is just cosmetic I know). They both essentially do the same thing, but Tiny Twitter has more options for update intervals, UI look, fonts etc. The scrolling update feed on the bottom is nice as well. At this point it's really just a matter of preference. IF you want plain and simple, TwitterBerry is awesome, if you need more control, Tiny Twitter is great too.

The Crackberry feed is available at:


I love twitterberry. I don't have time to DL right now, I want someone to do an in depth review of the differences.

Also, I would love to follow Kevin and some of the others here at Crackberry on my Twitter feed, whats your Twitter names?

Hit me up @DLincoln