Tiny Bird comes to BlackBerry 10 - and with a free version

By James Richardson on 9 Jun 2013 08:04 am EDT

We first took a look at Tiny Bird some time ago as it was available for both the PlayBook and BlackBerry 7 devices. However, it is now here for BlackBerry 10 and there is a free version just to whet your appetite.

If you missed our previous review the concept of the game is real simple. You control Tiny Bird who will fly across the screen and you need to pick up goodies along the way. Controlling him is super easy. Just touch the screen for him to move down as he descends a hill and release as he goes up to gain extra height. Playing the game for the first few times does get some getting used to as the controls kind of feel un-natural at first. But fear not, you soon pick it up.

The game is smooth and can be fast paced once you get good at it. A perfect one for the commute to work maybe?

Features of the game include:

  • Single mode. Help Tiny Bird to escape the scary storms.
  • Multiplayer mode. Play with different players around the world.(limited)
  • Procedural island generation
  • Procedural graphics
  • Simple one button(one touch) control
  • Fly through the clouds
  • Cute graphics and nice animation
  • Score multiplier increases with each nest upgrade
  • Various goals made the game even more interesting
  • BlackBerry Messenger integration

The free version of Tiny Bird will allow you to unlock the first four islands. After that if you choose to purchase the full version it will cost you $0.99/£0.75 which is pretty good value for money. Give the free one a go and see how you get on. Please note though, it's only available for the BlackBerry Z10.

Download Tiny Bird FREE for BlackBerry 10


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Tiny Bird comes to BlackBerry 10 - and with a free version


I thought it must be by the same developer... If not, that's crazy. Although, is tiny wings slatted for BB10 anytime soon? If not...

Solver labs is well known to blatantly copy popular titles from ios and android and bringing them to BlackBerry.

They've been doing it since the legacy os days.

Corky Notes for bb10 developer

Guys, please, in your posts for any app you need to clarify if it is compatible with the Q10 or not. This is the zillion time since joining I select the link and I get the not compatible with my device note. Thanks

Posted via CB10

What's the big deal if it's ported or native?
+1 to the guy above, stop saying it's "for BB10" if really its for Z10/A10 only!

Posted via CB10

The big deal, in case you haven't been paying enough attention, is that it actually matters to some people. Just because you don't care that doesn't mean others don't.

I agree, it would be great to know what devices these Apps work on.

Compatible Devices
Z10 & PlayBook
(PB vs also has a couple multi-player modes not available on the Z10)

I'll check it out, thanks. Oh and grammar nazi here...you meant "whet your appetite". Common error, so you're forgiven. :p

Posted via CB10