TimmyMe update brings better Tim Card support and NFC payments

By Adam Zeis on 9 Dec 2013 03:51 pm EST

Tim's fans will love the new TimmyMe for BlackBerry 10 as it finally brings along a much needed feature update. The first release of the app was fairly basic and left out some key features, but thankfully a new version has arrived just in time for coffee season.

In addition to the basic features like finding a store or checking your Tim Card balance, you can now add and merge cards as well as pay via NFC. 

Features include:

  • TIM CARD BALANCE CHECK - Check the balance of your Tim Card, give it a nickname and save up to 5 cards in the app. Checking your balance has never been easier.
  • NUTRITION INFO - Get all the nutritional information for any Tim Hortons menu item using the handy nutrition feature.
  • CONNECT WITH TIMS - Stay connected with Tim Hortons through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • CONTACT US - At Tim Hortons, we value your feedback. On the go and want to provide feedback about the app or a recent restaurant experience? Now you can with the Contact Us feature.
  • ORDER NOTEPAD - Use the handy notepad to keep track of your friend's favourite orders.

TimmyMe is free and is available for most devices.

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Reader comments

TimmyMe update brings better Tim Card support and NFC payments


Yeah I was thinking that too.

Anyone know if you need a certain micro sim for this, or is it just straight up tapping the phone on PayPass pad?

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!

Ooooooooooo good point. Wasn't even considering that. Was caught in the YAY moment.

Posted via CB10

I have a NFC tags in my car to turn on Blue tooth, one on my nightstand to make sure the alarm is on, many uses for NFC.

Now if I could find some way to interface with my home automatic setup to turn my lights on and unlock my front door. Without being HTML based, not very secure.

Posted via CB10

Sort of Geo-fencing with NFC tags. Cool.

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

My Z10 automatically turns on Wi-Fi and connects to my router when I get home. I love the convenience of that automatic function. I just wish NFC was automatic as well because it uses so much battery when kept on.

Posted from my BlackBerry Z10

Hmm, maybe BBRY should add a Smart Trigger based on GPS location. Not sure how often it updates the location so it maybe of no benefit for power consumption.

Would be nice, pull in driveway and exterior lights turn on, walk to front door swipe lock; door opens. I need a couple months off from my real job to play with ideas in my head.

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I don't find that it uses all that much juice when kept on. I always keep it on, on my Zed10 and Zed30 and have never had any significant battery drain. Maybe you have something else going on. Just a thought

Single finger flickin fun from the best Damn virtual keyboard in existence...the BlackBerry Z30 Everybody!

I'm in the same boat: always keep it on, and have noticed no difference as compared to having it off. Same for wifi (and that seems to always have been the case, could confirm it via batt level tracking apps on pre-BB 10 devices, but based on what I could tell, my experience has been equivalent on BB 10 with getting the same batt consumption with it on vs. off :-s).

I think the bottom line is that we need better tools to track our battery usage on BB 10, and for that, we need headless apps, otherwise they eventually close themselves if you use active frame and keep opening new apps after you've left it open :-(

Posted via CB10 on the amazing Q10

I was thinking the same thing. Wr're almost there.

This is a great add on. It only deducts from a registered timmy card tho. That's great but I'd love the next step of being able to debit/credit.

Posted via CB10

You basically can, with one more step. Once the Tim card is on the app, you can reload through the app with a credit, or set it to auto-reload.

I agree with bintheredunthat, it'd be much more convenient to not need a prepaid card, even if you can set it to auto-reload via credit card. I know the idea is similar, but it makes more sense to me to be able to only pay the $1.65 for an extra small specialty coffee, instead of continuously adding let's say $5 or whatever amount you choose to auto-load it with. At the end of the day, I might as well use my Paypass on my existing credit card to pay with, which doesn't require me to pre-pay into a Tin card.

Posted via CB10 on the amazing Q10

Yup. Just used it. Works great. Don't forget to sign in and hit "remember me" so you don't have to do it each time

Posted via CB10 on my beloved Z10

This is the most feature rich and developed useless app I have. I never ever use it, but I frigging love having it on my phone. I try to keep a straight face while showing it off to friends.

Timmies. For life.

Bard's Brew: [URL="bbmc:C00347F03"]C00347F03[/URL] Role-play resource channel

Sadly, all the Timmies in my area have employees who make mistakes with the simplest orders. The only thing I trust and depend on is the coffee. And their wi-fi.

Bard's Brew: [URL="bbmc:C00347F03"]C00347F03[/URL] Role-play resource channel

Pardon?!! Mickey Dees has tried and tried and I don't care how McCafe their McCoffee claims to be it always tastes like shite. No thanks.

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

I have to agree with hidjk... they have great coffee at mcdicks... also the tea is great; higgins and burke just like many hotels etc use..

You need to get educated on Tims now from Tims 5+ years ago. Times have changed and so has Tims in many aspects.

Its true, McDonalds got the coffee recipe right for a Double Double. The cups are of superior design. Tims now trucks in everything they serve which is FROZEN. Tried a breakfast sandwich lately? Just look how gross the egg is now... I can't eat there anymore! Still enjoy the coffee but Tims has let it slide over the years and honestly, it's due to demand and lack of supply.

It's like donuts, Robins will ALWAYS have better donuts because there made in store still!!

Not true. Macdonald's coffee us actually really good. Try it. Trust me, you'll be seriously surprised.

Posted via CB10

McDonald's coffee is far better than Tims! And correct, you can't go wrong with Higgins and Burkes for tea. Plus, buy 7 get one free! And a muffin is only a dine more lol

...we are all connected...

Nice! Sounds like some good improvements. I will definitely try the NFC payment feature. Maybe the Restaurant finder will now work with the update.

Posted via CB10

I think this is really cool. I hope other businesses see this and look to take advantage of NFC payments.

I was so excited to have a use for NFC. Got it all registered but it looks like you have to Buy a reloadable Tims card first. Kinda defeats the purpose. I should be able to just add money to my account without a card. I'll have to at least keep that card safe so someone doesn't find my card and spend all my money

Posted via CB10 on ZED10

Is there a problem with cutting up the card once you load it onto your phone? Or keep it at home somewhere safe.

The online site for the card use to let you top up your card online, but regardless the initial purchase of a card is required. I have a ton of cards kicking around that have less than a coffee worth on them lol

Posted via my AzzazzinBerry (STL100-3/

I have not tried it but this app is supposed to let you merge all those card's balance into one. I think you need to add all of them and merge them, then you can probably remove the 0 balance ones and dispose them... You can probably do this on their website too...

Haha, I guess that's what I get for using a Android phone.... Can't wait to get my Z10 back from repair, can't stand this Swift keyboard

You start the app. Click on the Tim Card button on the bottom. You click on the card picture on the screen of your phone which will initiate a timed activation of the NFC payment card on your device. At this time, put your phone up to the NFC payment reader and you're done.

i dunno... bunch of guys running around chasing some prolate spheroid shaped object...

NFC on the other hand; tap to pay just like a visa or mc

NFC? Coooooool. Maybe it'll give me a reason to go to timmies. I'm a Starbucks guy. Lol

Sent from the best touch keyboard, the Z.

The scanning of the bar code on the Starbucks app takes no longer then nfc. Likely shorter in most cases...

I use the android apk at Starbucks for payment and it works well

No address and phone number needed for that app, unlike this one.

Posted via CB10

Actually you are still required to enter this info with the Starbucks app, but it is entered in your Starbucks account. The app just connects to that account to allow you to access your card balance, reload, and track rewards. No different than Timmy's now, just that one uses a bar code and the other uses NFC to debit your account.

Posted via CB10 and Z30STA100-5/

I just used it in a Tim Hortons, although the staff have no idea about it, it worked and I came out with a coffee paid for with my Z10, I absolutely love it!

... on my Z10

Man I wish Tim Hortan's was I. Indianapolis. Got familiar with them in Afghanistan of all places.

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I'm still going to keep the gift card in my wallet. I can just picture going to pay with nfc at Tim Hortons and they say sorry sir we don't have that at this location. Or something like that.

Posted via CB10

I'm sorry am I finding the correct screen? I have to give them my address, phone number, etc just so I can register to pay with NFC? Am I doing this right?

Posted via CB10

Yep so I called the 1-800 number. "Address and phone number required for security purposes sir". So I asked what security purposes she was speaking of in regards to NFC payment. "Sir for the protection of the funds". I then told her my gift card on its own is not under any form of security protection and that if I lost my gift card any one can use it. Also even if I lose my phone there is a remember me function and I am signed in on the app. Anyone can pay with NFC on my phone. I told her I don't know how having my address can be for the purpose of " the security of the funds" using NFC or otherwise with a gift card . She then told me "sorry sir it is for your own protection and you must provide it" if you want the service . (providing no real reason).

It's nothing more then data mining so they can sell your phone number and address for junk mail and soliciting or use it themselves for marketing. In no way does having my address and phone number secure the funds on my gift card if it is lost or stolen, including on-device nfc purchases.

I am boycotting this app due to the amount of information they require. It's akin to a currency conversion app needing my device serial, access to documents and emails and access to the camera and mic. No need.

Posted via CB10

Be careful. I did this for a while on my Timmy's card. I would reload all the time from the website using my CC but refused to provide my real info other than a spam catcher email address. After a few months and hundreds of $$ in reloads, they suddenly cancelled my card right after a reload for possible fraud. The card now had $50 that I could not access.

I had to fight them for two months to get my card reinstated to use my money (which they refused to refund.) In the end it took threats of legal action on my part to get them to allow me access to my money. They get spewing the same BS line about protecting my funds! Of course they had no problem in stealing my funds though. In the end I had to send in my identification and CC statements showing the transactions involved.

This was a matter of principle for me and I made it be known to their corporate HQ that they were breaching Canada's privacy laws with their behavior. I have boycotted their cards since but from the above discussions it is clear they have not changed their behavior. My situation happened over 2 years ago.

The requirement for accurate address is valid.

All CC purchases online will require accurate data like address and such, or it will not go through. Simple concept, I bet you have no problem with online purchases, which registering the card lets you do -top up over phone... something the original app did NOT do... and the whines over it were loud and clear. Tim's adressed the shortcomings and gave us what was wanted...

This is about all they can do to make a CC purchase safe, they need to know you are you.. or ya get get denied the purchase, or flagged as a scammer. (by the CC company... not Tim's)

So, it is ok if you do not want to use their [Tim Horton] service.. move along and enjoy the view from under that tin foil hat.

I took the time to register my card, for convenient acess to top up from my phone.

It is also cool to have anything at all to show the iTards, and say "can your phone do this?"

BB until it is not CDN

What did you have to enter to register your Starbucks card?

[URL="bbmc:C00039A66"]Van City Coffee[/URL] ; [URL="bbmc:C00124663"]WhitecapsFC[/URL] ; [URL="bbmc:C00087C61"]PreMed Community[/URL] ; [URL="bbmc:C0036EF56"]Bristol Rovers Football Club[/URL]

Tims = loyal to Canada
Starbucks = loyal to hipsters (who are loyal to jumping on the bash BlackBerry trend)

You could be right, but I would think not.

Tims also featured a z10 in one of their commercial, and even brought attention to the phone without actually mentioning the name

Not knocking on Starbucks, I enjoy their pumpkin spice and candy cane latte very much.

Simply stating my opinion that Tim Hortons is a loyal Canadian company, whereas Starbucks is more of a status symbol kind of company.

So where is the Dunkin Donuts app for those of us hundreds of miles from a Timmy H.?

Posted via CB10

It is an embedded chip in your phone similar to that in credit cards that allows payment by simply tapping the chip on the tap pad in store. In all cases, the chip must be linked to an account

Go bad?

So sad.

If your carrier and bank do not 'have an app for that' please, email THEM.

Or you can whine on a public forum... cuz that will make it happen...

BB until it is not CDN

To Bad. Not whining. I see from posts that you get a Tims card to use FNC.? Stop whining about other people whining. Sheeeesh.

Posted via CB10

That's only if you want to use their mobile payment option. The payment is made through your CIBC visa card in that case.

With this TimmyMe update the amount is deducted from your Tim card balance and doesn't need CIBC or any other bank app.

Posted via CB10 and Z30STA100-5/

Awesome app!

Now if we could get this for gas stations.

The time is now to gain the initiative with NFC and put iBeacon to rest.

Posted via CB10

The next update needs to add their menu so you can pick items from it to add to the "Order notepad".

Because the app can be used to reload your card using a CC and needs to connect to your online Tim account to debit your card balance the info is needed. It is the same requirement if you register your card online. If you want to use the card by itself then don't use the app.

No different than Starbucks.

Posted via CB10 and Z30STA100-5/

So i had a brand new Timmy's card and loaded it in. Balance showed up good so I'm ready to go. Drive up into the drive through, place my order and drive up to the window with a big grin on my face. The guy gives me total and I hold up my phone. He looks at me like a deer in headlights. He passes my the hand held and I prepare to do my thing

Tap it one way, then turn it around, this way, that way.....no workie. the guy at the window says "I have never seen that before ". NFC times out and i try again. No matter how I hold it, it's just not registering. I reach into my pocket and hand him a $5 bill.

How embarrassing. Two issues here.

1) Tim Hortons mgt have not prepared or trained their staff
2) damn thing didn't work (z30)

Posted via CB10

Dang. I am now rethinking this... 1st needed all my info to register (what the heck for) just more Uncle Sam. everybody wants our info. 2nd. Potential to still have to pull out cash or a card? May as well pay with a credit card. (tap n go). Now that I think of it all this just for that extra cool factor....naaah.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Wait, you're concerned that Tim Hortons requires a name, email address, a mailing address, and a phone number, but you have a credit card.

The Credit Card company has all that info, plus your birth date, and your SIN. On top of that you carry an NFC enabled card, which has a chip that be read from inside your wallet by anyone with a reader (such as a cellphone) and the right software that brushes past you.

I don't understand your security priorities.

Posted via CB10

Also tried this morning to use my Z10 to pay for my coffee. Same thing, they had no clue about using the phone to pay. I said Tim Card, just on the phone. Tried it, but the pad just kept beeping, but nothing went through. Does anyone know if they should be putting it in as a different type of payment or should I still be telling them it's a Tim Card?

Posted via CB10

*** Very Important *** Say that Method of Payment is TIMCARD. If you say debit, it won't work.

Posted via CB10

Just realized why one stoll needs the card... drive thru...

Posted via CB10 on my beloved Z10

It's too bad that none of the food at Tim Hortons is "always fresh". It's all made in a plant in Burlington, ON and shipped frozen to the stores to be reheated. This includes the donuts. Disgusting Corporate foolery. NFC has potential but I will never even step into a Tim Hortons.

Z10 STL 100-3. OS

Ya and Starbucks charges double and they're sandwiches come out of a bag. Take the English muffin off and try their egg it's the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted.

Posted via CB10

Carrying a Starbucks card because your mobile phone doesn't have the app: first world problems :p

@elite1. You need nothing special. Just the app and built-in NFC hardware on your phone. You must register for the payment options (free) to use it though.

Posted via CB10

For those of you who tried the NFC option but it didn't work, I have 2 questions.
1. Did you give the app the permissions it requested?
2. Did you enable NFC in your settings?

For those of you who were upset about the registration, why are you so upset by this? We as consumers are asked to register countless products on a regular basis, why is this the straw that broke the camel's back?

Posted via CB10

I said Tim Card, but who knows what they actually punched in. I'll just have to try again later

Posted via CB10

Used it this morning and worked beautifully! Nfc wasn't originally turned but the app asked if I wanted to turn it on so I clicked yes.

Employee had never heard of it! But they too were impressed to see it in action!

Posted via CB10

It's extremely important when dominant Canadian retailers like Tim Hortons go with NFC, because something like 70-80% if the smartphone market is still with iphones...this will help change things and provides a wedge for bb10 phones to get more traction (bb phones already make up a big part of the non iPhone market).

It is amazing that we have a company introducing the NFC technology to their app. Hopefully this will open the flood gates!!!!

I tried this app this morning going through drive through and it's great! For those that are saying it's not working.......are you selecting "Tim Card" in the menu, then selecting "pay now" before tapping? These 2 steps must be completed in the app first for it to work. It's not totally obvious that you have to tap the "pay now" button, but it's pretty straight forward.

Look Cool. Registered with TimCard on this apps. Then tap on PAY button and NFC automatically pop up ask me if want to turn on. I say Yes. Within few mins it will disconnect if no using or waiting for NFC tap device. It is for own security reason. Going to try out. Hope it work.

Canadians should celebrate that CIBC and Rogers customers can now buy Tim Hortons coffee with NFC. However, Tim shouldn't stop here. Be innovative and think out of box.

BlackBerry 10 is fully ready for users to buy coffee using NFC with any carrier, any bank, or without a bank. The existing equipment in Tim stores can support.

Please do it.

Good news! This app does work with any carrier and it doesn't involve banks, it's an app to pay with a Tim's Card. It's exactly like how people use a bar code on their screen at Starbucks.

Posted via CB10

I used this today. I was the first one to use a phone at this Tims judging by the reaction of the employee. She couldn't stop telling people that I paid with my phone. I kind of felt like a rock star for a moment. The feeling passed pretty quick though.. lol

Posted via CB10

Tried again today and it didn't work. I'm 1 for 3 now. A little bit embarrassing when it doesn't work and you have to scrounge around looking for other means to pay. I think I'll give this app a break until the bugs are fixed.

Posted via CB10

OK just an update. If you wait too long to pay it times out and cancels the transaction. It was my fault. It takes a real man to admit he f'd up btw.... haha

Posted via CB10