TimmyMe Tim Hortons location finder now available for BlackBerry Bold 9780; still waiting on Torch support

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Dec 2010 07:52 am EST

BlackBerry Bold 9780 owners who are fans of Tim Hortons (or Timmy Ho's as I like to call it) will be happy to hear the the TimmyMe app is now available from App World for the 9780. Unfortunately, Torch owners are still waiting for support on this one (it seems in installing the TimmyMe .jad on the Torch that the app works fine in landscape, but things get cut-off in portrait mode). If you're not familiar with TimmyMe, it takes advantage of your BB's GPS to offer up these features:

  • Automatically detects your current location and provides nearby restaurant information and addresses
  • Can provide a map to your selected location
  • Contains the most current Restaurant information
  • Finds stores with a drive-thru
  • Provides a notepad to save your friends orders 

Most Tim Hortons addicts know every location within 25 miles of home/work, but if you're traveling it's definitely a handy app to have if you can't get through the morning without your Double Double. You can visit TimmyMe.com for more info, and grab the app from App World at the link below. And hopefully Torch support is will be available soon.

Download TimmyMe for BlackBerry from App World

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Reader comments

TimmyMe Tim Hortons location finder now available for BlackBerry Bold 9780; still waiting on Torch support


There are almost 600 Tim Hortons locations in 9 US states and they are even found on US military bases in Afghanistan.

Seriously? Someone actually needs a specific app to guide them to their next Timbit and dreckful coffee? And that couldn't be done with a far more useful app like Poynt - and without the embedded advertising and wasted space on your BB?

What makes this better than Poynt is that you don't have to type in what you're looking for. Just load up TimmyMe and it'll automatically point you to the closest store.

I asked Tims if they were going to release support for the Torch and was told "maybe" months and months ago.

While that is true, I can use Poynt to find a Best Buy, Crappy Tire, gas station, bank, movie playing, etc. I don't believe that I wish a separate app for each of these things. Perhaps if it collected points to get me things like donuts and bowls of chili I would consider it - a roll up the R.I.M. if you will. :)

The BlackBerry Torch is by far the easiest device to support. The fact that they are not doing so makes no sense at all...

As a Canadian - we like hockey, eskimo's and Tim Hortons. I installed it on my 9700 with OS 6.415 and the app works find. Oh and Starbucks sucks. LOL

Unfortunately, still unavailable for us Storm2 users. Fortunately, I do know where all my Tim Hortons are around Buffalo.