TimePlay interactive cinema app updated with BlackBerry Q10 support

By Bla1ze on 18 Jun 2013 07:59 pm EDT

Although the TimePlay interactive cinema app has been available on the BlackBerry Z10 for quite a while now, a recent update pushed to BlackBerry World has brought support for the BlackBerry Q10 as well. If you're a BlackBerry Q10 owner living in one of the areas where the app is supported, make sure you grab the update from BlackBerry World so you don't miss out on any cool prizes the next time you head to the movies. Keep in mind, this app is only supported in Canada.

Download the updated TimePlay app from BlackBerry World

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TimePlay interactive cinema app updated with BlackBerry Q10 support


Use on my Z10 and works great. This just reminded me I still have a couple gift certificates I won that I haven't used yet. Must have for Canadian movie goers.

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As silly as it is, it is one of the newest innovations in social and engagement as part of the movie going experience. I'm glad all BB10 devices won't be left in the dust on this one.

Is this not available for Q10 in The US? Or is this another one of those apps that damn Verizon is blocking?

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Still only available in Toronto and Vancouver.

I'll be in Van next week and will see Mr. Pitt battle zombies so I might check the app out.

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Not just Toronto but most of the GTA and a north have it as well. At least what I have seen.

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My wife will love this...every time we go to a movie, she's asking me "do you have that app yet? "

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Used it tonight for the first time, even tho its an android port it worked just fine and even helped me win some prizes :)... had the 9700 before my z10 and the timeplay app on that thing was horrible. glad to finally have a good time play experience!!!!!

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I actually like time play, but my timeplay profile in Wi Fi settings is always disabled. I haven't been able to participate for a few weeks now.

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Wheee, no more need to take one of my old BBs when I go to the movies to get the full Cineplex movie going experience ;-)

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A lot of the reviews on BlackBerry world say it's a mediocre Android port that crashes, is laggy , and takes forever to load.

Wondering if this is true. Been avoiding downloading it because of that.

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There is some truth in those reviews, however, by downloading this app, you always win things at the theatre. What do you have to lose? Giving up free food and other prizes because the app is an android port and is laggy from time to time? I'll take the lag as well as the free prizes that everyone is guaranteed to win thank you very much :)

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Do you live in the Greater Toronto Area or in Vancouver? If not then, that's why. If so, then you should contact the app developer.

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Installed it. Tried it, and can never post my name up. And when I try to refresh names database, it craps out on me with a forced closure. Don't know what wrong I am doin'.

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Just tried it last night. Amazing on the Q10, especially for the fill in the blanks game. Unfortunately crashed on me and wouldn't award me my prize at the last game. Need a native version for BB10!