TimePlay interactive cinema app now available for the BlackBerry Z10

Free to download and free to play!

By Bla1ze on 7 May 2013 09:18 pm EDT

In an earlier post we mentioned that TimePlay was working on a BlackBerry 10 app that was to be released when they were sure everything was working right. Now, that time has arrived and the app is available for download in BlackBerry World for those of you within Canada. The app itself is an Android port but it's had some refining done to it to make it an improved experience for BlackBerry 10. If you've been waiting for the app to arrive, you can grab using the BlackBerry World link below. If you need to know participating locations, you'll find a list available on the TimePlay website

Download TimePlay for BlackBerry 10

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TimePlay interactive cinema app now available for the BlackBerry Z10


This is a nice win for BlackBerry World. I hope there are more and more "trendy" apps to keep BlackBerry users part of the mobile experience.

Timeplay is a Cinemax app and only pertinent to Canadian users...until Cinemax decides to spread their wings southward.

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Thanks! Now my wife can stop nagging at me in the theater when it comes on!

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Awesome, now all i got to do is get off my lazy ass and update my torch 9800. should i go for the Z10, Q10 or wait till the rumored Aristo.

Cany wait to get to the theater and try this bad boy out! Finally I can get points.

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Dude, use the browser. Trust in it. The bank apps are never as good as the website, on all platforms.

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Awesome. I could have really used this last week when I saw Iron Man but better late then never. Thank you TimePlay. I will certainly put this to good use.

You do realize that on android when you install it is already taking permissions for all those things right? BlackBerry is more transparent and tells you straight up, and if it's a native app it will actually let you choose what the app has access too, people tend to think that their BlackBerry phone is out to get their personal info whenever they install apps (at least what I've seen from negative reviews on app world) reality is blackberry is telling you quite plainly that the app needs this to function, on IOS and Android it is far less transparent and the apps are asking for the same amount of rights

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I'm glad it's finally on the BlackBerry 10 but it's an android port, and is extremely laggy, getting error messages all the time. Highly disappointed, was expecting a whole lot more for such a long wait.

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That's great news! I have been waiting for the Timeplay app to come to BB10 for a long time. I am glad that it is finally available in BlackBerry World.

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Unavailable? Why my device is stl100-1 i hate blackberry they are racist they dont give app or new os i. The middle east

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I'm in the USA on Verizon and don't have the OS update that was out weeks ago, and I believe this app is for Canada only. Slow your roll on the racism allegations.

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Lol, calm down. This escalated real quick! It's a Canadian theater app. What use do you have for it in the middle east? Besides, if you have os issues, why don't you go into the forum and learn how to load a leak os? It's your carriers responsibility to test and release the os update not BlackBerry.

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Don't you just hate that, the old, This app doesnt work in my country bit. Well you dont have the feature in your cinema's over there and it's a Canada only app. People just dont read anything.

Huge disappointment! The app will not run unless you agree to give it rights at access and upload your data including pictures and documents. Once you approve it you can’t take it back, the options to turn the permissions off are grayed out in the settings.

There is no legitimate reason why this app would need access to your personal data to run.

Here are the details of the access permissions:
Internet-Allow the App to send and receive data. This could potentially be used to send your personal data to other services
Shared Files-Allow this app to access your pictures, music, documents and other files stored on your device, at a remote storage provider, on a media card or in the cloud.

As soon as I heard this was available I downloaded it. Unfortunately both mine and my bf's crashed and would not allow us to connect, we tried everything from turning the phone off and turning it back on again, connecting to the theaters wifi "timeplay" I tried turning my internet off only keeping the wifi on connected to "timeplay"....and then it gets stuck on the inital start up "....it will take 15 seconds to load and for you to connect to your auditorium"...we gave up and sat and watched other crappy phones ie iphones work...while we sat and got nothing. BOO! please update I know BB is very secure but how about making sure the app WORKS before launching? I love my BB and would not dare to replace it for anything else. But i'd like to see more apps we COULD use..

LIKE the above commenter stated WHY ON EARTH DO I OR SHOULD I AGREE TO ANY GAME, ANY APP to have access to my files, pictures, music, docs to anyone?????? Its not just for this app but other games that ID JUST LIKE TO PLAY NOT give my whole phone and info to while I play the game!

ALSO PLEASE add a section where we wave our rights for the developer of an app to CONSTANTLY send us spam mail...THERE is no need for that...we download the game and not the extra hidden crap that comes along with it...IE unending emails from the developer of the game that is trying to sell sex pills, women, and friendly chat! SOO ANNOYING!