TimePlay interactive cinema app coming soon to BlackBerry 10

Get ready for a completely new immersive experience at the cinema!

By Bla1ze on 10 Apr 2013 04:08 am EDT

If you happen to live in the greater Toronto area or Vancouver and attend a lot of movies, you may have heard of TimePlay. If not, then be sure to check out the video above to see what you're missing out on. In short, It's a pretty cool multiplayer interactive game to play before a movie starts and you can win some great prizes just for playing along. 

TimePlay has apps available on iOS and Android and more recently they've been taking to Twitter and Facebook ultimately teasing their BlackBerry 10 app. Judging from their comments, it looks like we can expect to app to arrive at any point now. Have you been waiting for this app to arrive? We'll let you all know when it finally lands.

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TimePlay interactive cinema app coming soon to BlackBerry 10


The Cineplex Timeplay app has been available for pre-BB 10 BlackBerry devices for a long time now (including the 9700, 9900, and I've even gotten it working on the 9320 even though it's not officially supported on that specific device). I love going to participating Cineplex theatres (the ones nearest me as it turns out) and playing the interactive games against other players on the big screen. One of the reasons I'm not ready for BB10 is because this app's missing, here's to getting closer to making BB10 more ready for me :-D

I had the Timeplay app on my 9780 and I never had a good experience. By the time I fired up the app and connected to an auditorium, the game was already over :(

Hopefully the performance is better on BB10.

That's not really the apps fault. I used to work at a Cineplex, so I watched a lot of movies. I knew how long my 9700 took to start up the app (which was a long time) and I knew when the game would start. I would just start the app well before the game was going to start so I would be ready.

So let me get this straight... you can't play a certain game before movies and so the platform isn't "ready" for you yet!?????

Really makes me wonder how ridiculous the criteria is for other people to switch

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Actually sounds kinda cool. Better than sitting in the theater watching the same commercials over and over... and over...

You actually do have to keep watching the same commercials over and over. The game is just before the trailers and only happens once before the movie. So it is possible to kiss it if you are late.

this is probably the worst thing about going to the movies. i try to make sure i'm ten to fifteen minutes late so i can avoid this nonsense.

The game lasts probably 3 minutes max. And it's before the trailers... it's not an inconvenience at all and everyone is a winner. you can win free food and Scene points and even discounts to products of supporting companies.

that's fine but when i go to see a movie for adults, i don't wanna see games for kids. if they wanna do this before an animated film, or a comedy for kids that's fine, but not annoy me with nonsense before i serious film or an r rated film. please.

Of course. Not every single auditorium in the theater has TimePlay. The games will be in the "Main" auditoriums, like the biggest ones where the big blockbuster of the week will be playing. The smaller auditoriums won't have TimePlay, so if you wait a week or two, that R-rated movie will be moved to a smaller auditorium which does not incorporate TimePlay.

An interesting app concept, might actually have to go see a movie and the pre movie ads. Anyways its an improvement on the current ads they show and might actually be fun.

Ok this sounds pretty cool...I don't think I would ever do it, but I would have loved it when I was in high school (also the age where I went to the movies the most often)

If you participate, which just basically requires you to have the app and join the game, you don't even have to do well, you win free stuff. Everyone is a winner.

So what I am hearing is that BlackBerry should be developing a multiplayer game that can be implemented with this app and allow a small "BlackBerry" add to appear on ALL user's, in that theatre, screens ? Hmmm ... yep THAT sounds like a marketing plan. :)

Or even just put a blackberry symbol with the word blackberry under beside everyone's name that uses a blackberry. Then when people look up at the names they will see blackberry all over the place.

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TimePlay is an app that I really missed when I switched my old 9800 Torch for a Z10. I used to win quite a lot of free stuff at the movies, so I am happy to see that it is coming to the BB10 platform.

Same here, I thought I would lose out on the freebies forever. But as a former Cineplex employee, I know they would never purposely leave out a demographic. They pretty much have a monopoly in the movie industry now.

I have never heard of it but I do not go to many movies. I may need to try it out if it is in kitchener, Waterloo area next time I go.

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This was a great app back on the torch but it was laggy as hell. On OS6. , but on OS7 it was less laggy. Hopefully it's smooth on bb10.

I haven't gone to the movies since getting the Z10 yet so I haven't missed it but hopefully it's out by time I go see a movie. Probably iron man 3

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As a cynic, I read these comments expecting to learn that there is some insidious evil way in which this app steals and sells your personally-identifiable information. I mean, they have to make money somehow, so it's either that, or the theater owners pay licensing fees to participate, or it's just good old add funded. So how does the revenue stream work for this app, and is it evil?

The theatre owners (Cineplex) are the ones who created the app for their theatres. You can win rewards points, or a free drink if you buy a popcorn, etc.

Nope, it doesn't ask for any personal information. You pick a screen name and that's it. You put in your email so they can email you what you win like coupons free discounted or free food and extra Scene points. As far as revenue goes, I believe Cineplex pays them a fee.

It's about time lol !!!! I've had Time play on my OLD BB Bold 9790 and totally missing it. Let's get this ish up and running I need my Scene points and Freebies

They could always install signal blockers in theaters. Though that would mean I could not go to the movies when oncall any more.

Can't wait for time play. Been missing out on sooooooo many free scene points.

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Nice to see it's on its way. I was really hopeful when I saw the BB10 booth set up in the main area, but that was shattered when connecting to the timeplay lan only to fine nothing. :( I'm guessing that this delay means they're gonna make it native.

Easy scene points, here we come! Woohoo!

Been waiting for it for quite a while now. Lost too many scene points so I am glad it's finally coming

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I've been anixously waiting for this app to be released. I had it on my 9800 but it was really buggy so I hope its much more fluid on the Z10.

Ok so I'll be the first to say it. Ready? Are there any of these theaters or participating theaters in the US where this app can be used?

Few, that was tough. Sounds cool though.

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This is a Canadian content app. Not for use anywhere else...unless Ciniplex spreads its wings.
Waiting for this, if for nothing else, so my wife stops asking "Do you have that app yet?"
I asked the devs about this app some time ago and they responded quite quickly. I knew it was on the way. Thing is, they added coupons for scene points and a free large popcorn just for inquiring about it. That tells me their customer service is pretty good.

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Was just at the movies yesterday and was wondering about this! Had it on my 9900 and cant wait to get it for my Z10!

I really missed having this app when u had my 9900. Went to watch a flick last week and had to sit out while the iPhone and S3 peeps had at it. My girl friend even won a free slice of pizza from pizza pizza using her iPhone 5. Really glad they have this app coming out soon!

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What is so hard to believe? The reactions in the video are obviously exaggerated. But what is so hard to believe? I used to work at Cineplex, so if I can answer any of your questions, just ask away.

I have been waiting for this! Great news. Had to use my sons ipod last time we went to the movies. An he won a free slice! YAY for Blackberry coming thru!

I'm the one that actually complain to time play about it not being on bb10 and the responded by they were developing the app should come by end of April kudos to me and time play is great before the movie starts better than sitting there watching stupid commercials

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You still have to watch all the commercials if you arrive at the auditorium super early. The TimePlay games, last for probably 3 -5 minutes max just before the trailers start.

Awesome! Bring more apps and we will see BB10 users multiply!!

Posted by a former iOS user.

I love my Z10!

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I have a friend working for timeplay. She also told me it's coming soon. It's a lot of work for a team of 15 pple.

Hope to get it soon. :)

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Never ever heard of that app before. Maybe I don't see many movies in the cinema due to not being able to afford them all the time.