Time Zone - dual time zones right on your home screen

Time Zone
By Kerri Neill on 12 Nov 2011 05:31 pm EST
Keeping track of dual time zones when traveling is a pain. It never fails that I'll call a friend or family in the wee hours of the morning or late at night because I can't keep which time zone they're in straight. Now with TimeZone by PingDev Ltd, you can have a second clock, set for a different time zone, on your home screen. This app would also be great for travelers who want to keep track of the time zone back home while traveling abroad.

Features include:

  • Dual clocks on home screen
  • Customizable font size & color, time format and postion
  • Wallpaper friendly (to change wallpaper you must do so within the Time Zone app)

Time Zone is available for $2.99 in BlackBerry App World for most devices running OS 6 or higher.

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Neat concept for sure. Perhaps a better location would be in the notification bar though. :P


grr this would be perfect for me. I'm always dealing with Zulu time @ work.....If only I could use this app on my 9700 with OS5 :(

btw I agree with the above poster. Would be nice if it had an option to allow you to have it in the notification bar


This is $0.99 app, not a $2.99 app.

I will save my money and use the world clocks in Blackberry Travel...for free!


It would be nice if the site could use this app. It may help. The forums apparently still have not been adjusted for daylight savings time regardless of the settings. LoL.


What app is the bottom right icon for? Looks a bit like the socialscope one, but different colours...?

Kerri Neill

That would be Cozi. It's a calendar, shopping, To Do list all rolled into one.


How can you change your carrier name?


whats the 75 notification icon ??? next to the temperature icon??? Thnks!

Kerri Neill

BatteryEx with an owl skin