Time to have some fun with your BlackBerry 10 buddies with Tilty

By James Richardson on 23 May 2013 06:29 am EDT

This one is a fun little game for when you and your buddies with BlackBerry 10 smartphones get together. Tilty is currently available on both the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 so no restrictions which is good to see.

The concept of the game is super easy. You have a orange circle and you must keep the BlackBerry level in order to keep it within the outa green circles. The closer to the centre you can keep it the more points you score. Where your friends come into this is that you can all play together and if you are feeling cheeky I suggest a bit of nudging or tickling to put your buddies off. Essentially thats the game. Super simple but a load of fun. 

We can't condone drinking but I think Tilty could be a right laugh after a few beers!

The game is priced at £0.75/$0.99 and considering the multiplayer fun you can have its well worth the money.

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lol cheated my way to second!!!

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no one thinks you are cool dusty, and it's all you d@mn newbs... Go away and don't post unless you have something useful besides "first" or whatever on an article.


dusty, don't listen to him,,, you're cool,,, & i think "first"ing is a god-given CB right,,, i commend 1sters on their eagerness & dedication to staying on CB, refreshing compulsively, & striking @ the first opportunity to recognize a contributors' input...

jojo beaconsfield

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Comments are suppose to add value to the content above it. These stupid attention seeking posts just annoy the piss out of me.

Manminder Singh

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John Rejap1

Done to install....he he

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Vineet Sharma

Seems like a stretch to call it 'well worth the money'!

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Tried to purchase and bill through my CC on file with BlackBerry World and I get a error stating that payment token for user cannot be found. Any idea? I don't want to use paypal or ATT billing.

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Maybe use prepaid credit card? Most cheque cashing places have them in the United states I believe. All it takes is reloading it once the balance runs very very low.


That z10 is shiny as hell!! O__O

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Dang it...I thought it said titty


ha!!! great minds,,, see below...


10 buddies w/ with WHAAAT???!!! OH!!! TIIILTY,,, damn, you had me there for a sec...


Dev Alpha C has an easier-to-find center of gravity than Q10 or Z10.

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Ndoki Hasaki

Wow, am I the only one who misread the title of the game?

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Unbiased Tech

Lol no you are not I was thinking the same thing

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