Tim Neil of RIM talks on the BatBerry Project, HTML5 and the BlackBerry PlayBook

BatBerry Application
By Adam Zeis on 28 Mar 2012 02:00 pm EDT

We first heard of the BatBerry Project over a year ago, but the project has come a long way since. Tim Neil of RIM took some time out of his schedule to chat with Paul Leroux of QNX on just how the project is going. If you haven't heard of the BatBerry Project before, it's essentially a replica Batmobile that will be powered by a BlackBerry PlayBook running custom applications. Tim is truly a car lover and geek at heart, so he combined his loves to make one giant creation. He splits his time between building/tweaking the car itself and creating custom applications to make it do its thing. Hit the link below to check out the full interview. You can follow Tim's progress at batberryblog.com.

Check out the full interview with Tim Neil

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Tim Neil of RIM talks on the BatBerry Project, HTML5 and the BlackBerry PlayBook


I hope they are kidding...their products keep getting delayed with the PB commercially released as a bloody beta product when PB 2.0 should have been the actual os released during product launch, BB10 taking forever, and everything falling further and further behind...and you're telling us that their director of product management is hiding in his garage playing batman with whatever time he has

Exactly my thoughts... -10 for RIM in my opinion.

I have an iOS app and I thought about porting in to Blackberry (Os 2 for now, Os 10 later). The native tools are not there. Now I know that instead of putting all his heart and mind to Blackberry programming tools, the top manager plays with his toy car.

I hope YOU are kidding. We're talking about what Tim does on his personal time here. Is he allowed to have a life outside of RIM? And is he allowed to do what he wants with his spare time? Maybe YOU should get a life.

very useful for consumers......Cmon RIM cut the bull, why are you spending resources on a batberry project when you know you should use all and every resourse on BB10 (System and hardware)

did you even read the blog? RIM has got nothing to do with the project, the guy Tim who is building the car works for RIM and he is doing it out of his passion and hobby - it is his personal project. Learn to read before shooting off your mouth.

agarzac, please read the interview, if you can: You'll see that this is Tim's *personal* project, which he does in his spare time. Cheers, Paul

What are you guys talking about? There is tonnes of science experiments and innovation going on at RIM. This is just a fun project. A lot of intense experiments happening as well.

For example in February I noticed a whole store bought frozen chicken and a cauliflower in one of the parking garages.

Fast forward to end of March, and I decided to park in the area again not thinking about it. With this great weather, anyone interested in seeing the pictures? I may lose my job for leaking the pictures though.