Tim Hortons spreads the BlackBerry love with new commercial

By Bla1ze on 18 Apr 2013 06:44 am EDT

A few days ago, there was a good many folks in the CrackBerry Forums letting us know about a new Tim Hortons commercial that was hitting the airwaves during some hockey games. Since then, we've been trying to track down the commercial but it's not yet been posted to any of the regular outlets such as YouTube or Facebook. You might be wondering what's so special about it? It's just a Tim Hortons commercial. Well, in it you can clearly see the BlackBerry Z10 is getting some love by being shown off all throughout the commercial.

Luckily, bookworm1959 was able to capture it and get it posted to YouTube for us. The volumes a little low, so crank it up if you can. It's pretty awesome to see, even though it does look like the boy in the commercial is holding the device upside down. We'll forgive him though, I mean he was all excited about his Z10 and bacon and who the hell can blame him for that. Mmm... bacon! Fun fact: In Waterloo after the launch of BlackBerry 10, several Tim Hortons locations put out signs congratulating BlackBerry on the release.

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Ya it was good, anyone else notice he was holding the z10 up side down?

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Louis Belshaw

Is the volume broken? It's crazy low on my z10 pure annoying would like to at least hear what they are saying.. I'll YouTube it on my lappy

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Adam Zeis

"The volumes a little low, so crank it up if you can."



Who cares what they're saying! The Z10 is now a movie star! Hehe! ; )

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Rrrroll up the RIM, the new BlackBerry rocks.


That's awesome... We need some Z10 lovin like that here in India...

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Now if only I could get the app to work properly. It only works when I am connected to wifi. Anybody else dealing with this?

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Yes, I have the exact same problem. Only seems to work on wifi, which kinda defeats the entier point of the app. Hopefully they can fix it soon.


Weird, i dont hate Tim quite as much as I used to... ;)

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Gotta love that it's upside down in one scene where he is showing the guy the app

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yea I picked that up too.


lol.. to funny. But even upside down the Z10 is still awesome. Love my new Z10. Thanks BB.


Sportsnet ad during the Canucks games has BlackBerry Z10 too. With tag line at the end of the ad BlackBerry Keep moving.

Rogers really are promoting the Z10 in a good way. Shame Telstra in Oz aren't doing the same here.

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For real. its like android central when you walk into their Icon store in Melbourne.


Who's Tim Horton?

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Oups, forget to ad it's also an amazing hockey player double by a fair gentleman. Tks blaze :)

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It's the Canadian version of Starbucks I'd say.

I'm very proud to see that they are doing such an unconventional but really great partnership.

More Canadian companies should hold hands in business.

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More like Dunkin Donuts actually.


A little more upscale than Dunkins and a broader menu.


Got ya!

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I wish you could see the BB branding better!

RP Singh

Tough call to find a good equivalent to Tim's in the US. Tim's has been around since 1964, so not sure which chains the US would have emerged since then with a similar model. I think Starbucks happened in the 70s, not sure about Dunkin' D.

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Exactly. Looks like they covered up the rear branding and can't really see screen clearly enough to tell

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To bad he can't upload those pics tomorrow instagram. Ooops

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To instagram*

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Um he can, with the sideloaded app. My instagram account sees much love daily.

RP Singh

Not too bad if he doesn't use it or has never heard of it...

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"Too" (bad....) ... <sigh>


It's great to see one great Canadian company support another. I'm honestly thinking of switching from Starbucks to timmies after seeing this

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If you knew the kinds of things Starbucks stands for and backs, you would switch immediately.


Oh yeah, spread that Canadian love!! Large 2 milk with a sausage breakfast sandwich please!!

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That is pretty cool 2 Canadian great Loves!

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R Field

Saw them playing this on TV back to back with the regular BlackBerry commercial they usually show. They were both shown during last night's Toronto Raptors game.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10


It makes sense that it was during the raptors game. To my understanding the Raptors are owned by Rogers and we all know the mad live Rogers has for BlackBerry.

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Wait! WHat? People watch the Raptors?


Large double milk double sweetener.


I was so happy when I saw the ad on tv. So clear that it is the Z10. Loving the exposure.

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Cool ! In-use demo; perfect !!!



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Did they have to portray Z10 users in this commercial as young, nerdy geeks who take pictures of subpar tim hortons food?


What's wrong with being young and geeky?

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RP Singh

And who hold their phone upside down...

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He's a Hispter. Don't you know anything? Not a geeky nerdy dude but a Hipster.


Im going to hold mine upside down for one day just to show my support. lol


They have Tim Hortons in the states but not many and I mainly see little shops in book stores. We are a Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts country. Lol

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Mr Gill

Tim Hortons in the States in terrible. It doesn't taste anything like the Timmy's here.


That's a crying shame. Either incredibly overpriced or crap coffee are 2 poor options. But this coming from a timmies fan.

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Just realized Tim Horton is a restaurant not the

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Timmy Me! He kind of looks like Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.


Awesome to see, but not entirely surprised! We'll see a lot of this "product placement" type of marketing. It's subtle and sure to reach millions of veiwers demonstrating the features of BB's new offerings. I often search out the new movie trailers and I've seen our Qwerty Blackberry prominently displayed in at least two upcoming movies (Erased & Olympus Has Fallen). I'm sure the new Z10 and Q10 are already working into productions somewhere else in Hollywood.

I've commented before that this form of promotion has distinct ad-vantages (couldn't resist). See my extractions below of articles.

Product placement is an investment for brands trying to reach a niche audience, and there are strong reasons for investors to expect that film product placement will increase consumer awareness of a particular brand. A big-budget feature film that has expectations of grossing millions may attract many commercial interests.

Broadcasting & Cable reported, "Two thirds of advertisers employ 'branded entertainment'—product placement—with the vast majority of that (80%) in commercial TV programming." The story, based on a survey by the Association of National Advertisers, said "Reasons for using in-show plugs varied from 'stronger emotional connection' to better dovetailing with relevant content, to targeting a specific group.

So, for those of us enthusiast who are a bit disappointed not seeing enough advertisment for the new BB offerings, "Please wait"! This is only the beginning! As the other products continue to roll out this year, each is "news-buzz" worthy (free advertisements) as the mainstream (and lamestream) covers the story. As the carriers receive the Q10, they can now offer the pair to customers. I believe that's what they are waiting for. You'll see more carrier advertising that will make us smile for sure.

Remember, this is only the beginning. More to come from BB!


Its too bad they didn't show that beautiful BlackBerry logo on the back of the phone!!!


That was very refreshing to see. Yes, the device seems to be upside down (lol). But all in all totally awesome!


Yeah great, awesome,...maybe someone could make a real app for Tim Hortons. Such an awesome app right?


So can anyone explain what the boy did to who in the ad? Can't stream because I'm on mobile and can't connect to wifi because my IT is an android fanboy and hates blackberry. He blocked all bb devices from wifi and blame us as the cause of slow internet connection.

Khanhye East

Mmm...bacon indeed...Mmmm...*salivating face*


Wow, Timmy's is now offering Z10's with their breakfast egg & bacon muffin?
I'll taken mine with a Double Double please!


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Hey, anyone who liked this ad...lets show our appreciation by making a visit to a nearby Timmy's and buying something! You know, an actual old fashioned sort of"Liking"!

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There are no logos on the phone. The name of the front and logo on the back are removed. Maybe this add has not been endorsed by Blackberry. In my mind it cheapens the phone because they are using it as a generic phone shape. RIM should be on top of this sort of thing and get the logos on the phone.


It's BBRY now. And Tim Hortons EDITED OUT the logos, not blackberry. They don't need to do anything to fix or change anything either. Blame Timmies.


in US, i see Blackberry keep moving commercial during Big Bang Theory, pretty much everyday on CBS. Its a start.. keep it up Blackberry :D

Mikey Gardner

Haha I saw this commercial yesterday, he ends up holding the phone upside down

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Volume is low. Get a close up of the logo on the back or something. I only know its a BB because its on Crackberry site.


This is great to see. But when will Starbucks develop an app for Blackberry phones?? I have emailed them several times and they don't seem interested. But they are missing out on such a decent size market, don't you think?


Great ad! Starting to see a lot more BlackBerry ads both on TV and magazines here in the states (Arizona).

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First, we need Tim Horton's in NJ! Second, take that iPhone!


It would be lovely if the phone was not shown upside down... At least its advertised!


Excellent blackberry is putting in work!

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I love the fact this is right after the WeightWatchers commercial.


Awesome... We need more Businesses like these to openly support BlackBerry...also Air Canada has rolled out BlackBerry 10 as per linked in update from BlackBerry

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I remember I saw this commercial on Tuesday during the commercial break of the Maple Leafs - Capitals game on TSN. At the time, when I first saw the Z10 in the commercial, they showed the phone's camera user interface and at that point I was thinking to myself, "did I see something wrong or is that really the Z10?" They then showed the back of the phone and sure enough, when I saw the BlackBerry logo on the phone, I was assured that it was indeed a Z10.


I can't tell if they're selling food or the phone. Pretty hilarious product placement in a commercial.

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Note they are also showing off the Tommy Me app in the AD.
That's what you call a Win-Win-Win in Business speak.

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Ok, this AD actually worked on me! Was getting cravings all morning after watching it....had to grab the bacon tomato &cheese pannini for lunch...it's pretty good actually! Now I'm washing it down with a mocha.

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Interesting that he took a picture of himself with the rear camera instead of using the front one. Wouldn't have looked as cool on camera, I guess?

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This is the brilliance of the Tim Hortons advertising machine. Their positioning towards their customers has always been clear: a Canadian company, with Canadian values, for Canadians.
What better way to show this than by supporting another Canadian darling (I know it's MY darling).
Whether paid by BlackBerry or not, it's a win for Timmies overall. It sure boosts their image IMHO.

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WOW!....upside down ?? REALLY ??? not even a joke...how the heck ? i just dont get it ...ugh! im so annoyed with bb10...hahahahaha now its funny.


It is great to see Canadian companies featuring one another in commercials, that shows excellent partnership and somehow makes me a happier Canadian :)


Great to see this sorta advertisement. Obviously, BB provides their "non branded" phones for use in commercials like this. To have it branded with "Blackberry" means to have to pay a royalty to BB. Not every vendor is willing to do this. We'll see more of this.

Beneath it all, I see the the Candian love for eliciting BB to use their product in their commercials. It's their way of saying "thanks for BB10/Z10" and "Go BB". They really featured the phone in most every shot and cutaways so viewers will be curious about it if they don't already know. The editing makes it look like the phone is super fast (which, by the way really is). The kid is connecting to "his" generation (younger = BB/smart" and the social app access really nails this. Great underlying takeaways here! That's smart marketing...that's the new BB! Love it!


I rarely watch advertisements (I mute the television and continue what I was doing... I barely watch it except for a family member). This was funny though.