Tim Hortons launches new mobile payment service

By Harish Jonnalagadda on 22 May 2014 10:23 am EDT

Canadian coffee shop chain Tim Hortons has just launched a new mobile barcode payments system that allows you to pay using the TimmyMe app. The payment option has been in testing over the last few months, and is now available for all users in Canada and the United States.

The mobile payment service allows you to pay for your order by registering your Tim Card on your smartphone, and then simply scanning the barcode on the bill using the TimmyMe app. If you have an NFC-enabled device, you can also use the tap-to-pay option (at participating stores) to complete your order.

In addition to mobile payments, the TimmyMe app can be used to locate nearby Tim Hortons restaurants, place an order ahead of time and view nutritional information of items on the menu. The app is now available on all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Click the link below to download the app.

Download TimmyMe

Source: Tim Hortons

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Tim Hortons launches new mobile payment service


Should have been NFC-only. Barcodes are an antiquated technology.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 on the Rogers network.

They had to do the barcode option since crappy ass iPhone doesn't support nfc and of course any older devices on all platforms.

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Well one it's an app built for bb10, second it's good to see because BlackBerry (even some legacy devices) supports NFC where iPhone still doesnt.

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Ya but blackberry looks good as its technology is more advanced. Also good for Blackberry to be getting the attention of a big company like Tim Horton's and continuing to see updates, while many large companies ignore this OS.

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I think this app is fantastic as it connects with another Canadian icon... today, Tim Hortons. Tommorow... who knows?? If BlackBerry can master NFC transactions at some major retailers--including those where it is perhaps lower in market share--it will only bode well for the company.

Pretty sure BlackBerry paid Tim Hortons to build the app. Just like they did with many others like sports teams, Delta airlines, MLB at Bat, etc. BlackBerry marketing dollars were spent for sure.

Not necessarily. Tim Horton is not an US company, they are Canadian. BlackBerry's marketshare in Canada is still somewhat prevalent (don't quote me on that though).

You're right, it is. I see BlackBerrys more or less everywhere I go ;-)

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I still haven't used the NFC feature of the app despite having my Tim Card loaded. I probably should but it's nice to know there's now another method as well.

Cheers. :)

You should try it, it's real easy to pay and reload your Tim Card. I use it all the time.

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The Barcode thing has been in the app for a while now (as it is the only way to pay on iPhone)... if anything IS new here, it would be the ability to use it at US stores. I cross the border a lot and the ability to use my Z30 to pay with a tap at US stores would be nice... show those Tim's staffers what a SMARTphone can do (as opposed to what other devices that basically do what a piece of paper can do)

In Blackberry's long road ahead to its awaited comeback, even a donut shop app wouldn't hurt (and newsworthy) when they've hit rock bottom. Ironically, some of the best entrepreneurial ideas were, with little doubt, written on napkins during informal meetings by founders held at the likes of said donut shop.

(Perhaps reader is obfuscated as to how interpret above ambiguous statement depending on his/her predispositions. Author must confess it is not direct...and uncomplex...as "dismissive".)

Dunkin Donuts should also have this in the US!!! So we could pay with or BlackBerry device!!!

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Been using nfc for about 4 months. Every time I go to use it the employee tries to scan. Then they are amazed when I tap the big with the big Z30

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Make sure you say "Tim's Card" before showing your NFC-equipped BlackBerry 10. Then they get it right most every time. :-)

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Btw: Loving the dark theme on cb

I hope more Tim Hortons location have the option to pay by the phone

The big location by my place doesn't.

www.apktrain.com for Android apps from your blackberry 10 browser

The scan function has been available for weeks here. I know because every time I go to pay with a tap they whip out their barcode scanner. Annoying! They assume everyone has an iphoney.

Yeah, they ass-ume.

NFC on iPhone six? Any rumors? Probably not, looks like they're rolling this out big-scale. LOL

Coffee Club should introduce this. Anyway, down unda is always behind....

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

The nfc Tim app brought me back as a regular customer to tims. I stopped going there when they switched to frozen donuts, now I stop by for coffee on the way to work , my shop started using bagged Starbucks Coffee recently ( ick burnt coffee taste) so good timing, and every cashier has said " cool " when I tap.

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Reading the reviews, someone says they require your home address and phone number. They don't need my home address and phone number to sell me coffee. Will not be installing this app. I will stay with cash.

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To use the top up function, you will require a CC. For the CC payment to go through you will have had to register your CC, and relevant info. (if the address does not match -your CC company will not process the payment).

It is a security thing.

No one is forcing you to use top-up. No one. It is there, if you want.

The tinfoil hat society will never use apps like this anyway, mobile payment, remote top-up -thats just crazy talk!


I dont know why,
Timmy app register and log in services never worked for me.
Tried again now, still can not login.
I can log in from their website.

Tim's "nutritional information" should keep people away from all the fat and calories they sell.

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Cool. And I agree with the one comment someone else made about the dark theme, I agree the dark theme is awesome.

Apple, The New Evil Empire

Sure isn't new but an excellent app. Been using it since before it was advertised. my wife uses it as well. Only problem the money gets spent quickly and when it's auto upload you don't even realize it.

They should have a rewards program to go along with it. Provide an incentive to use the app.

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I think the idea with the bar code is because of the many iPhone users out there. I can't tell you how many times I've tried paying with my BlackBerry and when I bring up my phone the TH staff brings up their scanner. This is where the "I'm paying with a BlackBerry via NFC.

Posted using my amazing and intelligent Z10

I've never once had them reach for the scanner.

But, I also don't say "I'm paying with my phone" because not only does it sound silly, it confuses the poor staff.

Say "paying with Tims Card". No one ever gets confused, they just say "swipe when ready". Then do the magic, and tap to pay.

9 x out of 10, the cashier walks away before the process, off to fetch my order. They return with my coffee & notice that payment has gone through.

I do get some questions from customers behind me. Usually along the line of "how did you do that" and "what app is that". Followed by, "I wish my phone could do that".


I really don't understand the logic of using a credit card to pay for a Tim card. When you can just use your credit card to pay at the counter.

You don't use a CC to pay for a Tims Card. (they're free btw)

You CAN use a CC via their web site, or the app, to TOP UP your Tims Card. (or auto top up, if you want).

I can see how this would be useful for parents. I use it for convenience.


Talked to a manager at tims and he said they are adding ordering to the app. When arriving at the speaker or cashier you will be able to use your phone to place your order.

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It would be cool to be able to store your favourite items in the app, pick a couple (including "refillable metal thermal carafe") and just tap to order and pay: the order is filled by looking at the screen, less chance of the order-taker getting it wrong.

Well there are smart phones and play toy's . I use NFC (smartpone) but then I have a real phone not a play toy. Tough luck Apple. My Z30 rocks.

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Hopefully Timmies trains their staff this time around.
The first launch of this app was terrible.
I found myself training the staff on how to do it. The frustration of having to do so also made me stop going.

Swing number 2. Is the "Great Casey" is up to bat?.......

Posted via my Vic20

You don't have to train them just tell them your paying with a tims card, then pay with your blackberry 10 device. And it's done

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I use this app ever time I go to tims. It's easy just place your order then tell the cashier you are paying with a tims card. Then places your amazing Blackberry Z30 super phone over the debit machine and hit the "pay now" button on the app screen and it's done. I usually have to explain how it works and what kind of super phone I have to be able to do this technological marvel. I Then reluctantly accept the girls phone number that was serving me as I had just blown her mind and she wants to meet up later. Shortly after I jump in my FD Rx7 and drive away because the crowd asking questions is getting a bit much. I do it mostly for the advertising of BlackBerry phones and the hopes that there stock will increase so I can retire at a young age. :)

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This feature is rigged for iPhone because they lack NFC (and so much else) . So, vendors have to invest in scanners just for the remedial iDiots, while the rest of us use the system as it was designed, i.e.- universal standards. Apple just can't do universal standards - either because they don't own it or because they lack the technological capacity.
So, this is only news for iDiots.


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To bad they can't serve a decent coffee, otherwise I'd be interested .

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo App all the way!!!

I've found this version seems to take longer to load card information, and occasionally stalls so long I give up and pull my wallet out.

Curious if anyone else has noticed decreased performance after today's update.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I really don't understand what you guys are saying to the staff to be getting all these issues as mentioned many time just say paying with Tim card and there is never an issue. I've being doing it since launch and flawless.

Also for those concerned about the Cc info if you kept the Tim card go top it off with cash at the register if your that worried about it then leave it home until you have to do it again. A Lot of work if you ask me but whatever floats your boat.

Never used the app and just picked up my first Tim card. Question: do you have to open the app before paying by NFC?


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Yes you have to launch the app and click "pay" before it will enable the NFC payment, then it says in NFC mode for 30 seconds or until the payment goes thru...

Doesn't work for me.

Worked for a about a couple months then just stopped.

Now when I try to add my card says "error card already exists"

And when I go to look at my cards on file it says no cards add a card.

This app sucks! Def lowered my freq of visits due to this.

 BlackBerry Q10 

Umm talk about being slow as shit. Been using this for a long time now.

Way to report you high school hacks

White Z10