Tim Hortons, BlackBerry and the Toronto Maple Leafs team up to create the BlackBerry donut

By Bla1ze on 31 Jan 2014 02:39 pm EST

If you're looking for something insanely Canadian for the day, we've found it. Tim Hortons, BlackBerry and the Toronto Maple Leafs have teamed up to help promote the TimmyMe app which allows you to pay for your purchases at Tim Hortons using your BlackBerry 10 device.

On hand for the occasion was Joffrey Lupul, alternate captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs who demoed the app for everyone by purchasing some coffee and likely some of those fancy BlackBerry and Toronto Maple Leaf donuts.

Sadly, I don't think the donuts will end up being available everywhere - only in Toronto for now. The TimmyMe app works at most locations though, so there's that.

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Tim Hortons, BlackBerry and the Toronto Maple Leafs team up to create the BlackBerry donut


Lmao about maple leaf donuts fill with boston's cream.

Better android than android. The future is black....

I haven't seen those donuts yet and I live in kitchener / waterloo....i would totally buy one too despite being on a diet!

Z10 still going strong!!!

I think that picture of the player is putting him in quite a bit of heat with wifey for chatting up that girl.

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The BB donut probably has some blackberry jelly filling, but I don't think there exists such thing as failure jelly for the other donut...

More like the 46 year long drought between championships kind of failure... At least they have that record!


For seriously though, us Leafs fans have a short memory. We prefer not to live in the past, because it causes so much pain and despair. So if someone says, "Remember the last 10 minutes of Game 7 vs The Bruins last year?", I can comfortably say, "No. No, I don't." Plus, Rob Ford takes some of the focus off when we have a losing streak. He's good like that.

But Boston s game seven choke in the cup final stings worse I bet lol. That was a collapse that stunk worst than the leafs.

Hate solves nothing, Respect gains everything!

Well if there's something that BBRY and the Leafs have in common it's that they haven't had a big win for a long time...

I love both BlackBerry and the Leafs...but that was just funny lol well done.

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LOL, me too man. Well, not so much the Leafs. I'm a Jersey fan, living smack dab in the middle of Sharks territory. I'm less than 10 minutes from the Shark Tank... Just like BBRY, the Sharks always come *so* close every year, but somehow find a way to lose it right at the end...

I'm a Leafs fan in Ottawa, 20 minutes from Canadian Tire Center. I am not alone here though. There are more Leafs fans here than Sens fans. ;-). You almost never see someone wearing Sens gear here. When the Leafs come to play here, the crowd is 50/50 and they chant GO SLEAFS GO!

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If miracles happen and the Leafs do get thru to the Cup finals and win....there will be parties on every major continent of the world celebrating. Mark my words. But no party will be bigger than the one right here in the big smoke. No place I'd rather be on that day.

That made me laugh! CB is always good for having members with a sharp wit. Thank you all.

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Dunkin Donuts should also offer the BlackBerry donut as a limited time.

Motorola V3xx --> Nokia E63 --> Nokia N900 --> Nokia N9 --> BlackBerry Z10

Now that is the advertisement crap they should have been doing a year ago. Not Alicia Keys. Partner up. Whats bigger in Ontario than timmies and the leafs.

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Yup. I can hear people laughing at this 'advertisement' but it fits so incredibly well. They could have essentially changed it up for a broader market as well instead of leafs, make it NHL or just hockey in general.

I believe part of it is due to BlackBerry's sponsorship of MLSE. That's how they got the Leafs and Raptors apps, as well as BBMC.

Blackberry also purchased a block of ice side seats at Staples Center in LA 2 weeks ago for the Canucks vs Kings game. It was nice and rare to see.

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Yes, as much as Toronto would like to think so, it is *NOT* the center of the universe. How about the rest of Canada?? I would pick some of the BB doughnuts up today using my TimmyMe app is they were available at our local Timmie's on the west coast.

I agree with you completely. What's better than 2 iconic Canadian brands helping each other from coast to coast!

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Now if they could get the carries in the malls to actually PROMOTE. BlackBerry handsets, that would be great. What does one have to do to see a working model in the malls these days? For heaven's sake BlackBerry, get working models out in the malls of every model you have out.

You are definitely not helping yourself by not doing so....

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Ya but us leaf fans (yes I'll admit it) idolize that team for some reason. And BlackBerry being Ontario company, americans barely watch hockey, but nascar or NFL in America just like F1 in Europe. They don't have to spend a lot just get the logo on tv. Clothing.

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I wonder if the logo part is edible? I really hope those donuts make it across Canada. Considering how many Canadians actually go to Tim Hortons, it would get a ton of exposure if it went across the nation. Although, the bean counters would have to probably make sure that they'd actually make some money off this item, so who knows if it will make its way here to western Canada.

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It was edible.. like a fondant. I didn't get to have one personally, but saw some employees enjoying them on their way out of the office today in Waterloo :)

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Only in the centre of the universe. Soooo typical.

I know each hockey city has their own donut (even the CFL cities have a team donut) why not make this a national promo. I know Trannah peeps think they're the only ones in the world, but there's a very vast country of happier people to the east and west of hogtown! Let's share the promo.

I love this idea, (save for the Leafs part) I would definately buy several BB donuts.

BlackBerry is a major sponsor of MLSE so it's a natural fit.

Oh, and the Tims app is fantastic!

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It's a gross generalization to say that 'Trannah' peeps think they're the only ones in the world. I grew up in western Canada but have called Toronto my home for the better part of 7 years now, and from what I can see, it's the immigrants or the people like me who were not born and raised here that most appreciate this city and what it has to offer. Those people who think this city is the centre of the universe either don't get out much, can't see past their nose, or work on Bay Street with their $1000+ suits. The fact that the majority of Canada's population is concentrated in the 'Golden Horseshoe' area along Lake Ontario may account for some people's opinion that they're at the centre of something, but they mistakenly equate population density with importance. Toronto is not New York. Or London. The inferiority complex of many Torontonians is certainly evident, though, when attempts to compare it to those cities are made!
Personally I'm happy this city isn't like either one of those cities. New York is a dive, and London really isn't any better. To be fair, though.. I'm sure the citizens of those cities would say much the same about Toronto. The only truth in perception is that it is never objective. The other truth is, of course, that objectivity is merely an ideal and ideal situations are rarely if ever found in nature. (much like quantum entanglement, lol).

Apologies for my babbling. I felt I had to stick up for those of us who neither consider nor want Toronto to be the centre of the universe. Or Canada.

Very cute! Next team up with Dunkin' Donuts in the US. I could totally go for one BlackBerry donut right now!

US T-mobile. Z10.

Finally, a marketing strategy that is from this century!! Nice to see and hoping they start advertising features instead of...well nothing really

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Heading to timmies now.. going to pay with my Tim card too!!!

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Oh yaa frickin' sweet! BlackBerry and the Leafs together is a winning combination!

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Now I want to go to Tim's. I must have all the BlackBerry merchandise. Capitalism!

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Have a competition to win a device at all Tim Hortons when you buy special edition BlackBerry donuts you are automatically enrolled in competition to win a Z10 package (with battery charger bundle)

Do the same with Dunkin Donuts if they're up for it.

In the UK Selfridges has the Z30 . Try to get those devices out there.

Time to raise the stakes.

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I'd drive to Adelaide (South Australia), if they had some there. Bit of a drive from Far North Queensland, lol

Do they ship to Australia or can I buy the sweet logos in a pack of ten here at Woolworths?

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

hah that pretty cool .. I'll be in Toronto tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to nab one of these :)

BBM Channels with be one of the best secured Social e-Commerce Enterprise Brand Shared Messengers and it starts with Coke, Timmys , Maple leafs , Disney ....

Gonna have to hit up the Timmies at the corner on my way out tonight, hopefully they have some BlackBerry or Maple Leafs donuts :)

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My avatar is a picture I took of Eddie Giacoman's goalie mask at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! We used to be up that way a couple of times a year, and also upstate New York and New England on trips with my son's hockey teams. Timmy's is part of what I miss of those days! I had the Timmy's app but I couldn't stand being reminded of how far away I was from the nearest!

That is awesome. I'm not a Leaf fan, but.....I love the Jays(yeah yeah I know the Jays suck to) they should do that with the Jays as well when Baseball season comes back. wooo

Team BlackBerry

None of the employees in the tim's in Nova Scotia know how to use the tim's app. :( Not enough people using it I guess

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I use it daily in NS! Just tell them you are paying with a Tim card. Then grab the card reader and tap it with you BB after you have hit "pay now" on the app.

BlackBerry will will emerge a winner long before the Leafs ever do again! GO SENS!

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You can tell crackberry staff are not Canadian nor spend a lot of time in Canada. We've had these Leaf Donuts at Timmies in Toronto to as far back as early November.

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

I might live 500 miles from Canada, but the last time I looked at Bing Maps, Canada included a few miles of territory outside of the Toronto region. I'm not sure, but I'm guess there might be one or two people out in those regions.

A person who's from Toronto is clearly from Toronto because their knowledge of Canadian geography does not go beyond the GTA.

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Oh wait BlackBerry Donuts! Super sweet! Cb10 app is loading pictures VERY slow and I didn't bother to fully read the article: summarize.

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

Haven't had the chance to see these in Waterloo yet... :(
But does anyone have issues with the app not wanting to top up with funds?

They totally stole that idea from me. I made cupcakes with the BlackBerry symbol on it and sent it to BlackBerry. Haha

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Pay it forward with a BlackBerry donut to the person behind you with an iphone in hand lol

On my awesome BlackBerry Z30

Love all the Toronto haters. Guess what. If I walk down to my local Tim's I'm not getting one either. Pipe down about us being the center of the Universe and all that crap. Are you jealous or something? Of what exactly? More people per square kilometre so they can reach more people in a smaller area with minimal effort. It's effective marketing.

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I've used the Tim App by tapping the z10. Works great. Nice donut! I'm sure it's good if you like the leafs or not.

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Been using since it came out. Cashiers think it's so cool :). Used it at five locations around vancouver area and one in Calgary

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Doesn't work everywhere, Tim Hortons south of Parry Sound Looked at me like I had two heads when I wanted to pay with my phone.

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I've been to beautiful Perry Sound. That look may have had more to do with the party favors in that town. Great city!

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Is it only available in T.O or through out the GTA? If it is through out the GTA, I will treat my kids to "blackberry donuts". :)

Wow. I wish I was Canadian and lived in Toronto right now. Is that weird?

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Not at all. You would love it here. We are not the center of the universe as some state, but never the less, you'd have a great time.

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No that's not weird, but while your there talk to a guy by the name of Rob Ford, he'll show you around!

On my awesome BlackBerry Z30

I'd have none. Tropical North Queensland, shorts and sandals all year round pretty much.

Maybe a sweater or a wool pullover, more for cyclone weather than blizzards.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I use this app all the time, it works great. I just wish Tim Hortons would promote it more.

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I find it odd toronto gets blue jays and leafs donuts, while other teams in Canada get nothing. would it be hard for a habs donut? how about a glazed oiler? or a creme filled canuck?

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The donut better not be an Apple Fritter! I'm just outside Toronto...i wonder if it will make it to Burlington

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I wonder if that will extend to the Timmy's outlet at the Jobings.com hockey arena . Would be nice.

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Tried to find one of those donuts in Whitby and no luck. Paid for 2 coffees with my tin app though.


Depends on how thick the case is. Mine works fine because it's just a cheap case ;p

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Sounds like a good time up there in Canada. Anyone want to ship me some BlackBerry doughnuts to Pennsylvania?? Lol.

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You wanna truly hit a huge market team up with the Riders.....almost every away game has almost as big of sea of green as the home team has!

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Love the tims app, I'm surprised how fast the transactions are processed via nfc.

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I was (supposedly) first to use the timmy me app at the shopper's world Brampton store... the two staffers were smiling and thought it was neat.

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I think it's pretty funny the best mobile payment solution in Canada is done by Tim Hortons. Works great with any carrier, any sim, and any credit card. BlackBerry donuts, what could be more awesome?

I went to 3 Tims yesterday and didn't have any luck.

First one at Bloor/Yonge. Second one at the PATH under Holt Renfrew center & third at Bloor/Church.

Disappointed to say the least.

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I saw that but it is mentioned in the article as "in Toronto", which might mean it would be all over TO.

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And the Leafs official donut is thin on the edible side because the hole is oversized. It's known as the donut with a '5 hole'!

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The timmy app is great but most of the employees have no idea what payment via nfc is. Tell them you want to pay with your phone and you get a blank stare. I should get free donuts and coffee for a year for teaching the Calgary staff how it works.

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I saw the Leafs donuts in Burlington the other day, but no BB ones. Had I seen them I would have bought one in support despite being an otherwise healthy eater. Gotta show my love!

At my local Tim Hortons, only one of three payment terminals works with the TimmyMe app, which means being prepared to wait for that terminal to become available (while awkwardly waving other customers past you - not terribly impressive when taking a client or your boss out for a quick morning cup) or to deploy some other method of payment.

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Where's my Montreal Canadians donut?

And yes I spell it "Canadians" not Canadians.

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Are you sure my Carrier does not have to first test and approve my Coffee and Donut order prior to me being able to consume it?