Tim Hortons announces Quickpay Tim Card for BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 12 Dec 2013 07:22 am EST

Earlier this week the official TImmyMe app was updated with some great new features, and today, Tim Hortons has announced the availability of their Quickpay Tim Card on BlackBerry 10. The service allows users of the TimmyMe app to quickly and easily pay for items using NFC tap-to-pay at participating stores. Tim Horton's is also testing a barcode payment pilot program in certain areas to further broaden their mobile payment options.

You can download the free TimmyMe app from BlackBerry World here.

Press Release

Introducing mobile tap and scan payment options for in-restaurant purchases

OAKVILLE, ON, Dec. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ - Tim Hortons today announced new mobile payment options aimed at improving speed of service and enhancing guest experience in its restaurants throughout Canada and the United States. As part of the company's ongoing commitment to operational excellence and guest satisfaction, the strategy includes the adoption of technological innovations at both the restaurant level and through the company's popular TimmyMe™ mobile application.

"We're always looking to provide our Tim Hortons guests with the best overall customer experience, and mobile payment is one area that we feel can help streamline the average time spent at the order counter," said David Clanachan, Chief Operating Officer, Tim Hortons. "These new innovations offer secure, quick and easy payment alternatives, allowing our guests more time enjoying their favourite food and beverages."

Now available at participating restaurants throughout Canada and the United States guests using BlackBerry® 10 smartphones (including the BlackBerry® Q5, BlackBerry® Q10, BlackBerry®Z10 and BlackBerry® Z30 smartphones) will be able to register a Tim Card on the TimmyMe™ mobile app and use near field communication (NFC) tap-to-pay technology to complete their order. This is one of the first integrations of an NFC based stored value card solution with existing payment terminals. Future development plans will also see this platform expanded to Android 4.4 devices.

Tim Hortons has also launched a barcode payment pilot program in the Niagara region in Canada and at select USA Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop restaurants in Maine, Michigan, New York, and Ohio.  The barcode technology, which provides a scan-to-pay option once a Tim Card has been registered on the TimmyMe™ app, supports Apple devices running OS 6.0 or later and Android devices running OS 4.0 or later.

"Tim Hortons is taking a customer-centric and technology-neutral approach while leveraging mobile payments to create unique customer value and experiences," said Rick Oglesby, senior analyst, Aite Group. "It combines the benefits of the cloud with benefits of NFC into a single solution, making it one of the first of its kind in QSR and something we should see a lot more of in the future."

Guests looking for the fastest and easiest way to pay are encouraged to download the TimmyMe™ app on their mobile device and register aTim Card to establish a payment balance in their personal account.

Tim Hortons has partnered with First Data Corporation, a global leader in payment processing and e-commerce solutions, to deliver tap and scan payments through their mobile gateway technology.  First Data makes it possible for registered Tim Card users to securely make mobile payments and view their Tim Card balance and transaction history.

For participating restaurant locations, FAQs, and to download the TimmyMe™ mobile app, visit TimHortons.com/MobilePay in Canada andTimHortons.com/USMobilePay in the United States.

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Tim Hortons announces Quickpay Tim Card for BlackBerry 10


Switched to milk at Tims and it's okay. Their machine poured cream gives me gut-rot. The small creamers are fine but it's the machine poured cream, oh boy.

Us based outside the U.S. and Canada will just have to wait. Good news though. NFC needs to keep spreading.

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Tim Horton NFC Quick Pay awesome now add this to a Tim Hortons BBM Channels & you have a Social Advertising e-Com on steroids !! There is zip on this on CNBC or Globe and Mail or Bloomberg !!

Great! now, if they would only start selling some drinkable coffee I'd be all over it.

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Quick question: do we need Wifi or data for this to work?

I know NFC doesn't require it but does the app require you to have an internet connection on start up?

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I don't know if it is required but I believe it is used. The balance is updated in the app in real time. The whole experience was new to the people at the Timmy's I used it at last night so I didn't think it was a good time to experiment.

If you set it to remember your password then you can use it without data with no issue, it will just update your balance next time you have a data connection.

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Yeah but at drive-thrus and in gas stations (i.e. Esso) there isn't wifi (at least at the locations I go to).

Haven't used it yet so maybe today is the day. I'll have to check that website to see if my local Timmies are ready. I'll post again when I have tried it. If this goes well, hopefully other stores and banks will start using NFC apps.

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I'm Canadian and can't stand Tim's coffee, it's garbage to say the least. Always fresh my ass!They should change that slogan to always never consistent coffee.

That being said, it is cool as a company, they're trying to be an early adopter of NFC payment options. I might just go buy some shitty coffee to see if it works lol.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

we have a tims near our work and the line up is always 30min long. ALWAYS FRESH AND ALWAYS AMAZING!

But this is only because of the busy location? Partly. I drive 20min out of the way during the day when I've already came home just to get a coffee from this location. Even tho I have 3 beside my house 1min drives away each.

I even went on a sunday and it was dead. I asked "is it fresh?" the lady said "always sir" and it was! So I'm gonna say its due to good management and being probably the richest location in GTA.

Yeah ... I hate tims coffee ... Still cool to have NFC capable before android.. I'll get a honey lemon tea ... I'm sure that had to be fresh and consistent ... hehehe

Why is this article not displayed in mobile version....i can't read anything text is so small..pllz fix lol.

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Agreed I also don't like that you can't zoom in and out. I guess the backup is to open in the browser but then what is the point of using the app????

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(yes, caps were intentional. Can't highlight Adam's BOSS status with anything less.)

Same hear on my z10. Whole article takes up just the left half of my screen.....makes text very hard to see

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Ooh - scroll to the top of the page and if you have a store banner or notification, tap the X to close it. 

FYI - NFC enabled sim card is NOT Required just the app and a registered Tim Card

NFC enabled Sim is only needed for tap to pay with a interact or credit card

I haven't had Tim's all that much, but if you're saying that McDonalds coffee is better then horse pizz I have no comment. 

This is great,nice to see BB so prominently mentioned in the press release,could The Keg be next? Prem owns it ,you know!!Visa Certicom,let's go.

The system works flawlessly. I just said I'll pay with my Tim's card (electronic or not it's still a Tim's card) I then held the back of my Z10 to the area you normally swipe your Tim's or debit card. That's it.
I'm not going to wait until TH management teach their employees about this amazing technology.

Word is spreading fast... I'm loving it.

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Why can't banks start doing this. I would love NFC payments in more places. Even if paypal did this I'd be thrilled

Lots of coffee snobs on here lol.. I wouldn't know, I don't drink the stuff. Tea only.

Anyways, I tried the app at the MTS Centre tims (for those of u from winnipeg) and it didn't work.. I tapped- the nfc did it's thing, after 3-4 seconds the debit machine showed an error and the app showed an error- I asked the staff, they had no idea the app even existed, and said I was the first to try it there.. could be they're not set up yet I guess..

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I believe you need to buy a Tim's card first. For example, let's say you buy a card for $10. That's it's value. Register the card and verify it, then you just need your BlackBerry 10 from then on i.e
tap on the payment screen and if you have bought less than the value of the card it will work. Once the 10 bucks is used, you can put more money on the card through the app.

If you think about it, NFC does not necessarily link to a debit account without you telling the device what accounts need to be debited. So you have to set it up first. It won't work if you don't go through that registration process and have a Tim's card with some money on it. Don't know of if you did that when you tried it. If you did, then there is something not right with the app.

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Ps did you guys notice the apple version of this app uses bar code scanning.. pft, stupid apple. Get some nfc, barcodes are old-school.. or maybe bar codes are now ground breaking and innovative since apple is using em.. hmm..

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I bought a coffee with mine last night at my Favorite Tim's. They were all " I heard there was an app that lets you pay and its on a BlackBberry?" I replied "BlackBerry and Tim Hortons, two truly Canadian Favorites" So I bought my coffee and the staff gave me a half dozen doughnuts for FREE! A few even mentioned that they would be buying z10's and Z30's right after Christmas. They were super impressed and super nice.

They probably thought your BlackBerry just pays for the stuff with created money ( like Federal Reserve, oops now NSA has flagged me). " I want one of those cellies". :-)

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

I used it yesterday and the girl at the drive through was really impressed. She suffered a bad case of "Lunch Bag Let Down" when she found out that her iPhone could not do this. What I enjoyed about the app is that right after you tap it your balance is updated right away on my z10.

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Wow bar code scanning , is that a new technology? Oh wait, if Apple has it, it must be the latest and greatest tech out there! How come CrackBerry isn't covering this technology?

Tried this out yesterday with a gift card I got from work. No dice, the transaction wouldn't complete. I was excited to try an nfc payment. Guess I will try again today

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The card needs to be registered and linked to your phone for it to work. I'm assuming you've done that.

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The transaction wouldn't go through when I tapped the device to pay. Something about not being able to process. Trust me the card was registered and the amount was showing...NFC was on..blah blah. "Let them struggle"...good one.

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Try it this morning and works fine... just to bad there are no Dunkin Donuts around Montréal anymore

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Now if only Timmies would hurry up and get the NFC reader setup at more stores. I went to 3 yesterday and not one had an NFC reader to pay with, only had the debit/credit units.

The normal credit card reader is what reads the nfc signal from your phone...no special readers needed. when they set it to gift card, tap and pay mode, the display shows a tap here animation....u hit the pay now on the app, place phone back to the credit card display and it pays.

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Also, app does turn on nfc when you hit pay now....no need to go into settings to turn it on first. but, I've noticed nfc then remains in until you manually turn it off...so not helping with battery conservation. some may also have security concerns, though that may be unfounded.

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these 3 stores don't have the dedicated card reader. They only have the POS machines that can do tap and go from a bank card which the phones won't work with.
I looked for the stand alone unit but didn't see it. I know one store that has it, but it's not on my daily travels. This is why I say, I hope they put the machines in all the stores and not just a few.

It's not a stand alone NFC machine. It's the debit machine... If it has a fairly large blueish coloured screen, that's the one. Just put it on the screen. It's the same machine you use the tap-and-go.

Yeah! I used my BB at Tim Horton this morning.
You would have liked to see the face of the cashier when pay with my cellphone.
For your Information:
Tim Horton has a forum for guys that are compliant about them Tim Horton milk is this forum.

Just tried this morning. Works great. Updates your balance right there and it keeps a transactions log.

What would be a great idea is if you can gift balance to another person using the app. I'd gift it to my iPhone buddies just to see the look in their faces when they go to try it and it won't work for them lol.

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This means I may actually have to go to Timmies sometime. I hope they roll out that dark roast coffee they've been testing soon. Their standard stuff is terrible. :(

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Not working for me, won't send activation code or update profile says server error, and when checking card thinks I am American in Canada

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Finally worked at a diffrent Québec location for me. Just mentioned I was using "carte Tim" and she was expecting me to swipe. Amused lady behind the counter, muttered in french , "Bizarre!?" and looked at my phone as the balance updated before our eyes. :-)

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I tried it today and the staff had no idea that it existed as a payment type but it worked great and the interface looked great on my Z10 and the balance on my screen went down immediately. Great job Timmy's!

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Kevin Oleary just trashed Blackberry on CBC while holding his Samsung Note phone ..hint he still uses a Bold 9900 because he says Verizon does not have a Global Roaming plan He said " why is Tim Horton going with the smallest phone....then says whats a Blackberry ""' sounds like his firm got refused for the bond offering ...just my guess

This app is one of the most useful apps out there today can't wait for other retailers to follow suit. Love the NFC payment feature on this app.

Thanks Tim Hortons

Just tried it, works perfectly. Balance updated immediately. Now planning how & when to murder the two apple fritters & poppyseed muffin.

I used it today to pay for my morning coffee, worked great without any hiccups. the cashier what quite impressed, he didn't know that they had an updated app or that it could do that.

Registered card, had everything in order, was all set up to tap for a coffee, and no dice. Is a tap POS not the same as an NFL enabled POS? Either way, so far it's a complete P.O.S.!

Sent from the future on my Z10

It's not a stand alone NFC machine. It's the debit machine... If it has a fairly large blueish coloured screen, that's the one. Just put it on the screen. It's the same machine you use the tap-and-go. When it comes up for the purchase, it's say swipe or tap, or something along those lines.

I used it today in Kingston, ON. The cashier was really impressed, as well. Like other have said, it worked flawlessly, and updated the balance straight away.

I've also been using the CIBC Mobile Payment app. It works well, but takes a little while to switch to pay mode. I've used it at Starbucks a couple times. The first time, the guy freaked out and was amazed. He thought it was so cool. I later heard him telling one of his staff about it (they both have iPhones). Today I used it again, and the girl was also very impressed ( a couple people in line seemed surprised and impressed, as well).

This is exactly the kind of stuff BlackBerry needs right now. It's increasing the coolness factor. Sure, some Android phones have NFC, but BB is ahead in that department right now.

Do you realize that we can do great advertising on this...

Every time you use it, let the cashier know I will be paying with my BlackBerry please.

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After 3years of waiting finally I can use Nfc
Payment in Canada thx to z10 and timmy
Hope other stores also start accepting the Nfc payments offcurs with good developed apps and support from providers

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OK am I the only one that had no success with this?
I tried to find out if it works at all locations or only some but didn't come across a list.

Bought and registered a card. Correct balance shows up on the tims app.
Asked to pay for the order with a Tim card, tapped the phone, machine beeped but keep waiting for pmt.
She changed it to credit card and no dice.
Glad to know the employees have no idea what I was trying to do lol.

In the end nothing worked.

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Feel your pain. Not sure what the issue is. First time I tried it didn't work. Second time it worked after a couple taps. Tried it today and after I tapped reader said "can't read, use magnetic stripe". Cashier tried a few of the tap payment options, nothing worked. Got a free coffee on the plus side. No sure if it is the readers or my Z10 - haven't had issues with my phone or NFC files transfer before. One thing is for sure, 100% of the cashiers I have tried to
use it with have no idea what is going on.

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Works great here in Calgary, great job tims it's great the look you get from the people around you, when you use your Z10 to pay

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This works awesome. The cashier needs to enter the transaction as a Tims card not a credit card.

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I got a card tonight to load up for both my z10 and one for the 5C. Turns out after I bought it that apple doesn't have nfc.
I did some reading and found some interesting articles. First off I phones can't have nfc because the casings apparently interfere. And second apple doesn't think nfc will fly. So far it hasn't really but Jesus. Talk about dictating what people should and shouldn't use. The article also states that this will be another victory for Apple as if they don't ever put nfc in their phone then it will be dead technology. I'm almost starting to believe it.

Posted Via my second Z10

Well my transaction was cancelled for my protection today.... Wtf? I guess when you go in you have to carry a backup payment source. Thanks for protecting me, I guess they don't want me to drink their coffee. Lol

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don't know if it has been noted but your phone has to be locked or the back light off for the payment to through. see under nfc settings

I'm curious.. On the list of stores, does the tim card icon means they accept tap-to-pay or just regular tims card or both ... Sorry, I rarely go to timmies ... Otherwise, they should add a tap-to-pay icon as well ... Again, I'm not really sure ..

This is not about coffee!!!! This is about a Canadian iconic business supporting another Canadian one and moving technology forward. Some companies like Rogers have been looking into e-money for years, but in their bureaucratic fashion can't get anything done, so Amen to Tim's!

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Tried at three separate locations that are supposed to support this, none had a clue what was going on, and when I said "Tim Card" and tried to tap, nothing. Why don't companies do a proper roll-out of these things including training the staff?

Used it this morning in Toronto at York Mills/Lesmill. They said I was the first to use it! They all started yelling to each other that someone just used an app to pay for their coffee! lol!

EDIT: I should also add that because of this new app/feature, I went to Timmy's instead of Second Cup. Way to go Timmy's and BlackBerry!

Works really well. The guy behind the counter was in shock. Thought I didn't pay. Until he checked the till and realized it was paid for. Hope TH keeps supporting BlackBerry and proves that this is a viable option for payment.

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Not a coffee drinker but might get a card and try it with donuts. Timbits are OK, at least the last time I tried it they were.

I tried with my Z10 a few times at the Yonge & Finch subway locations, and of course it didn't work. Then I realized: no cell reception in the subway! Duh!
Yes, you’ve gotta have a plan B.