The teasing is over - Tilt arrives for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 11 Feb 2014 09:02 am EST

We gave you a teaser of Tilt for BlackBerry 10 recently and judging by your comments it's an app that plenty of folk are interested in. Tilt is now available in BlackBerry World and you can pick it up for all BlackBerry 10 devices - which is always a bonus. 

The general concept of the application is to provide you with a bunch of information at your fingertips, but it's also cleverly disguised as a blank screen until you actually tilt your BlackBerry.

The ideal scenario for this would maybe be in a business meeting where you discreetly want to check out the content that the app provides. Whether the BlackBerry is face down or face up all you need to do is tilt the device and the blocks of content will appear in beautiful colors. The more you tilt - the more content is shown. 

The information that Tilt provides is as follows:

  • Battery
  • Weather
  • News (from Yahoo)
  • Foursquare locations
  • Calendar
  • Notes

Tilt is based on BlackBerry Sweden’s tilt UI concept - adapting to your phone’s gyroscopic orientation you will get the most important information only when you need it. As you'll see in the video - you do have the ability to switch off the 'tilt' option if you want - therefore having all the information on screen - all of the time. 

Loading up the app for the first time you'll be given a brief set of instructions - only four pages. Once these have been read you'll be all set to go. 

I've been playing around with Tilt for a few days now, both on my Z30 and Q10, and although it won't be for everyone, it is an amazing app that not only looks great, but performs as smoothly as you would expect. 

You can pick up Tilt for £1.50/$1.99 which seems pretty reasonable if you ask me. 

More information/Download Tilt for BlackBerry 10

Press Release

Pune, India (February 11th, 2013) – Today ReFocus Labs launches Tilt, a contextual assistant app exclusively for BlackBerry® 10 smartphones. It provides customers with information relevant to their context with an adaptive user interface.

Tilt is a contextual app with an adaptive user interface. It manages the user’s news, weather, priority notes, battery stats, calendar and places. The app is built on the proprietary Sidekick Engine, the same contextual backend used in the award-winning app ARKick. It is used to manage the priority of all the users contextual information.

The app features an adaptive user interface based on BlackBerry Sweden’s Tilt UI concept. Based on the phone’s gyroscopic orientation the information is displayed to give a non-obtrusive experience to the user.

“Combining Tilt UI with Sidekick Engine enables us to give the user the right information at the right time so they can focus on the world around them,” said Shashwat Pradhan the co-founder of ReFocus Labs.

Reader comments

The teasing is over - Tilt arrives for BlackBerry 10


Because he gets angry at the stupidest things and then acts like a baby so people notice that and continue to rile him up.

what's really funny is that every tells me how immature I am, but yet, when you guys all try to start me up, it's you guys that are immature. So how about you ishamid and dragonx6 grow up and be mature. Or is that really too hard for you guys to do?

If you would've left them alone, it would have eventually died out on its own. By complaining about them, you are giving them the attention they seek.

Posted via CB10

It goes both ways... I see why Quick is getting annoyed, and I agree that paying no attention to the "firsters" would have probably made them go away at some point...however, you do have to admit that it is quite childish to post comments that you know are going to get someone all bent out of shape just to get a rise out of them. the internet made up of 4-5 year old's with computers? I don't get it... SMDH

Posted via CB10

Actually I agree with QuIcKsIlV3r that the "First!" comments are ridiculous. But QuIcKsIlV3r's crusade against the firsters has over time become ridiculous as well... So I just took the chance for some harmless fun/satire at the expense of both the firsters and QuIcKsIlV3r's crusade. So... Don't throw stones in a glass house, man :-)

James.... What is that droplet wallpaper on your phone? How does one get it? You have been a bit stingy with the answer to this question for a very long time....

Google Images > "Condensation Wallpaper".
Seems like the first result is what you are looking for, just crop it to fit screen.

"Great Call, Mr. G".... found the exact one on Bing using "Condensation Wallpaper"...
some of the other ones displayed are pretty cool also...

Well played...

So let me get this straight...he gets pissy because people act immature.. so you continue to post stupid stuff to get him bent out of shape? Sounds pretty childish to me.. not to mention, it is creating a vicious circle of back and forth drama.

Posted via CB10

So who is more likely to stop? The masses that do the first comment or the one guys who is slightly obsessive and abusive about it? First comments not hurting anyone. He is attacking people.

Exactly my thought. And then I wouldn't be sure just yet. Maybe read some reviews first.

Posted with my Z10 via CB10

I will buy it... sooooomeday. it's not really what I need... but wouldn't be that bad to have it...

Since 2010 

It would be nice if it had more options as to what information is displayed. I would love to be able to connect Tilt to The Score so I could have sports scores displayed as well.

Does it really serve a purpose that we don't already have at our fingertips? I don't see a justification for an outlay of cash (no matter how small) for this application.

Posted via CB10

Even worse, it aggregates the things which are looking important for this particular APP, but absolutely not what YOU find the first priority.
What a failure for a $$$.

Don't really see what the point of the app is. Can set it up for preview in BlackBerry Hub without the app

Downloaded it, but app is very basic, just for the tilt feature its nice. Nothing is customizable, news only from yahoo, location is from foursquare, battery information is not accurate. Needs many more updates in coming days, we got the habit of BlackBerry os updates. :)

Posted via CB10

Just got it, very nicely made! Going to try using this with my Z30 on my desk all day.

If the developer is reading this, please consider tweaking the tilt so that it doesn't have to be as tilted to show everything. Find its a bit of a high tilt for me. Maybe make it configurable in the Options with a slider of how much tilt to require?

So, no manual news/feed entries, just Yahoo? Adding my own feeds was the only thing I really hoped would be in this app, would have made it the ultimate news feed for my daily usage.
I think the layout is great, but without a good reason to actually open the app (reading news seems like the most obvious reason) I do not think it will get much use. I will try it for a while and see how it goes.

Tried on my Q10, but the lack of customisation (only the 'note' block can be moved) means it will not serve a purpose for now.

I always have four informative Active Frames always opened, one for 'my news' and I would have liked this to be my new news app.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

Yea I wonder about that also, and is actually a deal killer for me.

After Marissa Mayer's comments bashing BlackBerry, I am forever avoiding anything to do with Yahoo. I even demoted my "trashcan" email address from yahoo to ignoring it, and moved my trashcan to an old gmail account. In fact, who is providing the weather data?

Looks like an interesting program otherwise, but needs more customization.

Love the idea but after reading the brief in BlackBerry World and then purchasing it, I found that I could not customise anything and the description is very misleading. Hopefully an update opens the app up for adding my own information sources as currently, over half of the app is delivering me information that has no relevance to me. I'm not a foursquare user, don't use yahoo for my news, am unsure if the weather information is accurate for my location, and the 'notes block' is impracticable. There's no mention in BlackBerry World that the sources are locked or where they are coming from, I had to buy the app to find this out and now am disappointed with the app. Hope it gets opened up soon with an update.

Posted via CB10

It's clearly version 1. I like the idea and eagerly await the next several versions. As mentioned above, I don't want to use Yahoo. The weather I'm getting is clearly not where I am. And I don't know if the location is right. Still, I'll recommend it to family and friends.

I just bought it very good app but lacks customization....needs and so on but I don't purchase really nice app overall :). It has tons of potential and with future updates it's going to be awesome

Posted via CB10

This app has absolutely ZERO reason to be headless. There are no notifications, and the entire UI point of the app is to always have it opened...

How about having the app activate when the screen goes dark. Sounds like a great reason for it to be headless. That's if the info it displayed wasn't pointless, which it is.

Posted via CB10

needs a couple updates to be worth 2 bucks. Needs to be headless as well as giving us more configurable options. more sources of news, ,email tile, sports scorets...etc..etc..looks promising..

That does sound discreet. Normally you have to look at your phone, but with this you have to tilt it and look at it. Maybe next update they should have us spin it until and look at it, for extra discretion.

Posted via CB10

The app looks really cool, but I'll wait until it's more integrated into the phone. I would like to see wider choice/option for localize news ( I use CBC and CTV news) news, weather, social media and so on...
Keep up the great work!

As I suspected, this developer has great ideas, but the execution is always terrible. The app cannot customize anything and most likely it will never be updated. Look at their other application, AR Kick, it was not updated since the release. Still full if bugs, still utterly useless.

Posted via CB10

Alright, so I bought the app to express my disappointment at how something like this can be released. I just hope it does not get the Built for BlackBerry designation until it receives some major fixes.

Here is how it breaks down.

1. Cannot customize content at all except for notes. Defaulting to Yahoo news for instance is pretty useless. Users must be able to customize content.
2. Cannot customize tile colors. Users should be able to customize the colors of the tiles.
3. Cannot control the degree of tilt required to reveal the last tile. Right now the device has to be virtually upright which is very unnatural.
4. If the screen is in standby or locked the app does not work. The app should be able to override lock settings as an option.
5. Must be headless. Without being headless it makes no sense to use it. When running in headless it should trigger the screen to turn on when the user tilts the device.
6. The tiles are still active hit points even when the device is lying flat with nothing showing. For example, tapping a black screen where the tile for Foursquare would normally show launches Foursquare even though the tile is technically "off". This is very bad.

Many more issues...feels rushed to release. I'm curious if the developer will follow up with updates. They never updated ARKick (their other app) and it has been full of bugs since release.

Posted via CB10

It's it just me? Or is the app stuck at the "Refocus Labs" opening screen? Its just hangs there at the opening screen and then closes on its own??? :/

Posted via CB10

I have the same issue as FMB8900. Location Services is already activated. Doesn't seem to work.

Cool concept but it shows stuff that is useless. If I'm in a meeting and need to peek at my phone it sure as hell isn't foursquare or Yahoo news banners I'm looking for. How about messaging and BBM notifications?

Correct Push Productivity Notification is key and this is just a basic start from TiLT , I believe much more effective & productive updates to come !! I will like to see a criteria where I can enter eg. my priority hub , have the ability for apps to push to me like a stock app , medical app , twiter , Blackberry travel etc..

And another thing - if it is designed to allow discrete peeks at your phone they should lose the rainbow colors and have a more subtle background. There is nothing stealth about the current color scheme.

This is a great app weather, foursquare news ,calendar, note taking,battery status, it's neat! Just got it and can see this working well for me during meetings, etc all you have to do is tilt! Worth every penny! No need to swipe! BlackBerry just got easier!

Posted via CB10

I'll stick to partially swiping to see my notifications from the lock screen. I don't find this practical and don't care for the Metro - like color interface.

Thanks for the options...

Posted via CB10

Isn't this concept similar to what BlackBerry wanted to do with Cinnamon Toast?
Why did they not implement this?

I hope the developer makes the app more customizable in future updates.

Posted via CB10

Anyone notice that like pretty much all apps / games that get reviewed on CB always ends with the editor praising the app and price point even though it's too high for an app that does too little?

Sure BlackBerry or CB doesn't have the luxury of reviewing that many apps, but that shouldn't stop them from being critical of it while reviewing it.

Posted via CB10

Nah. Let me suggest a more balanced viewpoint: there is plenty of criticism of apps and devs and BlackBerry itself on Crackberry, but it it's constructive, mature and considerate. That last quality, 'consideration', yes, the writers on this site do have that, and it underscores the fact that this is (hello!) in fact a site for people who are *into everything BlackBerry* so if you're expecting coruscating damnation of any minor transgression by the co or software devs, you've come to the wrong place. But to suggest that Crackberry doesn't call out obvious important faults because they get merchandise and software for free, that's evidently childish and dumb.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

I agree this app needs more customization, but I don't see how anyone would use this app if they have the lock screen enabled.

Posted via CB10

I kind of agree with you that this app looks good but feels somewhat pointless. Just thought you went to far, up there!

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Doesn't work for me on my Q10. Just stays on the refocus labs screen and closes

Posted via CB10

I can see some use cases. Even if it's just to attract attention, and then get people involved in a conversation. Probably the most useful feature!

Imagine you're single, and well.... no girl likes you because you have a BlackBerry. And suddenly...

You would like to show of your awesome BB10 phone. Everyone thinks it's boring until....

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

One of these days I'll learn to stop just taking CB's word that an app is good -- and read the actual user reviews in BBWorld first, before purchasing. Then I'd not have wasted money on an app that (a) won't even run, (b) doesn't include email previews, and (c) cannot be customized -- not even the weather section? Seriously? With the way apps are priced, one would expect that for $1.99 that at least (a) and (c) would be covered. But for now -- total FAIL.

You are so right. This app is still a concept. They haven't made it functional yet. It's pretty much useless until we can customize what feeds the tiles. I can't believe CB promoted it at this at this stage of development. From now on I won't be able to trust that CB's endorsement means anything.

Interesting, but without customization it's not for me. Maybe after some updates and if it doesn't drain battery too much...

channel C000F331C- my Z30 rocks!

Don't understand what is useful or practical about this app but to each their own.

Posted via CB10

Two questions, Is this a headless app and will your standard notifications come through on lock screen or will this always over take?

Bought it. $2.00. Can't open it. Dev says they're fighting a problem with OS 10.1. I didn't need that money...

Posted via CB10

Granularity is a big advantage.

I predict that all apps shall have granularity features, soon. ‎Something like this. Tilt for more granular (details), going one level down. Way better than clicking to climb down a menu sub menu and then clicking back.

This app is a toy starter app. Agreed.

True, that you get displayed what the app dev thought would be important -- not configurable. Not good, not today. ‎

The whole app field is a swamp. Anything goes. For now.

Posted via CB10

"The teasing is over - Tilt arrives for BlackBerry 10"
This is still a tease. It's just a demonstration of the potential, but we are still waiting for a functional implementation of this concept. I can't believe they released it it's present state, and I am even more shocked that CB got behind it.

For those opening the app and get only a black screen , hold the phone straight up and pull down from the top and go into setting and tap more . This was may case anyway, I force close it a lot before try this. running .537 software on -3 Z30.