Tiggit Controller for iTunes is now BBM integrated & FREE for a limited time!

By Kerri Neill on 18 Jan 2012 11:11 am EST
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We've covered the Tiggit Controller for iTunes app here on the blogs before. The app essentially turns your BlackBerry device into a remote for your iTunes account over any WiFi network. Users can use their BlackBerry Smartphone to browse the media available within their iTunes library, select media to be played, and control the play modes of iTunes.Now this fantastic app has announced it's recent additon of BlackBerry Messenger integration:

Tiggit Controller for iTunes now provides the link between the world’s most popular music and video player and the most popular real time messaging and sharing platform. Tiggit Controller for iTunes users can not only control what iTunes is playing with their BlackBerry SmartPhone, they can automatically share what music or video they are currently through their BlackBerry Messenger profile.

The new udate with BBM integration is free of charge for existing users and for a limited amount of time new users can download the trial version and receive a FREE license(app sells for $3.99) after connecting the app with their BBM profile! Keep reading after the break for all the details on how to get TiggitController for iTunes for FREE!!

For a limited period, Tiggit Software will give a free license for Tiggit Controller for iTunes, to any users that provide evidence that they have installed Tiggit Controller for iTunes on their BlackBerry SmartPhone, and have created a connection to BlackBerry Messenger.

To claim their free license customers should:

  1. Upgrade (if necessary) to BlackBerry Messenger version 6.0
  2. Install Tiggit Controller for iTunes, version 1.1.4 from BlackBerry App World or Mobihand
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect Tiggit Controller to BlackBerry Messenger

Having used Tiggit Controller for some time and being certain that the application is working correctly, customers should send an email to tiggit@tiggit.com with a screenshot or photograph of their BlackBerry user profile, showing the Tiggit Controller section of the profile, along with their email address and BlackBerry PIN. An example acceptable screenshot is shown below:

Tiggit Controller w/BBM Integration

Within seven days of receipt of a valid email claim, Tiggit Software will add the customers’ details to the Tiggit license server, and the trial version of Tiggit Controller will become fully licensed. Normally the customer will receive an email confirming that the upgrade has taken place. 

This offer is valid from 00:00 GMT 18th January 2012, and will terminate at midnight GMT on 22 January 2012.
Software licenses are awarded at the sole discretion of Tiggit Software. This offer may be withdrawn at anytime without the need for additional notifications.

For more information / download Tiggit Controller for iTunes

Reader comments

Tiggit Controller for iTunes is now BBM integrated & FREE for a limited time!


I works!!! Very easy! Love it.
But Scrolling the library is not really smooth on the 9900. But anyway, great app!!!

I just loaded it on my 9900 and scrolling with the trackpad is smooth.. and I have 10772 (57.86 GB) of music on my iTunes.

Little confused how does this connect? Bluetooth or WiFi? My computer is hard wired and doesn't have a Bluetooth adapter.

I've downloaded the "free trial" one. Is that now fully registered? I'm a little confused on how this works, because there was also a paying option of £4 (UK)

Works great, btw. Uses Wi-fi.

For the software to be licensed and registered you need to take a snapshot of your screen (or a picture) showing your BBM profile. In the screenshot(s) of your BBM profile you should make sure that your BBM PIN and the bottom section of that page shows that the App is tied to your BBM Connections. I did it in 2 screenshots. One is showing the PIN and the upper part of the App connection section and the other one clearly shows the App connection section. Hope this helps!

And I email this to who? I've screencapped what you've told me to do..

IGNORE that comment. I don't know why I didn't bother reading the instructions above...

Comment ignored.... I just got my confirmation from Tiggit, they are quick. I'll leave a positive feedback on AppWorld asap...

not sure how it connects to itunes, im on wifi, same with my computer but nothing is showing up in itunes. i cant find a support site either

Works fine on OSX Lion, though I had to open and close iTunes a couple of times for it to show the "device" section. Proceeding now to send the email.

worked for me the first time. I waited for the 4 digit code to display on my 9900 then I opened up iTunes and the Blackberry + pin was in the device section. Lucky me, I guess.

Does the computer have to be connected over a wifi signal or can it be hard wired to wireless router? My bb won't show up when trying to pair!

The BlackBerry and the iTunes computer MUST be on the same sub-network - i.e. the first parts of the IP address must be the same. Typically if your PC/MAC is plugged into the wireless router this will *probably* be ok.

You can check by looking at the IP addresses: and are on the same sub-net and should work. IP addresses and are not, and will not work, similarly and are not on the same network and will not work.

Since AppWorld still shows that I am on the trial version would I have to pay for any future updates, if applicable? I got confirmation from Tiggit that it is registered on the back end.... What happens on the front end (AppWorld)?

Sadly, as you have not purchased through AppWorld you will not be able to post a comment. There is no easy way to link the free license to appworld's systems. I wish it were simpler.

Yes you will be eligible for all future, without charge, updates and upgrades. AppWorld will know that you have the application installed and will notify you of an update being released.

Actually, it would appear that you can post reviews on Appworld so long as you have down loaded the trial version. Don't hold back now, add your reviews !

Downloaded it, used it (worked perfectly), took a screenshot, emailed them, and had a license in less than 5 minutes! Awesome!

this app is awesome. the remote is the one app i really missed from my iOS devices, since i use itunes and express stations for music streaming. this app works perfectly and allows you to select what speakers you want to have on!!!

Works perfectly.
My library is 98GB, more than 12,000 songs. Access is quick and smooth in the library and all the playlist on my BB9900.
Thank you Tiggit!

i downloaded it and linked it to bbm maybe 20-30mins ago, but havent recieved a serial key or notification email. interface is clunky and not nearly as smooth as my iphones native remote app, but its still functional, and i will use it for free, but wouldnt pay 4$ for it. im sure there was a lot of hard work put into it, but i cant justify the 4$ when i already have apple remote on my iphone. i know not everyone has an ios device tho.

3 things:

1. Now that's just plain freaky!!

2. I downloaded and connected to itunes and BBM. When/how does it unlock the full version?

3. Is there a way to play the music from your 'Berry rather than from the computer speaker?

I am unable to connect it to BBM. It did ask me to connect to BBM for the 1st time but I had ignored it. Now how do I connect to it to BBM? It is not asking me again. I've tried removing the app and reinstalling it, but it just never asks me again.

I've also tried to go to Messager, and then Options->BBM connected apps->Application Access, but I can't find Tiggit Controller there.

Is it a bug?

Go to the home screen and select Options, then select Third Party Applications, and then look at Tiggit Controller for iTunes.

There is a setting "AllowBBM" set this to yes.

If this does not get you going, try a battery pull, and if all else fails delete the app, do a battery pull, and then re-install.

Just got my License from Tiggit..
This is very awesome app, I can control my iTunes from arround the house..^^

Thanks Tiggit for the license..

Thanks CB for the Info..