Ticketmaster for BlackBerry v2.0 Beta now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone!

By Michelle Haag on 18 Jul 2011 02:45 pm EDT
Ticketmaster for BlackBerry

If you're a big Ticketmaster user, you'll be happy to learn that RIM has released an updated version of their app to BlackBerry Beta Zone members today! This new version comes with a much needed facelift as well as a bunch of new features and integration with your calendar among other things!

Updates include:

  • See a list of featured events
  • Search for specific artists or festivals and get details on upcoming concert/event dates
  • Browse a list of local events based on their selected location
  • Browse list of most popular events from all locations (see what other people are buying)
  • Add artists, venues and teams to their list of favorite artists and be notified when new events are added
  • Manage your user profile used to access both the mobile application and the Ticketmaster.com website
  • View details of events and purchase tickets right from your BlackBerry
  • View your order history

Ticketmaster for BlackBerry is available on BlackBerry smartphones running OS 4.5 and above in North America only. Download it today from BlackBerry Beta Zone and let us know what you think! And if you aren't already a member, what are you waiting for? Get signed up today.

For more information and to download Ticketmaster from BlackBerry Beta Zone

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Reader comments

Ticketmaster for BlackBerry v2.0 Beta now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone!


This app is basic but it makes sense to have. Can't wait to see how well it will work in the Bold Touch 9900. Come on T-Mo stop playing around and release it :o)

this app sucks. it is way too slow on the torch and it is jumpy. needs a lot of work and when you scroll down the list the refresh rate is sluggish. they can do better, I mean come on ticketmaster has the resources (money) to make it better.,