Ticketmaster App Updated - Now Available for All Devices

By Adam Zeis on 19 Apr 2010 01:44 pm EDT

Earlier this month the Ticketmaster for BlackBerry application was updated. The app, developed directly by RIM, was previously not available for some newer devices, but with the latest update is supported across the board on all devices for all carriers. With the Ticketmaster app, you can easily browse ticket information for concerts, sporting events and special events, view venue and seating information and make purchaes right from your device. If you are a big Ticketmaster user this is one app to check out, however if you only drop in on a few events here and there, you may be better just sticking with the website. Ticketmaster for BlackBerry is available as a free download from BlackBerry App World. Thanks Bruce!

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Ticketmaster App Updated - Now Available for All Devices


It is worth pointing out that this app is only available in the USA and Canada. Not available through App World in the UK and I suspect all other European countries!

On my 8900, this app only uses Edge while WIFI is connected and readily available... what's up with that? Anyone else notice that?

Is it just me or does this app just lay some extra menu options on top of the Ticketmaster mobile site? All rendering is done by the browser, or so it seems.

do people honestly buy tickets to so many shows that they need an app for it? I dont think its trustworthy enough to use to buy tickets the minute they are released like you have to do for some events...If its so important that you MUST have tickets for an event go to a ticketmaster booth which will ensure no loading/slow server problems which even a regular PC does. If its not such an important event that you need the tickets right away, then just wait until you get home.

I buy tickets to concerts all the time, and sometimes I get stuck buy first sale tickets. This app is deffinately not useful when trying to get tickets when they first go on sale. Extremely slow and many steps to take. But its useful to find tickets without out using that crap automated system. Lol

But it is cool, how it uses the browser, but it is like its own browser tab, so you don't loose what your doing on your browser. There should be more apps that do that.

awesome, lets all download this app to help ticketmaster further cement their monopoly, and continue to screw consumers.

$2.50 for them to email me the tickets?!? scoring concert tickets used to feel great. now you just walk away disgusted with the fees you had to pay to see your favorite artist.