Thumbplay wants to give you a free BlackBerry!

By Bla1ze on 22 Oct 2010 12:47 pm EDT

Thumbplay, has recently posted about a contest they are having where you can win yourself a BlackBerry smartphone. The catch? Well you have to be in the US for one and secondly, you gotta make them a really cool demo video for the Thumbplay application. If you can fit into that criteria then you are well on your way. The prize packs include:

  • First place: a new Android, iPhone or BlackBerry smartphone (max value $500) AND a free year of Thumbplay Music
  • 2nd Place: 6 months of Thumbplay, free
  • 3rd Place: 3 months of Thumbplay, free

You'll have to catch the full details and contest rules over at Thumbplay but, this could be a rather easy way to win yourself a new smartphone. Of course, we know you'll all pick a BlackBerry. You're CrackBerry readers, come on!

Reader comments

Thumbplay wants to give you a free BlackBerry!


Thumbplay wants to give you a free BlackBerry!...ok!!!...OH wait a tick? Marketing/demo video???...lazy marketing staff!!!NEVERMIND

I understand they intentionally wanted this to be funny... BUT THAT WAS TERRIBLE!!! The concept is not revolutionary; not even close, as they try to make it seem (I know, the vid is an "infomercial," I still feel like they are really trying to force... the issue?).

I always hate "contests" where the applicants basically have to do marketing stuff the staff was (for whatever reason) unable to do on their own.

By the way, I've known about and have been using Thumbplay's BlackBerry products for 3 or 4 years now.

What a concept...except for the fact that I refuse to do the work for their marketing team...I'm pretty sure they get paid for this crap...geez


Don't like that,

This guy shouldn't be allowed in front of a camera he's hard to watch. Didn't learn his lines I guess.