Thumbplay Music Store Store Goes Public - 30 Free Trials to Give Away

By Adam Zeis on 8 Mar 2010 11:47 am EST


*Update: Just a quick note that Thumbplay is currently only available in the US so sadly anyone outside the States is out of luck on this one. Apologies on the late notice *

Back in January we saw the Thumbplay Music Store that was shown off at CES. We gave away some free-trials, and are happy to announce we have a few more to give out to the CrackBerry Nation. Thumbplay is out of private beta and has added some device support to their lineup, so users with a Tour 9630, Curve 8900, Storm, Bold 9000 or Bold 9700 can now get in on the action. Thumbplay lets you stream music from their database, as well as create playlists and buy songs right from the app. The full service is priced at $9.99/month (a free 3-day trial is available via BlackBerry App World), but we have 30 free 30-day trials to give away. To enter to win, just leave a single comment on this post. Winners will be picked at random and the contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST.

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Thumbplay Music Store Store Goes Public - 30 Free Trials to Give Away


Come on, I'd like to think that if I'm not going to enjoy it in 3-days, it's unlikely to change in 30 considering I'll likely use it the most in the first 3 days...

Hey Slalom -- this is Thumbplay. We have 8MM tracks under license, including all four majors and 25K (!) indie record labels. We are still in Beta and still ingesting content at an amazing rate -- so all 8MM are not yet loaded. Soooo...if you don't find something, rest assured, it is likely coming soon!

Newer devices come with an 8 or 16 gb sd card. Heck you can buy a 16gb at for under $20 a 32GB for $35. Hit shuffle or genre shuffle or artist shuffle and you are set to go. But to pay $$ for music that you can't keep that is streamed in highly compressed lossy fashion. I don't get it. Maybe for older devices without the 5.0 OS, a decent media player and no sd card slot. Plus their are a ton of free streaming radio aps, and free streaming radio stations to boot. Just locate on a PC or mac and use

I'd give it a try. Especially since MP3 Panda went and doubled their pices (to all od $.10 a song). Damn Russian Mafia! :)

how do you give away 30 "free" trials? isn't a trial suppose to be free to begin with? or is it one of those apps that dont give trials at all

I've been waiting so long for this, and a free subscription makes it that much better. I'd love to have a thumbplay library.

I still got hope, PICK ME, PICK ME..... I have been leaving comments for the last 2 years and never won but like I said I still got hope is crackberry.
This would be a nice app to have to check out if its worth the $10 bucks a month.

That looks like an interesting app, I love some of these music/radio apps, I'd like to see how well it compares to slacker over long term use.

I have been waiting so long for this and am very excited to start using it on my Blackberry Storm.
Please pick me!!!!!!!!!

30 day free trail?? How cheap, give us a yr ya cheap skates like Slacker does. Pandora is still free!!

I think I've burned a hole in my pandora icon. probably a good idea to try something else for a little while.