Thumbplay Music Store Launches On BlackBerry App World!

By Bla1ze on 26 Aug 2009 08:46 pm EDT
Thumbplay Music Store!

Thumbplay has been around for a while as a content provider for such things as ringtones, real tones and games and have now launched their music download service within BlackBerry App World. The application itsself is free to download to your device but costs associated from the use of the app come from downloading full length MP3 Quality, DRM Free music files to your device, all of which can be played on mp3 players, your PC and of course your BlackBerry.

All songs are downloaded via WiFi for faster delivery or over 3G, EDGE and with music starting at $0.69 and going up from there the service is a cost effective way to get your music on the go. Paypal and debit cards are accepted for the payment processing so that makes it just that much easier.

The application itself is nice. Once downloaded and installed to your BlackBerry you can preview songs directly from it which makes accidental purchases of bad music impossible. So there goes my excuse for having Taylor Swift on my BlackBerry. ;)

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Thumbplay Music Store Launches On BlackBerry App World!


Blaize...there is absolutely nothing wrong with having Taylor Swift's music on you're phone. As long as it's not the only music on you're phone.

so i dont blame fact, i respect you even more

as long as you have "you belong with me"

I think songs on iTunes is cheaper and of better playback quality. Where I come from in Malaysia, there is a local carrier recently offering unlimited songs downloads for MYR5.00 (US$1.43) per month. That's called value!

I will not say useless...there is an app for everyone. There are people who prefer to do things legally with all the lawsuits by the RIAA going around

We all need good country instead of the "Crap" that hip hop brings to the table. "Babies Mothers" Instead of fathers. "Pimps & Ho's" Is a better option? I think not.

Where is the rock music? When I go to "genre" click "rock" and Mariah Carey is #1, um, wow... I feel like I waisted time downloading this app. I hope they make major music updates.

I'm wondering if the App World itself will begin to offer a music library? I would also like to see the App World get into the movies, videos, and podcasts as well. Let's give itunes some competition.

ummmm a music app to challenge iTunes...interesting will check it out once I'm home see if it have a PC counter part to go with it.

Does anyone thing this app will take off with all the illegal downloading (not accusing anyone). I heard that only 45% of iTunes users purchase music

Yet another app to join the myriad of others on the scrap pile due to US only restriction.

Nowhere on its front page does it state US only.

Pasted below is the tiny bit concerning non US usage from thier T&Cs.

International Use – THUMBPLAY is hosted in the United States and is intended only for use in the United States. You agree that you will use the Software only in the United States. At this time, use of the Software is not available to overseas visitors.

If a product is meant for use in one country only, SAY IN ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE WEBSITE. Save everybody the inconvenience and aggravation.