Throw Back App: Nixie Clock for BlackBerry Smartphones

Nixie Clock
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Jun 2009 10:50 am EDT

Here's something a little different.... an app that's a tribute to days gone by. New from Mobigloo, developers of Nintaii, Air Traffic Control, Next Dual Pack and more, comes Nixie Clock. Nixie Clock is an old school clock:

Enjoy the elegance and beauty of a Nixie Tube Clock on your BlackBerry. Rich graphical rendering with glass tubes containing a wire-mesh anode and multiple cathodes. Enjoy the real tube as it was designed in the 1950's. Features include:

  • Very high resolution Nixie tube, using the entire width of your screen for better results.
  • 12 or 24 hour time modes; turn seconds on or off
  • 4 different Nixie tubes to choose from (amber, red, green, blue)
  • Always On option (the screen won't turn off)
  • Optional date on the main screen

Nixie Clock sells for $2.99 and is available for all BlackBerry smartphones. Click here for more information and to purchase.

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Reader comments

Throw Back App: Nixie Clock for BlackBerry Smartphones


Make it into a nice alarm with lots of setting and maybe you have a deal, but $3 just for the clock is a bit much.

yea an alarm would be nice. also make it so the clock turns on automatically when charging the phone instead of the original clock. ill pay $3 for it then

I would like to see a way to change the color display of the clock that is built-in the the RIM OS. I use it for an alarm clock and would rather have something other than a white light next to my bed.

$3 for a clock? Don't think so. I agree about making it with an alarm then I might purchase it. Also this would be more appropriate at $.99. Sell a thousand at .99 or a 100 at 2.99 you do the math.

Where are the App Developers that can give us 99cent Apps? This is getting a little ridiculous. Now I see why The iphone rules in the app department.

Because RIM is stupid and gives developers who want their apps on appworld the option to sell it for FREE, or a minimum of $2.99. Blame it on RIM!

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. I remember reading about that little requirement and thinking, "That is just plain crazy". Do you know how many impulse buys you can get at .99?

Actually, we do, just take a look at the iPhone App Store.

Do you remember that, Steve Jobs wanted the apps to be HTML based and relatively crappy at that. Then the users community bitched and complained and they said "Oh, we were going to announce the store" but not before you sign away your rights.

Apple has one key benefit and that is the iPhone and iTouch are relatively the same device so its (a) cost effective to build for one device, (b) the iPhone/iTouch users are sheep, they will put $50 on their iTunes account and burn through it in no time.

I purchased apps that would benefit me, some are $.99, MOST of mine were in the $5-$10 range.

RIM has many, many devices to support with different screens, different levels of OS, different input methods. If you wanted a for in the early car years you could have any color you wanted so long as it was black. The same for the iPhone (only they now give you white and charge more).

Now lets talk about iPhone warranties, oops no coverage by AT&T, and there are (2) moisture sensors and the Genius (really now) Bar folks will call foul on you iPhone for moisture even though the placements are poorly placed.

So again, go develop the next hot app for $.99 and make it work on (10+) devices with (3-4 OS's) etc. I can't wait.


Yea I can't justify paying $3 to do something the phone already does.. That's like making a $3 app that just changes the way the dialpad looks

Actually its like making a dial pad but when you truly need to dial, you have to go back to the original.

I agree with everyone else here, if it doesn't do what our original clock already does,why bother? Heck, I'm asleep 99.9% of the time the clock is on anyway.

This would be cool if it had an alarm and auto came on during charging. The only reason I use the clock on my BB is for the alarm and there is no way this is going to sell without an alarm. Seriously, a clock app like this takes like a day to make. Its simple code with 10 nice graphics since all they did was change the color scheme to each one which takes like 30 seconds in photoshop.

As you can see from the previous post, nobody is gonna pay that amount for such a weak attempt at an application with less purpose than a Chicago hooker on a Louisiana street corner. Come on now, you have to give a little bit more than a stand alone app for that price. Atleast, make it so colors can be changed or something.

The people have spoken.

All shit like this needs to be FREE, I don't care how much time some shmuck put in to it. It ruins the whole fun of having a phone that can have cool pointless stuff on it when said "stuff" costs you a stupid amount of money.

By the way, there is no argument against this. It's retarded...period.

Ha, another thing that irks me is the description. "Elegance", "beauty", "Rich graphical rendering". It's a F$@#ing CLOCK. Damn.

The dev guy must work for verizon....

Lil more work. replace the flippy alarm clock bedside mode, with this one, and you would be my 1st app purchase >=)

We will have an updated version this week supporting the bedside mode, having the clock automatically launch when you recharge your device.

Are you freaking kidding me? $3.00 for a SIMPLE clock??!?! Yes, its a beautiful design and looks cool, but its not nearly as functional as the one that comes with my Storm. Allow me to use it in bedside AND as an alarm clock, but JUST a clock for THREE DOLLARS??? WTF man?!

I don't know about you guys, but I think the Storm is sucking big time in the App department. Apple has RIM's ass kicked in this apartment and RIM seems to be ok with that and not interested in competing.

As for this overpriced app? Boo-urns for not making a better decision by putting it @ .99

Caesarg hit the nail on the head: "this would be more appropriate at $.99. Sell a thousand at .99 or a 100 at 2.99 you do the math."

Oh yeah one more thing - there is no way in hell I am downloading this unless there is a trial for it AND unless the price drops to $.99

Why not give us a trial that only works 5 times and then is diabled so we can see how it looks.

Throw me a bone here...

This pricing model you have is PURE SHIT and why the iPhone will kill BB's App store forever. And I hate the freaking iPhone.

Make it so apps are 99 cents.

Is there a way to actually use your Blackberry while this app is running? I mean, I just bought it and figured that it was basically just like a wallpaper as far as the BB theme is concerned. I figured that I would still have use of my berry while clock was running in the background. I had no idea that it was literally just an app of a running clock that you have to turn off to use your device. If thats the case....LAME!

I normally read the comments but, stupid me, I jumped into this one figuring it was a pretty straightforward app. It doesn't integrate as an optional display setting into the native clock and doesn't come on as screen saver when the screen dims. WHAT IS THE POINT? I was hoping when my screen dimmed this nice looking clock would appear but that does not happen. Unless updates come along to allow it to be used in bedside mode or as a screen saver it is basically what 1 2 MaNy said above...LAME!

I'm deleting this POS from my device! I thought it was something more functional when I bought it. Never buying anything from this developer again...what an effin' waste of money!

An update is coming with Bedside support, auto launch when you charge your device. If the application is not meeting your expectation, please send us an email at and we will be happy to refund your order.

Let me get this straight - The majority of the posts about this app are from users who (a) never used the app, (b) whine about pricing of the app(s) aka want the iPhone but cant get it, (c) clearly didn't read the description of the app and just decided to whine about it..

I purchased it the same day it came out, and I did so knowing that Mobigloo would likely add features to replace the clocn when in the desktop charger etc. Mobigloo does develop excellent applications, and most likely this app was launched with features to follow, and perhaps they wanted the users feedback.

As to comment to make it $.99 like the iPhone apps, well cruise on through and show me which apps that are $.99 are worth buying. I have an iTouch and I have a bunch of apps, but the $.99 stuff is usually crap.

So lay off the developer and go develop your own high quality $.99 app and sell it.

Good for you Mr. Holy. People are mad because this app literally has no function and it's priced at $2.99 (just ridiculous). The description didn't mention that it's literally just a clock that you have to open and close to look at...what's the point? You'd have to pay me money to use this. I guarantee if I showed this clock to someone, they'd ask "Cool, whats it do?"......NOTHING!

See I think it looks cool. If it had the alarm function with the ability to turn on automatically like the current bold clock, I'd buy it. It's $3!!!, most of us pay that much for a cup of coffee!

And if it had those functions and worked on a curve I'd buy one for my daughter's phone as well! (I have a bold, she has a curve)

No prob with the price if it does bedside mode and the alarm works like or uses the normal alarm.
Sounds like its in the works.

I'd like to appologise to Mobigloo for bitching about the price. I understand its entirely up to the developer to set their own prices.

I had a bad day yesterday...sorry for taking on you Mr Mobigloo...

i think this is cool.. 'cause it has many comments. Hoping they will update the autodim function. Just like autolock apps..
Thank you Mobigloo.