Three UK offers free BIS for a year with Pay As You Go BlackBerry smartphones

Three UK offers free BIS for a year with Pay As You Go BlackBerry smartphones
By DJ Reyes on 15 Nov 2012 10:44 am EST

Three UK is currently offering customers who purchase a BlackBerry smartphone on Pay As You Go from them free BIS for a year. That's right, no need to pay £5 a month for your BlackBerry data for one year.

One thing to note with this offer is that you must top up at least £10 every 28 days for the offer to stay valid. With your £10 top-up you can get the All-in-One 10 Add-on. This gives you 100 mins, 3000 texts and 500MB of data a month. 100 mins seems pretty low for some but now there's BBM 7 with voice calls so that may help out if you have other friends and family members with a BlackBerry device. Alternatively, you can top-up £15 and get the All-in-One 15 Add-on. This plan gives you 300 mins, 3000 texts and All-You-Can-Eat data every month. Since you won't have to pay the extra £5 a month for BIS, this plan sounds pretty good.

The offer is available to any customer who buys a Pay As you Go BlackBerry smartphone from Three UK and activates BIS from November 9th 2012 to January 31st 2013. If you already own a BlackBerry and just get a Pay As You Go SIM card from Three UK, activate BIS within the offer period, you are also eligible.

With Three UK's BIS plan you get email, 1GB internet data, BBM and App World access. To activate BIS on Three UK just text START to 38001, you should be activated within 48-hours. There are currently four BlackBerry devices available on Pay As You Go from Three UK.

For more details and to purchase a BlackBerry smartphone from Three UK 
Three UK's BIS for year Terms and Conditions

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Three UK offers free BIS for a year with Pay As You Go BlackBerry smartphones


Woah. This is a weird coincidence as I just bought the BlackBerry 9320 after selling my SIII and was thinking about calling Three to swap my Internet tariff! I was even contemplating changing networks too.

I shall give Three a ring and see if I can get on this tariff.

i'm going to switch to three too in my place. they are offering 6 month BIS, unlimited browsing (no streaming/tethering), facebook, twitter, and one email address just for $12,5. i'll just need to forward my emails to that one email address :p
my current BIS is with XL Axiata, browsing (no streaming/tethering), facebook, twitter and ten email address in $10/month.

EDIT:the reason i want to switch from XL to three is because XL Axiata sucks really bad. they made blackberry network dropping so bad too many times while regular network (non blackberry) is just fine. this was one of the reasons there were too many complaints about blackberry where i live. pending bbm, slow loading browser, signal dropped to SOS are what we have to deal with almost everyday here. this is another homework for RIM about cooperating with carriers. some carriers are too greedy here IMO.

I wonder how Brits feel about this deal. When I was in the UK for 10 days last time, I didn't use any credit to make outgoing calls as the line had unlimited incoming and used to route most of my calls (even local) for cheaper than normal outgoing airtime. The only thing I paid for was the £5 for 500 MB of BIS. This was on O2, which also had a 2G network to fallback onto.

I guess if you need the minutes and texts, the Three deal works out to be better.

The best deal i have seen is for Virgin PAYG
15 quid a month gets you unlimited texts, and unlimited data.
you can then use 5 quid of that 15 quid to get a monthly pass for bb services and you get all the benefits of the tariff with bb services.
So you end up with, unlimited data, unlimited txts, BB services and 10 quid worth of airtime.

I'm thinking of going PAYG once my contract ends if it stays like this.
Obviously this isnt as good if you tend to use a lot of minutes