Three UK will offer customers LTE without the premium price

Three UK will offer customers LTE without the premium price
By DJ Reyes on 9 Feb 2013 12:35 pm EST

At the moment, EE is the only carrier to offer LTE (or 4G) in the U.K. Even though Orange and T-Mobile are part of EE, you must go on an EE specific contract to avail of the 4G speeds. This also comes at a premium and with it only reaching certain cities around the country, some may say it is not currently worth getting an EE contract for 4G just yet.

Three UK has recently announced that when 4G comes to their network, it will both new and existing customers will be able to get 4G without any extra premium. In their Press Release, they state:

LTE, otherwise known as 4G, will be added to Three's Ultrafast network later this year. Unlike some other UK mobile operators, it will be available across all existing and new price plans without customers needing to pay a premium fee to ‘upgrade'. 

All U.K. BlackBerry Z10 devices are 4G ready, so whenever your carrier hits the 4G switch, you don't need to swap it out for a 4G version. And if you're with Three UK it seems it will be smooth switch. Three even says you won't even need to swap out SIM cards.

Three UK are known for being value for money, being the first U.K. carrier to scrap the fair usage policy and gives customers truly unlimited data bundles. So, could we being seing unlimited 4G data bundles? Could be. Couple that with the fact Three UK is offering very competitive prices, I may be jumping over to the network when they flip that 4G switch. There's no date yet other than it will be coming later this year.

Source: Three UK 

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Three UK will offer customers LTE without the premium price


Agreed! Does anybody know what that is? I've never seen that skin before and I can't find it listed on,, nor the CrackBerry store.

"Never mind the back of the phone, what about Three still not stocking the Z10"

Couldn't agree more, taking toooo long for them to get it to market, I am ready to upgrade and at the minute am looking to change provider as three UK customer service can not give a date when the phone will be due or any idea of price plans ....

Ironically it has been available from carphone warehouse on three, the day it launched....
come on three .... get it sorted.......

Ah that's awesome, Got my Z10 on Three through Carphone Warehouse (meaning I had to cancel old contract, because I couldn't wait!
Glad Idid that, rather then go through another operator!