Three UK now selling the BlackBerry Z10

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By James Richardson on 15 Feb 2013 07:36 am EST

The last of the major UK networks have now launched the BlackBerry Z10. Why they were a little late to the party I have no idea but you can now pick up the Z10 both online and in store from Three.

For the best value you may want to consider the One Plan from Three which gives users All-You-Can-Eat data. This will cost £36 per month on a 24 month contract with a one off upfront fee of £69. With Three offering Ultra Fast data later in the year for no extra charge they could well see sales rocketing.

You can catch the full press release from Three below.

Press Release

The BlackBerry® Z10 is available now online at and in all Three stores.

The BlackBerry Z10 is the first of a new generation of BlackBerry devices. The software has all the best features of a traditional BlackBerry, packed into a modern smartphone design with a large 4.2-inch full-touch display. 

The user interface is designed to make things quick and easy. You can peek at your messages with just one swipe and choose to reply or just swipe back to return to your app. Type fast and accurately with the on-screen keyboard which learns and adapts to the way you type.

The BlackBerry Z10 also includes an innovative Time Shift camera mode which captures a sequence of shots with just one click. Keen photographers can then simply stitch the best parts of each shot together to make the ideal picture, even if someone blinks and with 16GB of internal memory you can store plenty of pictures.

Keeping in touch and sharing content with friends has been simplified as the new BBMTM features BBM Video, allowing people to talk face-to-face over Three's Ultrafast network.

Sylvia Chind, Head of Devices at Three said, "The BlackBerry Z10 is ideal for those looking for a smartphone that combines the best aspects of a traditional BlackBerry device with modern and innovative features. Along with our great range tariffs offering All You Can Eat data without the worry of incurring extra data charges, users on Three will benefit from the ultimate internet experience".

The BlackBerry Z10 is available for £34 a month with an upfront cost of £69 on the Ultimate Internet 500 plan and for £36 a month with an upfront cost of £69 on The One Plan - offering All-You-Can-Eat data and giving you the latest technology with no price premium.

Key features

- Peek at your messages from any app with just one swipe
- Effortless and fast typing with a keyboard that learns and adjusts to you
- Ultra brilliant meets Ultrafast - compatible with Three's Ultrafast network
- Take BBMTM to a new level with BBM Video and Screen Share
- Capture the perfect group shot with Time Shift camera mode
- Plan events easily, collecting your photos, emails, web links and messages together in one
- Up to 16GB internal memory. 
- 8 megapixel camera.


Reader comments

Three UK now selling the BlackBerry Z10


I believe carphone warehouse have it on Three, the one plan, for £49 upfront, and it's unlocked. At least it was that much when I got mine on the 2/2

Three don't have 4G yet, but don't be put off by that, they do DC HSDPA 42 which is still capable of high speeds. Some folk have been recording speeds of 20+ mbps download already with DC capable handsets. Three already operate what they call a high speed network, which I am also on, and getting good speeds on my phone.

Even when Three do make the leap to LTE, it appears they won't really be playing the now we have 4G card, they will continue to offer their ultrafast service which is their own branding of DC HSDPA and 4G LTE. Users will just notice the faster speeds and upgrade at no extra cost which will be pretty amazing for those of us who are with three.

Three customer services won't budge on the £69 upfront cost, off to a store to see what they will do for me

I just left Three only because they didn't have Z10 on offer on time! I had been their customer for 5 good years and had CONSTANT problems with internet connection on my Blackberrys which they couldn't resolve and didn't let me end the contract because of this... I ended up using my Bold for texting and phone calls only after all... AVOID !!! I am a happy Orange customer from now on and am really enjoying my Orange Wednesdays.

No internet connection problems here. Nor with everyone else I know on three. Could have been your area in particular not having a good signal but here in London, the signal is absolutely phenomenal.

Well, in central Edinburgh they should not have any problems I suppose! I could appreciate issues - fair enough, it is only technology which fails sometimes... Only I have been unhappy the way they handled my complaints which has been going on for 6 months - not sorted until now. So I am just stuck with their contract while not using it at all and they would not let me end it.

What is the overall consensus on how the sales are coming along for z10? I hear mixed news. Are you guys in UK feeling any wait time when purchasing? Crackberry Team; you guys really do a great job. Solely rely on all BB news thru your platform. Thanks!

Got two Z10's yesterday from three, the store told me there where only in the initial delivery for Northern Ireland... :)
3UK also seem to dropping a lot of the other Blackberry models, my store informed me the only Blackberry's I could get are the 9320 or Z10.

3UK is the same awesomeness as windmobile. Gotta love that. :D UNLIMITED DATA! :)

SPEEDS: 40 megabits = 5 megabytes and... 20 megabits = 2.5 megabytes.

There ya go with the lowdown! :)